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Friday 7/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Simone slips and says something about Mrs. Lacey to Carlos. Carlos rushes out to talk to Mrs. Lacey and then goes to see Greenlee. He tells Greenlee that he found out that she used him and that it’s over between them. At the police station, Michael sees Bob Barret and realizes he’s been caught. He tries to convince Jackson that Lena framed him, but Lena comes out just in time to defend herself. At SOS, Kendall urges both Erica and Bianca to forgive Lena, but Erica argues that Lena is still a liar and a thief. Bianca can’t stand all the arguing and rushes out and Erica stays behind to hash things out with Kendall. Bianca goes straight to the police station and apologizes to Lena. Erica and Kendall show up just in time to see them hug. At the 4th of July fair, Aidan bumps into Maria and things get awkward. Opal tells Tad that he should pursue things with Liza. David approaches the Martins and tells them they have no right to celebrate. When the coast is clear, David sneaks towards the lemonade booth, but Anna shows up just in time and tells him to put his bottle away. Anna takes David home and asks him what he’s been working on. David finally tells her that a few drops of his concoction would erase anyone’s memory. He pours himself a glass and says he wishes he could erase his own memory and not feel the pain anymore. Anna tries to reason with him and tells him not to throw Leora’s memories away. David breaks down and says he blames himself for Leora’s death because he was too arrogant to allow others to help him. He furiously tells Anna that Leora is haunting him and that the only way to escape her is by erasing the past. Anna begs him to snap out of it and starts breaking all the bottles of his mixture. She finally gets through to David and he throws away the glass he was holding.

ATWT by Hilary

Carly told Jack that Sage was his. While they celebrated, Katie tried to keep the information from Mike, to no avail. Molly saw that Mike was upset, and accused Katie of hurting him. Katie admitted the true reason for Mike's pain. Mike congratulated Jack and Carly. Jack told Mike he would always be welcome, and Mike made Jack promise to take good care of Sage. Molly did her best to comfort a grieving Mike, while Katie looked on. Dusty and Holden made contact with Lily, and eventually tracked her down. While Holden went down the well after Lily, Margo called Dusty, informing him of "Brackett's" escape. Dusty found the badge from "Brackett's" stolen uniform on the ground by the well. At the lodge, he found Rose, tied up so that one wrong move would hang her. As Dusty entered to save her, "Brackett" put a gun to the back of his head. Sarah called Bonnie, promising that she would apologize to Dr. Daniels for stealing his PDA. At Memorial, Sarah did just that, but Walker thought she was feverish and asked to examine her. Bonnie and Isaac arrived, then saw Sarah nearly faint. They thought it was an act, but Walker thought otherwise.

B&B by Kathy

Rick, Brooke & Ridge try to throw Deacon out of Hope's party but it didn't work. He does leave to talk to Brooke elsewhere. He's wanting to be a father to Hope. Brooke's afraid he'll be like her dad and not be there for his kid. She thinks he's an alcoholic (he agrees), and will disappoint Hope. She finally is O.K. for the moment about it after Deacon gives his A.A. speech. He will be there he says for his kids whether she likes it or not. Rick & Amber are talking about why Deacon should or shouldn't see his kids. Amber thinks he should while Rick thinks the opposite. Amber's afraid if they do not let him see his kids then he will fight harder. Rick thinks he'll just want more if they schedule visits. Amber says he'll be too busy with his new job to see them but once in a while, plus the baby things will get old quickly. They finally agree that it's O.K. for Deacon to see them. They turn around and see Little Eric is not eating like he once was. He's gone! Deacon starts to leave Brooke but Little Eric tells him not to go. He tells him he will be back!!!!

Nick & Massimo are talking at Mass' office. Mass shows him a head statue of his father. They discuss family history. He also says Ridge knows who his brother is and he wasn't too shook up about it. He leaves to go to a meeting with some "legal eagles" (as Nick puts it). Ridge enters the room and says he is there to talk to Mass but he'll just talk later. Nick wants a big hug from his big brother. Ridge wasn't sure if he knew the news. Nick doesn't see any family traits. Ridge says he should stick to the sea and he'll just wear the suits. Nick thinks he's trying to keep him away from Brooke. Ridge says it won't matter if for instance they live together (Nick & her) 'cause she'll always run back to him. Mass finally returns and is happy to see his sons together. Nick makes a comment that he should take a pic.! They talk a while. Mass talks about his father and how things could have been. Nick keeps calling Mass "pops". Mass likes that. They talk more and Mass says they'll be one big happy family. A pic. is taken of the 3 of them. Ridge doesn't look happy, but Mass & Nick are smiling.

Days by Staci

did not air today

GH by Meghan

Emily told Jason that she had cancer. She then went and broke off her engagement to Nikolas, who then proposed to Lydia. Emily went to the park to find Zander to tell him the truth but found him kissing Gia.

Faith went to Sonny’s penthouse, but he booted her right back out. Jason walked in and told Sonny that he didn’t go to the island because he promised Carly he would always be there for her, so he couldn’t leave. Sonny went to meet Faith at the park for the fireworks, as to make a public display. When Jason was alone at Sonny’s, Lorenzo showed up and told Jason he knew where Carly was. At the park, Faith and Sonny kissed, while Carly watched from the TV.

Dillon went to Kelly’s where he found Georgie working. She told him that Mac made them work there for the night instead of going out. He invited her to the Q picnic, but she said no. The only Q’s that showed up were Edward, Monica, and Alan.

Skye set up Alexis so that she would admit to faking the personality disorder. She had Lorenzo show up to talk to AJ, and when Alexis saw him she said “I killed your brother”. This made Skye think that she was admitting to faking. Cameron told Alexis later that it showed she was cured.

GL by Hillary

All of Springfield planned for the annual Bauer Barbecue. Josh and Reva continued to argue, but agreed to a truce for the duration of the party. They both thought Marah and Tony were acting strange. Meanwhile, the duo prepared for their surprise wedding for Danny and Michelle. When the Justice of the Peace arrived early, they disguised him in an Uncle Sam costume, afraid someone would recognize him and ruin the surprise. When Marah put down one of her supply bags, a nosey Reva snuck a peak, and was alarmed to find a bride and groom cake topper. Phillip told Beth and Lizzie that Olivia's baby is his, but that they are split up, for now. Pretending to go home for her swimming suit, Lizzie instead went to see Olivia. She offered her assistance, saying she wanted to make amends for her past behavior. Olivia thanked her, and said she would call if she needed Lizzie. Both Beth and Gus thought Alan and Phillip should talk, so Gus brought Alan to the barbecue. Alan told Phillip he needed to realize that the problems he is now having are his own fault, not Alan's. Blake wanted Harley to help prove Ben's innocence, but Harley insisted that any new evidence she found would go to Gus, no matter who it incriminated. Rick told Harley about a strange bruise on Mrs. Hendon's neck, but wouldn't let her see the pictures. Gus asked Rick to keep Harley out of the investigation, because he is afraid the killer might come after anyone who is on to him, like he did with Rick's predecessor. Rick was irritated when Mel was called away to begin her new job with Jeffrey. Ed officially started the party by raising the flag.

OLTL by Kym

Annual 4th Fantasy ep. Some cute stuff.

Starr, Matthew & Nora are out together at the diner. Starr's talking about her role as narrator at a Fairytale Fest. Jenn fantasizes herself as Little Red Riding Hood going to visit Lindsay at St. Anne's. Troy becomes the Big Bad Wolf & tries to attack her, along with Rex, who's after money from her. Joey rescues her & carries her off. They kiss. Marcie & Al have a date set up for the formal summer dance at the University, but Marcie doesn't want to go. Al threatens to carry her there if she doesn't. Roxy tries to get Natalie to come help her at the salon, but she refuses because it's her day off.

Marcie fantasizes that she's Cinderella & her fairy godmother Rae, comes to her rescue to get her ready for the ball. Natalie, Carlotta & Jenn gloat that she's not thin enough to go. Nigel, Starr & Roxy are the attendants that fuss about to get her ready.

Natalie harasses Jenn about using her brother Rex, while leading on her brother Joey.

Gabrielle & Max are also at the diner having lunch together.

Matthew fantasizes he's Aladdin & that he gets 3 wishes from the genie Rae. The first wish is for his mom & him to live in a palace, so the genie camps out Nora & him on the floor of the Palace dining room. The 2nd is for Nora to have some peace & quiet so the genie makes Nora a nun, that's taken a vow of silence. The 3rd wish is for Bo to be his dad, but the genie says she can't do EVERYthing.

Marcie winds up at the ball, with Prince Al brushing past Princess Jenn to dance with her. Max is the king & Gabrielle the queen. Marcie has to leave at the stroke of midnight & goes running out & of course leaves her shoe behind. Al goes to the diner later, to give it back to Marcie & to tell her that he's found his princess. They kiss. Back in the real world, she agrees to go to the formal with Al.

Passions by Ashley

did not air today

PC by Beth

Informing the angry crowd that Jamal is his best friend, Jack lays down the new rules of conduct at the Elixir. A strange new employee reports to Jack after lurking around outside earlier. Jack and Reese stop by Jamal's apartment to check on him, and after they leave, Jamal has a little talk--with Caleb's ring. When Christina refuses to go back sleep after a nightmare, Ian takes her out for some ice cream. Lucy is amazed when Kevin shows up and confidently assumes that they can get back together. Although her divorce attorney calls about expediting the paperwork, Kevin believes that she will cancel the appointment. His hopes are dashed when Ian returns with Christina. Not liking what he sees, he vows that Ian will never take his place in his family. Alison confesses that she almost allowed Joshua to make her his bride. She doesn't accept mind control as a valid reason for stabbing the man she loves, which is why she wants him to just walk away from her. Rafe refuses to do anything of the kind. Finally getting through to her, he takes her home. Although Caleb assures Olivia that she's all he's ever wanted, she knows that the ring means everything to him. After Alison has a nightmare in which she finds Rafe's side of the bed soaked with blood, Olivia taunts her with the threat that her nightmare is just beginning. Rafe returns to Joshua's and finds Caleb there. Caleb is determined to find the ring, and Rafe is determined to keep it out of Caleb's hands. After Jamal innocently tells the ring that he wishes he had someone special, he's startled when an equally startled woman crashes through his ceiling.

Y&R By Rachel

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