Tuesday 7-22-03 Recaps

Tuesday 7/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee, Kendall and Mia desperately go out looking for their mystery men at the Valley Inn. After some chasing around, they all admit to each other that none of them know their man’s name. Greenlee declares that the race has begun and that whoever can get their man to say “I Love You” first will win. Meanwhile, Mia warms up to the handsome stranger at the bar. She suddenly gets an idea and asks him if he will pretend to love her so she can win the bet. The stranger kisses her passionately and tells her that he’ll do anything to help out. Liza tries to get Tad back for setting her up with the nerdy accountant from their high school. She gets Marion to dress up in a sexy negligee and put the moves on Tad in his bedroom. Tad is horrified at first, but he soon realizes that he’s being set up. Tad and Liza later tease each other about their little competition. They can both see that there is a lot of chemistry between them, but neither of them is willing to confess their feelings. Anna tells David that she loves him and that she still wants to work things out. David is hesitant at first, but then tells Anna that he loves her too. They fall into bed, but to their disappointment, making love doesn’t help.

ATWT by Hillary

no update today

B&B by Kathy

Bridget & Ridge's kids are playing water guns in the house and later shoot Stephanie, who shoots back. The kids want Bridget to never leave them. They leave and the grown ups talk about Bridget's involvement in the kids & Ridge's lives, and Ridge & Brooke together. The kids started this conversation earlier with them. After Bridget leaves, Stephanie's dusting and thinks about Brooke long ago, and she is telling Brooke to stay away from Ridge but she won't listen. Later Bridget comes in and says she'll take the kids out. They leave while Stephanie stays home. Brooke goes home and meets Thorne, Amber, and Rick. She tells them Macy is behind Deacon's plan to take his kids. They're in disbelief so Amber says she has to go see them together for herself. Rick leaves with her. Brooke leaves to go to Stephanie's looking for Ridge. He's not there and Stephanie asks what crisis she's in now. They argue about Ridge & Brooke's past and present history together, and Brooke finally tells her she'll be with Ridge in a month, year, or whenever if they want to be together...and no one can stop them! Stephanie's steaming with anger! At Deacon's home, Macy, Deacon & little Eric are eating, playing with cars, and then the boy sits on the couch with Macy. She sings him a song which puts him to sleep. Deacon takes him to bed. Then he comes back to Macy and they sit on the couch and kiss alot. Deacon's happy to have a friend like her. They would do more together if little Eric wasn't in the house. They kiss more and are secretly watched by Amber & Rick. They are disgusted at what they are seeing. Little Eric enters the room. He can't sleep so Macy sings him a song in her arms while sitting in the chair Deacon was in earlier. Amber & Rick are even more upset now 'cause they realize who "Cuckoo" is.

Days by Kristi

Belle and Shawn are in the park joking about finally being alone. They kiss as Mimi and Rex walk up. They all talk and joke until Cassie walks up with Phillip on her arm. Rex gets really angry. Mimi calms him down and they all go back to Belle and Mimi's loft for a party. Shawn spends the night trying to get rid of everyone. Cassie repeatedly tells Phillip that she can help him get Belle. Rex and Mimi finally leave and Belle and Shawn kiss as Phillip and Cassie watch.

Tony tells Sami that he had a lovely time and that they have to do it again in a more proper place like Paris or New York. Lucas comes in and says he needs to talk to Sami about Will. Tony gets a call about Larry and Victor. After he leaves Lucas warns Sami about Tony and tells her he will take her home and put her in bed. She jerks away and storms off. Lucas has another fantasy of kissing her then he chases after her. At the hospital Nicole and Brady explain the whole story of chasing after Larry to a very suspicious Victor. Abe shows up and tries to question Larry. Tony comes in and Abe tries to figure out what the two of then are up too. When Larry having an accomplice is mentioned Nicole faints. Later, Brady and Nicole go into Larry's room as Abe questions him. Larry says he did it for revenge and when he is asked who his accomplice is Larry points to Nicole.

GH by Meghan

Jason and Courtney both went to see Ric at GH. He told Courtney that Lorenzo had no weakness, and he didn't know where Carly was. When Jason showed up, he unplugged the call button and held Ric by the neck and throat wanting to know where Carly was. Ric said he didn't know, and Jason later locked him in the panic room where he had been holding Carly.

One of Lorenzo's men told Dillon to call Sonny and tell him when Lorenzo's drugs would land. Someone knocked Dillon out, and he never called Sonny. Sonny called someone about Lorenzo's boat, and told them to let it pass through, no stops, no questions. Jason tried to get Sonny to realize that he was playing right into Lorenzo's hands. Lorenzo told Sonny that if he wanted to keep Carly safe, than he would pass the drugs. When Lorenzo left the yacht, Carly started to fake having labor pains, and one of Lorenzo's men rushed to her.

Kyle and Maxie got into an argument when he asked her to steal drugs from the hospital so they could bring them to a party. She said no, but Kyle told her that she would be the "coolest" if she did.

GL by Sylvia

Mitch Hendon jumped from the roof of The Beacon and pulled Cassie with him. Jeffrey grabbed Cassie just in time before she went over the edge with Mitch. Tony tried to convince Eden that they should establish an alibi for her so the police can find the real killer. Eden said she was tired and didn’t feel like proving anything. Harley found Marina’s acceptance letter to Northwestern. Marina told Harley not to say anything to Frank because she knows they can’t afford it. Bill shows up at Eden’s apartment as she is fondling her Tony scrapbook and tells her he is going to spend the night. At The Beacon, Cassie and Jeffrey have a moment after he saves her life. Edmond comforts Cassie and commiserates that too bad it had to be Jeffrey that saved her life, but the important thing is that she was saved at all. Jeffrey made another cryptic phone call to say that there had been a change in plans. Federal agents showed up at The Beacon to take over the Hendon case after he survived the fall from the roof. Outside, an agent calls Jeffrey “Colonel”, to which Jeffrey bristles and says be careful, they are in an un-secure location. Shane and Marina make plans for a romantic camping getaway. 

OLTL by Kym

Dorian accuses Walker of not being who he says he is, but won't elaborate. She also tells him he's holding out on the rest of Mitch's fortune. Vicki talks to Joe about his Jenn problems. Marcie talks to the school dean about her room being trashed, but he tells her to keep quiet about it. Jessica comes to the police station to turn herself in for Mitch's murder, but Antonio tells her to wait until he can get all the facts. Antonio still pushes her to come clean about who she's protecting, but she still denies there's anyone else involved. Evangeline shows up late to the club opening, but RJ forgives her & they wind up making love together. Jenn harasses Troy to try & get him to tell her what he did with her mother. This enrages him & he lunges at her. She also tells him she has another copy of the tape she made of him & his "conquests". Bo finds out about Jessie's car being at the murder scene, but Antonio tells him he borrowed it that night. Jessica meets with Walker & tells him she wants to come clean about EVERYTHING that happened. Walker talks her out of doing this, saying nothing would be accomplished by them going to jail. River & Adrianna take off in Dorian's car. Jenn goes to Joe for help in finding her mother & they wind up making out with Troy secretly watching. Vicki tells Marcie that as the new president, she will make sure that the guilty people pay for their harassment of her. Walker breaks into the evidence room & steals the evidence from Mitch's murder. River crashes the car. River & Adrianna find a dead body concealed in the woods.

Passions by Ashley

Kay and Miguel's baby is declared dead and everyone is devastated but a miracle happens and the baby girl is alive but still in danger. Kay and Miguel are bonded and thrilled that their child is okay. Gwen and Ethan decide to leave for L.A. not knowing Theresa is going there too. Chad meets the gorgeous girl he is to represent in his recording business. Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad are spending time together poolside. Theresa calls to let her know she's coming to L.A. Sheridan uses the chance she gets and tries to run off but her and Beth struggle and she is knocked out. Beth thinks she's dead and the sirens go off because Luis is on the way to search her basement.

PC by Beth

Ricky becomes angry when he finds Frank mourning at Karen's grave. In his opinion, Frank's self-destructive behavior is a disgrace to her memory. Frank admits to seeing her loving face at home everywhere he looks, which is why he started sleeping at the cemetery. Stating that Karen is watching Frank, Ricky urges him to stop trying to destroy the only man she truly loved. Casey congratulates Ricky, who is frustrated to see her vanish before his eyes yet again. Alison and Rafe prepare for the grand opening of Body and Soul, their new gym. After assuring Alison that they won't be bothered by their respective enemies anymore, Rafe is annoyed by the unwanted arrival of Caleb and Olivia. After gushing over what her daughter has done with the place, Elizabeth can't keep from insulting her estranged husband's latest "concubine." Alison apologizes to Imani for her behavior the day before and asks whether she's still looking for an apartment, but Imani has already found one. Rafe tells Caleb that the ring is obviously responsible for the personality switch. In spite of what happened, Rafe would prefer that the ring stay where it is--out of Caleb's hands. Alison teases Jamal about his interest in Imani. After witnessing Elizabeth's attempt to convince Caleb that she's doing great without him, Chris informs her that her game needs some work. Elizabeth rewards him for his unwanted input by pouring her martini on the front of his pants. After hearing Imani's thoughts again, Jamal persuades Alison to offer her free membership for a year. Convinced that he knows Imani from somewhere, Rafe approaches Jamal for information about her. After telling Caleb that Imani must be the one using the ring, Olivia sends Imani to look for another Elixir employee. When Imani goes outside, Caleb corners her.

Y&R By Judy

Victor and Sharon have a heart to heart. Then in comes Nick with an attitude wanting to know why Victor is there. He says he had asked him to stay away from Sharon but Nick won't listen to reason. Sharon puzzles over why Nick is mentoring to take over Newman if he doesn't trust his father. At Victor's office, Michael hums and talks to himself while sitting in Victor's chair. Phyllis catches him and gets a chuckle out of it and wants to know what he is doing there. He tells her Victor has hired him and she is curious to what kind of work he is doing. (Michael doesn't know the answer himself). Then Victor shows up and after Phyllis leaves, Michael asks Victor about the work he will be doing and gives him an ultimatum or he will give back the retainer. Brad and Damon hash over Victor's latest visit. Brad seems surprised that Damon suggests using Phyllis to get information but agrees to it. Nikki tries to convince Jack that she is a business woman and no longer under Victor's thumb. She fesses up that there are marital troubles and is treated like a traitor because she works at Jabot. She is even more determined to succeed in business. Jack lets her know his intent is to ruin Victor. Nick goes to Victoria's to take his frustrations out on the punching bag. Victoria is put off that Nick just helped himself to her place, but then tries to talk to him about Victor hiring Michael. Nick could care less which makes Vicki very suspicious. Then Nick high tails it over to see Jack and informs him that Victor hired Michael.

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