Tuesday 7-15-03 Recaps

Tuesday 7/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall goes over to Erica’s place to warn her about Mary. Erica assures Kendall that Mary will never be able to win Jackson over. She slips by mistake and says something about Mary’s secret. Kendall catches on and asks Erica what she’s hiding. Erica dodges her questions and says nothing is going on. Not wanting to ruin their new found relationship, Kendall says she won’t press the issue. Erica appreciates Kendall’s concern and asks her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Kendall excitedly accepts the offer. Bianca keeps imagining that Michael is after her. When David comes over, he finds Bianca screaming and cringing in a corner. Bianca suddenly faints and David tends to her. When she regains consciousness, David threatens to call Erica unless she goes to the clinic with him. Bianca finally agrees. While she’s changing in the examination room, Bianca realizes her body is covered in bruises so she quickly sneaks out. Outside, Bianca sees Michael again and tries to run away from him. At SOS, Greenlee tells Jackson that she’ll try to keep Mary away from him. Right on cue, Mary comes over and starts flirting with Jackson. Jackson tells Mary that the only woman he’s interested in is Erica. Later, Jackson and Greenlee joke around about being father and daughter. Mary watches them lovingly and tells herself that Jackson really does belong with Greenlee. Simone gets permission from Greenlee to pursue Carlos. She crashes Carlos’ date with Maggie in an effort to get closer to him. Maggie becomes furious and warns Simone to stay away. Simone later locks Maggie in the bathroom and goes back to flirting with Carlos.

ATWT by Hillary

Lucy and Aaron were flabbergasted when they discovered that Craig and Rosanna were camped right next to them. After blasting him for ruining their vacation, Lucy and Aaron decided to leave, but Craig said they would, instead. Lucy relented and said they could stay until morning. Rose fainted in Paul's arms once she realized he really was alive. When she awoke, she told him it was a miracle, and said she had felt so guilty. Paul, who had seen Dusty's room key on the floor after she fainted, said she couldn't be too guilty, since she was still having fun. Rose insisted that she was grieving, but didn't want to be alone. Jen flirted with Dusty, until she discovered his identity. She told him Paul was alive, then told him off for hurting her brother. Dusty found Rose and Paul in the elevator. After Rose left, Dusty told Paul that he was glad he was alive, but, no matter what, Rose is with him now. Paul warned him that she could still change her mind, and come back to him. Jen confronted Rose for hurting Paul; Barbara was glad to see that Jen didn't put all the blame on her.

B&B by Kathy

Massimo & Jackie go to Nick's boat looking for him. They can't wait to share the news of their engagement. They say they can't wait to tell him. Just then a tired Nick arrives. They talk about being with the right one and settling down the rest of a person's life. He thinks they're talking about him & Brooke. They laugh and say they're talking about them. Jackie shows him her ring. Nick is so happy. He wants Mass to be good to her. Mass loves this big, happy family he has now. He wants to celebrate. To do so he wants all 3 of them to eat and drink at Cafe R. Nick says he'll go if Brooke can come too since he promised a date with her anyway. Jackie's O.K. with it and she finally convinces Mass to let her come along. Meanwhile, Sally is having a fit (screaming & throwing things) 'cause Spectra is so busy and things are going downhill. Several employees have walked away recently Clarke says. Gladys shows up hired by a temp. agency. She gives a comedy act 'cause she can't do anything right, and her pet skunk odored an important dress and Sally & Clarke too. She says Clarke did this to her since she fired Darla. Sally fires Gladys then runs to C.J.'s restaurant. Already there are Darla & Bridget talking about wanting to fix past mistakes, and having baby talk. Darla will have her ultrasound today without telling Thorne 'cause he may feel obligated to go too. Bridget is happy for her having a baby. Darla tells her she's had feelings for Thorne and wanted him when he wasn't with Macy anymore (like the night she got pregnant). Sally orders drinks at the bar but cancels after she sees Darla. She wants her job back but Sally is mean to her. Darla is sorry for what she did and begs her since she needs a job and she has always been her mom. Sally gives her this mean look.

Days by Staci

Cassie runs into Phillip, and they get into a argument about her working at Echelon. She goes to see Marlena, and tells her that she feels like Marlena doesn't love her. Cassie gets upset, and runs off. When she goes back to the mansion, Tony tells Cassie that he sold the club. She tells him she hates him.

Victor says he's hiring a PI to find out who tried to kill Brady. Nicole talks to Larry about killing Victor. Nicole goes with Brady to help set up a bicentennial place for Salem. Nicole convinces Victor to come. She calls Larry, and tells him he has a place to kill him.

Sami is angry to find Lucas in bed with her. Tony comes, and invites her for dinner. She accepts. Lucas tells her she's making a huge mistake.

GH by Meghan

Faith tried to kill Elizabeth by suffocating her with a pillow. Sonny stopped her though. Ric was worried when Carly pointed out that he would have to kill Liz to keep her from telling that she saw Carly. Sonny was at Ric's and said he felt close to Carly there. She realized that Sonny was using Faith to get to Carly.

Ned tried to talk to Alexis about joint custody for Kristina. She said she didn't want to have it, because she didn't Skye in the baby's life, and as long as Ned was with Skye, she didn't want Ned involved either. Ned told Skye she could go ahead with her plan to get Alexis away from Kristina.

Georgie yelled at her sister because Maxie told Mac that she ran away with Dillon. Since Maxie started to work at the hospital, Kyle thought up a plan to get her to steal drugs for him.

AJ asked Coleman to take pictures of Sonny and Faith together, so that he could use them to get custody of Michael.

Courtney called Jason to tell him that Michael was still having nightmares. Jason took off for the island to see what he could do.

GL by Hilary

Ben called Marina, begging her to come to him because he was lost in the hospital. As Shayne prepared for the All-Star Game, he became upset because Reva was absent, and Marina was late. Lizzie later spilled that Marina was visiting Ben. Josh talked to a representative from the Cubs, who said that Shayne needs to work on his focus if he wants to be in the main club. Shayne saw Ben's face on the batter, and angrily hit him with the ball. Cassie was excited about Tammy's first date, until Jeffrey informed her of the boy's criminal record. Tammy begged Cassie to give the boy a chance. Jeffrey managed to irritate more Springfield citizens when he gave thinly-veiled threats of prosecution to Alex, intimated Frank's incompetence as police chief, and told Cassie she was a bad mother.

OLTL by Kym

Natalie gets back from the UK & brings Clint with her. Vicki complains to Clint about the way Kevin's been running the paper. Jessica tries to talk Joey out of leaving the church for Jenn. Jenn tells Rex that Joe's resigning & he tells her that she'd be happier with him. Dorian & Blair demand that Walker tell them about his part in Mitch's murder. He explains how he planted all the evidence & set people up. He also explained that he made it look like Lindsay tried to frame Dorian & Blair, to get them off the hook. The women go ballistic about this & start beating up on him. Vicki has a family reunion at Llanfair. Blair threatens to go the police about what Walker did, but he says they'll never believe her. Clint gives Kevin advice about running the Banner & tells him to offer the employees that were terminated their jobs back. Vicki has a talk with Joe about leaving the ministry for Jenn & tells him to follow his heart. She then talks to Jenn about the situation. Walker tells Dorian & Blair that if he hadn't killed Mitch, they all would have been in danger. Blair still doesn't trust him & she considers firing him. Walker later runs into Starr in Todd's old office & she tells him she has fired him, but Walker tells her that the paper isn't hers until she's 25 & Todd doesn't come back. He then tells her that he promises Todd IS coming back home. Vicki changes her mind & gives Kevin his job back. Jenn dumps Joe, telling him he deserves someone better. Vicki goes to her desk to get Victor's ring & finds it gone. We then see that Walker has it.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney says a tearful good-bye to Theresa as she, Chad, and Fox board the Crane jet to go to L.A. They share a toast to new life in L.A. on the jet. Theresa tells herself she made the right decision not to go because she needs to let fate help her get back Ethan. Ethan and Gwen spend time together in the hospital. But when Ethan goes to see how Kay is doing Gwen's mind wanders as she fears that if she loses her baby Ethan will go back to Theresa. Kay blames Charity for all of her labor pains and troubles in her life. Charity is taken out of the hospital room and is comforted by John. Meanwhile, Miguel promises to never leave Kay's side. Beth fires shots at Sheridan when she refuses to call Luis and say she's in Paris. This frightens her so she decided to do it but plans to let Luis know she's been kidnapped. Antonio reads Sheridan's diary and finds out about her past but not her past with Luis. Luis vows to find her no matter what it takes.

PC by Beth

After assuring Olivia that there's no need to be afraid of him anymore, Kevin fills his daughter in on why he acted so horribly toward her and everyone else in his life. They reconcile, and Kevin listens as she blames Alison for everything that has ever gone wrong for her. In his professional opinion, she is going to drive Caleb away with her nagging. He advises her to show Caleb that she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. He also wants her to let go of her vendetta against Alison. At the hospital, Chris is pleased to report that Alison's system is free of Joshua's drugs. Elizabeth advises her daughter to start over without Rafe, since their relationship is so plagued with problems. Alison reacts by attacking her mother over her inability to hold onto a relationship of her own. Chris offers comfort to Elizabeth in the form of conversation and martinis. At Rafe's request, Caleb meets the slayer at the overlook, where they work out a truce. Rafe also demands that Caleb stay away from Alison. Amused, Caleb challenges him to force Alison to stay away from him. Lucy holds out hope that Kevin's about-face is for real, but Ian suspects that he's up to something again. When Kevin shows up unexpectedly and hands Lucy the divorce papers, he points out that he wants regular visitations with Christina. Alison is painting the brick walls inside the warehouse when Olivia pays a visit.

Y&R By Judy

Colleen and Sierra encourage Lily not to contact Fisherman on the computer. Fisherman turns out to be Kev, an employee at Marcino's. He appears to lack dating skills and any sense of style. Later, Fisherman Kev wants to meet Lily at his place. Neil continues to think that Lily will feel better once he and Dru are married but Dru is not so sure it will help and thinks they should postpone the wedding. After some urging she agrees to marry Neil. Fred and Anita question Brittany about her quitting the Boutique but she says she has a better job. She confronts them about their lack of interest in the past. Olivia is surprised by Wes's quick proposal. Raul suggests to JT that he might be their new roommate since Mac and Billy are leaving. Brittany is surprised to find JT when she arrives home and later tells Raul that JT can't move in. Later at Marcino's she learns that Bobby expects her to strip or she can't work there. Billy tells Jill about his plans. Jill of course goes into the "me, me, me" mode and wants sympathy.

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