Thursday 7-3-03 Recaps

Thursday 7/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Aidan and Kendall follow Bob Barret to Mexico. They kidnap Bob and then put on a whole good cop, bad cop routine. Bob gets really scared and finally confesses that Michael paid him to frame Lena. Mia tells Greenlee what’s been going on and tells her she has to go meet Michael at SOS. Greenlee tags along to make sure Mia is safe. At the bar, she tells Bianca that Kendall, Aidan and Mia are trying to set Michael up. Bianca looks very pleased. Reggie tells Anna everything she needs to know about Luis. Jackson tells Reggie that he’s very proud of him and says he wants to be his father. Reggie hugs Jackson happily and shares the news with Erica. Erica gets overwhelmed when she sees how much love Jackson has for Reggie. She almost tells him that Greenlee is his daughter, but then stops herself. Someone calls Jackson to tell him they got the confession. Jackson rushes out with a cop and Erica goes with him. At SOS, Kendall and Aidan corner Michael and Bianca tells him to confess. Michael gets very confused and asks Mia to leave with him. Much to his surprise, Mia turns on him and says she’s not going anywhere. Erica comes over and tells Michael it’s all over and Jackson arrests him. David continues working on his experiment and then fills up a bottle with his concoction. Maggie comes over and sees he’s been working really hard, and later goes to tell Anna. Anna gets very concerned and wonders what David is up to. David goes over to the fair and waits for the Martins to move away from the lemonade booth.

ATWT by Hilary

Barbara told Margo that James took Paul to the old Stewart farm when Paul was a boy. There was a hunting lodge nearby with a well, and James told Paul the "Tommy Stout" rhyme to keep him away. Margo talked to Susan, whose ex-husband, Dan, used to go to the lodge. Susan showed Margo how to find the lodge. Margo sent out search parties, which included Dusty and Holden as a team. Dusty tried to lighten the mood by reminiscing about old times, but Holden said he would never forgive him for endangering Lily and Rose. The fake Agent Brackett overtook a police officer, then donned his uniform and joined the search. Rose finally managed to climb out of the well, only to be grabbed at the top by "Brackett." In Montana, Carly received the results of Sage's paternity test, but decided informing the daddy could wait until after the wedding. Craig wanted Rosanna to ask Mike about his intentions toward Katie, but she refused. Molly and Mike agreed to talk after the wedding. During the traditional Native American ceremony, Jack and Carly told the onlookers why they were getting married. Each guest then gave blessings to the couple. After the wedding, Jack gave Carly a necklace featuring his, Carly's, Parker's, and Sage's birthstones, symbolizing their new family unit. Just as Carly told Jack that Sage had her father's eyes, Katie read the results of the paternity test

B&B by Kathy

Ridge walks in on Rick placing the final touches on Hope's 1st birthday party. Ridge's kids will be there later Ridge says. He wants to make a truce with Rick & Brooke 'cause he wants her back. Brooke arrives with Hope asking about Ridge's kids. She says Deacon will not be there. They talk a bit. She needs to check on the cake. Deacon's at his place talking to Macy on the bed about taking Hope's present to her. Macy thinks it's a bad idea to take the present to the house, but he thinks it's O.K. since he's her father. He hopes this will make everyone see he wants to be a good dad. Amber & Rick are at the party talking about his conversation with Ridge. Ridge, Brooke, Amber & Rick walk away to pick up party food while Deacon shows up. He tells Little Eric to help Hope open her present. They go over to Hope and he picks her up. All the others walk in and they are stunned. Brooke says Deacon's name. Deacon kisses Hope and tells her 'Happy Birthday, then puts her down. Amber takes Little Eric away to set out hot dog buns. Brooke & Rick walk over to Deacon and tells him he was not invited. Deacon says he didn't realize they were having a party. (He just wanted to take Hope a present.) Rick says since he's not invited he wants him to leave!

The dr. examines Jackie. She's doing really well and it's about time for her to go home. The dr. leaves and Jackie & Nick talk. He asks her lots of questions about the past. She tearfully answers each one. He wants to know why she denied him his real father, lied to him, was ashamed of him, etc. She was only protecting him since Massimo left her and never called. She let him know Mass was right about her hubby being a mean and drunk man. They had lots of fights and never wanted Nick to know the bad times. She made him idol Mass, who wanted to be with him if he knew he had a son. He was upset thru most of the conversation. She was never ashamed of Nick. Jackie says she's sorry and she will make it up to him! Nick finally says he understands, loves her, and forgives her!

Days by Stacy

did not air today

GH by Meghan

Jason told Sonny that he had snuck into Ric’s house, and found a security camera. Sonny got mad, and told Jason he was useless to him. He asked Jason and Courtney to go to the island so he could find Carly.

Elizabeth told Ric she was going to see another doctor, and he tried to talk her out of it. She went anyway, and then Ric went to see Carly. She started telling Ric that he couldn’t start ignoring Liz because she would notice something was up. He called the doctor and told him he needed him to fill a birth control prescription. Ric noticed Carly was moving the monitors around, and yelled at her about who had been in the house. She said nobody.

Kyle and Maxie went back to her house. She wondered why Kyle was so nice to her, but such a jerk when his friends were around. She said they should leave, but Kyle didn’t want to. She decided they could stay, but when she said it was time, he would go. He started kissing her, and Maxie told him it was time for him to go.

At Kelly’s Lorenzo’s guy grabbed Dillon and shoved him against the wall wanting back the panic room door opener that he had taken. Dillon joked with them, making them mad. Georgie gave them back the controller.

Alexis told AJ that she wouldn’t help him get custody of Michael, even if he got another lawyer to speak on Alexis’s behalf. AJ told Skye that he couldn’t stand Alexis, and she agreed. She then asked AJ if he ever noticed how Alexis’s personality disorder got better as soon as the charges were dropped.

GL by Hilary

Phillip tried to apologize to Olivia, but she didn't want to hear it. She said she is better off without him. Phillip told Alex he is more determined now than ever to build a family with Olivia. Marina told Shayne she had been accepted to Northwestern University, but knew she couldn't go, because her family could never afford it; she later told Frank she had decided to go to Springfield University. When Shayne told Josh he had decided to play professional baseball, Josh admitted he had already sent the contract, and Shayne had already been drafted to the Chicago Cubs. At first, Shayne was furious that Josh took the decision away from him, but soon gave in to his excitement over playing for the Cubs. Shayne told Reva about his decision, and she agreed to support him. When she found out about Josh's deception, however, she walked out, livid that he had broken her trust. She called Christopher to tell him that she agreed to participate in his three-week sequestered study. Speaking with Gus and Frank, Jeffrey introduced Detective Drummond, who had worked on the Bridget Waters case years ago. Drummond revealed that he had been communicating with the former coroner before his death. He said the coroner had found some bones he thought were related to Bridget's case, but he was killed before Drummond could get the full story. At Company, Tony told Bill, Marah, Remy and Ben that he wanted Ben to move out of the museum; they decided to vote on the matter.

OLTL by Kym

Antonio barges his way in to see Jessica, but Cristian stops him. He then insists that she come to the station for questioning. Evangeline tells RJ not to invest with Rex, because she doesn't trust him, but RJ reassures her he knows what he's doing. Bo questions Lindsay & gives her the scarf back. Daniel questions Troy about his whereabouts on the night of the murder. Lindsay denies it's her scarf at first, but then admits it. Natalie confronts Rex about his marriage to Jenn & he assures her he's made the right decision. Keri tells RJ that she wants to work things out with Antonio. He tries to talk her out of it. Troy tells Lindsay to be quiet about what happened between the two of them & said it won't ever happen again. Lindsay's not quite convinced of that, however. Antonio tries to tell Jessica how he feels about her, but she runs off. Antonio then goes for another session with Dr. Rae. Nora bumps into Troy while he's with Lindsay & he says he was just on a Dr's. visit. RJ & Evangeline dance intimately together. Keri brings Jamie by Antonio's house & he spends time with both of them. Nora questions Lindsay about her scarf, but doesn't believe her story. She accuses her of lying. Cristian finds out that Jessica saw who killed Mitch & wonders if she's trying to protect the person.

Passions by Ashley

did not air today

PC by Beth

After the MV-3 narrator announces the news of Joshua's death, Caleb taunts the stunned vampire leader. Since the ring will protect Joshua from all vampires, the slayer makes his entrance. Alison is both stunned and relieved to see Rafe alive, albeit bandaged and wearing a sling. Rafe attacks Joshua with a vengeance and soon emerges victorious; Joshua's body lies on the floor with the stake through the heart. The body vanishes, and when Caleb goes to get his ring, it isn't there. He accuses Rafe of reneging on his end of the bargain, but Rafe denies the accusation. He tries to take Alison and leave, but Caleb uses his powers to lock the doors. Rafe removes his shirt and sling to prove that he doesn't have the ring. From the way Alison is dressed, it's already obvious that she can't be hiding it. Olivia urges Rafe to see what Alison has become, cattily pointing out that she clearly wasn't planning to play chess in her red lace dress and stiletto heels. Overcome with remorse and humiliation, Alison begs Caleb to let her go. He does, and Alison flees, with Rafe right behind her. Olivia confronts Caleb for letting them go, but he points out if Rafe had his ring, he would have handed it over to save Alison. Rafe follows Alison as she flees barefoot through the woods, finally catching up with her. Alison sobs as she confesses how close she came to giving Joshua everything he wanted and becoming his bride. Fights break out at the Elixir in the wake of the news of Joshua's death. Jack is surprised to hear that Jamal is still a vampire, but Reese explains that since Joshua wasn't born into a vampire family, all his recruits will stay the way they are. Drowning his sorrows in shots of tequila, Jamal laments not being able to have the simple life he dreamed of. When he rejects Stacey's advances because she's a vamp, she informs a belligerent male vampire that Jamal doesn't think she's good enough for him. Glad to have a reason to fight Jamal, the vampire announces to the crowd that Jamal considers himself too good for them. Jack stops the anticipated brawl by getting everyone's attention and announcing that he has some new rules for the club. After making love, Ian reports that all his vampire symptoms are gone. Suddenly feeling a major shift in the forces of good and evil, Lucy realizes that her powers are back. Gail surprises them by bringing Christina home, but at least she warned them with a call from the car. Lucy gives Ian the news that Tim will be bringing Danny home to stay. Ian doesn't like this idea at first, but Lucy changes his mind. She wants them all to be a family, and she's going to make Kevin understand that their marriage is truly over. Meanwhile, Kevin is at the Elixir, looking at a photo of himself with Lucy. After running into a mysterious person lurking outside the club, Elizabeth joins Kevin and talks about how to get back what they've lost. Agreeing, Kevin walks out the door. Back at the loft, Olivia vows to get the ring back, no matter what it takes. She's afraid that Caleb will stop loving her if she doesn't.

Y&R By Judy

Michael shows up at Diane's and is upset with her because she indicated Christine to the police. Later, Michael gets a call from some guy who says Christine's cell phone was found in his boat. He tells him that an oar is missing and that Christine didn't clean up her fish very well. There was blood all over the boat. Paul questions Chris wondering where she was the previous night. Chris says she woke in her car by the lake but can't remember. It is like she is in la-la land. Olivia attempts to seduce Wes with a physical but is interrupted by a phone call from Paul, he wants her to see Chris. Paul tells Christine what is going on with Isabella. Chris tells Olivia she can't remember what happened. Tests seem ok but Olivia orders more . Detective Wagner finds out Chris returned but is not home at the moment, so he says he will wait for her. Chris wants to go home and wait for test results. When Olivia says she will call her on the cell phone, Chris realizes she doesn't have it. Colleen shows up at home (with JT) but no one is there. JT wants to face Brad with Colleen. Then in comes Brad and tells JT he is not happy that he is back with Colleen. She explains that her cell phone conked out and then gives Colleen the pitch that he pays for the phone so she can use it at times when she needs help. JT starts to leave and wants to kiss Colleen but she pulls away.


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