Tuesday 6-24-03 Recaps

Tuesday 6/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Bianca and Lena have a good time hanging out together at the Valley Inn. Michael comes over and tells Lena to stop working with the DA. He warns Lena that she’ll be sorry if she testifies against him. Lena coolly tells him that he can’t hurt her anymore. Just when Bianca and Lena are leaving, two cops come in and tell Lena she’s under arrest. Bianca tries to stop them, but the cops cuff Lena and take her away. Michael sits at the bar and smiles to himself. Mia apologizes to Tad and Liza for the way she’s been acting lately. Liza hugs her and tells her to not worry about it. Before leaving, Mia tells Tad and Liza to realize there’s something going on between them. Liza and Tad talk about the possibility of rekindling their relationship, but come to no conclusions. Liza disappointedly leaves and Tad wonders why he didn’t try to stop her. David runs in to Edmund and Maria at the beach. He sarcastically congratulates Edmund and Maria for having a perfect life. Maria later tells David that everything happens for a reason and that she’s thankful to him for saving her life. David is overwhelmed by Maria’s optimistic attitude and eventually leaves. Kenny is being transferred to Russia, and in a desperate attempt to save his love, he proposes to Simone. Simone thanks Kenny for loving her, but tells him she doesn’t feel the same way. Myrtle later comforts Mia and tells her she made the right decision.

ATWT by Hillary

Walker went to the country club with Ben to look for his missing PDA. He told Ben, Jessica, and Bonnie that whoever stole the PDA has been using it to download hip-hop music. He also said there was an alarm set on the device that will soon go off, and the thief won't know how to stop it. After berating Jessica for her supposed snobbery toward Sarah, Bonnie heard the PDA alarm going off in Sarah's bag. Craig's attempts at coaching Parker to whine for his mother didn't fool Hal, who didn't want Craig and Rosanna to involve Parker in drama by taking him to Montana. Parker finally silenced Hal's arguments by genuinely begging to be allowed to see Carly. In Mussel Shell, the mayor's wife offered her wedding dress to Carly. Carly first refused, but was convinced by Katie and Hannah. Mike told Jack that if Sage is his, he wants to share custody. Marshall insisted on going with Barbara to see James, insisting he has his own score to settle with the criminal. Barbara initially panicked, but finally agreed to go to the prison. James welcomed Barbara, saying he is glad she is there to share their grief over their son's death. Lily made Rose promise that if they are rescued, she will never again see Dusty. Rose reluctantly agreed, but again insisted that Dusty is a good person.

B&B by Kathy

Nick & Brooke are lounging by the pool trying to spend a day together. First thing you know here comes Ridge and his kids ready for a swim! His excuse was he was having pool problems so he didn't think Brooke would mind them using hers. He also says something like, "Am I interrupting something?" Nick thinks Hope should be taken inside since the kids want to play Marco Polo. Brooke says Hope's been sleeping, so Ridge says they need to keep it (their voices) down. Brooke asks the kids if they want popsicles. They all do so she takes all the kids inside while telling Nick & Ridge to behave while she's gone. Then it's the battle of the sexes as they put each other down like they're in competition to get Brooke. Ridge feels she is enjoying her time with Nick 'cause he doesn't have a commitment with her, and Nick feels she doesn't want Ridge 'cause she's tired of the cat and mouse games. Brooke enters the conversation, and Nick says he needs to go but will make a dinner date with her later since their alone time was interrupted. She leaves again. He tells Ridge that he better use everything he's got (family, $, kids) to get Brooke back 'cause he's going to need it. Nick says he is "the real deal!" Then we see Stephanie sitting at the table talking to Bridget. She's glad Bridget is feeling better. Bridget mentions Ridge. Stephanie wasn't going to talk about him, but since she brought his name up she feels like Bridget needs a social life with family and friends and stay away from him. Stephanie thinks she wanted Ridge 'cause of the way Brooke always pictured him and she wanted that (something she never had). They chat for a while and Stephanie talks Bridget into moving in with her. They're both happy! We also see Massimo romancing Jackie with his sweet talk. They discuss their past and he wants to take her on a romantic getaway. She accepts and they aboard a private plane. She's pretty speechless about this, esp. when he says he wants to fly her to a bistro in San Francisco. The pilot confirms the flight plans. Jackie gives the "go ahead". The pilot leaves. Massimo continues to romance Jackie with words then tries to kiss her. He wants her to have whatever she wants. She says she's not ready for that yet (kisses and more). He says he'll wait as long as it takes 'cause she's worth it!

Days by Rebecca

Larry is out of jail thanks to Nicole. Vin threatens Bo with his life, and Alice tells Hope that there is no money in her trust fund. Cassie and Tony talk about her charges, and later she comes on to Lucas. Lucas gets a call that Sami wants to talk to him. Tony asks Rex if he could use his diamond-making machine, and Rex happily agrees to help. Jack and Jennifer are talking sushi in the new installment of 'In the House!' Shawn tells Belle about Cassie coming onto him, and later, Shawn follows Belle who follows Phillip on a secret assignment!

GH by Meghan

Lucky helped Luke get away from Wyndemere. Luke took off on a flight to go see Laura. Scott asked Lucky if he helped Luke, and he said no. Lucky told Stefan that he would find out who killed Summer, and he would make them pay.

Jason tried to convince Sonny that kidnapping Elizabeth wouldn’t help get Carly back. Courtney later told Jason that she loved him, and could live with is lifestyle, but didn’t like some things, like the plan to kidnap Elizabeth. Sonny decided not to kidnap her.

Ric took Carly to see a doctor. Ric told her that he would let her go if she let the doctor check on her and the baby. Ric left the room and then Carly took off in the opposite direction. The dr. found her and brought her back into the room promising to call Sonny. He ended up drugging her and then Alcazar showed up. She woke up in the panic room with Alcazar there. She tried to get him to let her go and then Sonny would help him later. Alcazar left.

GL by Hilary

Cassie woke up to find Edmund beside her. He told her she had been sick, and he fell asleep after putting her to bed. She was still sick, so he told her he would care for her kids for the day. After caring for the boys, Edmund brought in a group of prom dresses for Tammy to choose from. He was afraid her choice was too revealing, but Cassie loved it. Beth and Lizzie argued over Lizzie's behavior. Beth again spoke to the boarding school headmistress, who still insisted that Lizzie started the fire at the school. Lizzie became angry and pushed Beth as she left the house. Alan arranged for Gus to have breakfast with his mother. Lucia/Regina told Alan she was afraid that Gus would never forgive her, but she and Gus began to bond over the news of his engagement to Harley. Danny was upset about the tabloid article about Eden, and asked Tony to kick her out of the museum. When he refused, Danny asked for Gus's help. Gus then told Eden she needed to move out for the safety of the museum residents. She finally relented, but drew a big red circle around a picture of Danny in her scrapbook.

OLTL by Kym

Troy thanks Claire for the date last night, but refuses to go out again, as Jen's filming the conversation. Natalie warns Jen to stay away from Rex & Joey. Rex & Joey start arguing about what's best for Jen. Nora talks to Flash about her problems. Antonio radios Bo that he found Lion's Heart. Bo tells him to wait til backup arrives, but, surprise, Antonio doesn't listen. Cristian gets a job at the hospital. Jen finds out about Flash & CJ, & Nora does too. Vicki suddenly grabs the diamond & throws it at Mitch, while Walker jumps him. Vicki then grabs Jessica, forcing her to drop the pieces of mirror. Walker gets a hold of Mitch's gun & holds it on him. Mitch says he would never have the guts to shoot his brother. Antonio bursts in & grabs Mitch from behind. He then proceeds to pound the stuffing out of him, until Walker stops him. Bo comes in & arrests Mitch. Flash has another coughing fit & Nora takes her to the hospital. Jessica faints in Antonio's arms. Troy tends to Flash & warns her not to use the spray anymore. Nora overhears the 2 women that Troy went out with, talk about his weird behavior. Jessica's brought into the ER, but freaks out when Troy tries to take a sample of her blood. Bo taunts Mitch with the diamond at the police station, saying he'll never see it again. Mitch spouts scripture & vows that no jail can hold him, that he's too powerful. Rex steals money out of Jen's purse. Walker asks Bo what's going to happen to the diamond.

Passions by Ashley

Ivy talks to David and tells her that she believes Grace loves her. Sam talks with Grace and asks her if she loves David. Liz continues to upset Eve by telling her she bought the Blue Note and that she is staying in town. Gwen and Theresa have words over her true intentions of wanting Ethan back. Meanwhile, Ethan talks to Rebecca who insists he would go back to Theresa if Gwen lost her baby and talks about Theresa. He defends her and says that she is wrong.

PC by Beth

Alison whisks Rafe away to a scenic spot for a picnic, confusing him when her watch alarm goes off and she announces that it's time for a massage. The outing takes a disturbing turn for Alison when she hallucinates Joshua's face while she's kissing Rafe. Frank lurks in the shadows as Elizabeth confronts Karen about the kiss she shared with Kevin. Karen defends her actions and her honor, insisting that she and Kevin aren't together, but Elizabeth persists in accusing the other woman of trying to take Kevin away from her. Annoyed, Karen admits that she and Kevin kissed each other. Although she assures the insecure Elizabeth that she's the one Kevin has feelings for, Elizabeth still wants to know that Karen won't be seeing him again. Karen walks away in exasperation, and Elizabeth follows. Frank is angered by what he overheard. Olivia believes that Caleb planned Lucy's demise all along, but he tells her that it just happened. His decision not to help Ian save her life was purely a business one, as he won't turn down the opportunity to eliminate a slayer. Olivia is happy to see that he's acting like himself again instead of like a mortal. Excusing herself, she asks him to wait for her. While she's gone, Caleb broods over Lucy's predicament, and when she returns, he's gone. After Lucy finishes her goodbye video to Ian, she feels extremely weak and is convinced that her life is ending. Ian returns to find her lying very still. He rouses her, and she asks him to hold her. She immediately falls asleep with her arms around him. Ian finds the video and plays it, and he's crying his eyes out by the end. He is surprised when Caleb stops by to inform him that he knows how to cure Lucy, and that it involves the blood of an angel. Ricky gets a surprise visit from Casey, who admits that she now loves him more than ever. Casey is convinced that being with Ricky is the only thing that makes sense. Ricky is terrified that making love will cause him to lose her for good this time, but Casey is willing to take the chance.

Y&R By Judy

Billy pulls away from Mac and tries to explain why they can't have a honeymoon. Mac thinks Jill made the whole thing up. But, Billy tells her that John said it is true. Jill reassures a suspicious Esther that she won't do anything to Katherine. But then she demands the truth from Kay. Elizabeth tells Jill to treat Katherine with respect and that she wants to go to London and Jill should help take care of Katherine. Jill rants about it while Katherine's dreary glaze drifts away from the two of them. Michael tells Diane that it is too late to help Isabella. At first Diane thinks that Christine did something to Isabella. Michael denies that but thinks it is Paul. Detective Weber tries to question Paul and Mary about Isabella and drunken (church-going) Mary thinks Isabella set up any scenario that is evident. Paul is shocked to hear the news about Isabella. Lynn throws in her two cents about Michael being at Isabella's. Then Weber sees the blood on Mary and wants alibis. He takes her to headquarters and Paul wonders where Christine is. He tells Lynn to call John Silva. Jack leaves Phyllis alone at Jabot when John calls him for the family crisis and Phyllis runs into Damon. They chit chat and Damon leaves.

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