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Wednesday 7/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee gets a phone call from the handsome stranger, who reveals that his name is Pablo Renato Luis de Marquez. He tells her that he’s at the Valley Inn, and Greenlee excitedly tells him that she’ll be right over. After Greenlee leaves, Mary sneaks the letter she wrote for Jackson into Greenlee’s files. Michael approaches Kendall at the Valley Inn, but Jackson comes over just in time. He warns Michael to stay away from his friends and family. Michael proposes that if the charges against him are dropped, he’ll leave Pine Valley for good. Jackson doesn’t want to make any deals with Michael and urges him to enjoy his last few days as a free man. Kendall later tells Jackson that she fears Michael will hurt someone again. She says she’s concerned about Bianca, but Jackson tells her that Bianca is just going through a rough time because of Lena. Kendall insists that there’s something more going on and tells Jackson about Bianca burning her clothes in the park. Jackson looks puzzled and promises Kendall that he will look into it. He later gets on the phone and tells someone that he needs a job done fast. Kendall starts to leave the Inn, but she spots the handsome stranger in the lobby. Lena goes to see Bianca at Erica’s penthouse, but Erica doesn’t let her in. She offers Lena three million dollars to stay away from her daughter. When Lena doesn’t accept, Erica calls the guards to drag Lena out of the building. Bianca comes over just in time and tells Erica to let her talk to Lena. She then tells Lena that things are over between them. Lena is disappointed, but she promises that she’s not going to let go of her love so easily. Michael calls his father for help, but Alexander doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Michael that he was on his way to a Las Vegas convention, but his limousine broke down in the middle of the desert. Michael gets very concerned and asks his father if he’ll be all right. Alexander starts to answer, but he sees something outside his window. He wonders what’s going on when a man approaches the car.

ATWT by Hilary

No recap today

B&B by Kathy

Bridget talks to Nick at the bar and warns him that it's best to leave Brooke alone. He needs to also beware 'cause she still loves Ridge and they're destined to be together Brooke thinks. Nick thanks her but he doesn't listen to her advice. He's got to get back to his poker game. She leaves. Stephanie & Brooke are still arguing about her life with or without Ridge. Stephanie thinks they are a bad habit. Brooke says she's not playing games and will still see him. Ridge arrives after a note is given to him by his secretary saying Brooke needs him. He wants to talk to her alone. Stephanie is asked to leave. She finally does. Brooke tells Ridge about Deacon's plan to get his kids, which is headed by Macy. He's sorry and hugs her, and then says he'll always be there for her no matter what. They kiss while he comforts her. Stephanie later goes to see Nick at the bar. All the guys meet her too, and Nick takes her to his office. She supports his relationship with Brooke and wants to help him get her. Nick thinks she's after her own personal gain. She says it doesn't matter, and that he needs her help 'cause Ridge & Brooke are very close and together right now! He never panics he tells her and doesn't have a thing to worry about. Stephanie says he does! She leaves.

Days by Staci

Sami dreams about when she fell through the French doors. She cries in her sleep, and Lucas hears her. He comes in, and tells her she's got her voice back. When she tries to talk, nothing comes out, and she gets upset. Lucas tells her not to give up, and if she needs anything, come to his apartment. She can't sleep so she goes to Lucas's house, and gets in bed with him.

Rex goes ballistic when he sees Phillip at his house. Phillip ask Tek for spy equipment to use on Rex. Mimi and Rex fight over his acting, and how he should tell who his parents are. Mimi leaves and runs into Phillip. She sees one of his devices, and questions him if he's really a marine.

Larry's pointing at Nicole when Hope comes in. He talks to her alone, and then he dies. Tony and Victor go into his room to make sure he's dead. (If you look close, one of his fingers twitch). Larry gets taken to the morgue.

GH by Meghan

At Wyndemere, Lydia told Nik that riding horses at night wasn’t safe. She told him that he looked upset and she assumed he had been with Emily. Nikolas just walked around the room not paying much attention to Lydia. She suggested they should sleep together. Nikolas told her them having sex wouldn’t make them live happily ever after. They kissed, and started making out on a chair.

Liz went back to her house and Ric watched her from the panic room. He begged her to find him from inside the room. She walked out of the house, and then turned and walked back in. She went to the panic room button, and opened it up. She saw Ric inside, and he begged her to let him out. She just stared at him while Ric told her that he loved her and that he was sorry. Liz said he could rot in there, she didn’t care because he meant nothing to her anymore.

Zander and Emily went back to her house. They kissed and he asked if there was anything she wanted him to know. She smiled, and told him to just be patient with her because she was nervous. He kissed her, and they ended up in bed together.

Lorenzo agreed to let Sonny see Carly. Lorenzo said Sonny had to be on the pier at midnight, alone. Sonny agreed. Lorenzo said if anybody followed him, or anybody was with him, he blew his chance to see Carly.

On the yacht, Carly’s fake labor pains caused Lorenzo’s guy to call on ob doctor that Lorenzo had on call for her. She begged to be taken to the hospital, but the doctor said he was the hospital. She cried that something was wrong with the baby, and he agreed. He pulled a syringe out and said he was going to induce her. She jumped up, and told them to stay away from her. The doctor smiled, and said he knew she was faking.

GL by Sylvia

Ben was released from the hospital to visit his ailing grandmother. Against Marina’s wishes, Harley showed Frank the acceptance letter from Northwestern. Danny and Michelle made Phillip a proposition to move Spaulding’s pharmaceutical and cosmetics division to the revitalized Fifth Street district. Shane and Marina made plans to spend the night at the Bauer cabin. Ben’s grandmother died before he could see her. Harley and Buzz convinced Frank to let them help pay for Marina’s tuition to Northwestern. Phillip agreed to Danny and Michelle’s proposal. Ross told Ben his grandmother left him an estate worth over a million dollars. After eavesdropping on Tammy and Marina, Lizzie told Ben that Shane and Marina were at the cabin. Rick and Gus found similarities in three murders that could implicate Ben. Phillip doubled his daily flower delivery to Olivia with a note attached saying he will never give up. 

OLTL by Kym

A cop finds the site where the car crashed & the dead body. Dorian chews out Heddy for not watching River. At first River & Adrianna think they killed the woman & hide out at Flash' band's place. It is later established by the ME that the woman was strangled & dumped there. Troy lures Joe away from Jenn & then kidnaps Jenn. The body is identified as Claire from the hospital. Nora suspects Troy may have done it & tells Bo about the tape that Jenn has. Carlotta chews out Dorian for letting the kids take off together. Nora tells Gabrielle that she needs to show Bo the tape of Troy & her, but Gabrielle begs Nora to talk to Bo before she shows it to him. Troy alternately threatens & pleads for Jenn to give him the tape. He then makes a deal that he will take her to Lindsay if she gives it to him. She agrees. The police find out that the evidence from the Mitch Lawrence case has been stolen. Gabrielle steals Jenn's computer. Troy takes Jenn to Lindsay, but locks her in there with her. He then goes to get Jenn's computer, but finds it gone. He also finds Gabrielle's earring left behind. Walker burns the evidence & tells Jessica about it, saying she's got nothing to worry about now. Bo starts to accuse Antonio of covering up for the killer & asks him if he killed Mitch. Jessica's upset about what Walker did, but he starts yelling saying he did it for her. She's still not sure what she's going to do. Walker looks longingly at the photo Todd had of his family. Bo sees Gabrielle with Jenn's computer & asks her what she's doing.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney and Fox have an interesting moment in the shower at the apartment. Meanwhile, Chad works with a sexy Syd who has a thing for him but he is too preoccupied to notice. Eve is afraid the baby will make it but Kay fights to see her. She and Miguel spend time with their baby before she is sent to NICU. Precious has a fantasy about Luis while chaos goes on in the basement with Beth and Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis is on his way to Beth's house to search her basement.

PC by Beth

Although glad to have signed the divorce papers, Lucy is also sad that things things didn't work out after almost ten years with Kevin. Alison is pleasantly surprised when Kevin asks for a membership application to the gym. After cattily criticizing the decor in the gym and therefore angering Jack, Reese asks for an explanation of his relationship with Alison. Informing Jack that he says nicer things about Alison than he says about her, Reese says that he can make it up to her by handing over the key to his house. Jack reluctantly gives it to her, specifying that they are not living together. He knows he's in trouble when she states that she'll see him "at home." Elizabeth apologizes to Chris for pouring her martini on the front of his pants. Chris firmly believes that Georges is a fictional character she made up for Caleb's benefit, but Elizabeth insists that her European designer friend agreed to design a sports line for the gym. She's upset by the realization that he's probably not going to show up, which will simply humiliate her in front of her daughter. Getting an idea, Chris dashes off without an explanation. Olivia informs Kevin that his return to his former self isn't working for her. She hates seeing him this way, and she urges him to fight for Lucy if he really loves her. Reminding his daughter that he accepts her choices in life, he asks her to return the favor and mind her own business. Hearing her mother mention Chris Ramsey's name, Alison demands to know whether they're sleeping together, and Elizabeth states that she would rather be a nun. When Chris returns in a disguise, he seems to fool everyone but Elizabeth into believing that he's her famous designer friend from Europe. Jamal assures Rafe that Imani doesn't have Caleb's ring, and he doesn't want the slayer to screw things up for him by wrongly accusing her. Outside with Caleb, Imani maintains that she doesn't have his ring, and she doesn't appreciate being called a thief. When Caleb grabs her wrist, Jamal appears and orders him to back off. After Imani goes back inside, Jamal finally admits to both Caleb and Rafe that he has the ring.

Y&R By Rachel

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