Tuesday 7-1-03 Recaps

Tuesday 7/1/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

When Mary tries to put the moves on Carlos, he accuses her of always trying to ruin her daughter’s life. Mary gets furious and tells Carlos he will never be good enough for Greenlee. After she leaves, Carlos yells at someone on the phone about getting paid. Simone comes in and wonders what Carlos is hiding. Tad finally puts two and two together and realizes that Greenlee is Jackson’s daughter. He urges Erica to not keep secrets from the man she loves. Erica dismissively tells Tad to just hand over the information he found on Mary. After Tad leaves, Erica flips through the file and seems very pleased. She heads over to Mary’s apartment and hands her the file. She warns Mary that if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut, all the skeletons in her closet will come out to play. Just then Greenlee comes in and asks Mary what she’s doing with Erica. Adam goes to see Lena in jail and tells her that they can bring Michael down if they work together. Lena hesitates at first, but finally agrees to work with him. While Michael fixes a drink, Mia quickly hides the piece of paper she stole from his briefcase into her pocket. Michael realizes something is going on and asks Mia what she’s hiding. Mia takes out some bandages from her pocket. Michael laughs when he sees the bandages and apologizes to Mia for jumping to conclusions. He leans in and continues kissing Mia. Aidan realizes that Mia lost her microphone so he barges in to Michael’s apartment. He pretends that Mia is his girl and asks her what she’s doing with another man. Mia plays along and tells Aidan that it’s over between them. When Michael and Aidan start yelling at each other, Mia tells Michael that she’ll take care of it and leaves with Aidan. Later, Aidan, Mia and Kendall sit down for drinks and talk about the setup. Kendall isn’t happy that Aidan kissed Mia, and acts very jealous. Tad walks towards his car and drops his keys. He bends down to pick them up and when he gets up, someone blasts him with a stun gun. Tad screams in pain and falls down.

ATWT by Hillary

Walker again confronted Rick, asking how he could survive his attack when no one else could. When Rick asked if his fingerprints were found on the syringe used in his attack, Walker wondered how Rick knew the syringe had been found, since no syringe was found in any of the other attacks. When Rick became agitated by the questions, Hal ordered Walker out of Rick's room. He told Walker he was in charge of the investigation, and Walker needed to back off. When Walker refused, Hal said he could make his request official. Alison wanted to come back to work, but Chris said no way. Ali said she wanted to be there because she wanted to protect Chris and his reputation. John told Ali he needed Susan's permission to let Ali come back. Gordo overheard Ali accuse him of the murders. After John refused to reinstate him, Gordo confronted Ali about her accusations. Henry told Dusty he could use his electronics expertise to help find Lily and Rose, for a price. With Lucy's encouragement, Aaron insisted on helping with the search. At a press conference, Holden offered $10 million for the safe return of the women. Rose's attempts to climb from the well continued to fail. Lily dreamed of Holden, while Rose dreamed of Dusty. James called the police station, saying he would give information in return for being put on live television.

B&B by Kathy

Nick is told by Massimo that he is his son on the boat. Nick doesn't believe him and walks away. Mass follows him and tells him the story of him (Mass), Nick's mom & dad, Mass' affair with Jackie, etc. He talks bad about his dad like he's drunk and lazy. This angers Nick so he picks him up by his collar telling Mass he better apologize. Mass says he did not know his father except the one phone call they had long ago where he was told that Jackie wanted to work things out with her hubby, who wanted $. Mass wired $ back then to Jackie's hubby. He has transaction statements to prove it. Nick believes he could fake those documents. Mass continues to tell him the story about all their lives. Nick recalls his mom not displaying pics. and not talking about his dad (her late hubby). He would watch ships with her for hours trying to see a Marone vessel. She'd talk about Marone allot. Nick finally believes him. This touching scene involved a warm embrace as Nick & Mass connect as father and son.

Bridget lets Brooke see Jackie in her hospital bed. She introduces herself and tells her she's there 'cause she promised Nick she'd check in on his mom. She sits by her bed and chats about how great Nick is and he needs his mom more than her. Jackie suddenly moves her fingers and bats her eyes. Brooke is amazed.

Ridge enters the hospital and sits to talk to Bridget. They talk about Nick & Brooke. He is jealous of Nick and she can see it. He feels there is competition now but Bridget disagrees. She wants him to get his life back on track with his kids and Brooke. Ridge says he's trying. Brooke almost bumps into them coming into the room they're in but then she hides. She sees them together for a few moments then turns to talk towards Jackie's room. She's puzzled. She calls on her cell phone to tell Nick about his mom's recovery. He thanks her. Then he tells Mass the news. Mass says they're finally going to be a family. They hug again. Tears are in their eyes.

Days by Staci

Marlena tells Sami to rest, and she'll come back later. Tony comes to Sami's house, and gives her a diamond bracelet. When Marlena comes back, she tells Sami Tony will pay, and she doesn't want him around her.

Brady finds out Larry's dead as he's walking by the window. Nicole goes out and tells Larry to buy a gun. He says she'll have to do it. Brady convinces Victor to let Nicole work with him. He goes out to tell her, but she just left. He follows her to a lot where she is confronting a man.

Cassie, and Lucas decide to get a room to have sex in. Mimi gives Rex a disk with all the women's DNA on it.

Tony goes on the boat with the diamond shipment, as John breaks in the boat, and into a room.

GH by Meghan

Nik and Emily kissed, and she told him that she never thought they would actually end up in love. He agreed. She told Nikolas that for the first time she believed that she would beat the cancer, and she told her fiancÚ it was because of him. Emily waited in Wyndemere for Nik to take her home, and Lydia came in to talk to her. She told Emily about her need to marry Nik for the money, and then Nik took Emily home. He told Emily that he would only marry for love, not money.

Skye and Ned kissed, and Dobson walked in the room. Skye told him that she and Ned were going out, and Dobson had to stay away from Kristina’s nursery. When they left, Dobson tried to convince Alice to let him up to the baby’s room, she refused. Alice said he would consider it if they had a drink and one kiss. Dobson agreed, and Alice pulled her onto the couch. Dobson’s mustache came off, revealing that Dobson was actually Alexis. Skye looked on from the terrace window.

Ric told Elizabeth that they couldn’t try and have a baby right away because she needed to rest. She went to her studio, and he went to talk to Carly. She tried to convince him that he was insane because Liz was offering him everything he wanted and all he could do was try and steal Sonny’s baby. Ric told Carly that he would take her baby, and make sure someday he met Sonny, and hated him. When she was alone, Carly played around with the TV monitors in the panic room. She got a news station in and watched as Sonny told the press that he was finished looking for Carly. He looked upset and fell into Faith’s arms.

Faith and Sonny went to the Cellar together. Jason and Courtney wondered what was going on, and Sonny filled them in. Jason and Courtney both thought it was a bad idea, but agreed to go along with him and his plan. Jason later told Courtney that he would do what Sonny was doing if she ever went missing. Jason was still convinced that Ric took Carly.

GL by Hilary

Ed, Michelle, and Rick planned their annual barbecue. Michelle and Rick were appalled when Ed suggested canceling and taking a trip to the cabin instead. They promised they would go to the cabin by the end of the summer, but said they couldn't cancel the barbecue. Marah told Tony she wanted to throw a surprise wedding for Danny and Michelle at the barbecue. She offered to take charge of the barbecue, but the Bauer's said no. Rick asked Ed to come back to work at Cedars. Ed said he would need to hire more help for the clinic, but he didn't have the funds. Danny offered the money, but Ed declined. Danny set up the donation anyway, hoping it would give the Santos name good publicity. At the prom, Shayne and Marina danced, while Lizzie looked on in jealousy. Devries called Josh, telling him there was a rumor that Shayne was going to college. Josh assured him he was wrong. Later, Josh received word that Shayne had been drafted in the fifth round by the Chicago Cubs. He tried to tell Shayne the news, but Shayne got upset that he was being pressured before Josh could finish. Reva told Marina she thought Shayne and Marina were good together. When Marina started to feel uncomfortable from Reva's words, she went outside to escape, asking Lizzie to tell Shayne to meet her there. Lizzie lied and told Shayne she didn't know where Marina was. Ben arrived, surprising Marina. Meanwhile, a woman named Caroline Boyle told Gus and Jeffrey that, two years ago, her best friend, Bridget, disappeared after dating Ben. Gus and Jeffrey decided they needed to bring in Ben for questioning, then went to the country club to find him.

OLTL by Kym

The police are summoned & find Mitch's body sitting on the throne from the theatre. They also find a bottle of poison nearby & Lindsay's scarf. Troy gets out of Lindsay's bed & hides in the closet when Jenn shows up & questions if her mother has left her room. Nora tells Jessica that Mitch is dead & she faints. Jenn tells Lindsay about her marriage to Rex. Max & Roxy are joined by Asa who has come to gamble. Max makes a bet with him that if he wins the card game, Asa has to properly ask Renee to marry him, but if Asa wins, Max has to marry Roxy again. Blair & Dorian question each other about where they've been that night. There's a new ADA in town & his name's Daniel. He questions all the suspects at the party. Troy shows up at his place & sees the crime scene outside. He looks for Lindsay's scarf, but it's gone. Joey catches Jenn swigging on a bottle & takes it away from her. Asa loses the poker game & has to propose to Renee, who has shown up at the casino. She says yes to his proposal. Antonio finds a feather in Blair's purse, which appears to come off the mask that Mitch was found wearing. Bo tries to question her, but she says she's not going to be falsely accused of a crime again & runs out the door.

Passions by Ashley

Charity, Miguel, Jessica, Simone, and John all throw a baby shower for Kay. Charity hopes that all the attention on the baby will distract Kay from Miguel. Tabitha and Kay both satisfy their pregnancy cravings. Luis starts searching Beth's house and Sheridan starts crying out for help. T.C. and Sam discuss what's in the shed. Whitney and Fox get to dance but in the meantime the Blue Note is on fire because Eve set it trying to destroy Liz's plan. She goes back and talks to Julian about their past.

PC by Beth

Several of Karen's loved ones gather in the hospital chapel for an impromptu memorial service. After Ricky and Chris each say a few words praising their friend, Kevin disrupts the service with his bitter accusations that everyone used her. He then attacks Elizabeth for her insecurities about Karen's role in his life. When he goes too far with his remarks to Ian, an outraged Scott shoves him and then steps outside to cool off. Kevin leaves, and Lucy follows to have a talk with him. She learns about his addiction and Karen's sacrifice to help him beat it. Lucy urges Kevin to prove Karen right and show that he's someone worth saving, but Kevin sees himself as a lost cause. Lucy assures Scott that it's okay if he can't stand to be around her anymore, but Scott doesn't feel that way about her. Chris advises Elizabeth to get a dog for a companion instead of hanging around with Kevin. After leaving the hospital, Frank goes to the accident site and lays down a flower, promising Karen that she'll always be his girl. At Caleb's loft, Olivia takes care of Rafe, worried that his death would result in the death of her lover. Reassuring her that he will be fine, Caleb reminds her that this is a big night for them. When he leaves, Rafe has another nightmare about the stabbing. He and Olivia engage in their usual antagonistic dialogue until Caleb returns. Caleb assures Rafe that his plan to rescue Alison is already under way. He turns on the TV special about the band and says to watch closely. Believing that she deserves no joy for the rest of her life, Alison writes a goodbye letter to her mother and then tells Joshua to go ahead and make her his vampire bride. Although her mind was controlled by Joshua, she feels ultimately responsible for Rafe's death, since she was the one who actually stabbed him.

Y&R By Judy

Dru and Neil are in the mood for arguing back and forth and then Damon comes along. He seems amused by Dru and then finds out how she took his business card from Neil and how she manipulated him. He gets to observe Neil and Dru's bantering. Neil then leaves and Damon seems to like Dru's devilish side. Victoria watches Phyllis work on the computer and sees Damon's picture on-line. She realizes that the man she met was actually Damon Porter. Later on she runs into Dru and Damon and chews him out for not telling her who he was. She tells him to stay at Jabot. Raul catches Brittany making seductive moves in the mirror. She says she is practicing for him but really she is hoping to work for Marcino's. Raul, who still can't believe what happened with Mac and Billy tells her that Lauren will let her come back to work at the Boutique, but she is not interested. She later goes to see Bobby Marcino but he no longer wants her to work there. She does however convince him into giving her a chance. JT and Colleen are out driving in his hot car and he is nervous about her getting behind the wheel. She gets the car stuck in a field in the middle of no where and the cell phone is not working.

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