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Monday 7/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee becomes furious when she finds out that Simone told Carlos about blackmailing Mrs. Lacey. She threatens to fire Simone, but later realizes that she can only blame herself for losing Carlos. Simone and Mia cheer Greenlee up and the three of them decide to fix up their love lives. Simone later proposes that they hold their own contest and that they each sponsor a contestant for the Fusion sexy man competition. Adam visits Michael in jail and boasts about teaming up with Lena. Later, Erica goes over to make sure that Michael really is in jail. Michael accuses Erica of always having the hots for him. He tells Erica that she merely cried rape, just like she did many years ago. Kendall comes to her mother’s defense and warns Michael to stay away from her. Michael’s lawyer shows up and Michael begs him to get him out. Erica gets in her car and starts to cry hysterically. She remembers the night she was raped by Kendall’s father and becomes even more emotional. When Kendall taps on the window, Erica gets startled and starts to scream. At SOS, Carlos drinks up his sorrows and is determined to move on from Greenlee. He starts to flirt with Maggie. Maggie hesitates at first, wondering if Henry and her are meant to be. However, she notices a band member flirting with Henry, so she turns all her attention to Carlos. When Carlos gets too close, Henry jumps off stage and punches Carlos. Bianca and Lena pick up where they left off. Adam finds them in the park and tells Lena he needs her help on the Michael case. After Lena leaves with Adam, Bianca walks home. When she gets home, the lights turn off due to the storm. Bianca starts to look for candles in the dark, but someone grabs her arm. It’s Michael!

ATWT by Hilary

Walker told Bonnie that Sarah has a fever and rash, but they can't treat her because she is a ward of the state. Fearing she has been too hard on Sarah, Bonnie asked her home for the night, against Isaac's wishes. Ben feared Jessica was reconsidering their engagement, but she insisted she just needs time. Ben assured her the pain and fear of her attack will eventually fade, and he will be patient. Katie was obviously shaken that Molly was comforting Mike. Craig told her that if she cares for Mike, she should tell him. Mike and Molly agreed to go their separate ways for good. Mike told an ecstatic Katie that he was staying in Oakdale. As Dusty struggled over the gun with "Brackett," Rose slipped and started to hang. She was shocked to discover that she was rescued by Paul. Dusty entered to find her unconscious. When she awoke, she thought she had been dreaming, until Margo told her that James was behind both her kidnapping and her rescue. She lied and told Margo she didn't know how she got down. Lily and Rose both told Dusty to stay away from Rose. Paul arranged to meet James at the prison.

B&B by Kathy

Ridge & Thorne walk to the house with their surf boards in hand. They sit to talk about Brooke, Nick, Ridge, Thorne, & Macy's lives. Thorne says he found out about why Brooke left Ridge at the altar. Thorne wants him to fight for Brooke, but Ridge says Nick is really involved with her and is not sure what the news of them being brothers may do to their relationship. Ridge wants Thorne to fight for Macy but he thinks it's too late. They both think they'd better fight before another person wants the love of their lives.

Nick makes Brooke think he had an emergency, but he's just sitting on the ship eating burgers and fries. She's glad his mom is O.K. He tells her he found his father. She's thrilled and hugs him. He says it's Massimo and she thinks he's joking. He tells her the story and she realizes this means Ridge is his brother. They have a little fight 'cause Brooke doesn't want to go down the same road again. He thinks it shouldn't matter 'cause they care about each other. Brooke says "if it was anything but this" she could take it! She stomps away leaving Nick speechless and hurt.

Macy has been showing Deacon houses and they finally pick one, unaware it's for him and his kids. He's happy that he goes outside and picks flowers for her. He's also happy they met and doesn't know what he'd do without her. They also discuss life there. He reaches over and they kiss a few times.

Days by Staci

Phillip tells Shawn that he is spying on Tony. Shawn is pissed because Belle had to be involved in it. The 3 of them get into a fight. Brady calls Belle, and tells her to go to his loft. He ask her if she wants to move in there, and she says yes.

Sami is upset, and throws the food away. She writes a note to Lucas. When Lucas comes she writes that he was supposed to come for dinner but never came. He tells her that he never got invited. They get into a fight, and Cassie comes (who just found at that Lucas is her brother, but they didn't sleep together) and tells him not to come near her again.

Nicole goes into the stabiles, but he isn't there. He comes back with some bullets. He kisses her, and tells her that tonight is Victor's last night.

GH by Meghan

Scott and Alcazar went to see Sonny, and told him that they had clues that Carly was in Venezuela. Sonny told Alcazar that he could use his territory for drugs if he found Carly for him. Later, Alcazar told Carly that he would bring her back to Sonny. Carly watched through the panic room as Ric slipped Liz some crushed birth control pills into her drink. When Liz called him, he left for the park. Liz tried to go on a honeymoon with him, but he said he couldn’t leave. Later, Liz went to see another doctor about her getting pregnant. Dr. Meadows told her she had nothing wrong with her, so she could get pregnant. At the penthouse, Faith put on a dress of Carly’s and Sonny freaked out, and ripped it off.

When everyone found out that Nik and Lydia were engaged, all Nik’s friends tried to convince him he was making a mistake. Lucky told them a marriage with no love would never work. Nik and Stefan had another go-around about how Nik would live his life.

Emily told Gia that she was going to tell Zander that she had cancer. Gia asked her not to because she didn’t want it to be over with her and Zander. Gia also told Emily that she knew Em couldn’t lie to him anymore. Emily told Zander the truth.

GL by Barbara

The excitement is in the air at the Bauer's BBQ. Everyone is enjoying the food, pool and the games. Cassie and Tammy talk about Edmund and Tammy tries to not so subtly remind her mom of all of the horrific things that Edmund did to her and asks her to think about how she felt when that was happening. In other words, Edmund is Edmund and he will never change. Cassie tries to make excuses. Jeffrey and Mel are working at the office. Mel takes Jeffrey to the BBQ. Marah and Tony continue with their efforts to pull off a surprise wedding, but the efforts fail when they realize that the bride and groom aren't going to be there. Meanwhile, Reva and Josh come to the wrong conclusion that Marah and Tony are the ones getting married. Frank kisses Darci. Eden and Darci talk about her past and Frank walks up. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Kevin & Joey talk about their lives & loves. Rex gets a blank check from Jenn for the investment with RJ. RJ & Evangeline spend more time together. Carlotta tells Antonio to forget Keri. Asa wants to go to Vegas to marry Renee, but she says she wants a trial engagement, first. RJ warns Keri she needs a written custody agreement, but Keri says she's not going to worry about it. Evangeline tells Rex he'll need Jenn's written consent for the contract with RJ. Marcie gives Jenn a wedding album as a present. Natalie & Cris are worried about Jessica & offer her a place to stay, but she refuses. Carlotta warns Adrianna not to hang out with the kids in Angel Square. Asa discusses Kevin's ambitions with him. Jessica recounts what happened the last night of Mitch's life. Adrianna meets River Carpenter at the bus station & they hit it off. Joey & Jenn get it on until Rex walks in on them. Keri apologizes to Carlotta about what she did to Antonio & says she still loves him. Jessica recalls seeing someone in the shadows where Mitch was killed.

Passions by Ashley

Eve continues to watch as the fire in the Blue Note rages and the roof caves in. Theresa, Sam, Fox, Chad, and T.C. are okay but Whitney remains unconscious. Things heat up at Kay's baby shower when everyone begins fighting and tensions rise. Kay talks to Miguel about the future but starts to have pains that could hurt her unborn child. Luis receives an email from Sheridan and calls off the search for her. Meanwhile, Beth and Edna learn that Charlie sent the email to cover their tracks.

PC by Beth

Although Ricky isn't interested in getting back with the band, Caz points out that things might be different now that Joshua is out of the picture. Ricky is stunned to see Casey beckon to him from across the room. When he finds her outside the club, she urges him to reconsider his decision about the band so that he can follow his dream. Ricky is the only person who can see her, and while they share some sweet kisses, Caz comes along and finds him seemingly all alone in some strange contortions. Jamal is startled when a woman crashes through the ceiling onto his bed. He realizes that Jack didn't warn his new employee about the loose floorboards and weak floor. After she scurries away in embarrassment, Jamal cautions himself not to even think about a relationship with her. Going to the Elixir for something to eat, Jamal is pleasantly surprised when his waitress turns out to be the woman who crashed into his apartment. When she admits to her intention to pay for repairs, Jamal assures her that he'll fix things with Jack. He orders the wrong thing and is surprised when she brings exactly what he meant to order. Alison tells Olivia off for always making her so miserable. She believes that Rafe blames her for what happened and that he can no longer trust her, and her new insecurities feed Olivia's own relationship doubts. When she collapses, she doesn't believe Olivia's assertion that she's suffering withdrawal symptoms. When Caleb confronts Rafe about double-crossing him, Rafe states that all bets are off now that Joshua is gone. Caleb points out how dangerous the ring could be if it falls into the wrong hands. When Rafe comes home, Alison tries to talk to him about their relationship, but he brushes her off with the claim that he's tired and hungry. Olivia tries to talk to Caleb, who ignores her by picking up his guitar and putting on his headphones.

Y&R By Rachel

Nick tells his mother to mind her own business when it comes to his marriage with Sharon. Cassie is still disgusted with her mother and voices her opinion to her mom than to Nikki, who she enlists for help in getting Sharon to let her sleep with Vikki in the main house. Nikki barges in into Sharon’s, but is put in her place (as guest) and is told to close the door and knock. When Nikki brings up Cassie’s request, Sharon draws a line, saying that she will not take advice about her daughter from an ex-stripper.

Chris can’t remember anything about the night including how her arms got all bruised up -- Olivia runs tests to find out what could have caused the Chris’s blackout. Wes finds Chris in the hospital and wraps her bruised arms and lets her know that he is a psychiatrist – he tells Chris of a condition that fits her: disassociate disorder, where a person could lose there memory for a few hours or months.

Mike visits Otis the fisherman, who accused Chris on stealing is fishing boat. Otis notes that there is a lot of blood, but no fish scales – plus there is a pillow with blood. Mike takes the pillow and pays off Otis for all his expenses. Mike is worried that his precious Chris did something.

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