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Monday 7/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Mia goes to a biker’s bar to find Aidan. After hustling him in a game of pool, she tells Aidan that she thinks he’s the man of her dreams. Aidan is flattered, but tells her he won’t be able to give her the attention she deserves. The handsome stranger rescues Simone from the Fusion elevator and brings her up to the office. He’s just as charming with her as he was with Greenlee and Kendall. Before Simone can get his name and number, the stranger disappears. Meanwhile, Greenlee is still reeling from her meeting with the handsome stranger. She tells Maggie that she’s found “the one”, and it’s not Carlos. Maggie is glad to hear it and decides to fully pursue Carlos. At Erica’s penthouse, Bianca can’t believe that Michael is actually standing in front of her. Before she can react, Erica and Kendall rush in and start yelling and screaming at Michael. Jackson shows up just in time and throws him out. Kendall and Erica then turn to Bianca and ask her why she looks so faint. Jackson tells Bianca that they’ll even postpone the wedding just to make sure she’s all right. Bianca snaps out of it and tells her mother that there’s no need to postpone their happiness for her sake. To get them off her back, Bianca tells them that the reason why she looks so depressed is because it’s over with Lena. She then agrees to stay with her mom for the night, but says she has to run to Enchantment to take care of a few things. When she gets to Enchantment, Michael is waiting there for her. He shuts the door and tells Bianca that he cherishes the night they spent together. He scares Bianca into thinking that she shouldn’t go running to mommy for help. Meanwhile, Jackson and Erica decide that Bianca is strong enough to take care of herself. Erica wonders about Michael, but Jackson tells her that Michael will never get near them again. Later at Fusion, Greenlee, Simone and Kendall all declare that they are closer to winning the bet because they have found the man of their dreams. They wonder how Mia is doing. Back at the bar, the same handsome stranger approaches Mia and she mistakenly spills a drink on him.

ATWT by Hilary

no recap today

B&B by Kathy

Massimo and his sons planned a honeymoon for Mass & Jackie. Jackie walks in and Nick says Mass better tell her his plans or else she'll drag it out of him. She is informed he bought her an island named after her. She is amazed. Then Mass tells them they need to join family history by getting their faces plastered. They get wrapped while talking about competing for Brooke's affection. Then they can't talk at all and everyone leaves them. Later they wipe their faces and they insult each others as brothers. At Deacon's, little Eric & Deacon leave so Macy & Brooke can talk. Brooke thinks she is trying to get Deacon to take the kids 'cause she wants revenge from stealing Thorne and get a big payback! Macy disagrees but things she says indicate Brooke is right. Brooke wants Deacon to know about Macy wanting to kill Brooke in the car crash long ago. Macy says she didn't want to kill her 'cause she would of had to kill herself too. They fight a while and both say they won't get away with their plans. Sally and Clarke at Septra plan the new colors for clothing. Sally says she wants choc. chip cookies right now, the ones she & Macy just baked. She's worried about Brooke seeing Macy with Deacon. They both agree Brooke better not put a hand on Macy or hurt her in any way or else she'll regret it.

Days by Rebecca

Larry is finally caught, and after his crash, is found alive, much to Nicole's dismay! Tony gives Sami a pair of diamond earrings, and they plan another date. After a meeting with Maggie, Lucas decides to tell Sami about his feelings. Bo and Hope share a romantic evening, but then get a lead on the mysterious goop...

GH by Danielle

Sonny and Jason couldn't find any signs of Carly at Ric's house. The police showed up and told Ric that Liz remembered everything and had them arrest Ric. They took him to GH. Carly ended up being taken by Alcazar. She grabbed his gun after hitting him on the head. He came to and she held the gun on him. Carly called home but only talked to Michael. Alcazar got the gun back. He called Sonny who had gotten the letter from Dillon. Carly got on the phone, and then Sonny went back to Alcazar. Sonny asked what he wanted, and he said to run drugs through his territory.

Ned told Scott that he wouldn't be putting Alexis in jail, or he would expose him for taking bribe checks. Ned had full custody of Kristina. Alexis said good bye to the baby, and told Ned that he had taken on rights that were never his, and their battle wasn't over.

Ric tried to convince Liz that everything he did was out of love for her. She told him that he was sick and twisted. Liz said she was moving out of the house, and never wanted to see him again. She noted that wouldn't be hard because Ric would either end up in jail or dead from Sonny; she didn't care which.

Lydia slapped Lucky for kissing her when she saw Nikolas walk in the room. Nikolas knew she had come on to Lucky, and told her she had better be careful or there would be no wedding. Lucky started in on his theory of someone, Stefan, trying to kill Emily, but Summer got killed by mistake. Stefan listened in.

GL by Hilary

no recap today

OLTL by Kym

Dorian talks to Walker about becoming involved together, but he says he can't get involved right now. Kevin & Blair go out to Rodi's where Kev makes his move, but she rejects him. Ultra Violet has it's big debut. Joe tries to talk sense into Jenn about being with Rex, but she just responds by getting drunk & taking off her clothes on stage. Marcie & Al hang up a banner with a peace symbol on it for an International Peace Rally that will be taking place on campus. Nora asks Gabrielle if she's involved with Troy. Gabrielle denies any relationship with him. Lindsay begs the doctor to call her daughter, but he refuses. Dorian accuses Walker of liking Blair. Hedy's hired back. Walker "meets" Jack. River asks Dorian if he can stay with her & she says yes. Walker sabotages Kevin's car to get a dance with Blair. Walker & Kevin get in a scuffle over Blair. An eyewitness on the night of Mitch's murder, relays information about a car he saw at the murder site, including the license no. Troy apologizes to Gabrielle for his unruly behavior. Troy starts to see Colin taunting him in the mirror. Claire comes up to Troy & tells him she saw him with Lindsay. He asks her to give him another chance with him & takes her someplace where they can "talk" about it. Marcie asks Al to spend the night as he's taking her back home, but they find the room has been trashed. Dorian shows up to talk to Walker again.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan tells her kidnapper that she will make the DVD to tell Luis she's in Paris after she starts to bury her alive. Beth is ecstatic and plans what how she'll pull it off before Luis searches her basement. Everyone at the hospital is concerned for Kay and her baby as they await to here if she's okay. Charity watches as the experience bonds Kay and Miguel. Whitney and Fox enjoy time by the pool while they wait for Chad who is at the recording studio. Chad calls to check on Whitney but Fox makes sure they don't connect so he can have her to himself all day.

PC by Beth

Ian feels threatened by Lucy's neglect to sign the divorce papers, as well as by her willingness to allow Kevin back into Christina's life. He belligerently opposes Kevin's suggestions for times when he can see his own daughter. Kevin leaves without anything having been resolved. To prove that Ian is the only man she wants, Lucy signs the divorce papers. Realizing his mistake, Jamal laughs off the idea that he's really a vampire, but Imani has heard enough about Port Charles to believe that it's possible. Jamal finally admits that it's true. When he apologizes for barging into the church, Imani speaks about God's unconditional love and the fact that everyone has secrets. Jamal misinterprets her reaction as pity, because he expected and even encouraged her to run. He turns down her invitation to go out for a smoothie, and they agree to go their separate ways. Outside, Jamal asks the ring what good it is if it won't give him what he wants most. When Rafe storms into Caleb's loft to look for Alison, they realize that their lovers seem to have exchanged personalities. Worried that Olivia will hurt Alison, they head out to find the two women. Alison attacks Olivia on the docks, and when she won't back down, Olivia hisses and bares her fangs as her natural defenses surface. Caleb and Rafe arrive in time to stop anything bad from happening, but their efforts to keep the two apart fail. Alison breaks free and tries to attack her enemy again, but the two women become frozen in their tracks as church bells ring. When the ringing stops, they are themselves again--and wearing their own shoes. After Rafe leaves with Alison, Caleb tells Olivia that someone is obviously using his ring.

Y&R By Rachel

At the apartment Brit is met by JT who informs her that he is her new roommate. Brit is not thrilled, but does gloat about making $1000 on her new singing gig. When Raul arrives she tells him she only made 200 in tips. Raul wants to see her sing, but Brit isn’t ready for that yet. Phyllis allows Jack to vent about only he can single-handily save the company (no thanks to her). Victor and Neil gloat over the fact that Jabot’s loan is due today. Victor tells Nikki to bail on Jabot – save her the 35 million lost; Neil tells Dru that the Tuvia line is great and will be around a while. Victor goes to collect on his loan but not before insulting Damon’s finances (meaning his horse farm). Damon now hates Victor and wants to see him brought down. Jack tells Victor the loan has been paid. After confirming the payment, Victor says that it will only be a matter of time before Jabot fails leaving all to wonder what Victor has up his sleeve.

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