Wednesday 6-25-03 Recaps

Wednesday 6/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Laurie’s father, Doug, shows up at the Pine Valley Inn and causes a commotion. Laurie almost loses her job but David convinces the manager to give her another chance. After Doug leaves, Brooke tells Laurie to stop being so forgiving and to force her father to seek help. Later, Laurie takes Brooke, Tad and Jamie to her house to help her confront Doug. Anna tells Bianca that she got an anonymous tip that Lena and the Chief Financial Officer of Chandler Enterprises, Bob Barret, were involved in insider trading. She shows Bianca a photo of Lena and Bob in bed together. Bianca shows Lena the photograph and tells her to stop denying the truth. Lena tells Bianca that the photo must have been computer generated and that Michael is probably conspiring against her. Bianca doesn’t believe her and tells her she’s through with believing in love. Adam barges in to Michael’s apartment and asks him what’s going on. Michael tells him he doesn’t know and that he’s on his side. After Adam leaves, Bob Barret shows up and Michael asks him what he’s still doing in Pine Valley. Bob says he’s going to need more incentive to leave and never turn back. Michael tells Bob he’s already paid him enough to keep his mouth shut. Anna goes to the cemetery to talk to her daughter. David shows up and Anna begs him to grieve with her. David asks her to stop blaming him for Leora’s death. Anna says she doesn’t, and urges him not to blame others as well. David becomes overwhelmed and says he can’t deal with her right now. Joni and her father discover a discrepancy in the community center inventory reports. Joni later confronts Reggie on the missing supplies.

ATWT by Hilary

Bonnie called Troy and asked him to take Sarah back to the shelter. At Memorial, Walker thanked Bonnie for the return of his PDA. He said that he thought Bonnie could help the troubled teen. Craig and Rosanna arrived in Montana with Parker. Rosanna wanted Jack to apologize for accusing her of harming Carly, but admitted she was wrong to hurt Carly's feelings. Craig and Jack tried to convince Carly that Rosanna wanted to make amends, but she didn't entirely buy it; she finally agreed to see Rosanna, but was still a bit skeptical. Lily's condition continued to deteriorate, as nearby explosions caused debris to rain down on the twins' heads. Rose began to use some of the fallen rocks to build a makeshift ladder. Barbara visited James in prison, while Dusty and Marshall listened nearby. James wouldn't admit to kidnapping Lily and Rose, but dropped hints that he may be involved; he said he had left clues for Holden to find Lily. He then taunted Barbara with memories of Paul as a child, and told her that Paul would still be alive if she hadn't kept him away from his father. Finally, he told her that he would avenge Paul's death. At the police station, Holden insisted that Agent Brackett help with the kidnapping case. Brackett thought Dusty was responsible.

B&B by Kathy

Ridge is visiting Brooke at the pool, both in their bathing suits. He wants to talk about Nick. He also wants her to date around, but would like to know how long will it take for them to get back together. He says he'll date too. Brooke agrees, but then he says she doesn't mean it. He says she's driving him crazy! She is glad!

Jackie & Massimo are on a plane traveling to San Francisco. She is amazed at the corporate jet. She admires the view below 'cause she can see her house. She's never been on a jet before. Mass is surprised. They start talking about the past. She's hurt he never came back to her after their affair. He says her hubby called and told him to stay away from her, so he did. He was also blackmailed to keep quiet. She never knew he called and discovers that her hubby found out about the affair and was punishing her. They agree they both wanted each other. To shorten the story, Massimo starts talking about Nick. He says he always looked up to him (Mass) as a mentor and wore the Marone ring. He asks if Nick is his son. The pilot enters the room and tells them they need to have a seat 'cause they're having flight problems. They finally sit down and they buckle up. The pilot says there are electrical problems (among others) and they need to take an emergency landing with the plane going belly up. Mass continues to yell at Jackie asking if Nick is his son. She finally yells back, "yes." The plane crashes!

Nick takes Eric to a bar to drink, talk, and play pool. While playing pool Eric praises Jackie. He's grateful she took him in. They're only roommates for now, but that may or may not change one day. Eric says she's always positive. Nick says that's true and she is also nice as that's always been her nature, and that's how she gets taken advantage of by others. He says they have to watch Marone though. Nick questions him. Eric says he's a predator and manipulator so Jackie should be careful. He thinks she sees right thru him. Then he goes to say Mass tried to talk Jackie into setting Nick & Brooke up. Nick wants to know how he knows anything. Eric says his mom told him this. Nick says that can't be right 'cause Jackie has never met Massimo!

Days by Staci

Brady tells Victor, that he has to get used to get everything handed to him. Nicole hides Larry in a stall. Nicole is in t he shower, when Brady walks in, asking what is she doing in his shower.

When Lucas walks into Sami's room, she has written on the board, and it says I need you. She ask him about Will staying with him when she gets out, and he tells her it won't be for a wile. Tony comes in, and Sami lashes after him.Marlena comes in, and tells Tony not to come back. Sami has a dream about her and Lucas about to make love.

Rex ask Mimi to get the files of all the white female women from 36-55.She agrees.Cassie ask Mimi what will happen to her.

Belle and Phillip go into the room Maya was in, and find diamonds, and some thing that was spilled from a tube, Maya goes into the room, but Shawn calls her for a meeting. A man holds Belle at gun point, but Phillip knocks him out. As they leave, they get caught by another man.

GH by Meghan

Faith went into Ric’s and he kicked her house after Mac came and went. She got away with his keys. She let herself back in when Ric wasn’t around. She poisoned Liz’s lemonade. Carly watched from the panic room. When Ric went back to see her she told him about Faith poisoning Liz’s drink. Liz came home then and took a glass to drink. Carly told him that he needed to go to Liz now, or he would watch her die.

Gia and Zander kissed and Emily saw the whole thing. When Gia was alone, her and Emily sat down and talked about Zander. Gia told her that she needed Emily to be sure about what she was doing with Zander. Emily said she was glad Zander was moving on, but she was still in love with him. Emily said maybe she should tell Zander the truth. He came back to meet Gia, and Gia told Emily to tell him.

Stefan and Lydia argued about Emily, Summer, Nikolas, and the marriage plans. He got mad and slapped her as Nikolas walked into the room. He sent Stefan outside to cool down, and Nik talked to Lydia who told Nik that she thought Stefan was responsible for bad things that happened to her family. Stefan and Lucky talked on the bluffs, and Lucky told Stefan that he thought he was responsible for Summer’s death.

GL by Hilary

Gus and Frank narrowed down the "Garden of Eden" murder suspects to three: Eden, Ben, and Darcy. Frank interrogated Darcy, who admired him for doing his job. Frank thought she was innocent, but was suspicious when she said a little too quickly that she didn't know Eden. Harley offered to talk to Eden for Gus. When she and Blake arrived at the museum, they met a spooked and angry Ben. Ben went to Company to show Gus the threatening note he had received. Beth told Phillip about her talk with the boarding school headmistress, and expressed her concern that Lizzie may have snapped. Phillip said he would take care of it, and then told Beth that Alan was the father of Olivia's baby; Lizzie overheard and was elated. Meanwhile, Olivia was overjoyed to hear that Phillip was the father, and planned a celebration dinner. When he arrived home, Phillip was confused by Olivia's news. Back at Company, Lizzie gave Ben rent money and told him he needed to fight to get his life back. Alex paid the lab technician who switched Olivia's paternity test to leave town.

OLTL by Kym

Very Romantic Day! Al asks Marcie to make love, but she's reluctant. Cristian sees a positive review of his art show in a popular magazine. Matthew talks Bo & Nora into dancing together. Adrianna hangs out with Flash' band member, Shane. Rex uses Jenn's Am. Express Card to buy her an engagement ring. Bo & Gabrielle plan to get away together. Antonio makes dinner for Jessica, but she keeps flashing back to her ordeal with Mitch. Al goes on radio as the "Voice of the Night" to tell Marcie how special he thinks she is. Al tells her later he's in love with her. Bo considers telling Matthew that he's his real dad. Riley confesses his feelings about Flash to her. Keri shows up at Antonio's & says she wants him back.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen gets Theresa to spill her guts about her true feelings for Ethan as he walks up and overhears it. He is upset at Theresa for upsetting Gwen in her condition but she tries to explain. AS she does ethan tells Gwen he no longer loves Theresa only her. Theresa says that if Gwen had never gotten pregnant then they would be married by now and rebecca becomes furious. The mayor and Luis have words when he tells him to call off the house-to-house search for Sheridan. Antonio makes things worse when he tells the mayor he believes she left on her own. Sam intervenes to help the situation. Liz upsets Eve some more and Julian stops by to tell Eve his plans for stopping Liz and to comfort his true love.

PC by Beth

Thanking Karen for her help with his detox, Kevin announces that it's time for him to go back out on his own. Although unsure about this at first, Karen changes her mind, but she makes him promise to check in with her every hour. Now that he's on the road to recovery, Kevin will again be keeping company with Elizabeth, but Karen states that she and Frank are over for good. Kevin agrees with her decision to stop seeing a man who frightens her. As for himself, he wants to try to set things right with the people he cares about. Unaware that they are being watched, they embrace before Kevin leaves. When Karen turns around, Frank is staring menacingly at her from inside her home. She backs away from him, but he follows her every step of the way. If she won't go back to the way things used to be, he has a way to go forward and ensure that they'll be together forever. After learning from Caleb that an angel's blood will cure Lucy, Ian assures his sleeping lover that she'll be all right once she receives blood from Casey. Sleeping restlessly, Lucy relives special memories of her loved ones. After making love, Ricky fears that Casey will be taken from his arms at any second. When thunder crashes, he doesn't hear it, but Casey does, and she knows what it means. She tells him that she has no regrets about making love, and she promises to watch over and protect him from wherever she is. With a final kiss, she vanishes just as Ian begins pounding on the apartment door. Ian barges into Ricky's home, demanding to see Casey. He's devastated to hear that she's never coming back. After putting "Hey, Sister" on the stereo, Ricky angrily hurls a glass across the room. Ian returns to find Christina begging her mommy to wake up. Rafe manages to calm Alison down after she hallucinates Joshua's face where his should be. When he cautiously asks what happened at Joshua's place, Alison assures him that they didn't sleep together. Content for a little while, Alison's demeanor changes when the alarm on her watch goes off again. This time, Rafe's attempt to help her goes very wrong. Out of her mind, Alison grabs a knife and repeatedly stabs him before running away from "Joshua" in terror.

Y&R By Rachel

When Phyllis realizes that Satine’s retail numbers are down she grabs Neil and they go on a “field trip” to Fennmores. Satine products are no where to be found and when they ask about it they are told that what they really need to do in wait for a new line called Tuvia. Phyllis goes behind the counter finds the Satine products and makes her own little display. When the manager is asked why Satine products are kept under lock and key, he basically says that Satine/NE can not hold a candle to Jabot/Tuvia. Nick tells Sharon that he has accepted his dad’s offer. Sharon realizes that Nick is not real happy with his dad and tells Nick that she had hopes that this would be a step to reconciling there relationship -- she has so much respect and love for Victor as a father figure… Nikki worries about Victoria’s emotional state when she finds out Nick is being mentored to take over NE. Brock comforts Mac; Mac decides she needs to go away for a while. Jill searches for pleasant memories with Kay – there are few and far between. Mac goes to say goodbye to her grandmother, but finds her self face-to-face with Jill and she is going to say exactly what is on here mind…


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