Wednesday 7-16-03 Recaps

Wednesday 7/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica finds Jackson and Greenlee at SOS, having a grand time together. She furiously asks Mary if she set their meeting up. Mary tells her to stop jumping to conclusions and to realize that Jackson and Greenlee belong together. Erica reminds Mary that she knows all about her dirty secrets. Mary gets fed up and throws a plate of lasagna onto Erica’s lap. The two of them continue fighting all the way to the bathroom. Greenlee comes in and asks them what’s going on, but they both brush her off and leave. Mary goes up to her room and writes a letter to Jackson to tell him he’s the father of her child. She dates the letter so it seems like she wrote it before Greenlee was born. Maggie, who’s still trapped in the bathroom, begs Greenlee to let her out. Greenlee asks Maggie if she overheard Erica and Mary. Maggie says she did and tells Greenlee that Erica was rambling on about Jackson and something about France. Greenlee can’t figure out what her mother and Erica are up to. Mia comes in to the bathroom and Greenlee complains to her that the world has gone crazy. Mia shrugs and says that while everyone is busy with their problems, she’s going to end up winning the Fusion contest. Greenlee promises that she’s through with men and the stupid contest. She rushes out of SOS, but runs right into a handsome man and takes a bad fall. Meanwhile, Simone tries to put the moves on Carlos, but Carlos tells her he just wants to be friends. Adam warns Jackson and Erica to keep a look out for Michael. He tells them that Michael is taking his company apart from the inside. Bianca thinks Michael is after her again and tries to get away from him. She gets dangerously close to the roof ledge, but David grabs her before she can fall. David begs Bianca to tell him what’s going on, but Bianca manages to dodge him. She goes home, packs a suitcase and rushes out.

ATWT by Hilary

Lucy was still aggravated with Craig for crashing her camping trip with Aaron. When Aaron went for a swim, Craig rubbed Aaron's towel through poison ivy. Aaron and Craig began to bond over talk of fishing and Bryant. Craig then felt bad about his trick, and dissuaded Aaron from using the towel. Rosanna told Lucy that Craig was worried she would grow up and not love him anymore, so Lucy told him she would always love him, but he needed to trust her. Rosanna, who was immune to poison ivy, folded the tainted towel. An unaware Craig used the towel to keep warm. Will and Hal were overjoyed to see Paul alive. Paul said he wanted to protect Will from Barbara, but Hal warned him not to ruin Will's new-found stability. Alison and Emily were originally alarmed by Susan's engagement, but relented when they realized how much their reaction hurt her. They surprised her with confetti and congratulations at the hospital. Ben told Kim that Bob was coming out of his coma. After apologizing for her accusations, Kim asked Rick to again consult on Bob's case. Rick decided that he would have problems if Bob awoke. He tried to inject something into Bob's IV, but was interrupted first by Ben, then by a nurse. Bob awakened to find Rick standing over his bed.

B&B by Kathy

What a happy day on B&B: Darla tries to apologize for her past with Thorne and begs Sally at Insomnia to give her her job back. She says Thorne is not a part of the baby's life except for a call now and then which is only out of obligation. She's alone and scared and wants her mom (Sally) back. Sally throws out a harsh comment that she only wants pity. Darla disagrees. After a few more minutes of talking, Darla leaves and Sally is almost in tears. Bridget talks to Thorne about Darla and her need (not want) to have him in their lives. Thorne says Macy won't talk to him 'cause of what happened. She's sorry to hear that. She tells him about today's ultrasound. He says he didn't know. Bridget says he would if he showed he cared and asked. She finally convinces him to have more of a role in their lives. He rushes over to the doctor's office to find alone Darla on a table already prepped for the ultrasound. Thorne says she's the father, and the dr. says he's just in time! They see the baby on the screen and they're both so happy! He says it's their baby! Meanwhile, Massimo, Jackie, Brooke & Nick are on a date to celebrate Jackie & Mass' engagement. Mass' not happy to see Brooke but he holds his tongue from saying too many smart comments to her. They're toasting with champagne and talking about the wedding. Jackie doesn't like Nick's "festive" (Hawaiian) shirt. Brooke's only problem is she mentioned Ridge & her wedding with horses, which are so unpredictable. (That's not good for any of them to hear.) Brooke & Jackie talk alone and she's so happy about their engagement. She can't figure out why Mass' isn't too mean tonight. Jackie says she was pinching him under the table! (LOL) Jackie's so happy Brooke is in Nicky's life and if he's happy so is she, and will be glad if she was in the family! Brooke looks amazed. Nick & Mass return and say their goodbyes. Brooke enjoyed her evening. Jackie sees Nick & Brooke kissing and hugging from across the room. Both her & Brooke smile at one another.

Days by Staci

Kate questions Phillip about his feelings for Belle. He says they're just friends. Shawn finds Belle and Phillip hugging, which makes him a little jealous.

Lucas tells Sami that Tony's taking her on a pity date. She slaps him with a book and he leaves. She imagines him coming back, and him telling her that he loves her. Sami and Tony go on a picnic together as Lucas watches in envy.

Larry makes sure Nicole knows the plan then kisses her. She says she'd rather be dead then have him touch her. Nicole tells Larry that Victor's coming and he says he'll kill him.

GH by Meghan

Edward told Ned that he didn't bail Dillon out of jail. Ned was mad, and then went and got Dillon out himself. At the PCPD, Dillon told Scott that he wanted to be just like Jason. Later, Dillon called his mom, and she pretty much blew him off, and Dillon got upset, not knowing Georgie was watching him.

Jason, Courtney, and Michael came back to Port Charles, and headed to GH. Michael saw Ric and started hitting him, after remembering more about Ric kidnapping Carly. Jason sat with Liz while she flat lined. Audrey told Ric that Liz may not remember what happened because of her coma. Alcazar told Ric that Liz had to die so they could keep their plan to use Carly's baby.

Coleman saw Faith, and told her that AJ wanted him to get pictures of her and Sonny together. Faith agreed to help him.

Monica told Emily that the chemo was making her immune system weaker, instead of helping the cancer to slow. Monica said they were stopping the chemo. Emily knew that her cancer could spread.

At the support group, Emily told the women that Nikolas saved her life, by making her want to live. Nikolas overheard. Later, he was talking to Gia, and she told him that she though that he still loved Emily.

GL by Hilary

At Cedars, Ben tried to kiss Marina, but she told him it was over between them. Shayne blew his first few pitches, but greatly improved after Marina arrived. The town was thrilled when Shayne's team won the game. Marina told Shayne she was so sorry she wasted so much time on Ben, when she could have been with him. Lizzie visited Ben and told him that she didn't care if he was a bad guy, as long as he got Marina out of her way. Cassie checked up on Tammy's date's past. She discovered that he had recently picked up his grades, and was volunteering at a youth center. Though he teased Cassie for overreacting, Edmund made it clear to the boy that he would have to answer to him if he hurt Tammy. Cassie kissed Edmund as they stargazed, and thanked him for bringing her back to life. Frank and Gus theorized that Ben may have killed Jed Simmons and the two escorts over Simmons's suspicions of Ben. They also thought that Mitch Hendon killed his wife and tried to pin it on Ben for revenge, but, when Ben was not charged, he tried to take care of Ben himself. Jeffrey said they had no proof, and told them that two weeks before his death, Simmons filed suit for blackmail against Eden. He said this made her a more viable suspect than Ben or Mitch. Meanwhile, Eden told Tony that some people don't understand their way of life. Tony agreed, saying Marah was one of those people.

OLTL by Kym

35th Anniversary Show. Natalie & Cristian talk about what their wedding's going to be like. They then go to sleep upstairs & experience different versions of what their wedding could be like, alternately wonderful & nightmarish. During their dreams, we see relatives & the citizens of Llanview giving advice & recounting the experiences of relationships from the past. Flashbacks include: Vicki's past marriages, all of Asa's wives, Nora & Bo's relationship, Tina & Cord, Max & Luna, Dorian & Vicki's adventures together, the Cramer family & some present relationships. Cristian & Natalie both deal with the worry that they won't fit in with the rich & powerful Buchanan & Lord families. But in the end, they decide that everything will be fine.

Note: Roger Howarth & the character of Todd, are conspicuously left out of the whole special episode. :(

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Kevin becomes angry when Ian asks him to keep his distance from Lucy and Christina until they recover from his hurtful actions. Refusing to make any more sacrifices than he already has, Kevin accuses Ian of trying to get rid of him so that he can more easily take over his life, complete with his wife and daughter. Rafe stops by the bike shop to thank Jamal for everything he did for Alison. He also fills Jamal in on the truce with Caleb. Jamal pumps him for information about the ring, but Rafe doesn't know much. He assumes that it's powerful but doesn't want to know exactly what it can do. When Jamal asks what would happen if one of the good guys got hold of it, Rafe replies that the person probably wouldn't stay good for long. At Rafe's request, Jamal agrees to check in on Alison a little later. Grabbing a paint roller to help out with the renovations, Olivia apologizes to Alison in her own way. When she forgives Alison for perceived sins against her, Alison lets her have it. Unbeknownst to them, Jamal arrives as the argument starts to turn nasty. Caleb acknowledges Jack's role in getting Olivia to the club when he was with the other three vamps. He hires Jack as the band's new manager, but on a probationary status. To the band's delight, Caleb announces that they will be getting back to the music. Hearing about Ricky's problems letting Casey go, Jack advises him to forget about love and just find a low-maintenance girl who won't screw up his life. Overhearing this, Reese tells him off and then storms off. When Frank shows up looking for trouble, Caleb issues a warning, but Frank is determined to challenge his authority. After Caleb throws him out of the club, Frank vows to make someone pay. Hearing someone coming, he springs out of hiding and attacks, unaware that it's Rafe.

Y&R By Rachel

Lauren tells JT that Colleen is far from over JT and he needs to pay attention to the hints she is sending out. Lily meets Fisherman at the park. Raul says his good-byes to Billy and vents about the phase Brittany is going through. Chris has a bad dream about Isabella screaming for help. Unable to sleep, Chris goes to check out the boat and bumps into Detective Webber. Phyllis is updated by Michael of Isabella disappearance – Phyllis is not surprised to hear Diane was talking to the police. Michael needs to call and talk to Phyllis, does she know something? Brit has second thoughts about performing at the club, but with some insistence from Bobby, the club owner will perform tonight by doing her own thing with no pressure.

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