Wednesday 7-2-03 Recaps

Wednesday 7/2/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

David ties Tad up tightly to a chair and threatens to go after Jamie. He wants Tad to feel just as helpless as he did on the night Leora died. Later, with Anna’s help, Tad manages to warn Jamie to not go anywhere by himself. Anna gets another call and has to rush out, but she promises Tad that she will get some cops to look after Jamie and find David. Liza goes over to Tad’s and feels quite amused by his helpless state. Instead of uncuffing him, she leaves Tad to his misery. Joni tells Jackson about Reggie wanting to get Luis off his back. Jackson realizes Reggie may have his gun and rushes to the community center. He reaches there just in time and convinces Reggie to not pull the trigger on Luis. Anna shows up with some cops and takes both Luis and Reggie away. Jackson promises Reggie that he’ll help him put Luis away for good. Mary doesn’t tell Greenlee that Jackson is her father because she fears Erica will to go public with her secret affair with a 17-year old. Carlos questions Greenlee’s meeting with Mrs. Lacey. However, Greenlee doesn’t confess that she blackmailed her. David finds Jamie and Joe at the fourth of July fair and notices that Joe is in charge of the lemonade booth. He later goes home and concocts a mixture, which he will probably use to poison the lemonade.

ATWT by Hilary

Molly gave Carly her veil from her wedding with Jake, and Katie brought her a bouquet that she picked. Katie told Molly she didn't hate her, and assured her that she and Mike were just friends. Molly and Carly reminisced about Jake, and discussed their belief that love conquers all. Carly tried to convince herself that Jack would stay even if Sage turned out to be Mike's. The DNA results arrived, and Carly decided to look before the wedding. Alone in Bob's office, Gordo confronted Alison about her accusations. Alison said she didn't regret what she said, and would shout it to anyone who would listen. Gordo grabbed her, begging her to be quiet. Chris came running when he heard Alison scream, and John found them struggling. John fired Gordo. Hal told Gordo to leave the hospital, but not the area. Walker let Rick and Susan believe the case was solved, but Hal told Alison that Gordo was not the only suspect. James called the police station, insisting that he will help if they put him on television. Margo reluctantly agreed, and James said in order to find Lily and Rose, they needed to find Tommy Stout. Lucy remembered that Tommy Stout is a character in a nursery rhyme. They deduced from the rhyme that the women are in a well on a farm, which "Brackett" slipped and confirmed. Barbara said she knows the location of the well. Meanwhile, Lily slipped in and out of consciousness, as more debris fell into the well. Rose promised they would see their families again.

B&B by Kathy

Nick meets Brooke at the hospital then goes to see Jackie. Ridge sees Brooke, and he wants to take her home. She finally gives in leaving her car there. At her place she tells him 'goodbye' but he won't leave. She thanks him for taking her home. He did it 'cause she looked tired. He wants to tell her about Nick. She doesn't want to hear it 'cause he's being insensitive since Nick a basket case and his mom in the hospital. He agrees to wait until tomorrow. All she wants to do is kiss Hope goodnight, unwind, then head to bed. Ridge says he'll lock up. She goes upstairs. She comes down later and he's pouring wine into 2 glasses. She says he didn't understand what she meant, but he says he did 'cause he's going to help her unwind. They sit and drink while he talks romantically to her about wanting to be the man she wants. He wants her back. He gives her a neck massage, talks, then kisses her allot. She finally pulls away. She doesn't want to be seduced. She wants a man to love her, be faithful, caring, etc. She doesn't trust him. He says he ran into Bridget at the hospital and they were just talking. Ridge wants things back like they used to be. She says now is not the right time and things doesn't feel right.

Stephanie sees Bridget swimming. She gets out to talk to her. They talk about the family. Bridget needs to concentrate on her life and not worry about Ridge and Brooke, but she feels guilty about Brooke not getting married 'cause of her. They feel bad for Nick since Jackie is all he has so she better pull thru her coma.

Massimo meets Nick in Jackie's room and wants to know about her condition. The doctor is still examining her. Then she informs them the sudden twitching of her body is normal and doesn't mean she's getting better. She leaves and they sit by her bedside. Nick talks a while to her about who's there, he knows the whole story about the 3 of them, and she better wake up to answer all the questions he has since she only knows the answers. He walks away and Mass talks to her. She starts squeezing his hand and opening her eyes. Nick comes closer and tells they tell her to keep fighting. They talk her into opening her eyes. She says Nick's name and thinks she's dreaming. Nick is so happy and tells her she gave them a scare. Mass says they're finally going to be a family.

Days by Staci

Hope tells Bo that she doesn't want her kids growing up with no parents because of their job. Victor comes, and tells them that Larry's dead. Bo tells Hope that he sold the Fancy Face.

Sal tells Maya that Tony went out on a ship. Maya tells him to do something. A fruit basket is delivered to Tony's ship, but there's a bomb inside.

After Nicole buys the gun, Brady ask what she was doing. She tells him she was buying Victor a gift. When she gives Larry the gun, there's no bullets, so she goes to look for some. Brady ask her what she's looking for, and Victor ask what they're talking about.

Rex finds out Kate's his and Cassie's mom. Cassie and Lucas begin to make love when Cassie feels Rex. She ignores it. Rex uses telepath to figure out where she is. Mimi and Rex arrive in the room where Cassie and Lucas are naked in bed.

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GH by Meghan

Skye told Ned that Dobson was really Alexis. When she told him they could send Alexis to jail for life, he said they wouldn’t. Ned told Skye they had to blow Alexis’s cover before they did anything else. Alexis told Ned that she thought Alexis had faked her personality disorder. AJ asked Alexis what his chances of getting custody of Michael were, and if she would help. She told him she couldn’t help him, but he had a fair chance of getting Michael.

Carly sat on her bed crying. She watched from the monitors as Ric wished Elizabeth well at the ob/gyn specialist. He went into the room and showed her a newspaper. She played along with what she knew was Sonny’s plan…Ric thinking Sonny gave up on Carly. Ric went to meet Liz at GH, and she told him the doc. Told her she couldn’t have kids. She went to wait in the car, and Ric paid the doc. For lying to Liz.

Faith was in Carly’s club, and announced to Jason and Courtney that Sonny put her in charge until Carly was back. Jason warned her not to touch anything, and further warned both him and Courtney to treat her as Sonny’s mistress because she was helping them. Jason stormed out telling Courtney he was going to find Carly. He went to Ric’s and started hooking up a camera, and came across the wire that led to the panic room.

Dillon, Georgie, and Maxie were doing their community service work in the park when Kyle showed up with a friend. He invited Maxie to a keg party. Dillon told him to leave the girls alone, and they got into a fight. Later, Dillon and Georgie went to Kelly’s where Dillon decided to pick Lorenzo Alcazar’s pocket. He got money, and the panic room door opener.

GL by Hilary

Alan invited Alex and Phillip to the mansion. He informed Phillip that someone had fixed the first paternity test, and that Phillip was actually the father of Olivia's baby. Phillip didn't believe him at first, but soon began to wonder if Alan might be right. He talked to Dr. Sedwick, who wouldn't give him specific information, but did admit that her lab tech had just left town unexpectedly. Because of Alan's clues, Phillip told Rick he thinks Alex paid the lab tech to lie, though he doesn't know why. Alex wondered why Alan didn't accuse her in front of Phillip. Alan said that would be too easy, and that now, Phillip will simply dote on his new family. This will punish Alex by ruining her plans for Phillip to take over Spaulding Enterprises. Alex said Gus will never take Phillip's place in Alan's heart, but Alan wasn't so sure. At Rick's urging, Phillip went to see Olivia, though he wondered if maybe the baby didn't deserve better than him. Buzz and Beth reminisced about proms and loves past, and decided their lives were good, even without a partner. At the prom, Josh tried to tell Reva about Shayne's offer from the Cubs, but she was too distracted by the arrival of Gus and Jeffrey, and by her feelings that something was wrong with Marina. While Shayne, Reva, Frank, Gus, and Jeffrey searched for Marina, Ben tried to convince her he had done everything for her, but this angered Marina. She told him they had nothing to talk about, but he said he wouldn't let her go, not again. This confused her, but she finally agreed to leave with him so they could talk. She said she had to go back in and say goodbye to her dad and to Shayne, but at the mention of his name, Ben became furious, grabbing Marina and accusing her of sleeping with Shayne. Reva found them, and pulled them apart. Shayne, Lizzie, Frank, Gus, and Jeffrey arrived. Shayne and Ben started to fight, but Reva stopped them. Ben refused to talk to the police without a lawyer. Before leaving, he accused Lizzie of lying about Marina's feelings, but she denied it; she also denied that she set up the meeting between Ben and Marina. Gus and Jeffrey told Rick that Ben is once again a major suspect in the "Garden of Eden" murders.

OLTL by Kym

Midnite Logic starts to record, when Asa confronts Sarah/Flash & tells her to get her life together. Blair chews out Kevin for the article about her being the prime suspect. Jenn accuses Lindsay of having something to do with Mitch's death, but she hotly denies it. Dorian & Walker talk about his potential career at the Sun. Kevin again offers to buy the Sun from Blair & asks her out to dinner, but she tells him to stuff it. The police find the body of a guard from the jail, floating in the river, with a wad of cash stuffed in his pocket. They surmise he must be the one who let Mitch out of the cell. After Blair pleads with Walker, he agrees to stick around Llanfair & to work at the Sun. The cops figure out Mitch was forced to drink poisoned wine. They also find a discarded syringe. Nora finds out that Flash is singing & goes down there to confront the producer & threaten a lawsuit. Walker gets an offer from Kevin to work at the Sun, but he laughs it off. Lindsay tries to talk sense into Jenn about her marriage. Evangeline refuses to give a statement about Mitch. Lipstick smears are found on the front of Mitch's shirt. Dorian confronts Blair & says she found syringes in her linen closet. Nora recognizes the scarf found at the crime scene, as belonging to Lindsay.

Passions by Ashley

Sam and T.C. try to help Theresa, Chad, Whitney, and Fox out of the fire but become trapped. Luis leaves Beth's to go outside and talk to the other cops because they say they know where Sheridan is. Meanwhile, Edna and Beth are under pressure because they believe Luis knows the truth about where Sheridan is. Kay arrives at her baby shower but the attention is quickly taken from her when Charity has premonitions.

PC by Beth

Ian tries to comfort Lucy, who is sad that Rhonda and Scott's time with their daughter was cut so short. She speaks to Christina on the phone and promises to see her in a little while, but her plans change when Ian becomes feverish with blood hunger. Dissuading him from having a packet of blood, Lucy proposes finding out whether her slayer powers have returned. In the interest of "science," they make love on the living room couch.

Joshua prepares to settle down with Alison and watch the MV-3 special. Alison reiterates her desire to be turned as punishment for causing the deaths of two of the best men she's ever known. Forcing the watch back onto her wrist, Joshua resumes the mind control. When the alarm goes off, Alison kisses him.

A crowd gathers at the Elixir to watch the MV-3 special on the Stephen Clay Experience. Ricky, Caz, Elizabeth, Reese, and Joshua are all interviewed, as well as musician Angela McClosky. The band members hint at the possibility that their former frontman is a vampire, and Elizabeth, as his estranged wife, confirms that he does bite. The special is filled with the band's music, as well as images of blood packets, magazine covers, and newspaper headlines. They also show footage of the concert, including Rafe's attention-grabbing scene on the stage. During a commercial break, Ricky sees Casey smiling at him from across the room, but she vanishes before he can reach her. Ricky isn't into the high life anymore after losing Casey and watching Karen die. In the special, Joshua takes full credit for the band's success and blames Stephen for its ultimate failure. Jack predicts that things are about to fall down around Joshua's head, and he's right. Everyone is stunned when Stephen Clay himself gives an interview on the special. He describes Joshua as a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and he blames the manager for the problems with the band. "Stephen" also announces his plan to reunite the group. Hearing this, Reese becomes excited, but Ricky is finished with the band. Watching from home, Joshua is apoplectic. He calls the club and orders Jack to turn the TV off. Jack instead cranks the volume for everyone's pleasure.

Joshua is livid to find Caleb and Olivia in his home. They have possession of the remote, and they turn the TV back on for the big news. The announcement states that as they were putting together the final cut, they received word that Joshua Temple had been found dead of unknown causes.

Y&R By Rachel

Michael goes to see Christine, but is told by Paul that Chris is missing. They both shake thoughts that Christine had something to do with Isabella’s disappearance. Diane tells Detective Webber that Christine should be added to his list of suspects – after all she did try to strangle Isabella and Isabella did get a restraining order against Christine. Christine awakes in her car – unaware of how she got there and proceeds home where Paul is glad to see her. In preparing for bed, Christine looks down at her arms to see scratches and is totally unaware how they got there.

Brittany convinces Bobby that she can sing and offer so much without taking off her clothes. Bobby agrees, but admits tot he bartender that he has no intention of playing by Brittany’s rules. Raul agrees to help Lauren at the boutique since she is short handed; Brittany runs in with the news that she is now a singer..

Brad grills Lily to find out where is daughter Colleen is, but has no luck even with a little help from Neil. Neil notices and discusses Lily piercing and tattoos – why didn’t Dru tell me, he wonders…Colleen got JT car suck and there is a storm brewing so they find a farmhouse – they have to stay there for the night...

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