Wednesday 7-9-03 Recaps

Wednesday 7/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee, Simone and Mia go to SOS for a girl’s night out. When they get there, they see the whole place is a wreck and that a cop is cuffing Carlos. Greenlee asks Carlos what happened and if the fight was about her. Carlos laughs and calls Greenlee and egotistical witch. He tells her that he met the most beautiful woman, and that her boyfriend punched him out. Greenlee can’t believe that Carlos moved on from her so quickly. Meanwhile, Maggie tells Henry to leave her alone and to go back to flirting with his band member. Jackson goes to Erica’s place and finds her with Kendall. Erica tells Jackson about what happened during the storm. She says Kendall saved her. Kendall tells Erica that she’s just glad she was there and that they can start all over now. Jackson seems pleased to see Kendall and Erica getting along so well. He then tells them that he some bad news and that Michael is back on the streets. The girls panic but Jackson tells them that Michael won’t be able to hurt anyone. He says he has assigned cops to all the women Michael would go after – Erica, Kendall, Lena and Mia. Erica wonders about Bianca and quickly picks up the phone to call her. At Myrtle’s place, Bianca sits still on the couch and tears run down her cheek. Her blouse is torn up and she has bruises all over. The phone rings but she doesn’t pick up. She starts fixing the place up and then changes her clothes. She takes the clothes she was wearing when Michael came over and puts them in a bag. She goes to the park and throws the clothes into a garbage can to burn them. Just as she lights a match, Kendall walks by and asks what she’s doing. Bianca doesn’t tell her about Michael’s attack. Kendall tells her that Michael is out on bail, but he won’t get anywhere close to Lena. She also tells Bianca about the breakthrough she had with Erica. After Kendall leaves, Bianca throws a lit match into the garbage can and watches her innocence burn.

ATWT by Hilary

Alison was disappointed when she thought Chris forgot her 18th birthday. Chris later surprised her with a necklace and a kiss. Hal told Walker to keep his suspicions about Rick to himself, but when Emily pushed, Walker admitted his suspicions. Emily worried about Susan's safety. Meanwhile, Susan admitted to Rick that she told her daughters about Rick's past, because she wanted to be honest. Rick was worried that Walker would turn Emily and Alison against him, so he proposed to Susan to prove his good intentions. Rose told Dusty she needed time to grieve and deal with her guilt over Paul, but he said he won't wait long. Jennifer returned to Oakdale, and wanted to know why Paul died. Barbara told her there had been a problem with Rose and Dusty, but that he died knowing his mother loved him. Paul secretly listened in as Jen explained that she was no longer modeling. Tom told Margo that he'd been hired as Oakdale's new District Attorney.

B&B by Kathy

Ridge talks to Massimo about Jackie and their past. Mass' happy he has two sons and wants to make things up to Jackie since he left her & Nick. Ridge doesn't think it's his fault but Mass does. Jackie's talking to Eric at the beach house. She has just told him about her past with Mass and her having Nick. He blames Mass for not knowing his son and putting them thru what they went thru, and Jackie thinks it wasn't his fault. Eric thinks he could of been there if he wanted to for them. Eric thinks she deserves better. He compliments her. He kisses her and she kisses back. Then they talk again, which ends up with more kisses. Mass sees them hugging and kissing thru the door. He shakes his head when Jackie finally sees him.

Macy & Sally are at Deacon's and hear his cell ringing. He has voice mail so they don't answer. They talk about Deacon and how fun he had with Little Eric, and that he has to take him home early so he can please the Forrester's. Macy's alone again and thinks Deacon loves Little Eric so much when she's looking at their pics. on his digital camera . Meanwhile, Deacon is trying to fix a flat tire. When he arrives at Amber & Rick's place, they give him the third degree about being 30 minutes. late. They feel his reason was no excuse and will never let him take Little Eric away again. They've been so worried about the little boy, and Deacon should've had his cell phone with him. Deacon says he forgot it. That's no excuse for the Forrester's. Deacon says he promises he will see him again and again no matter what they say. Then he goes home and tells Macy what happened. He's ready to call a lawyer after Macy says his flat was a good excuse and they can't keep him away from his son. But Macy stops him and says she knows the best lawyer around, and Deacon accepts her offer of help.

Brooke & Nick talk on the boat. Brooke again says she has feelings for him and that's the reason she ran away earlier. Nick doesn't understand this. She tries to explain. He wanted to be uncomplicated in her life. Brooke knows this and also he's a great guy. He says he should've listened to Jackie. Brooke says whenever a guy talks about his mom, he wants to propose. Nick says he does! He proposes they forgot all that has happened recently. She agrees. Brooke thinks he'll want to sell the boat since he's a Marone. He talks this "read-between-the-lines" stuff where he says the boat is stubborn, temperamental, knows she's the right thing, and won't let her go. (He's really talking about her.) They kiss many times passionately! She says she knows what always comes next. He wants to take things slow. They are now starting over with each other.

Days by Staci

Nicole Brady from the pool (who Larry just shot). Nicole tells Victor to call the police. Brady wakes up, and tells them he wasn't shot, just heard a gun shot, turned to see what it was, and fell to hard into the pool. Victor goes looking for the shooter, but doesn't find anyone. Larry calls Nicole, and tells her that he is in a motel, and will kill Victor tomorrow.

Cassie and Lucas fight about her job, and why she broke up with him. Later, Cassie flirts with three older men.

Hope is worried about Bo. Jessie says he recognizes Hope's face. Bo sneaks into the SUV. When Jessie and Tommy get in there, Bo has Jessie at gun point. Jessie tells Bo that if he doesn't drop it, he'll shoot Tommy. Jessie has Tommy drive to an ally. Bo gets a break, and beats Jessie.

After the bomb goes off, Tony finds John unconscious, but helps him. John looks for an escape, but says there is a slight chance of that.

GH by Meghan

Elizabeth told Emily that she and Ric were trying to have a baby. Emily filed Liz in about her plans for her and Zander, and about Nikolas and Lydia.

Sonny went to see Alcazar, and Ric showed up. Sonny was mad, and stormed out. At the penthouse, Scott brought back the forensics report on the picture of Carly. He told them she wasn’t in South America, but she was in Port Charles. Ric found the van that Jason had set up to record sound in the house. Alcazar decided it was time to break Carly out of the panic room. He and his guy went to Ric’s, but couldn’t open the door.

Dillon and Kyle got into another fight at Kelly’s. Mac showed up, and took Dillon back to the Quartermaine's. Edward threatened to send him to military school. Dillon snuck out and went to ask Georgie to run away with him.

Skye came on to Dr. Lewis to try and get Alexis’s file. Ned and Cameron came in, and she realized they set her up. Ned told her next time she did something stupid, she would never have Kristina. Skye later overheard Alexis and Cameron talking about how Alexis faked the DID.

GL by Hilary

Marah caught Michelle's bouquet, but balked at the idea that she could be the next bride. Pop star Daniel Bedingfield, an old friend of Tony's, then performed for the bride and groom. Christopher arrived at the barbecue, and told Reva that he wanted her to go to a conference with him in Milan the next day. Josh was visibly irritated at the idea, and Reva thought he was rude. Josh asked what he could do to fix things between them; he apologized, but admitted he would do the same thing again if the situation presented itself. Reva said she couldn't get past that, and thought she should go to Milan after all. Danny promised both Ed and Michelle that his marriage would work this time. Danny and Michelle then shared their wedding night with champagne, dancing, and peanut butter cups. Harley told Gus that Mrs. Hendon's killer was wearing a signet ring, like Mitch Hendon's. She thought he may have tried to make it look like one of the serial killings. This would take suspicion off Ben, since he had no motive for the other killings. Holly found Ben unconscious underwater in the hot tub. When Ed and Rick pulled him out, they discovered a stab wound in his abdomen; it was made by an ice pick that Frank found in the bushes. Eden appeared just as Ben was being rushed to the hospital, and Gus was suspicious.

OLTL by Kym

Asa & Natalie go to London to see Clint. Nora catches Troy with Gabrielle. Rex talks to Andrew & warns him about Joe & Jenn. Bo shows up with a search warrant for Dorian's place. Riley comforts Sarah about her throat problems. They wind up kissing. Gabrielle pushes Troy away & runs off. Jenn pushes for a divorce & Rex says ok as long as he gets ALL the money. Nora tells Troy what Lindsay's been saying about Lindsay & him. He denies anything happened. Bo finds syringes & bottled water that matches the stuff found at the murder site in his search. Joe tells Jenn he loves her & she tells him the same. Troy confronts Lindsay about not keeping her mouth shut. He alters her meds when nobody's looking. Blair accuses Dorian of killing Mitch & trying to frame her for it. Walker does his best to make Dorian look guilty to Bo, but Bo's going to need more evidence to arrest her & he leaves. Midnight Logic's new song is debuted on the radio to much acclaim. Joe's chewed out by Andrew & told if he keeps seeing Jenn, he's going to have to leave the church. Joe promises not to see her anymore, until she's divorced. Rex tells Natalie that he cares about Jenn. Gabrielle & Bo work out their differences. Rex & Joe get in a fist fight over Jenn & Rex declares he'll never give her a divorce. Dorian tries to thank Walker for talking Bo out of arresting her, but he pulls away when she grabs him.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. goes after Julian when he tells everyone that he was the reason the Blue Note burned down because he wants to cover for Eve. The police accept his excuse that he kept gasoline in the back of the club and they leave. Kay is upset that she is in labor much too early and is getting ready to leave Tabitha's house by ambulance. Meanwhile Tabitha and Miguel search for Charity who is having a strange premonition about Tabitha's baby. Luis starts to book a flight to Paris to find Sheridan but is talked out of it by Hank who thinks Sheridan does not want to be found. He tells everyone he doesn't believe Sheridan would leave and that the email is a phony so he calls the search for her back on.

PC by Beth

Alison and Rafe fight about how to handle the delicate subject of Joshua's former hold over Alison. Rafe refuses to address the issue, while Alison needs to talk about how it is affecting their relationship. Upset by the news that she confided in Olivia, Rafe heads out for some time alone. When the band reunites at the rehearsal hall, Jack confidently tries to make managerial-type suggestions to Caleb, who isn't at all certain that Jack is the right man for the job. Caleb admits to being incapable of focusing on music or anything else until he gets the ring back. Ricky is frustrated by Casey's new habit of popping in and out of his life and making herself visible only to him. He fears that he's been hallucinating her presence, but Casey leaves him a sign that she was really there. Caleb joins Alison on the docks to watch the fireworks. Determined to make herself irresistible, Olivia removes her outer clothing and rushes to kiss the man just outside her door, assuming that it's Caleb. Instead, it's Rafe. Realizing that he forgot to put the ring in the safe deposit box, Jamal decides to asks Lucy for some relationship advice before returning to the bank. Lucy urges him to let Imani see what a great guy he is before doing anything as drastic as revealing that he's a vampire. Hearing about Kevin's horrible behavior, Jamal uses the ring to grant Lucy's wish that her husband would again be the man he once was. Ian and Kevin have it out at the hospital, where Kevin gloats about his opportunity to rip apart Ian's family. When Jamal wishes on the ring, Kevin suddenly stops himself, aghast at his attempt to ruin Ian's life, and determined to make things right.

Y&R By Rachel

Nick comes home early. The ac is still broken and Sharon is dressed skimply. The kids enjoy the pool. Nick asks Sharon if she would like head the charity Gala and notes it was his dad’s idea. Sharon accepts and is very honored that Nick has faith in her to do such a job. Nick admits to Sharon he had had a hard time concentrating at work. Sharon blames the heat; Nick kisses her. They make their way upstairs.

Jill threatens Esther’s job, but Esther won’t leave. And it’s a good thing too because when Jill tries to feed Katherine, Katherine spits her food all over Jill – when Jill leaves she tells Ester of her disgust for Jill: :hate her”. Esther calls Nikki to the Estate, where she learns that Kay can speak and understand --Both Esther and Nikki vow to keep Kay’s secret from Jill. Nikki tries to encourage Kay to open her heart to Jill and look at it as being a blessing, but Kay looks at Nikki and says that she is the daughter that she never had.


At the office Jill vents to Jack about being Kay’s daughter, where Jack encourages her to cultivate a relationship with Kay – after all she is a very wealthy woman, and Jill stands to inherits a great deal. Jill gets to thinking….


Mike and Paul worry about Detective Webber pinning Isabella disappearance of Chris and direct her on what to say and what not to say. But Webber is suspicious when Chris is being too vague on the questions she is being asked – he ask he too come down to the station for a physical examination…


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