Thursday 6-26-03 Recaps

Thursday 6/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Thanks to David, Doug finally realizes that his drinking has been hurting his daughter. He apologizes to Laurie and promises to be a better father. He then calls a rehab center and makes plans to move to Minnesota. Laurie tells Jamie that she’s going to move with her father as well. Jamie is disappointed but wishes her the best of luck. Laurie thanks David and tells him that no matter what other people think, she knows he’s a wonderful person. Brooke and Tad thank David for coming over and David tells them he just wanted to protect Laurie, just like he wanted to protect Leora. Mary tells Jackson she’s still in love him and asks him for another chance. Jackson tells her that he’s engaged and that he loves Erica. Mary doesn’t tell him that Greenlee is his daughter, but does say that they have a bond no one can break. Greenlee tells the Fusion girls that Mrs. Lacey was acting very friendly towards Carlos, and it seems like she’s hiding something. Greenlee says she’s going to find out what the secret is, and then use it to get Fusion products on the department store shelves. Simone and Kendall think it’s a brilliant idea, but Mia reminds Greenlee that she may lose Carlos in the process. Mary comes over and Greenlee asks her why she’s being so nice to her all of a sudden. Mary tells her that life is too short and that she just wants to stay close to her daughter. After Mary leaves, Greenlee tells the girls that she knows something is up and that it probably has something to do with Erica. Reggie tries to distract Joni’s interrogation by kissing her. Joni sees right through it and demands to know what happened to the missing supplies. Reggie finally tells her that he stole the inventory. Just then, Jackson calls Joni and tells her he found out that there is a discrepancy in the inventory reports. Bianca complains about Lena to Maggie, and Maggie ends up getting in a bad mood too. When Henry excitedly comes to tell Maggie that he got a job with a band, she acts very coldly towards him.

ATWT by Hilary

Agent Brackett told Margo that Dusty is responsible for the twins' disappearance. Margo said there is no evidence, so she let Dusty go. Brackett received a call from Spangler's partner, Stanley, who said he knew where the girls were and wanted to cut a deal. He told Spangler where he was, so he and Margo went to find him. Dusty got there first, only to find Stanley dead. When Margo and Brackett arrived, they noticed Dusty's name written in the dirt next to the body. Chris told Allison about Bob's stroke, and told her that if Bob died it would be his fault. Allison disagreed, saying Chris was a wonderful, brave man. Walker found a puncture mark on Bob's arm. Rick admitted to injecting Bob, but insisted it was an anti-clotting drug, which was necessary because of the stroke. Although she didn't believe that he was guilty, Kim agreed to take Rick off Bob's case until he was thoroughly investigated. Susan was outraged when Emily questioned Rick's innocence. Carly and Rosanna bonded over Sage. After discussing their differences, the sisters decided to put the past behind them. Carly asked Rosanna to be Sage's godmother. Rosanna decided to stay for Jack and Carly's wedding, and Jack agreed that Craig should be there. Craig irritated Katie when he told her to stay away from Mike.

B&B by Kathy

Bridget is at the hospital talking about her career with the hospital staff when she hears about Massimo's jet crash with another passenger. Mass & Jackie come in on stretchers. Mass is more worried about Jackie. They have many cuts and Jackie's unconscious. She mumbles out "Nicky". He tells them that's her son. They rush her to O.R. Bridget calls Nick on his cell phone, who's been talking to Eric at the beach house about how great Jackie is, how she cared for him as a child, and took over as boy scout leader. Nick's pleasantly surprised and thinks something's wrong with her since she's at the hospital. She says she's working and his mom was in a jet crash and in surgery now. He rushes out of the house leaving Eric unknown to his whereabouts in the other room. Bridget realizes he never said "goodbye" on the phone to her. Jackie's in surgery and her spleen is removed. Nick arrives at the hospital and asks Mass questions. Nick fusses at Mass a little. The doctor tells them (with Bridget) that Jackie made it out of surgery O.K., but they're worried about organ failure and she's still unconscious. Nick gets to see her. He wants her to open her eyes so she can feel his shaved face. He tells her a teary-eyed son-to-mom speech about love, needing her, etc. Mass hears a little of this, and Nick says she's the only one he has. Mass keeps thinking about Nick being his son and he has him too!

Macy visits Deacon at his apt. and he shows her pics. of Hope from their first visit. There is a knock at the door. It's Brooke so Macy hides. Brooke enters and she & Deacon discuss his first visit with his daughter. He wants to see her many more times but Brooke refuses. They argue a while about it. She is glad he's stayed away from his kids but he isn't. He only did it 'cause the parents of his kids wanted it that way. She almost made a threat that he better not fight her on this. She is only doing this for Hope's own good (that's all). She leaves and Deacon falls on his bed. Macy enters the room and wants to know where Brooke gets off acting the way she does. She's really upset and wants him to continue fighting for his family.

B&B by Judy

Nick and Eric share some beer and chit-chat about Nick’s youth as a boy scout and how his mom was involved. Bridgette is on duty when Massimo is brought into the E.R. Mas demands they take care of an unconscious Jackie. She comes to and calls for Nick. Bridgette tries to reassure Massimo then phones Nick. She tells him that Jackie is having surgery. They remove her spleen. Agitated Nick shows up and wants to know what is up. They are worried about her brain function. He goes to her bed and cries as Mas looks on. Deacon thanks Macy for the “kick in the ass” in getting him back with his kids. Deacon wants Macy to hang out with him and the kids. But Macy is reluctant. She is still feeling bad because she can’t have kids. She thinks Deacon should go with the kids on his own. Then Brooke shows up and tells Deacon he can’t see Hope anymore. Macy over hears the whole thing and supports Deacon to fight her. Then they share a full bodied hug.

Days by Stacy

After being rejected by Lucas, Cassie goes to the pub, and gets a drink. A man buys her it, and they start flirting. He tells her to come to his house. As they leave, John comes in and stops them. John tells Cassie Marlena wouldn't be happy, She tells him she isn't her mother.

Tony, Rex, and Lucas discuss about the diamonds. Lucas ask about Maya. Tony says he can't tell a lot, just that it'll change their lives.

Shawn tells Maya that he is having troubles with Belle. Later they go to the Blue Note and have a romantic dinner.

Belle and Phillip fight the guys. The only way out is to go through a tunnel, and swim out.

GH by Meghan

Liz drank the poisoned lemonade, and Ric rushed her to GH. She recovered fine, but said she remembered a woman calling her name when she fell. Ric told her she was hearing things, and told her about being poisoned. She said she was scared, but Ric promised to take care of Faith. Later, he got her to admit to poisoning the drink while the PCPD was listening in. Faith was arrested.

Sonny sent Michael to the island with Leticia so that he would be safe from Ric. Sonny then went to see Scott and made a deal with him. Scott would bring in the FEDS and do whatever it took to find Carly, and in exchange, Sonny would confess to al his crimes. They shook on it.

Lydia and Stefan talked about how realistic their fight looked for Nikolas. She told him that she used Stefan’s slap to get to Nikolas. They thought their plan was working out. Lucky was brought in by one of the guards. Stefan told his guard to kick him off the island, and Lucky told Stefan that Nik had told him he could be there.

Emily passed out in the park, and Gia and Zander brought her to the hospital. Zander called Nik to come to the hospital and stay with Emily. When Nik got there, Zander told him that he understood about him and Emily now.

GL by Hilary

Gus confronted Eden about Ariana's pin. She denied having seen it before, then threw out Gus and Harley. While Bill went to find her a lawyer, Tony tried to comfort Eden. He suggested they confront Salerno together, but she refused because it would be too dangerous. Bill returned and told Marah he was afraid he wasn't there enough for Eden, but Marah said it was easier for Eden to open up to Tony because of their pasts. At Company, Gus and Harley decided that while Ben had the best motive, Eden was still the most viable "Garden of Eden" killer. Olivia was ready to celebrate that the baby was Phillip's, but Phillip accused her of lying. Olivia was astounded, and continued to insist that she was telling the truth. Phillip left, telling her to be gone when he returned. He met Rick outside Company, and told him Olivia had lied about her baby's paternity. Rick tried to justify it, but Phillip didn't want to hear it. When Rick started imitating Phillip and Olivia, Phillip said he wasn't in the mood. When he returned to the loft, Olivia was gone. Alex and Lizzie were overjoyed when they saw Olivia moving into the Beacon alone. Lizzie suggested to Ben that he go to the prom to see Marina, but he refused.

OLTL by Kym

Keri pleads with Antonio for another chance, but she guesses he's too involved with Jessica. Jessica's traumatized by what Mitch has done & blames herself for the deaths of two of his followers. Blair baby-sits Matthew. Dorian offers Walker a reporter's job at the Sun, but Blair reminds her that she has no authority at the paper. RJ tries to talk Keri into forgetting about Antonio. Starr says Walker creeps her out & she asks Troy to help her get rid of him. Bo insists that Antonio go to counseling with Rae for his temper problem. Dorian goes over to Llanfair to talk to Vicki, but runs into Jessica. She gives her a pep-talk about getting over Mitch. Walker breaks into Blair's safe, goes thru the papers there, & the ones on the desk. He then copies down some information. Keri's baby gets sick. Walker asks Blair out to lunch at Rodi's. Gabrielle confesses her fears about his time with Matthew & Nora, to Bo. Troy hits on Gabrielle, after seeing Blair & Walker together. Starr asks Dorian for help with getting rid of Walker. Dorian notices someone's been thru her papers.

Passions by Ashley

Both Gwen and Rebecca both believe that Ethan still daydreams and thinks of Theresa. He tells them that he only thinks of Gwen. Meanwhile, Theresa tells Fox she knows that he still has fantasies about her. Luis tells Sam he won't quit the search for Sheridan and he shoots off his gun in Sam's direction. Antonio, the Mayor, and Hank all question him but Sam covers for him in his time of need. Julian comforts Eve when their attempts to stop Liz from destroying Whitney and Eve for her revenge plot fails.

PC by Beth

Frank is persistent in his efforts to make Karen understand that they belong together forever. He reminds her that although he didn't ask to become a vampire, that's exactly what he is. Karen points out that the same thing happened to Ian, but he chooses to fight it instead of embracing it the way Frank does. Frank confronts her about her relationship with Kevin, and she tells him that they shared one kiss out of loneliness. Not seeing any reason for Karen to be lonely, Frank is ready to turn her so that they can be together forever. He lowers his mouth onto her neck, but before he can bite her, the terrified woman gets away. While trying to follow her, Frank sees photos of the two of them during happier times and suddenly feels remorse. Karen runs to the street but falls and hurts her foot, which renders her unable to get out of the way of an approaching car. At the hospital, Chris produces a copy of Lucy's living will, which Ian blatantly ignores. After getting a phone call from Christina, Kevin rushes to the hospital to find out why his little girl's mommy won't wake up. He barges into the treatment room and demands to know what's happening to his wife. Ian tries to get rid of him, but Kevin refuses to go anywhere until he hears the truth. He is appalled to hear that they are planning to use an angel's blood to save Lucy. When he threatens to remove Ian from the case and instead call in a specialist, Ian grabs him by the neck, his eyes glowing red with a vampire's rage. After stabbing "Joshua" five times, Alison flees in terror. She is stunned when Joshua turns up very much alive. Realizing that she actually stabbed Rafe, Alison rushes to his side. Joshua drags his hysterical bride away when he hears someone coming. He takes her back to his place, where he tells her to accept the fact that she killed Rafe. Alison accuses Joshua of doing something to make her do the unthinkable. Joshua tries to convince her that she killed Rafe of her own free will. After checking Rafe's neck for a pulse, Caleb looks very solemn.

Y&R By Judy

Jill tries to tell Mac her intuition told her all along why Mac was wrong for Billy. Mac gives it back to her. Jill tells Mac she only wanted what was best for Billy. Jack finds out from Billy that his new bride is really his cousin. Jack says it is good the couple waited for sex. He thinks Billy needs to be with others but Billy takes off. Dru is in the lab snooping when Damon comes in. They flirt and Damon plays the sexy scientist by rubbing potions on Dru. She is loving it. Phyllis and Neil burst in on an unenthused Victor. She announces that Satine is in trouble. Vicky thinks it is only because they haven't done the marketing. Phyllis says that Jabot will be way ahead of them. Vicky doesn't seem concerned but Victor thanks Phyllis and Neil for their discovery. Then good old Victor dumps the news on Vicky that Nick has accepted the offer to take over the company. Vicky is not happy about this at all. Back at Jabot there is a meeting with the buyers. Brad is happy to hear from Lauren that Satine is doing poorly. The concern being that the upcoming Satine ads might sink Tuvia. Brad demands the buyers show their thanks by keeping Jabot/Tuvia up-front and ignore the Satine line. Jack is less forcefull but Lauren seems to like the idea. Nick and Sharon chew over the past including Grace Turner. She wants to try but is not certain that Nick wants to do the same.

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