Monday 6-30-03 Recaps

Monday 6/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica is furious with Mrs. Lacey for having replaced her products with Fusion’s. She complains to Jackson about Greenlee, but Jackson tells her she’s overreacting. Just then, the nurse shows up with flowers from Mary and Erica becomes livid. Jackson tells her she has no reason to be jealous, and to not take all her anger out on Greenlee. Tad later calls Erica and tells her he found some juicy information about Mary. Mary tells Greenlee she’s in love and that when the timing is right, she’ll let her know who the lucky man is. Mia gets wired up for her meeting with Michael. Aidan waits at the bar, and when Michael shows up, he signals Kendall and Mia to make their move. Kendall approaches Michael first and starts shouting at him. Mia comes over later and takes Michael’s side. Kendall angrily pushes Michael and his arm ends up being cut by some glasses. Mia later nurses Michael’s wound and Michael warms up to her. He tells her he needs to go change his shirt, and Mia playfully asks to tag along. While Mia waits for Michael to open his apartment door, her microphone accidentally falls off. When she gets inside, she quickly rummages through Michael’s briefcase and finds what she’s looking for. Michael comes back from the bathroom and starts kissing her. Meanwhile, Aidan and Kendall stand outside Michael’s apartment and wonder why they can’t hear what’s going on inside. Joni fixes the inventory reports and hopes that Jackson won’t notice the discrepancy. Luis shows up and asks her to tell Reggie that he’s not satisfied. Reggie goes to see Jackson and when Jackson tells him that he’s really proud of him, Reggie feels very guilty. Jackson gives him the combination to his home safe and asks him to bring over a jewelry box. Reggie later goes back to the community center and Joni tells him she wants him to stop helping Luis. Reggie realizes he needs to get Luis off his back. He later goes to Jackson’s safe to get the jewelry box and finds a pistol and some bullets inside. He takes out the gun and loads the bullets.

ATWT by Hilary

Molly arrived in Montana for Jack and Carly's nuptials. Rosanna said it was bad luck for Jack and Carly to sleep together on the eve of their wedding. It was decided that the women would sleep in the house, while the men would sleep outside. Mike shared his sleeping bag with Parker, which forced Jack to share with Craig. Craig and Jack teased each other, to the great amusement of Mike and Parker, until Jack and Mike switched places. Inside the cabin, after many hugs and apologies, the girls bonded over wine and girl talk. They discussed honeymoons, and toasted to true love. Back in Oakdale, Rick's heart was re-started, and he was rushed to ICU. Allison and Emily discussed their mutual suspicion of Rick, but changed their minds after hearing of his attack. Hal questioned Chris and Gordo about their whereabouts at the time of the attack, and also asked Allison if she had seen them. Since neither intern had an alibi, he told John that both should be relieved of duties until the killer is found. He then ordered Allison to stay away from the hospital, but neither she nor Emily liked his tone. The fake Agent Brackett told Dusty he intended to push Dusty out after their plane took off, but Margo managed to stop the flight. Back at the police station, Margo and Dusty had to restrain Holden when he tried to attack "Brackett." He offered the "agent" money for information about the twins, but "Brackett" insisted he had what he wanted: the knowledge that Holden and Dusty would never see the girls again. He finally admitted that Stenbeck would kill him if he talked.

B&B by Kathy

Massimo tells Ridge that Nick is his son and they're brothers. Then he has to explain that Jackie told him and he believes her. Mass says he must tell Nick himself. He leaves.

Nick is on the boat with Brooke, who is comforting him. They start kissing but Brooke pulls away saying he shouldn't be doing that to forget his feelings of hurt for Jackie in her condition and losing her. He storms away and starts drinking. She says that's not good either and running away is not the answer. He is used to relying on his mom, who is there when he needs her. He has a problem with trust. Brooke says she will be there for him even if he calls her late at night or while she's working. Nick smiles. He thanks her for being there for him. She will go check on Jackie and wants him to call if he needs her. She leaves.

Stephanie visits Eric after her call, and they talk at the beachhouse. She informs him Thorne will have a baby but it's not with Macy. They talk a while. He is also upset with the news and thinks Thorne made a stupid mistake. Stephanie thinks all will be better if they set a good example by getting back together. Bridget arrives and tells them Jackie is hospitalized from a plane crash and she's in a coma. Eric takes off and says he'll talk to Stephanie later. Stephanie thinks Jackie is no good as Bridget explains what she knows about the plane crash and Mass & Jackie's relationship.

Brooke waits for the nurse at the hospital to tell her something about Jackie. She gets a call and thinks it is Nick. It's Ridge who tells her he has something important to say and hopes he gets there before Nick talks to her next 'cause he has something important to say about him.

Mass aboards Nick's boat, and Nick wants to throw him off. He blames Mass for Jackie being in the hospital. Nick wants to know about him & his mom. Mass keeps telling him the Marone ring is his. Nick doesn't know why. Mass puts the ring on Nick's finger. They keep arguing about the ring and Nick's right to have it. Mass finally explains that he should have it 'cause he is his son!

Days by Staci

Shawn wants to know why she was with Phillip, and what were they doing. At first Belle won't say anything. She tells him that she can't say much, just that Phillip's not a average marine.

Kate and Roman walk in on Lucas hugging Sami. Kate ask Lucas if he's falling for her. He says he's not, that she was depressed, so he gave her a hug. Lucas yells at Sami. Then he imagines telling her he loves her, and they almost make love, but a nurse snaps him out of his day dreaming.

Larry calls Nicole in the Blue Note. She talks about killing Victor, and Brady hears. She tells him it was contractors. Later Nicole says he needs to change his club. He hires her as an assistant manager.

Jessie says he can't shoot Bo and Hope because it'll be to loud. So he turns on his car, so all the exhaust is clouding their breathing, and puts towels in the door cracks. They struggle, but they manage to break free. Jessie steals Bo's new SUV, and he says that was a huge mistake.

GH by Meghan

Lydia bothered Stefan about talking about their plan for Nikolas out in the open on the bluffs. She told him that anybody could have heard them, and he asked who heard. She said nobody, lying about Lucky who had pulled her back from the ledge right before she fell. Stefan told her he would have Lucky taken off the island. Nik came in and told Stefan that Lucky could be thee, and do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Nik waited for Emily to come out of her support group meeting. Monica went to talk to him and decided that he was starting to get real feelings for Emily that were more than friendship. Nikolas had to leave to go back to the island. Emily came out and asked where Nik went. She went after him, and Monica told Alan about her ideas about Nik and Emily. Emily and Nikolas met up, and they kissed, with Lydia looking on.

Ric had Jason arrested for attempted murder/assault/breaking and entering after Jason attacked him at GH. At the PCPD, Sonny convinced Ric to drop charges against Jason. Sonny then told Jason to stay away from Ric.

Elizabeth went home to find Lorenzo there looking for Ric. Later when Liz was alone with her husband, she told him it was a good time for them to try and get pregnant again.

The Feds offered Sonny a deal to work with Faith in exchange for them finding Carly. He said no deal, and walked out. When one of the agents told Sonny they had a lead on Carly, he agreed to the deal, and took Faith to Carly’s club to put in a public appearance.

GL by Barbara

Cassie and Edmund get cozy. The teens are preparing to go to the prom. Buzz and Frank tell Marina that they are substitute chaperones. Marina is mortified. She begins laying ground rules if they are going to be at her prom. Marina tells Frank to invite Darci. Darci helps Marina get beautiful. Ben spooks Eden as they discuss who the murderer could be. Cassie and Edmund's tryst is interrupted when Tammy gets a surprise when she opens her garment bag to find her dress covered in juice. Aren't brothers wonderful! Stay tuned. The barbecue is coming.

OLTL by Kym

Lindsay has a nightmare about Jenn in trouble & breaks out of St. Anne's to go help her. Everybody welcomes Kevin home, as he agrees to take over the Banner. Walker continues to gloat at Mitch & says he'll never get out because he's criminally insane. Mitch goes ballistic & starts screaming he's not his brother as he's dragged back to his cell. Troy gets jealous seeing Blair talking with Kevin & storms off. Blair & Kevin start baiting each other about their rival papers. He offers to buy the Sun. Al worries about Marcie's reluctance to get intimate. Roxy & Max show up in Atlantic City & she starts gambling. Walker acts all upset about his bro's behavior & voices his concern to Evangeline when she shows up. Mitch tries to tell her it's not Walker. Natalie accidentally lets slip to Vicki that Flash is Sarah. Lindsay goes to Troy's place & he comes onto her, but stops himself. Walker shows up to see Blair. She introduces him to Kevin, but Walker doesn't shake his hand. Lindsay's scarf's left behind at the docks. Mitch tries to tell Evangeline that Walker's going to take his money, but she won't listen. She tells him to plead guilty by reason of insanity & he starts screaming that he's not insane. He then tells her she's fired. Vicki tells Sarah she's going to call Cord & tell him she's here. Marcie continues trying to talk reason into Jenn about marrying Rex, but she still doesn't listen. Rex calls RJ & tells him he's got the investment for Ultra Violet ready. Lindsay returns back to St. Anne's & finds Troy there. He makes another move on her & they start to have sex. A mysterious person lets Mitch out of his cell & he escapes. Flash later finds a body wearing a mask down by the docks

Passions by Ashley

Whitney, Chad, Theresa, and Fox spend time together at the Blue Note. Fox dreams about Whitney while Whitney suggests that Fox and Theresa look cute together. Julian worries about Eve and wishes he had married her. Eve and Liz are at odds over the picture. Alistair tells Julian to make sure that Sheridan is never found. Luis and Hank search for Sheridan. The Wallace home is filled with police and Beth fears she is caught when Luis orders that even her home be searched.

PC by Beth

The grieving Ricky regrets not getting Karen to the hospital sooner, but Chris assures him that there was nothing he could have done differently. Although they both suspect that she was running from someone she feared, they understand that knowing exactly what happened won't bring her back. While Lucy has a conversation with Karen's spirit, Ian realizes that their friend is the angel he's been seeking. He persuades a very reluctant Chris to do a transfusion using Karen's blood. Now realizing why Karen's spirit has been coming to her, Lucy is desperate to find another way to save her life. Stating that she's already dead, Karen urges Lucy not to be sad, because she isn't. While Ian and Chris prepare for the transfusion, Karen gives Lucy one last smile and fades away. Chris soon becomes uncomfortable with the way the procedure is affecting Lucy's vital signs, but Ian insists on giving it a chance. Meanwhile, Frank takes Jamal out to kill him, but Jamal keeps him talking in an attempt to save his own life. Evoking Karen's name, Jamal asks how she will feel if Frank murders a friend in cold blood. Before Frank can go through with it, he's interrupted by a phone call from Karen, who urges him not to do it. When the connection goes dead, Frank tries to call her back. He's confused when Ricky answers the phone and tells him to get to the hospital right away. In heaven, Karen is met by Casey, and they watch events unfold in Port Charles together.

After the transfusion, Lucy feels that she's completely cured. As she tells Ian and Chris about her crazy dream that Karen healed her, Ian gently fills her in on what happened. Ricky hears this and puts it all together. Realizing that it all makes sense now, he congratulates Casey on a job well done. Just arriving, Frank can't believe the reports of Karen's death, since he just talked to her on the phone. He goes to look at her body, needing to see for himself that she's really gone. Casey lovingly assures Karen that she will have a special place in heaven and that she has given her loved ones a new start. Jamal unties the rope around his feet and thanks Karen for his second chance. Devastated by her death, Frank is bathed in white light as Karen encourages him to let her love guide him until they meet again.

After being summoned to the hospital, Scott tracks down Lucy and Ian to find out how badly Karen was hurt in the accident. Throwing her arms around him, Lucy tells him repeatedly that she's sorry. Scott finally seems to understand what happened to his daughter. Karen doesn't want her father to be sad. She's glad to know that she was able to help Lucy. She's also happy to be able to truthfully say that she has no regrets. From heaven, she gives Lucy a final kiss on the cheek, which Lucy feels. Lucy is grateful to her angel for saving her life. Her work done and her goodbyes said, Karen walks with Casey toward her new life in the afterlife.

Y&R By Rachel

Victor wants to acquire Michael services. Victor is not yet open with exactly what he wants Michael to do, but he can promise good pay, a challenge, and lots of excitement. Collen meets JT for a driving lesson – boy does she have a lot to learn. Brittany is told by Billy that Mac is his cousin – they say their goodbyes as Billy plans to leave town. Victoria meets Damon and they share a drink at the bar – Victoria needing to vent shares her whole business life story with Damon – unaware that he is “the” Damon Porter of Jabot. There is a connection between them and they both hope to see each other again. Jack lets Phyllis know how irritated he is with her big mouth in talking to Damon Porter, but they make up. Neil ask to come along with Dru on her dinner date with Damon – he admits to being a little jealous since Phyllis talked him up so; Dru relents

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