Thursday 7-10-03 Recaps

Thursday 7/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Edmund and Maria spend a romantic day having a picnic at the park. David and Anna seem to be getting along better and decide to have breakfast together. While David is out for coffee, Tad comes over to warn Anna to keep David away from his family. He repeats his warnings when David comes home. David calmly tells him that he’s willing to walk away from everything. Tad seems relieved but tells David that he’s going to continue keeping his eyes on him. Greenlee tells Simone that she’s over Carlos and that she’s going to go out looking for other sexy men. Simone doesn’t seem convinced and thinks Greenlee will want to get back with Carlos in order to win the competition. Greenlee becomes furious and tells Simone that she can have Carlos all to herself. She says she’s going to have Carlos fired since he still hasn’t fixed the air-conditioning. Simone goes down to the maintenance room to warn Carlos, but then realizes that Carlos already resigned. She tries to talk to Carlos, but when he starts walking away, she pretends to sprain her ankle. Carlos rushes towards her and starts massaging her foot. Just then Greenlee walks in and become furious. Mia tells Liza that she’s determined to fix her love life and urges Liza to do the same. When Tad comes by the office, Liza tells him that she’s going to give him the love of his life. Meanwhile, Mia goes over to see Aidan. Lena goes to Myrtle’s to look for Bianca, but gets disappointed when Myrtle and Boyd tell her that they haven’t seen Bianca all night. Bianca is still at the park and she keeps having visions of Michael trying to force himself on her. She comes home and finds Michael standing in the corner. When he comes over to hug her, Bianca become petrified and tells him to get his hands off her. She then realizes that it was Lena all along and that her mind was just playing tricks on her.

ATWT by Hilary

Emily asked Hal what he was doing about Rick, since Walker thinks he is the serial killer. Hal told her to stay out of it. Susan accepted Rick's proposal, on the condition that he give her time to get her daughters used to the idea. Chris asked Alison on a birthday date, then they made eyes at each other the rest of the day. Alison confided to Katie that she is still a virgin, and hoped that would change tonight. Later, while alone in Rick's room, she was surprised by the mysterious cloaked stranger in the wheelchair. Craig surprised Rosanna with a cactus, insisting it was supposed to be an oak to symbolize their strong marriage. Just as they began to make love on the floor, Aaron and Lucy surprised them by arriving to pick up camping gear. Aaron explained that they couldn't use the camper Craig had rented because they weren't licensed, but they bought a tent to use. Craig first said no way, but Rosanna and Lucy convinced him to relent. He decided to follow the teens to Wisconsin. Rose told Lily she had to live her life, despite Lily and Holden's reservations. Barbara told Jennifer that Paul would want Jen to join the new BRO. Barbara then took Jen and Will to see Hal, and mused aloud that this was what she wanted: her family back together. Back at his memorial, Paul had conversations with Barbara, Jen, and Will in his head. He told "Barbara" she was responsible for his death, and was horrified when "Jen" and "Will" lamented having to live their lives for their mother. Paul began to regret his decision to "die," then began destroying his memorial.

B&B by Kathy

Ridge talks to his kids about Massimo being his dad, which means they have 3 grandfathers. They are happy, but Thomas has questions. Ridge says he's a Marone & Forrester. Also, Bridget knew about this before he does, but that's not the reason she's not coming around. Later he's getting dressed for his date with Brooke. Brooke is talking to Bridget about Ridge & Nick being brothers. She questions her relationship with Nick, and doesn't approve of Brooke dating them both. Brooke's taking it slow with them both, and weighing all her options 'till she knows what she wants. They continue arguing. Bridget walks out the door and Ridge is there. Brooke joins them, and Bridget comments them being all dressed up, hoping they'll have fun.

Jackie & Eric are hugging, while Massimo looks on. Mass walks away, then Jackie pulls away from Eric and says she's "not ready for this". He says she's not 'cause she just got out of the hospital. He wants her to rest. He leaves. Jackie looks disturbed. She goes to see Mass at his office and wants to talk about what he saw at the beach house. She says she was shocked at Eric's kisses. Mass seems jealous and doesn't want her to spend time with another man or live with him. They walk outside and talk. He tells her to sit down so he can propose (just like he wanted to at the house). She does and he gets down on one knee and proposes with a ring. Jackie's so shocked that she is speechless!

Days by Stacy

Abe and Lexie met Roman and Kate at Tuscany for dinner. Kate and Lexie talk about Sami, and how even when she is sick, she still is trying to hurt someone (Lucas). Abe ask Roman about a child with Kate, and he says no way.

Mimi and Rex fight over how Rex is always spending time doing the laser, and not with Mimi. Cassie comes, and tells Rex that she didn't tell Lucas that he's her brother, just that they can't be together. Rex tells her he has a way that they'll always be DiMera's.

Belle over hears Phillip telling Shawn to go on another date with Maya, and is not pleased. Later Tek comes over, and tells them that Tony's boat exploded from a bomb, and that John was on it, and there were no survivors. John and Tony are no under water as a helicopter is in the distance.

GH by Meghan

Skye called Scott to the Q's and told him that Alexis was Dobson. He told her that she and Ned were guaranteed full custody of Kristina if she could prove Alexis really murdered Louise.

Dillon and Georgie ran off together, on Kyle's stolen motorcycle. Maxie gives Mac the note even though she promised her sister she wouldn't. They end up at a motel, and kiss.

Lorenzo went to see Ric after he couldn't open the panic room. Ric held a gun on him, and told him their partnership was over. Lorenzo convinced him otherwise. Back at home, Ric told Elizabeth the "truth" that he wasn't done with Sonny. He told her that he was using all his free time to find Carly to prove himself to Sonny. Jason and Sonny listened from the van.

GL by Hilary

Marah felt guilty for accusing Ben of being a murderer, though Tony said they had good reason to suspect him. Marah wished she could take away some of Tony's suspicious nature. Reva denied Josh's accusations that she was running away by going to Milan. When Marah heard of Reva's trip, she decided to tag along, saying she could check on her handbag production. Tony was unhappy with her sudden trip, but Eden was secretly thrilled. Marina felt guilty for still having feelings for Ben, but Lizzie convinced her that her feelings were normal. Marina decided to visit Ben. Gus obtained a search warrant for Eden's apartment, and confiscated her scrapbook. Eden finally admitted that it was hers and not Marah's, but insisted it didn't contain any business information. Gus offered to trade it for her real business diary. Eden relented, and Gus found out that the first victim, former coroner Jed Simmons, had been a client of the second, Renee Peters. Ben began to awaken, and Frank asked who had attacked him. All that Ben remembered was watching the wedding from the bushes, then feeling hands on his neck from behind; he didn't remember being stabbed. Frank and Gus thought perhaps Ben was drugged, but determined from the angle of his wound that it may have been self-inflicted.

OLTL by Kym

Antonio has another session with Dr. Rae. Jenn visits Lindsay before she has her release hearing & tells her mom she's getting divorced. She also tells her she's in love with Joe. Kevin visits Joe, asks about his love life & if he took his advice. He also tells him he should quit the church & come to work for him. Joe refuses, saying he's not giving up the priesthood. Blair & Dorian are upset with the Banner headline accusing Dorian of being the new suspect in the Mitch murder. Cristian tries to talk to Jessica about Antonio, but she says she's not interested in him anymore. Carlotta catches Adrianna & River together again & drags him home to Andrew. Dorian & Blair try to figure out who's setting them up. Kevin makes a deal with Blair that she will buy him dinner if Dorian's arrested, like he predicts. Troy gives Lindsay the wrong meds again & this time she cracks up during the hearing. She's denied release indefinitely. Cristian starts to suspect Troy's up to something. Kevin starts harassing Dorian until Walker tells him to back off. Jessie has another nightmare about Mitch. Joe has a talk with River about his behavior. Jenn tells Joe that Rex is contesting the divorce. Joey finally gives up the priesthood so he can be with Jenn. Bo finds arsenic in Dorian's office during a search & arrests her as the murderer.

Passions by Ashley

Luis fights with Hank and Antonio about Sheridan being missing and he still believes Sheridan is missing. He then calls the search back on. T.C. and Eve fight when Whitney says good-bye. He blames Eve and lashes out at her. Kay will only leave to go to the hospital with Miguel. She fights to hang onto her child while in the hospital in early contractions.

PC by Beth

Jamal hangs around the Elixir hoping to see Imani, and his wish magically comes true when she takes over his table. Thinking he's getting mixed signals, Jamal wishes that he knew what she was thinking.

Kevin informs the social worker that he filed a false report against Ian and would like to withdraw it. He wants to do whatever is necessary to make things right, and he's willing to accept the consequences for his vindictiveness. Ian assumes that this is another act, but Lucy doesn't quite know what to believe. Praying for forgiveness for everything he's done, Kevin breaks down and cries. When Rafe orders Olivia to stay away from him and Alison, she accuses him of being in denial about the dark side that has awakened in Alison. Denying that his fiancée has a dark side, Rafe in turn accuses Olivia of still being jealous of Alison. After watching the fireworks display on the docks, Caleb realizes that something isn't quite right with Alison, who explains that she's still feeling the effects of Joshua's drugs. She turns down Caleb's offer to see her home safely, but when she stands up, her knees give out. Caleb catches her and helps her sit down. They have a friendly talk about her relationship with Rafe, as well as how Caleb felt when Olivia drove the silver arrow through his heart. Noticing that Alison isn't doing well, Caleb insists on taking her home. She doesn't think she can make it, so he picks her up. As he starts to carry her home, Rafe and Olivia show up and glare at them accusingly.

Y&R By Judy

Noah seems to sense the change in Nick and Sharon's status, but Nick can't make any promises. Nikki informs Victor that she has changed her mind and now wants to host the art gala. Dru wants Lily to spend more time with friends and less time on the computer but Lily is not happy with this demand. She also is not thrilled about the upcoming wedding between her parents. Wes has a clue that Lily's issues are deeper than everyone thinks and explains that to Neil, but Neil feels the wedding will make a difference. Jill tells Michael that she is Katherine's daughter and wants to know how to be included in Kay's will. Katherine continues to speak with difficulty but urges Esther not to let on. Kay is hoping Jill will come around.

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