Monday 7-14-03 Recaps

Monday 7/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall and Mia argue over Aidan at the garage. To their disappointment, Aidan ends up brushing them both off and leaves for SOS. Erica urges Bianca to tell her what’s wrong. Bianca can see her mother has had a breakthrough and has finally gotten over her rape. She decides to not ruin Erica’s happiness, so she doesn’t say anything about Michael. Later, Bianca tells Lena that she won’t be able to leave town with her because she needs to help Erica plan the wedding. Lena seems disappointed, but says she understands. Greenlee tells Jackson that Mary is trying to use her in order to get closer to him. Jackson assures Greenlee that the only woman he’s interested in is Erica. He tells Greenlee that he doesn’t need another daughter, but he wouldn’t mind being her friend. Greenlee tells Jackson that he really would make a wonderful father. Erica comes in just in time to hear her say that. Greenlee leaves and Erica asks Jackson what Greenlee told him. Jackson can tell Erica is keeping something and asks her what the big secret is. Erica dodges the question and distracts Jackson with the wedding plans. The two of them decide that they won’t let Mary ruin their happiness. Back at Fusion, Greenlee discovers that Mia and Simone had impersonated her and Kendall during an interview. The four of them get into a fierce argument, but quickly get on their best behavior when Montel Williams shows up. Montel tells the girls that he would like to feature Fusion on his show, but he can only have two company representatives. The girls start arguing over who’s going to be in the show. David and Anna attempt to piece their lives together and decide to go away for a weekend in the near future. Anna later goes to a therapy meeting with Brooke in order to cope with losing Leora. David ends up at SOS and gets into an argument about Anna with Aidan.

ATWT by Hilary

As another officer covered him, Hal pulled back the hood on the man in the wheelchair, who turned out to be a very dead Dr. Gordon. Gordo had a hypodermic needle in his hand. Hal assumed that the killer had made himself into the last victim. Emily apologized to Rick for being suspicious of him, but he said he understood, and hinted at his proposal to Susan. Susan decided she didn't need her daughters' permission, and accepted Rick's offer. Everyone but Rick was thrilled when Chris announced that Bob appears to be coming out of his coma. At Java Underground, Mike and Katie promised to always be there for each other, then both appeared surprised when they kissed. Rose told Dusty that she can't be with him until she has made peace with Paul, so she went to his grave. She was horrified to discover the memorial defaced, but still talked aloud to him. She told him she would never forget him. Barbara and Jennifer were shocked and overjoyed to see Paul alive. Paul told Jennifer about Barbara's part in the mess with Rose and Dusty, and said he came back to save Jen and Will from their mother. Jen did not condone what her mother did, but thought Paul was unbelievably cruel to let everyone think he was dead. Paul and Rose ran into each other at the Lakeview.

B&B by Kathy

Massimo & Jackie meet Stephanie & Eric at their table. Eric runs out after a few words, then Jackie runs after him. Stephanie feels that isn't good since he just got engaged, and also they don't have feeling for each other. Also, she thinks they share nothing in common except a "son"! (She was surprised to hear about that!) Mass thinks all will be O.K. Jackie jumps into Eric's car before he sped off. She says things happened so quickly. He trys to tell her she's making a mistake 'cause Mass is a manipulator, and she doesn't have feelings for him. Jackie doesn't want to change him, just treat him good. She appreciates his concern, but he says this isn't concern. He kisses her. They continue to argue about Mass & Jackie's lives together. Later she goes to Mass' home and he acts angry but he really isn't. She says she'll still marry him.

Brooke & Ridge are on their private date. He puts the gold necklace on her (from him). They talk past & present and he tells her he never wants to live without her, will be good to her, wants another chance, etc. She thinks he thinks he feels all this but doesn't. He loves her confidence. He tries to convince her to be with him. Meanwhile, Bridget & Nick talk and play darts at the bar. They talk about him, Ridge, and Brooke. She thinks Brooke & Ridge will get back together, which would help her 'cause of closure. Nick disagrees. He also says she'll have to find closure herself. She wants him to give up on Brooke and him since he cares and she's with Ridge on a special memories date. He thinks he'll win her heart, and she got a taste of the "salt" and likes it. Nick smiles.

Days by Kristi

Bo and Hope are sitting inside of the Brady Pub eating breakfast when Bo discovers an article in the paper about Shawn and how he brought down Mya. Shawn and Belle are outside the Brady Pub discussing Mya and the fact that Shawn kissed her. He assures Belle that it meant nothing and they go inside to have breakfast with Bo and Hope. They are full of questions about Shawn bringing down Mya and they all talk about Shawn becoming a bounty hunter too. Hope says its too dangerous and Shawn tells them that he doesn't like them chasing around criminals either. Phillip is trying to interrogate Mya but she is to busy coming onto him. She kisses him just as John walks in. They tell Mya that Tony didn't die and that she better start talking. She denies knowing anything until John and Phillip bring up the goo. Outside Phillip tells John that he wants to go back in there, but John puts him in his place and tells him to go
file papers while John meets Belle for coffee. Jack and Jen are discussing sex on in the house and Jack doesn't find the guest author to convincing. Jen wants to hear what she has to say until she busts out the Barbie dolls for some roll playing. They both decide that she should leave. After everyone is gone they talk about how to improve their show and that leads to them making love on the couch. Rex and Mimi are in bed together when Rex gets a terrible headache. Mimi tries to help, but he just pushes her away. Tony and Cassie discuss her new job and much to her dismay he tells her to quit. She leaves and Rex comes in. Tony and Rex talk about how he and John made peace and Tony tells Rex about the diamond machine being at the bottom of the ocean. Rex then goes upstairs and joins Mimi in the shower. John and Phillip show up at the Brady Pub where John tells Phillip he isn't sure Phil is cut out for the ISA. Phillip assures John he is dedicated, and that John is entitled to his own opinion. Belle comes over to make sure everything is OK. Phil tells her it is so she and Shawn leave as Bo and Hope decide to figure out what Tony is up too.

GH by Danielle

Jason and Dillon end up at the PCPD at the same time; Edward showed up and harassed them both. Dillon realized he isnít going to put up with his grandfatherís crap any more than his cousin does and chose a night in the cell over the Quartermaine house. He told Georgie that he really cares about her and would do anything for her. Sonny asked Ric to let Jason go, and he agreed. Liz found Carly and fainted. Ric found her on the floor and took her to the hospital, shoving Carly back into the panic room. Scotty, Jason and Sonny all headed to Ricís to get the bug, and Sonny got an awkward feeling and remained behind, finally agreeing with his best buddy that Ric has kidnapped his wife. Faith went to Alcazar, but he wanted more from her than she was prepared to give. She called the FEDs and told them she wanted out, but they encouraged her to remain in hopes she could console Ric if anything happened to Liz. Nikolas and Zander had a conversation about Emily. Zander thanked the prince for helping his girlfriend. Lucky kissed Lydia yet again, this time on camera. She thought he was up to something and called Nikolas immediately to see the tape.

GL by Hilary

Eden convinced Tony to help her decorate Danny and Michelle's house to celebrate their homecoming. The air conditioning had been off, so Tony took off his shirt. Not to be outdone, Eden took off her top, too. Danny and Michelle returned to find that the half-dressed couple had filled their home with flowers. Danny accused Eden of trying to get to Tony, but she denied it, saying that he had no right to choose Tony's friends. After Alan taunted him for giving up too easily on Olivia, Phillip barged in on her first birthing class. He quickly won over the instructor, but Olivia was furious. She told him that she wanted nothing to do with him, because he would eventually decide she wasn't good enough for him. He disagreed, and said that no matter what she decides, he will be a part of the baby's life. Harley found out that Mitch Hendon had lost his signet ring. She found it stuck in the drain of the Bauer hot tub, and concluded to Gus that Mitch must have lost it when he was holding Ben under the water.

OLTL by Kym

Jessica goes to visit Mitch's grave & runs into Vicki, who's back in town. Dorian's released from jail after new evidence shows up, blaming someone else. Matthew & Starr have brunch at the Palace together. Joe comes to see Kevin & they talk about Mitch & Joey's decision to give up the ministry. Troy confronts Jenn about secretly videotaping him. He loses his temper & backs her into a wall. Walker comes into the police station with more evidence that Lindsay is the killer. Joey considers Kevin's offer to work at the Banner. Starr tells Matthew that she doesn't trust Walker. Dorian's keys are found stuck to Lindsay's sculpture at St. Anne's & used as proof that she was trying to set up Dorian. Lindsay calls Troy & accuses him of using her. He denies this & asks where she is, that he wants to help her. At the funeral, Jessica hears that Lindsay's a suspect & she & Walker wind up staring at each other thru the whole ceremony, like they're keeping a secret. Antonio & Keri go on their picnic at Angel Square. Matthew tells Starr that he wants Bo to be his dad, so she arranges it for Gabrielle to break her date with Bo & Matthew & for Nora to go with them instead. Vicki goes to visit Kevin at his new job at the Banner & they wind up arguing over his firing longtime vets there. Clint shows up during the argument & says how he missed stuff like this. Blair confronts Walker about the evidence he suddenly came up with about Lindsay. Walker admits he created it. Troy pounces on Lindsay & drags her off. Jessica spots Antonio out with Keri. Vicki tells Kevin he's fired. Walker tells a stunned Dorian & Blair that he killed Mitch.

Passions by Ashley

Chad, Fox and Whitney leave for L.A. to start their lives together. But meanwhile a furious Simone plans her own revenge. Julian is still amazed he is the child of Tabitha's baby. She stops the baby from trying to attack him with it's tail. He discusses what part he will be in the life of their child. While Ethan swears she's wrong Rebecca continues to say that when and if Gwen loses her child Ethan will run back to his love Theresa. Charity tells a stunned Miguel she has had a premonition Kay will lose their child. Kay's labor pains subside but Eve lets them know both she and her child are still in grave danger. Beth dresses in a clown outfit and is about to force Sheridan to call Luis and tell him she's alright and in Paris. Meanwhile, at the police station unaware of the truth Antonio begins to read Sheridan's diary.

PC by Beth

Using Caleb's ring, Jamal wishes to be mortal again, but he's upset to find that he still has fangs. Testing it out with a wish for money, he turns around and finds a large bag filled with hundred-dollar bills. Imani stops by to let him know that he forgot to pay his bill at the Elixir. She finds the bag, which Jamal tried unsuccessfully to stuff inside his refrigerator. Assuring her that he's not a criminal, he gives her $100 to pay for the bill and her tip. Hoping that she had another reason for stopping by, he's disappointed by her reaction but decides not to push her. Instead, he makes another wish and instantly hears her thoughts. He spooks her by echoing her thought that someone is expecting her. Rafe takes Alison back to the warehouse after having her checked out at the hospital. He promises to focus on getting her well and opening their new gym. They find that the warehouse has been vandalized, and the vandal is still there. Attacking the terrified kid with a stake, Rafe demands to know whether Caleb put him up to this. Alison believes the kid's claim that he doesn't know anyone named Caleb--and that he didn't know anyone was living there. She pulls Rafe away, and the kid bolts. Realizing that he almost killed someone who didn't deserve it, Rafe promises to end his obsession with Caleb. At the Elixir, Caleb dances with Stacy and two other vamps. Unhappy with the potential for feeding and unable to prevent it himself, Jack calls Olivia. Seeing Casey yet again, Ricky demands to know why she appears only to him. When she suggests that this is all in his mind, Ricky tries to prove his point by showing her the earring she left behind, but he can't find it. Reese is disappointed by Jack's reminder that their relationship is supposed to be simple. When Olivia arrives at the Elixir and does a sexy dance for Caleb, he excuses himself from the others and takes her outside, where he kisses her passionately.

Y&R By Rachel

At Crimson light, Lily is about to meet her online guy-friend, Fisherman, when Neil and Dru break the news to Lily that they plan to get married in four weeks. Fisherman is not happy about the interrupts leaves and instant messages Lily that she will be sorry. Nick tells Sharon that he is not sure were they stand as a couple; Sharon is hurt. Nikki vents to jack about Sharon; he suggest that Nikki bury herself in her work. Michael signs a contract with Victor but still has little details as to why he is being hired except that if he is careful he will not lose his license to practice law. Vicki and Brad share drinks where Vikki admits that her father is on the verge of making a big mistake.

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