Friday 7-11-03 Recaps

Friday 7/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Mia is determined to fix up her love life and her eyes are on Aidan. She impresses him by talking about cars and then convinces him to help her with some apartment maintenance. Greenlee becomes furious when she finds Carlos and Simone together. Simone later tells Greenlee that Carlos is no longer off-limits since the break-up. She then goes back down to see Carlos, but to her disappointment, he takes off with Maggie. Tad gets disappointed when he realizes that Liza is trying to set him up with another woman over the internet. He then bets Liza that he can find love before she can. Reggie thanks Joni for helping him with Luis. The two start kissing, but Jackson walks in on them. After Joni leaves, Jackson gives Reggie some fatherly advice and tells him to take it slow with Joni. He then asks Reggie to be his best man at the wedding. Mary tries to enlist Kendall in her war against Erica, but Kendall refuses the offer. Greenlee comes over just then and tells Kendall that her mother is in love with Jackson. Kendall gets furious and warns Mary to stay away from her mother. Mary looks disappointed and tells Greenlee that she wishes she could have given her a better life. After Mary leaves, Greenlee finally realizes what’s been going on and goes straight to Jackson’s. She tells Jackson to call her mother and tell her that she doesn’t need another father. Bianca brushes Lena off to talk to her mother. Lena can’t figure out why Bianca is acting so strange and leaves disappointed. After Lena leaves, Bianca asks her mother how she got over being raped. Erica gets confused by Bianca questions but tries her best to answer. She tells Bianca that talking about it helped the most. Bianca realizes that she needs to confide in someone and Erica urges her to talk.

ATWT by Hilary

Bonnie asked Walker to be Sarah's personal physician, but Walker said that there would be a lot of red tape to cut through before that could happen. Jessica agreed to help Bonnie with the legalities. Isaac was not pleased when Bonnie told him she was considering becoming Sarah's foster mother. Isaac was also concerned that Jessica may be having second thoughts about marrying Ben; Jess admitted she's not sure what she wants right now. Rose waffled in her decision to be with Dusty. She told him about seeing Paul at the lodge. Dusty thought maybe James set up a double to torment them. She said she needs more time, then told him that she may be able to see him, but only in secret for now. Dusty said no way; it's now or never. After he left, Rose received a ring. It was engraved: "Until death, Love, Paul." Hal received word that Gordo lost his police tail. At Memorial, Alison locked herself in a room to get away from the mysterious cloaked stranger in the wheelchair. Katie arrived, and brought Alison back to her family. Soon after, the power went out, and the stranger began chasing Katie. Mike found a terrified Katie cowering in the under-construction burn unit. Hal found the stranger, and pulled his weapon. Jen was nervous about trying on a design that Barbara made for her. Paul arrived at Barbara's door.

B&B by Kathy

Jackie tells Massimo she doesn't want to be adored, she just wants him. This means she accepted his marriage proposal! They're so happy. He calls a guy to move Jackie's things out of the beach house so she can move in with him. She stops him 'cause she has to tell Eric first. Mass holds them off 'till tomorrow. He says he can wait one more day. She says they will have their whole life together. He wants to celebrate. She wants to go home. Instead they end up at a classy restaurant. Mass orders the best champagne to celebrate. Jackie goes to the restroom. Eric & Stephanie spot him, then Jackie when she returns. (Eric & Stephanie were having dinner to discuss their separation, and he had told her he thought Jackie was a remarkable woman, etc.) Anyway, Mass loudly says to pour lots of drink 'cause he's celebrating his engagement. He introduces Jackie and they are drinking 'till they see Eric & Stephanie at a table. Jackie, Stephanie & Eric are stunned and frowns. Mass is happy. Meanwhile also having dinner and talking is Ridge & Brooke. They talk about the past and also Nick. Brooke wants him to form a bond with him. Ridge says he can't 'cause of the cigar. He doesn't see how she can date a man that smokes or even kiss him. He realizes she has kissed Nick from the expression on her face. She says she'll always love Ridge. He smiles. They agree no one realizes what they share together (past and present). She doesn't care what others think. She does outside to call to check on Hope at Rick's, then he joins her and they go back inside. She feels he's not having a good time so she wants to skip dessert but he won't let her. They sit to eat. She says she should pick something different than a chocolate dessert 'cause it's the same thing over and over again and no predictability. She puts her folk in it and pulls out a gold necklace. She's smiling as he says he will make everyday unpredictable (and special for her).

Days by Staci

Marlena comes to Belle's apartment, and can tell she's upset. Marlena won't believe that John is dead. Which he isn't, coast guard rescued Tony and John. He calls Marlena. She and Belle are happy to hear from him. She calls Sami, who just found out that he was dead at Lucas' house. Sami is weak so he helps her to bed. Shawn gets an confession out of Maya and brings her to Phillip and Tek. John gets released, and Tony sneaks out.

GH by Meghan

Edward went to Sonny's and told him that he wanted Michael back in the mansion with his real family. Later, Sonny told Faith what to say to Alcazar to get her an in with him. Alcazar thought she was lying, and instead of going against Sonny, he thought she was going against him. Alcazar told Sonny that he hired someone to find Carly. Jason got arrested by Scott for being in the surveillance van near Ric's. Liz looked around her house, and found the switch that opened the panic room. She opened the door.

Georgie talked to Dillon into going back to Port Charles. He finally agreed, but before they could go anywhere, Mac barged in and arrested Dillon because he had stolen Kyle's motorcycle.

Emily told Lucky that she has breast cancer. Zander promises to stay with her through everything. Lucky and Nikolas talked, and Lucky announced that he thought the marriage with Lydia would never last. Lucky figured out that his brother really had fallen in love with Emily.

GL by Barbara

Olivia gets flowers and flowers and more flowers. Blake and Harley meet and Blake asks Harley to come with her to see Ben. Gus and Frank discuss the possibility of Ben having self inflicted the stab wound with Mel. Marina freaks and Frank tells her that visiting Ben is OFF LIMITS. Marina visits Ben. Cassie and Olivia discuss her situation with Phillip. Cassie and Edmund tell Olivia that she needs to give Phillip a second chance. Alex and Lizzie go to Spaulding to get Lizzie a job. While there Alex talks to Phillip and she asks for a job. Phillip remembers Olivia and Olivia remembers Phillip. That's all today. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Kevin & Asa toast to Kev's political future. Blair after losing the bet, has to take Kevin out to dinner. Asa lectures Kevin about stepping out on Kelly. Gabrielle tells Max about Troy & he warns her to set him straight quickly. Troy continues to tamper with Lindsay's meds. Sarah goes to dinner with Asa & tells him she's a vegetarian. Rae tries to talk to Antonio about Jessica, but he brushes her off. Gabrielle sets up a meeting with Troy to tell him to cool it, but he grabs her & kisses her, all while Jenn's taping the encounter. Walker is spying on them behind the bushes. At dinner, Blair asks Kevin, who gave him the tip on Dorian's guilt, but he says it was anonymous. Walker comes to visit Lindsay & sees the camera Jenn left behind, along with her hotel key. He shows the evidence of the tape of Troy's disloyalty to Lindsay & convinces her that Troy's trying to set her up for Mitch's murder. He tells her to run away from here. Keri invites Antonio on a picnic. At first he declines, but later calls her back to say he will go. Al talks to Max about Roxy & Marcie. Jenn tells Marcie about her getting together with Joe & that he's going to leave the church for her. This disturbs Marcie & she chastises Jenn for it. Troy shows up to harass Kevin & Blair while they're eating & Kevin pushes him outside. He tells Troy to get lost & gets in an argument with him when Walker shows up & shoves Troy into a wall, telling him to get lost. Blair comes outside in time to hear Kevin once again offering Walker a job at the Banner. Walker declines & Blair tells Kevin to shove off. After Kevin leaves, Walker pulls Blair into a steamy embrace. She pushes him away & tells him not to ever do that again. Troy goes back to check on Lindsay & finds she's escaped. He finds Jenn's camera & her room key.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney says a tear filled good-bye to Theresa. Her and Fox also agree something was wrong with Eve and Julian at the fire and she worries about Eve. Rebecca and Gwen have a talk and she tells her to be careful of Theresa because she could lose Ethan to her. Eve comforts an upset Eve at the hospital. Tabitha's demon baby has a negative reaction when Julian is around. Sam catches David and Grace together at the hospital and is as upset as Charity is while watching Miguel and Kay together as her condition worsens. Charlie wants to kill Sheridan when they hear that Luis plans to search Beth's basement no matter what.

PC by Beth

After Lucy finds Kevin praying in the hospital chapel, he expresses deep remorse for everything he's done. While he can't be certain that the change in him is forever, he wants to use this time to try to make things right. Lucy tells him about her wish that he could be the man he once was. Jamal is stunned to realize that he can hear Imani's thoughts. Thinking that the ring must be responsible, he tests it out by wishing for snow--which he sees when he looks out the window. Jack informs him that he is the new owner of the Elixir, thanks to a contract that he allegedly signed before Joshua's death--which he's actually about to write now. At Jack's insistence, Jamal asks Imani out on a date, but when he hears her thought about how they will never hook up, he cancels. Thinking that they can never be together as long as he's a vampire, Jamal considers wishing to be mortal again. On the docks, Rafe wrongly assumes that Caleb was trying to hurt Alison, while Olivia is convinced that her enemy is trying to destroy her happiness again by going after Caleb. Concerned about Alison, Caleb wants her to get to a doctor. He and Alison maintain that they are just friends, but Olivia and Rafe hold onto their own theories about what's going on. Rafe is hurt to find out that Alison confided in his worst enemy about their personal life. After giving Caleb the silent treatment all the way home, Olivia issues an ultimatum. Not appreciating being told what to do, Caleb gives his answer by storming out of the loft.

Y&R By Rachel

Nikki, who enters without knocking, is on Sharon about her skimpy clothes and not respecting her history as a stripper. Sharon gives it back by flaunting the fact that she will be hosting the Gala this year and her and Nick have been imitate. Nikki slaps Sharon (hard) and almost breaks a nail. Sharon leaves and apparently informs Nick, who is in a meeting with Vikki and Vic, leaves the meeting to see Sharon, but not before leaving a scour taste in Vikki mouth. He mirror his father’s opinion that Satine needs doing more changes. At home Nick breaks the bickering between his mom and Sharon and stands up for his wife by telling his mom that she is no longer welcome.

Michael arrives to discuss what Victor has in mind, but Victor worries that Michael may not be sleazy enough to have out his plans.

Through the peer pressure of her friends, Sierra and Colleen, Lily agrees to meet her online pal, Fisherman, at the coffeehouse. He is to where a Hawaiian and if they don’t like him she will just leave. Neil and Dru set a date to be married that is four weeks out and agree that they have to keep Lily away from Wes as he is slowing down the healing process.

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