Friday 7-18-03 Recaps

Friday 7/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica begs Jackson and Anna to look for Bianca. Anna later tells David that Bianca is missing and David gets really worried. He tells Anna and Jackson that he took Bianca to the clinic, and then saved Bianca from falling off the roof top. Jackson gets furious and accuses David of letting things go too far. David asks Anna if she too thinks that he’s responsible for Bianca’s disappearance, just like he was responsible for Leora’s death. Anna doesn’t know what to say, so David tells her that he wants to end their marriage before things get worse. At the park, Kendall finds Bianca’s burnt clothes in the garbage can. The handsome stranger asks Kendall about Bianca and then tells her that he can guess where Bianca might be. He leads her to the boat house, and sure enough, Bianca is there. Kendall tells Bianca that Erica is really worried and urges her to come home. While Bianca is getting her things, Kendall thanks the handsome stranger for his help. The stranger kisses Kendall’s hand, leaving her breathless again. When they get back to the penthouse, Erica starts fussing over Bianca. While she’s in the kitchen fixing her daughter something to eat, Bianca sees Michael again. This time, however, it’s not a hallucination. Simone is still trapped inside the elevator. She uses her time alone to fantasize about all the men in her life – Carlos, Jamie, Tad and even Officer Lyman. To her disappointment, she gets turned down by all of them, even in her dreams! Suddenly, the elevator door opens and the handsome stranger who was with Kendall earlier stands at the door. Liza thinks Tad is professing his love, but she then realizes that he’s trying to set her up with someone from their old high school. Her blind date, Alfred, turns out to be a geeky banker whose idea of a romantic gift is a free checkbook! Liza manages to get Alfred off her back, and then tells Tad that she doesn’t need help in finding love.

ATWT by Hilary

Sarah insisted that her song was insignificant, but Bonnie thought otherwise. Sarah finally admitted she was from another country, but instantly regretted saying anything, fearing she would be deported. Bonnie assured her she could trust her. Jessica took the job as assistant district attorney. Marshall said he was happy for her, but she reminded him that she would never forgive him, or be his friend. Marshall said he would never forget her helping him grieve for his daughter. Paul told Rose there would always be something between them, but Dusty interjected that he might have something to say about that. Later, Dusty told Rose that if she still had feelings for Paul, she should just leave. She insisted that she no longer loved Paul, and she and Dusty began to make love. Alison blasted Chris for giving her mixed signals, saying he only wanted her around when he was in the mood for her. Chris said she tries too hard. Walker continued to suspect Rick, though John told him the investigation was over. Ben and John told Walker and Rick not to argue in front of Bob. Bob tried to talk to Walker, but was unable to speak until Walker left the room; he then mumbled, "Murder." After Ben gave the order that only immediate family would be allowed to see Bob, Rick went in, telling Bob he was about to have a fatal setback.

B&B by Kathy

Macy calls Deacon, who's at the Forrester's with his lawyer ready to pick up little Eric. He says things will be fine and go according to plans. They go inside and talk to Rick & Amber. After a lot of convincing, Rick decided to give the boy to his dad, even though they had plans to watch the constellations. They say "goodbye" to him and Amber cries. Brooke talks to Macy at Insomnia after ordering coffee. Macy's still bitter about their past. She fusses at her about how she could of had a husband and child if it wasn't for her. Brooke liked the stuffed pig with wigs that Macy dropped out of the bag she was carrying with her. Brooke said it would be cute to give something like that to her little girl, Hope. Macy thought that was insensitive 'cause of her surgery. Brooke's sorry. She wants to mend fences between them, but Macy continues to hold a grudge and leaves. Amber & Rick call Brooke, who rushes over. They're afraid Deacon won't stop with just a little visit...that he'll want more. They don't know why Deacon is fighting for his son and wanting to be a dad. Someone is behind this and they think it's "Cuckoo". Brooke says she has to run an errand and Deacon won't get away with things. Macy & Sally are talking. Sally's afraid of the reasons why she's helping Deacon get his kids. Macy feels he deserves to be with his dad. She makes cookies for all of them. They talk about the past. Deacon arrives with little Eric. He is happy to see "Cuckoo" (Macy). Sally thinks she isn't as forgettable as she thinks she is to little him. Macy shows him the pig and they play with it. Then she goes upstairs with him to put on his swim trunks. Brooke comes over and they talk about him being with Deacon. She doesn't understand why he's trying to be a dad now. She even sees the pig but thinks nothing much about it. She's worried about little Eric. He agrees to call her if he needs help. They hear a noise upstairs. Brooke is curious. Deacon says things are fine. She starts to leave, but Macy comes into the room talking about little Eric having a "boo boo". Brooke says that she's the one behind all this! (She's talking about Deacon fighting for his kids.) Brooke is upset. Deacon is speechless. Macy is smiling!

Days by Rebecca

Rex and Mimi talk more about his parents and Rex gets more headaches, and yells at Mimi. Shawn, Belle, and John confess to Marlena about what happened on the cargo ship. Phillip and Cassie have a picnic and Kate wants Phillip to have nothing to do with "that slut" but he shoos her away. Roman and Marlena talk about their mutual dislike for the twins. Bo and Hope have a romantic picnic. Larry misses again trying to kill Victor and Nicole and Brady chase him down (in their car) but it seems that Larry's car crashes...

GH by Meghan

Liz woke up at the hospital, and didn’t remember seeing Carly at the house. Ric left her alone to rest. While she was sleeping, Lorenzo went to her and woke her up. He warned Liz that Ric was dangerous, and he had kidnapped Carly. She didn’t believe him, but later had a flashback from when she saw Carly. She called the police and told them about Ric.

Ric went back to see Carly and he seemed to be having a start of a breakdown. He told her that she should call Sonny to come and pick her up. She did, and told Sonny that Ric had her all along, and he was letting her go, so Sonny needed to pick her up. Sonny and Jason went to Ric’s and when they opened the panic room, only Ric was in there, lying unconscious and bleeding on the floor. At home, Courtney told Michael that Sonny had found Carly, and that he and Jason were going to pick her up.

Skye and Ned had guests coming to the mansion for dinner. People who were invited included, Judge Farmer, Cameron, Scott, and another Dr. who was also a friend of Scott’s. They all stood around talking while Ned, Skye, and AJ tried to convince the judge that Cameron had helped Alexis get away with murder. When Scott announced the police were on their way to arrest Cameron, Alexis took off the fake mustache, and the wig, revealing she was Dobson, and had killed Louise Alcazar.

Zander and Nikolas talked about Emily, and Nik convinced Zander that he would be making a mistake if he let Emily go. Nik suggested that Zander stop treating Emily different then before she had cancer. Zander later snuck through her window with pizza and pixie stix. Lucky went to Wyndemere to talk to Lydia about the night Summer died. He asked her if Stefan had set it up so that Emily would be killed, but someone pushed Summer by mistake. She said she didn’t know, and that he should ask Stefan. They kissed, and Nikolas walked in.

GL by Hilary

Shayne told Marina that he wanted to take her somewhere where they could be alone, but she told him they had other plans. There was a surprise party for him inside Company. Lizzie alluded to Shayne being Marina's rebound, but Marina assured Shayne that wasn't the case. After the party, a reporter asked her if Ben was a killer. She told him no, and then told Shayne they should go away, after all. Lizzie looked on jealously as they kissed. Gus took Eden to the Beacon rooftop, saying that rooftops hold special memories for them. She admitted that Renee had been jeopardizing her business by angering Vinny Salerno with her extortion. Gus said she just gave him motive for the murders. Ben told Mel he wanted to visit his dying grandmother. Gus gave permission, as long as Holly, a nurse, and a police escort tagged along. Ben smelled Mitch's after-shave on Gus, and remembered smelling it just before his attack. Gus concluded that Mitch attacked Ben. He gave Ross one hour to get Mitch to turn himself in. Cassie kicked Jeffrey out of the Beacon. Edmund asked Alex if he was being too pushy by renovating the Jessup farm for Cassie. She said no, and asked him to help her get rid of Jeffrey. Edmund said he would be gone soon, since Cassie had given him the boot. He then told Cassie he had a surprise for her, but wouldn't tell her what it was. Cassie went to the roof to remove Jeffrey's things from storage, but was interrupted by Mitch.

OLTL by Kym

Walker tells Starr he found Todd's ring. Vicki sees Kevin hanging around Blair & is worried about it. Jessica tells Antonio that she killed Mitch by herself, but he doesn't believe her & presses her to tell him who helped her. Starr accuses Walker of stealing the ring, until he tells her Todd's not dead & he's a friend of his. Heddy's fired for letting Starr manipulate her. :( Starr gives Walker a series of tests to prove that he knows Todd & he passes them all. Kevin tells Colson he will back him as DA. Clint & Vicki have dinner together & he tells her he needs to pay more attention to herself & stop trying to run her kids' lives. Walker tells Starr to keep Todd's being alive, a secret. Joe tries to reason with Jenn about leaving him, but she tells him it's over & goes off with Rex. Walker tells Dorian that he's going to leave everything to her, that Mitch gave him. Blair's impressed with Walker's generosity. Dorian tells Blair to take Starr out for ice cream so she can talk to Walker alone. Jessica decides to go with Cristian to talk to the gallery owner in NYC. Jenn comes into the police station & shows Hank the video she shot of Troy with all the women, including the one of him kissing Gabrielle. Nora starts thinking that Troy's reminding her of his brother. Troy has Lindsay locked away in an insane asylum under the alias "Joanna". Dorian asks Walker why he's being so generous & surmises it's because he has a thing for her, like she does for him.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney, Chad, and Fox get settled into the Crane apartment. Fox makes a call to an friend and soon after Chad is called out to work. Ivy and Sam agree that Grace is a bad mother and she is the reason for the premature labor. Grace is hurt and is comforted by David. Kay's condition gets worse but Miguel continues to stay with her while Pilar and Charity talk about Miguel's love for Charity. Beth and Charlie set out to bury Sheridan after she refuses to make a video but Luis shows up to search the basement.

PC by Beth

Caleb is bewildered by Olivia's complete change of heart about his friendship with Alison. Although he characterizes her newly wholesome appearance as dopey looking, he decides to play along for a nice change of pace. In bed together, Olivia asks to make love like normal people, but Caleb isn't interested in something that they both know is inferior. When he bares his fangs, Olivia freaks out and flees the loft. Not understanding why Alison isn't acting at all like herself, Rafe is uncomfortable with her bold attempt to seduce him in the space intended for their future gym. Blaming Olivia for Rafe's reluctance, Alison accuses him of seeing her enemy behind her back. Believing that this uncharacteristic behavior must stem from her time at Joshua's, Rafe tries to call Ian. When Alison orders him to put down the phone, he mistakenly calls her "Livvie." Determined to get her some help, Rafe picks up the phone again. Claiming that she's going upstairs to rest, Alison sneaks out when Rafe's back is turned, and she vows to get even with her sworn enemy. When she runs into Olivia, Alison asks for one good reason not to kill her. Victor tracks down Frank to ask him to go see Mary, but Frank isn't interested in talking to his mother. Victor worries that Frank is preying on mortals, but Frank assures him that his recruiting days are over. Informing Victor that he's the reason Karen ran into the middle of the road, he states that he will never forgive himself for killing the only woman he ever loved. After Imani enters a building, Jamal kicks the door in and finds her preparing to take her place in a church choir. Furious and embarrassed, Imani accuses him of being a stalker and orders him to stay away from her. When she tells him to acknowledge his twisted dark side, Jamal assumes that she knows the truth about him. Imani is shocked to hear him admit to being a vampire.

Y&R By Rachel

Michael places more doubt in Christine’s mind as to whether or not she had anything to do with Isabella’s disappearance. From Paul’s direction Chris takes sedatives and has another dream where Isabella is running from her saying “don’t hurt me”. Detective Webber tries to pry information out of Phyllis and Diane but has no luck. Michael walks in on the interrogation and Webber ask Michael to come clean – still no luck, Michael’s job is on the line if Webber can prove Chris did do it. Mike is worried.

Damon is only interested in his lab not the politics of the Jabot Company. Victoria’s line has a new name, Safra. Phyllis offers to promote the new product online, but Nick isn’t on board with that idea.Phyllis then spills the beans the Victor hired Michael. Victor will be looking for his money tomorrow as per the original contract, there is no room for negotiation.

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