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Friday 6/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Opal is in the room when Jackson asks Tad to find out who his donor was. She tries to convince Jackson to not bother finding out, but both Jackson and Tad can see there’s something gong on. Later, Erica calls Tad and asks him to find some dirt on Mary. Tad can’t figure out what both Opal and Erica are trying to hide, and why Erica would need dirt on Mary. However, he does his job and, thanks to an investigator friend, finds some juicy details about Mary. Mary goes back to see Jackson, but Opal tells her she won’t be able to see Jackson on her watch. Mary brings up Adrian, a child Opal had given up years ago. She reminds Opal how her life changed by getting back in touch with her son. Kendall comforts Bianca and promises to figure out if Lena was framed. She asks Aidan for help, and Aidan reluctantly agrees. Mia overhears their conversation and tells them she could help since Michael seems to have the hots for her. They decide to send Mia to talk to Michael with a hidden microphone. Due to the summer heat, all of Fusion’s products at Lacey’s department store melted away, while Enchantment’s products were tucked away safely in an air-conditioned storage. Greenlee becomes furious with the news and decides to put her plan in motion. She subtly suggests to Mrs. Lacey that she knows about the secret Carlos has been keeping for her. It doesn’t take much for Mrs. Lacey to react, and she quickly arranges for Fusion products to take Enchantment’s place on the shelves. Erica later finds out and demands Mrs. Lacey for an explanation. Carlos tells Greenlee that he doesn’t want to work at her company anymore. He says he can never get any work done since he’s always just fantasizing about her. 

ATWT by Hilary

Emily filled in Molly on the birth of baby Sage. Mike overheard Carly telling Jack how much she wishes Molly was there. Mike discussed it with Katie, and then called Molly himself. She didn't think Carly wanted her to come to Montana, but Mike insisted she did. At Memorial, Rick and Susan were flabbergasted when Kim took Rick off Bob's case. Gordo caught Chris in Bob's office, but when John caught them arguing, Chris explained that he just wanted to get some pictures for Bob's room. John revoked Chris's suspension. Allison overheard Emily and Hal discussing Rick's past, then told Chris she was afraid to live in the same house as Rick. Later, she asked Emily if she could move in with Hal and Em. Nurse Krebs's sister came by to pick up the late nurse's things, but wondered about a missing journal. Rick called Susan and told her he found the journal in Bob's office. When she and Walker arrived, they found Rick unconscious and without a pulse. At Stanley's hideout, the police found a walkie-talkie near his body. After talking with Barbara, Holden began to decode James's cryptic messages; he and Margo decided they needed to look in caves because of James's "deep" references. After Dusty took the walkie-talkie, Brackett took him away, saying he was taking him to D.C. for questioning. Later, the real Agent Brackett arrived at the station. Rose tried to climb out of the well, but slipped and caused more debris to rain in on the girls.

B&B by Judy

Nick and Mas get the news that Jackie’s chance of recovery is remote. Massimo talks to unconscious Jackie about Nick and how they both need her. He then hobbles to his office looking for his lucky ring. Then in walks Ridge. Mas tells him about Jackie and Ridge confesses he doesn’t care for Nick. Mas tells him that has to stop and after Ridge pushes Mas for information he finds out Nick is his brother. Brooke and Rick go on about Deacon’s visitation. Brooke lets on that Nick has been around but Brooke thinks he isn‘t close to anyone , except his mom. Bridgette calls Brooke to let her know about Jackie then Brooke takes off and heads over to Nick’s boat. He says he doesn’t want to see her but she wants to help. He is really nasty to her and threatens to throw her overboard. She presses him and he breaks down and cries in her embrace. 

Days by Rebecca

GH by Meghan

Courtney went to see Elizabeth in the hospital about what she might know about Carly’s kidnapping. Elizabeth told Courtney that she, nor Ric had any idea about what happened to Carly. Jason and Courtney talked about Sonny’s plan with the FEDS and Jason told Courtney that going after Alcazar was a mistake that would hurt Carly. Courtney tried to convince Jason that Ric might not have Carly, and Alcazar did. Jason walked away and slammed Ric up against the hospital wall screaming at him to tell him where Carly was.

The Feds told Sonny that his contract with Scott was null and void, and that now he would be working for the FBI, and not for the PCPD. Scott tried to convince the Feds that Sonny would double cross them, but Sonny agreed to the deal. The feds told Sonny he would have a partner, and they brought in Faith.

Alcazar went to see Carly and told her that he had pieces of her sent away so that Sonny and Jason would go looking all different places while Carly was right there in Port Charles. Carly tried to convince Ric that Alcazar would blow him in to Sonny if he needed to.

Emily went to a cancer support group, but ran out. Nikolas stood out in the hall and told her that she needed to fight for herself, and to stop feeling sorry for herself. He told her to go back to the group or he was telling Zander the truth about the cancer. She went back. Gia tried to break it off with Zander, but he told her that he wanted to be with her.

On the bluffs, Lucky told Lydia that he heard her and Stefan talking about double teaming Nikolas. He told her that she wasn’t going to hurt Nik, and she told him they were done talking. She started to walk away and he pulled her back. Lydia fell backwards.

GL by Barbara

Edmund grabs Cassie as she is coming out of the hotel and steals a good morning kiss behind the valet parking booth. Jeffrey interrupts them, he's sitting in the valet booth. Josh and Shayne talk about his baseball career. Josh and Reva discuss their future once the nest is empty. Dr. Sedwick brings the copy of the DNA results to Olivia and tells her that someone ran another test weeks ago without her knowledge. Olivia assumes that Alan did it. Cassie and Edmund make plans to go away to an inn to be alone. Jeffrey calls them a pair of bunnies. Jeff tells Cassie about Edmund threatening him. Edmund is yelling at someone on the phone about Jeffrey's past. Olivia confronts Alan about fixing the test. He is shocked. Cassie and Jeffrey discuss "his type of women" and what is wrong with Cassie. Why is she not his type. She says that she really doesn't care what he thinks and he wants to know why is she asking then. Jeffrey tells her that she is a pitbull, harsh and uptight and that she needs to loosen up and have fun. She should try smiling sometime instead of always showing her teeth and snarling. Edmund calls Cassie faking am emergency in his room. Cassie comes only to find that Edmund lied and that he has planned a clandestine meeting for the two of them. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Starr overhears Blair & Walker talking about him staying at the penthouse & she has a fit. Dorian goes to visit Mitch in prison & says he should let her have his assets, because she'll win it in a divorce anyway. He warns her he'll get even with her. Vicki gets the presidency at Llanview U. Blair tells Mitch she'll make a deal & won't testify if he'll tell her what happened to Todd. He says he buried him in that tomb. Rex & Jenn go to Atlantic City to get married. Joey follows them to stop it, but Rex outsmarts him. Cristian asks Natalie to set a wedding date. Gabrielle & Roxy inadvertently insult Marcie about her weight. After consoling each other, Antonio & Jessica kiss, then she runs off. Asa announces his engagement to Renee, but she tells him to forget it. Natalie & Jessica announce their wedding plans at Asa's party. Blair agrees to let Dorian help her at the Sun. They also accuse each other of being attracted to Walker. Walker visits Mitch in prison & at first says he wants to help. He manages to find out where Mitch's assets are & totally changes his attitude towards him, then laughs in his face, telling a stunned Mitch that he will never see the money again. Roxy finds out Rex is getting married & after grabbing Max, heads out towards Atlantic City. Kevin returns to Llanview.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney and Theresa share memories and become emotional as they spend time together before Whitney leaves with Chad to go to L.A. Liz makes pictures of Eve and Julian kissing. Julian tells Eve how he makes her feel but she tells him to be careful because she loves T.C. and her family only. Luis and Sam talk about why he believes Sheridan was kidnapped and he thanks him for all his help. While Beth and Charlie sound proof the basement Mrs. Wallace tells them of the house-to-house search and they tell her if they go down she will too.

PC by Beth

After finding the wounded slayer, Caleb gloats about being right again while Rafe was wrong. He takes Rafe back to the loft, where he and Olivia tend to the slayer's stab wounds. Rafe believes that Caleb is only helping him in order to maintain the balance of good and evil, since they're not certain what will happen if one of them dies. He tries to go to Alison, but he doesn't make it past the door before collapsing. Caleb advises him to help himself first, because if he dies, there won't be anyone to save Alison. Although Joshua tries to convince her otherwise, Alison maintains that she never wanted to hurt Rafe. Joshua gives her some time alone with Jamal, expecting to be notified when she's ready to take full responsibility for the slayer's death. As she tries to explain what happened, her watch alarm sounds again, causing her to see Joshua's face instead of Jamal's. Confused by Alison's strange behavior, Jamal suspects that Joshua is behind what happened to Rafe. He removes her watch and tries to get her out of there immediately, but Joshua catches them before they can leave. After ordering Frank to get rid of Jamal, Joshua informs Alison that she will spend eternity knowing that she is responsible for the deaths of the two men who loved her most--other than him. Chris tranquilizes Kevin to get him out of the way more safely than anything Ian would do. He promises to continue helping Ian but points out that they don't happen to have any angel blood on hand. Elizabeth tracks Kevin down at the hospital and finds him in restraints. She completely misinterprets the situation, thinking that he and Karen are up to something kinky. She refuses to set him loose until he informs her that he needs to get to his dying wife. Devastated over losing Casey a second time, Ricky goes to talk to Karen about it. He is shocked when a battered and bleeding Karen tells him that a car came out of nowhere. Colleen pulls Chris and Ian away when Karen is brought to the hospital. Despite their best efforts, Karen flat lines and can't be revived. Devastated, Chris spends a few moments alone with his friend. He tells her that she was very special and that he always wanted to be more like her. While Ian is with Lucy, a smiling Karen appears at the foot of the bed. Only Lucy can see her angel, whom she now realizes is Karen.

Y&R By Rachel

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