Thursday 7-17-03 Recaps

Thursday 7/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Maggie finds Carlos and Simone at Myrtle’s. She furiously tells Carlos about what Simone did and warns Simone to watch out. Henry shows up and asks Maggie why they can’t go back to the way things were. Maggie tells him that she’s already moved on. Carlos tells Simone that he can’t get involved with her. Simone curses her luck for falling for the one guy who treats her like a sister. She later goes back to the office to receive a delivery. When she gets in the elevator, Maggie pulls the switch and leaves her trapped inside. Myrtle tells Erica and Kendall that she thinks Bianca is in trouble. Lena shows up and tells them that she can’t find Bianca anywhere. She says she went back to Myrtle’s, but Carlos and Simone saw Bianca leave with a suitcase. The girls start to panic and Erica calls Jackson, but he tells her that it’s too soon to send out the troops. Greenlee gets swept away by the stranger she bumped into at SOS. She ends up faking an ankle sprain just to be with him. The stranger carries her to Stuart’s art gallery to share his love for the arts. At the gallery, Greenlee compliments a beautiful white sculpture of a man kissing a woman. The stranger excuses himself and goes to the back. Stuart comes out later and tells Greenlee that a man bought the statue for her. Greenlee is pleasantly surprised and asks Stuart where the man went. Stuart tells her that the man is a wandering artist and that he doesn’t know how to get in touch with him. Carlos shows up at the gallery and tells Greenlee that he can tell she’s met someone. He tells her it’s all right and that it’s time to move on. Kendall goes to the park, hoping to find Bianca. She looks over at the garbage can and realizes that Bianca was trying to burn something the last time she saw her. She rushes over to the can and looks inside. Just then, the same stranger who was with Greenlee comes over. He asks Kendall if he can be of any assistance.

ATWT by Hilary

Aaron and Lucy continued to feel awkward, even though Craig and Rosanna were gone. They eventually calmed down and made love. Dusty told Rose he was worried that Paul will hurt her. When he voiced the same concerns to Lily, she kicked him out, saying Rose was better off before she met him. Rose told Holden that she had genuine feelings for Dusty, but Holden said she owed it to herself to make sure there was no chance with Paul. Paul later kissed Rose, and she returned the kiss. Paul warned Barbara that he would use any dirty trick necessary to keep Jen and Will out of her clutches. Hal told Paul that his plans had better not hurt Will. Barbara worried when she overheard Will tell Jen about Paul's plans for a home for the three siblings. Walker told Bonnie that Sarah's symptoms indicated a disease found only in foreign countries, but Sarah insisted she had never left the United States. Bonnie suspected she was hiding something; this mounted when she caught Sarah softly singing a Portuguese song. Bob became panicked when he saw Rick. Rick convinced Kim that Bob didn't recognize her, and suggested she stay away for a while. He tried once more to inject something into Bob's IV, but was interrupted by Walker. He promised Bob he would take care of him soon.

B&B by Kathy

Rick, Amber & Little Eric play cards and sing songs. The little boy keeps saying he wants "Cuckoo". They think, "Who's Cuckoo?" They wonder if they were too hard on Deacon the last time he dropped Little Eric off at their place. Ridge comes and ask if Brooke is back from her date. She isn't they say, and Ridge thinks he has nothing to worry about. Rick's not too sure about that. Meanwhile, a lawyer is talking to Deacon and "Cuckoo" (Macy) about Deacon's parental rights. He discovers it's hopeless to fight for Hope since Brooke has raised her daughter all this time, but Amber & Rick has no right to keep him from seeing Little Eric since there were no (legal) court documents! Deacon & Macy are happy! At Nick's boat Brooke hears Nick playing his guitar. He only does it when he's inspired for instance, but isn't very good at it he says. He tells her a story about whales at sea migrating back where they came from but eventually they won't 'cause they needed a change that was good for them. The moral of the story Brooke figured out was she needs to forget about Ridge (who's a safe harbour for her), and try other men (like Nick). She says she better go, and he picks up his guitar and sings her a lovely song about how wonderful she looks tonight!

Days by Kristi

Bo takes Hope to the hospital roof to watch the fireworks, and have a romantic dinner. Rex goes to the park, and Mimi tells him that she can't be with him, and he needs help. He promises her that he will, and they kiss, and go to watch the fireworks.

Cassie is sitting alone when Phillip comes. She has a back pack, and Phillip ask what's in it. She tells him when she was locked up, there were bunnies there, too. In the back pack was a stuffed bunny, and she said it reminded her of the bunnies she saw. Cassie tells him to think of her as a sister.

Brady can tell Nicole is upset about something, but she denies it. When Victor sends her flowers, she says he's trying to mess with her head. Victor arrives, and Nicole runs out, screaming no, as Larry has a gun pointing Victor's way, and Brady sees it.

GH by Meghan

Michael told Sonny that he hated him because he never believed him. Sonny told Michael that he lied because he didn't want Ric to hurt Michael. Sonny asked him about Carly's kidnapping and Michael told him everything.

Dillon got out of the PCPD and met Jason outside of Kelly's. He asked him for a job with him and Sonny. Jason said no, but he could get him a job somewhere else. Dillon said forget it. Inside he told Georgie about Jason, and the Lorenzo came up. He gave Dillon loads of money and envelope, and told him in 24 hours to give it to Sonny.

Carly had braxton hicks contractions in the panic room. Ric talked to Liz in the hospital while she was unconscious, and said he loved her, but had to kill her to save his secret. He took a pillow, and stood over her.

Faith got off the elevator as Courtney was walking across the hall. She told her to leave, she wasn't getting near Michael, or Sonny. When Faith wouldn't leave, Courtney pressed the elevator button, and then punched Faith in the face and then shoved her back on the elevator.

GL by Hilary

Edmund took Cassie, Will, and RJ to the ballpark for a picnic. When RJ tried to hit Will with a plastic bat, Edmund reminded him how lucky he was to have a brother; RJ promised to be good, and later told Cassie that he liked Uncle Edmund. After Cassie lamented never doing any of the planned renovations to the Jessup farm, Edmund had the plans brought to him. Holly told Ben he could stay with her after his release from the hospital, then gave him the news that his maternal grandmother has had a stroke. Ben told Bill, Michelle, and Holly that he wanted out of the hospital. When Ben told Bill that Eden had been at the barbecue after Michelle and Danny's wedding, Bill asked Eden why she had lied to him. She tried to distract him with sex, but he said that wouldn't work anymore. Tony worried that Eden was getting too close to him, but she acted offended, and insisted she wasn't hitting on him. Tony told Michelle that he was afraid he had led Eden on, so Michelle said maybe he should stay away from Eden for a while. Gus and Frank interrogated Mitch, who couldn't account for some time the night of his wife's death, or remember his whereabouts the night of Ben's attack. He admitted to nothing when Gus showed him the ring that was found in the Bauer hot tub. Gus decided he needed to question Eden again.

OLTL by Kym

Marcie writes about Al in her diary. Bo & Nora talk about Lindsay being the killer until new evidence surfaces after the autopsy. Jessica & Walker discuss what happened that night Mitch was killed. Flashbacks are shown of Mitch trying to strangle Walker on the docks & Jessica coming up behind & hitting him in the head. Walker tells her to keep quiet about what happened, but Jessie's worried she won't be able to keep lying. Starr tells Heddy she plans on firing Walker. Blair goes over to the penthouse to give Walker the lease to sign. She offers to move Todd's stuff out, but he tells her it's ok. Blair's surprised that Walker knows where Todd kept his desk key. She also talks to him about the relationship Starr had with her dad & that she doesn't want Blair with anyone. Walker denies being interested & Blair tells him it's never going to happen anyway. Starr & Matthew talk about her plans to get Bo & Nora back together, but Matthew doesn't want to lie anymore. Starr sees Gabrielle at the Palace & tells her about Bo & Nora going to the game together. She also suggests a replacement for Bo: Walker. Kevin invites Jessica to come work at Banner & she says she'll think about it. She also asks him about Kelly. Blair tells Walker she's still not over Todd, but she also warns him to stop leading Dorian on. Evangeline calls Walker & asks to meet with him about Mitch's will. Blair finds out about Starr's meddling & warns her to stop it. Gabrielle confronts Bo & Nora about being stood up the other day. Kevin talks to Evangeline & offers her a chance to run for the DA's office against Hank, but she's not interested. Walker finds out Mitch left his whole estate to him. Kevin runs into Blair & shows her the Banner is going to print a retraction of the last headline, that named her as main suspect. He asks her to dance & she goes along with it. Walker gets a safe deposit key in the will & checks what's inside the box. Starr goes to the penthouse. Antonio gives Jessica the news that Mitch was killed by a blow to the head, not the poison. Blair & Kevin make a bet that whoever sells more papers tomorrow will win. Starr finds Todd's ring in the desk drawer & confronts Walker with it when he enters the room. Jessica blurts out to Antonio that she killed Mitch.

Passions by Ashley

Fox, Whitney, and Chad arrive in L.A. and see the sights. They have a great time but still reminisce about the past. Sheridan tells her kidnappers that she will never do what they tell her. She remains hopeful Luis will find her. Miguel tells everyone that his disagreement with Kay is what brought on her labor. Then he tells everyone their medical problems are all his fault.

PC by Beth

Ian admits to asking Kevin to stay away from Lucy and Christina. Lucy assures Ian that he is the only man she loves, but she believes that her little girl needs Kevin in her life. When Ian goes out for pizza, Lucy picks up the phone and finds that Christina has called her daddy. At the warehouse, Jamal intervenes in the argument. When Imani shows up to look at the apartment Alison and Rafe have for rent, Jamal shows her around the apartment. Taking the opportunity to listen to Imani's thoughts two more times, he learns that she doesn't want him to find out something about her, and that she doesn't want to disappoint those who are waiting for her. They return to find Alison and Olivia in a full-blown paint fight. Deciding that it's not a good idea to rent from Alison, Imani leaves. When Jamal ends up covered in paint, he yells at them and wishes that they could spend some time in each other's shoes. After he storms out, Alison and Olivia discover that they're actually wearing each other's shoes. Jamal follows Imani. After being attacked by Frank, Rafe gains the upper hand, only to be called off by Caleb. Rafe agrees to let this go but wants Caleb to deal with the problem. Deciding to grant Frank's apparent death wish, Caleb grabs his neck but stops when Olivia begs him not to hurt Frank. Arriving home, Rafe is startled when Alison greets him nastily and vows to get even with "Little Miss Goody Two Shoes."

Y&R By Judy

Det. Weber surprises Christine at the lake. She tells Weber he is harassing her. He said the blood DNA at the apartment was Isabella's. Then he calls for the evidence team. Michael is very cautious about the police while Paul still thinks Christine is innocent and fragile. Christine gets home and tells them about being at the lake then Paul tells her Michael paid to clean the boat. She asks Michael if he thinks she killed Isabella. Brittany sings and struts her stuff at the club. When egged on by the crowd she goes ahead and strips (big surprise) but then finds out the club takes part of her tips. Wes talks to Dru about Lily but she puts him off and is convinced the wedding will make it all better. He also tells her he asked Olivia to marry him but goes on to say he is concerned about Lily being on the internet. Dru turns the conversation back to his proposal to Liv. Lily meets "Fisherman" Kevin and they talk about their common issues such as their controlling parents. Lily has to leave but makes a date with Kevin. He gives her a lip-lock. The background music makes him seem creepy. Phyllis confronts Diane over going to the police about Christine but Diane thinks that Phyllis is still vengeful where Christine is concerned. They are worried about Michael since he is in love with Christine. Det. Weber shows up and wants to talk to Phyllis.

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