Tuesday 7-8-03 Recaps

Tuesday 7/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall manages to get into Erica’s car, but Erica continues screaming. She keeps visualizing Richard Fields and her 14th birthday. She runs out of the car wildly and tries to call for help. Kendall begs Erica to recognize her own daughter, but Erica starts to beat on her violently. She thinks Richard is back to rape her again. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to get away from Michael, but he forces her to sit down. He tells Bianca he wants to spend time with the one woman in Pine Valley who is genuinely kind. He asks Bianca if she would love him and transform him, just like she transformed Lena. Bianca trembles in fear and wants to get away, but she doesn’t want to risk angering Michael. When he asks her to dance, Bianca plays along. Kendall manages to bring Erica back to her penthouse and wraps some towels around her. Erica thinks Kendall is her mother and asks her to tell her it wasn’t her fault. Kendall hugs Erica and firmly tells her that the rape wasn’t her fault. A while later, Erica snaps out of it and realizes what happened. She tells Kendall that the storm and talking to Michael stirred up some old memories. Kendall tells her it’s all in the past and that things will be different from now on. Erica thanks Kendall for always being there for her, and promises to love her back from now on. When Michael gets too close, Bianca starts screaming at him. She tells him she could never love such a lunatic. Michael grabs Bianca by the hair and tries to force himself on her. Bianca manages to kick him away and run to the door. Michael lunges at her from behind.

ATWT by Hillary

Craig told Carly he was worried that Rosanna would get bored with a normal, domestic life. Carly assured him that all Rosanna wanted was a real family. He then asked if they could be friends, and Carly made him promise to behave. Craig said he would out of respect for her. Bonnie tried to keep Sarah at her home, but Troy told her she had no authority to do so. After Troy and Sarah left, Bonnie told Jessica she wanted them to be Sarah's foster home. When Jessica refused, saying things were too chaotic right now and Bonnie is not ready to be a mother, Bonnie said she would do things on her own. Rose told Lily about seeing Paul at the lodge. She decided that maybe Paul is her guardian angel. After Lily told her she would never forgive Dusty for putting her family through such pain, Rose told Dusty he would have to be patient about being with her. He promised he would prove his good intentions to her and her family. While visiting James in prison, Paul admitted he had paid a fisherman to lie about seeing him alive. James said he orchestrated the twins' kidnapping to get Paul to come out of hiding. He wanted Paul to go back to Oakdale to get revenge on those who hurt him. Paul said James is his biggest enemy, and, given the chance, he would kill him.

B&B by Kathy

Brooke talks to Rick about Little Eric visiting his daddy. He's for it and she's against it. They're hoping it's just a phase he's going through right now. They also talk about Ridge & Nick being brothers. Rick is shocked they're both sons of Massimo. Brooke says she ran out on Nick 'cause of it. Rick thinks she cares more than she realizes, which is the reason she left him. He keeps trying to convince her to not let him get away. She says she'll go talk to him. She leaves. Later Amber talks to Rick and tells him Deacon picked up his kids, but she got his new address and cell #. They talk about the visitation. Sally is talking to Macy at Deacon's new place about how Macy & Deacon are doing well together. Deacon comes home with Little Eric, all four of them play with toys, and sing "Old McDonald Had A Farm". Deacon takes a pic. of them, which stuns Macy. Then he takes Little Eric to draw pictures. Macy & Sally talk. Sally told her not to get too close to the boys 'cause he's a Forrester, and she doesn't want her hurt again. Macy looks hurt. Then she goes over to the table. Little Eric has drawn and colored her a pic. of a cow. Macy's happy and they all smile.

Nick is taking care of Jackie at the beachhouse. He tries to deny his feelings for Brooke. She knows he has some and tells him not to give up on her even though he thinks it's hopeless. He tells her he has to go ('cause he doesn't want to talk). He ends up at the boat looking for his keys so he can take a ride on the boat. Brooke walks up and says, "Going somewhere?", with his keys in her hand. She finally tells him she walked out on him 'cause she cares for him (and has feelings for him.) He smiles.

Days by Staci

Cassie gets a job at Echelon. Hope goes in there, disguised, and hides out. Bo waits for Jessie to come. Jessie goes inside, and flirts with Hope.

Lucas continues to yell at Sami. He knocks her written board out of her hand. He tells her he wishes she wasn't Will's mom. Sami lashes after Lucas, and he has a flash back of when she fell through the French windows. He tells her to stop, and notices she's bleeding. He helps her out.

John sets off the fire alarm, and Tony leaves to see where it came from. John goes in, and finds the bomb. When Tony comes back he is pissed to see John. John tells him about the bomb. Tony looks at it, and there's only 6 seconds left.

GH by Meghan

Sony told Jason to look through Lorenzo’s apartment, and he found the picture of Carly that Lorenzo had taken of her. Sonny saw it, and then was sure that Ric didn’t have Carly, Lorenzo did. Later, Faith came on to Sonny, and he pushed her away.

Faith and Lorenzo had a meeting, which Ric overheard. Elizabeth told Ric that Dr. Meadows said she could have kids, and she wondered why the other doctor said she couldn’t. Later Ric went in to see Carly, and she told him that she was scared of Lorenzo.

Lydia and Lucky both think the other is falling for them. Lydia thought that she could marry Nikolas, and still be involved with other people. He told her they would be married to each other, and neither of them would have other relationships.

GL by Hilary

Marah asked the party-goers if they had seen Danny and Michelle, but no one had. The justice of the peace had to leave, so Marah and Tony feared the wedding was a bust. Mel remembered that Jeffrey was qualified to perform weddings, but he said no way. Meanwhile, Danny and Michelle were planning to marry at a quaint, odd little chapel. Michelle backed out at the last minute, and the Santoses headed home, hoping to catch the fireworks. When they arrived at the barbecue, they were surprised by their own wedding, which Jeffrey officiated after all. Darci admitted to Frank that their meeting was orchestrated by Eden, but she hoped he would stick around, because she really liked him. Harley made secret copies of Rick's autopsy photos of Mrs. Hendon. She realized a bruise on Mrs. Hendon's neck was caused by a signet ring like that worn by Mitch Hendon. Gus tried to convince Eden to give him more information about her clients, but she wouldn't budge. Gus worried she would get herself killed. Harley told him there may be evidence that clears Ben. After Ben made a scene crashing the barbecue, Holly worried she hadn't been enough of a mother to him. Bill told Ben he needs to stay away until things blow over.

OLTL by Kym

Walker shows Blair his headline for the Sun, saying she's being unfairly accused. Carlotta catches River kissing Adrianna. Bo & Gabrielle make plans for dinner, but Bo's called away once again & this time Gabrielle's upset. She tells him he's going to have to make time with her a bigger priority or else. Rae warns Troy about his randy behavior at the hospital. She tells him there's been complaints. Rex walks in on Joe & Jenn. She tells him she wants a divorce. Walker starts to try & make Dorian look guilty in the murder. Blair is cleared of suspicion when her alibi checks out. Dorian, however, does not have one. Walker tries to make Blair suspect Dorian of being the murderer. Nora questions Lindsay about her scarf being left at the scene. Lindsay confesses to being with Troy on the docks. Troy offers to have dinner with Gabrielle, in place of Bo. He then makes a pass at her. River changes his mind about running away & gets chewed out by Andrew. Bo accuses Walker of covering for Blair's alibi. One of the nun's warns Lindsay not to get involved with her doctor, because he can get into trouble. Dorian winds up the new suspect in the case.

Passions by Ashley

Luis and Hank become suspicious of the email that was supposedly sent from Sheridan and they begin to trace it. Charlie lets Beth know the email was re-routed but sent from Beth's laptop. Kay is still sick and afraid that something is wrong with her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Tabitha announces that she is pregnant when Ivy jokes that she looks pregnant. But she is stunned when Ivy asks her who the father is. Everyone is taken out of the fire but Whitney remains unconscious. When she wakes up she tries to calm down T.C. when he hears that they are leaving for L.A. the next day. Through it all she sticks by Chad and all the while Liz taunts Eve about her broken family.

PC by Beth

Lucy and Ian are optimistic about their future together. After Kevin places a call to Children's Social Services about a child in an unsafe environment, Lucy receives a visit from a social worker, who refuses to confirm Lucy's assumption that Kevin is behind the allegations. Elizabeth tries to get a doctor to look at her injured ankle, but Chris signs out and tells her to just put some ice on it. When Jamal goes to the bank to place Caleb's ring in a safe deposit box, he runs into Imani, the young woman who crashed through his ceiling. While they are there, two armed, masked men attempt to rob the bank. Using the ring, Jamal takes charge, forcing the men to drop their guns and flee the bank. Imani is very upset about the violence, which is something she had hoped to escape by coming to Port Charles. Jamal realizes that he has no future with her because of his life as a vampire. After dropping off his reinstatement papers, Ian tracks down Chris, who is pleased to announce that he is close to creating the perfect synthetic blood. Ian's request that Kevin make the divorce easy is met with sarcasm. Chris has his traditional martini with Eve and pours a diet cola for Karen, who has now joined Eve in heaven. Elizabeth tracks him down, annoyed that he ignored her request for treatment. To get rid of her, Chris takes a quick look at her ankle and then gets back to his deceased friends. Not wanting him to drink alone, Elizabeth joins him. Although he's not thrilled about it, Chris allows her to stay as long as she doesn't sit in one of the chairs reserved for his departed colleagues. Lucy informs Ian that Children's Social Services is trying to take Danny away.

Y&R By Judy

Nikki and Sharon go head to head as Nikki accuses Sharon of all kinds of manipulation. Victor and Nick talk business and how Victor wants to force Jack to make mistakes. But instead of business Nick has watermelon licking bikini wearing Sharon on his mind. Victor sees Nick's daydreaming so postpones their meeting. Victor suggests Sharon host the art benefit that Nikki doesn't want to do but Nick can't stop thinking of Sharon. Nick excuses himself and shows up at home. Christine sees Wes about the problems in her life and how Isabella made it all worse. Wes gives her a prescription for meds. Michael presses Paul for answers about Christine's situation and Paul wants to know why. Chris comes home and Michael wants her to remember things with them rather than with the police. Chris agrees to talk to Det. Weber. Michael tells Paul the details about the boat. Jill tells Larry that Katherine is having the last laugh. She says she will help with Katherine only to keep people off her back. Katherine starts to speak and tells Esther not to tell anyone. She is able to say "Jill is my daughter" ( plus other garbled phrases) and that is what caused her stroke. Esther concludes that Jill and Brock are related and she grosses out about that. Jill shows up and threatens Esther the "little worm" that she will fire her if she doesn't tow the line. We can tell Katherine is back when the smirk on her face appears.

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