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Monday 6/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica continues fending off Mary, Greenlee and Kendall outside of Jackson’s hospital room. Greenlee questions her mother’s interest in Jackson, but Mary tells her that she’s just genuinely concerned for Jackson’s health. Kendall makes a business offer to Erica, but Erica turns her down. Kendall tells her she thought things had changed between them, but she now knows that her mother will never give her a chance. When the coast is clear, Greenlee slips into Jackson’s room. They have a nice conversation, and Jackson asks her about his donor. Greenlee tells him that it was most likely a family member, so Jackson assumes it was Bianca. Bianca runs into Lena at the Valley Inn. Lena informs her that she’s taken on a second job as a waitress in order to pay for her mother’s expenses in Chicago. They have a nice time catching up, and later Bianca says she likes the “new” Lena. Tad comes in to see Mia, and they start flirting and fighting again. Liza breaks them up and later tells Mia to stay away from Tad. She then goes to Tad’s place and warns him to stay away from his sister. Tad asks Liza if she wants a piece of him too. Stuart offers Carlos a job, but Carlos tells him he has to talk to Greenlee before he accepts. Stuart then approaches Mia and asks if she’s okay. Mia tells him that she’s going through a hard time and it seems men just keep running away from her. Maggie finds out that Henry left his home, so she brings him to Myrtle’s place. Myrtle gives Henry a room, and Henry thanks Maggie for helping him out so much.

ATWT by Hilary

Jack and Carly decided to remarry in Montana, so they left Sage with Katie and Mike while they went to get a marriage license. While Katie convinced Mike that it was okay to bond with Sage even if he turns out not to be her father, Carly and Jack entertained the county clerk with their sordid story. The clerk told them they needed copies of their other divorce decrees, as well as their birth certificates. Carly called Craig, asking him to messenger the papers to her. Craig told Rosanna they should instead take Emma's advice, and take the papers and Parker to Montana themselves for the wedding. Rosanna balked at the idea. After convincing Molly, Holden, and Margo that he can help if he is released from jail, Dusty confronted Barbara about Lily and Rose's kidnapping. He convinced her to visit James in jail, for Paul's sake. Bob confronted a mystery visitor about an entry in the late Nurse Krebs's diary. Later, he tried to tell something to Hal, but instead collapsed in his arms in front of Kim and Susan. Walker suggested that Rick be taken off Bob's case, but Kim refused. Rick later told Kim that Bob is in a coma. Chris discovered Gordo searching Bob's desk, but Gordo insisted he only wanted to see his own personnel file.

B&B by Kathy

Shirtless Nick is swimming in the pool as Brooke looks on worried about Deacon babysitting Hope. Nick jumps out of the pool and lets her know that she must be only a little worried since she let him take her. She doesn't know why Deacon wants to be her father now. Nick says all kids need to know both their parents. Nick was without his father all these years while his mom raised him. Brooke knows what it's like to be without her dad. Brooke still worries about Hope. Sally informs Clarke of Hope's father. He tries to put things in perspective. Sally tells him to worry about Macy now (instead of Deacon & Brooke's history) cause Macy can't deal with Deacon's baby situation cause she's too fragile. Sally's not happy Deacon is Macy's new friend. Massimo visits Jackie at the beach house. He wants to make up for all his bad actions. Jackie wants to know how a bottle of wine can make up. He says it's the kind of wine and the year that will make a difference. It's 1962 and it reminds her of a special day in their past they were together. They talk about it while Jackie is teary-eyed. Macy & Deacon baby-sit Hope. They're both happy she's there. Hope gets fussy and Macy holds her, which calms her down. As Deacon goes to the kitchen to get Hope's things together before taking her home, Macy sings a baby song to Hope. Deacon overhears this and lets her know she has a magic touch. Deacon takes Hope and leaves telling Macy goodbye. Macy closes the door and cries, repeating the bye words.

Days by Staci

Nicole meets the guy who will help her take Rolf's body in the stabiles. Brady comes, and she tells him that the man is giving her more horse feed. He tells her he's on to her ,and he'll figure out what she's hiding. Later, Brady finds the tray where Rolf's body was at with the ice.

Sami dreams that Lucas comes in, and tells her that he loves her, and they kiss. Tony comes in, and he and Lucas talk about the diamond shipment. Sami writes on a board, and shows it to Tony, which says "go to hell!!!"

Cassie tells Rex he's the only one she can trust. After Cassie and Rex talk to Roman, Kate says she can tell they are hiding something.

After signing a contract with Maya, Shawn meets Belle for breakfast. Maya meets a man, and tells him where to ship the diamonds, as Lucas listens in. Phillip comes to the Brady Pub, and Belle tells him to spill what he is really doing.

GH by Meghan

Mac went to the penthouse when Michael remembered who took Carly. Mac said there wasn’t enough to go after Ric. Sonny told Jason he was going to take Elizabeth to use her to get Carly from Ric. Elizabeth walked in the door where Jason was with a gun in hand. Jason and her argued and then he left. After an electrician came to the house, Ric told Liz to go to her studio while he checked the house in case Jason did anything. He found Carly passed out on the floor in the panic room. She woke up crying the baby needed help, Ric took her out to get help.

Scott blamed Luke for Summer’s death. Luke ran off while he was getting blamed at Wyndemere. When he was gone Alexis pointed out that Summer and Emily had matching coats, so someone may have been trying to kill Emily, not Summer.

Edward told Ned that Skye wanted nothing but Kristina. Skye later admitted to Ned that she was using him to get close to the baby. Ned told her that he liked them as a team. Skye went along with him pretending to agree instead of telling him how she really felt about him.

GL by Barbara

Michelle and Danny have drinks at the bar and talk about their relationship and getting married. Tony rescues Eden from a photographer. Marah and Tony have dessert and talk with Eden regarding her situation and the danger she could be in. Eden fantasizes about Tony. Jeffrey and Cassie and Edmund argue. Edmund pampers Cassie and puts her to bed. Gus and Harley bask in each other. Harley shares her good news with Blake. Bill goes to see Gus about his feelings for Eden and for her protection. Bill and Eden make love. Previews show Beth getting the dirt on Lizzie and Cassie is faint. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Joey finds Vicki's note saying she had to go out. The police continue looking for Victor's house. They start to close in on the area, but can't find the house. Antonio & Walker are in the woods looking for it. Brian makes a plan with Jessica & Vicki to help them escape, but Mitch shoots him before they can leave. Mitch asks Vicki to call him "Victor". Flash comes to see Joey & they talk about her problems. Mitch dances with Vicki & kisses her. She tries to talk Mitch into sleeping with her instead of Jessica. Jessica attacks the woman watching her & breaks her mirror. She then takes pieces of it & threatens to cut her own throat, if Mitch doesn't let Vicki go. Somebody grabs Walker in the woods & brings him to the house. Keri comes looking for Antonio at the station. Jessica manages to scare everyone bad enough, that Mitch lets them go, but Jessie stays behind.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan has a fantasy about Luis coming to rescue her. While Rebecca warns Gwen not to lose her baby Theresa comes to see what wrong and is concerned for Gwen and the baby. T.C. starts to tell Liz to leave but she asks if she can stay while taking over the Blue Note. Eve tells Julian what's going on and he tells her he will always be here for her. He becomes very upset when he realizes that Liz bought the Blue Note for her revenge plot.

PC by Beth

Lucy thanks her unseen visitor for being there for her. Ian is startled to find her talking to what he believes is a hallucination, but he doesn't let on that he observed anything. Using a video camera, Lucy records her goodbyes to the girls and to Ian. Olivia's jealousy over Alison causes yet another argument with Caleb, who is tired of having to prove his devotion to her. Olivia admits that she doesn't know why she hates Alison. Going even further, she says that she's not even certain that she does indeed hate her former best friend. She promises to stop obsessing about her if Caleb will answer one question. She asks whether he would stop wanting her if she were to get rid of Alison. When Caleb assures her that he could never stop wanting her, she promises to stop bugging him about it. Joshua doesn't appreciate Jamal's questions about his relationship with Alison. When Jamal persists, Joshua states that everything will soon be crystal clear. Ian asks Caleb for information about the healing pool. Caleb assures him that he would help if he could, but he doesn't know anything. Walking away, Olivia asks whether he was telling the truth, and Caleb states that although he likes Lucy, she's still a slayer. After making love, Alison and Rafe pick berries and plan a picnic. Alison pulls out a gun and aims it at Rafe, claiming not to know how to use it. Rafe teaches her, and although he tells her not to squeeze the trigger, she does, just as Jamal arrives at the barn. Jamal confirms that Joshua is definitely up to something, and he needs to stick around and find out what it is. When Rafe steps outside to call Lucy, Alison's watch alarm goes off. Jamal is suspicious of Alison's strange behavior. When he leaves, Alison insists on taking Rafe to a very special place. Alone, Joshua gloats about his plan to use his bride to eliminate the slayer.

Y&R By Rachel

Michael calls 911 and knows that he will be considered a suspect -- Mike is sure drop Paul and Lyn’s names as possible suspects, but leaves Christine’s name out of it. Mary crashes the car into the neighbors trash cans and Paul gives her the third degree about drinking and driving. Mary hands are all scraped up and she let’s Paul know that she got mugged – a detective shows up asking to speak to Mary. As others look fondly at Mac and Billy as a married couple, Jill is telling Billy that Mac is his first cousin. Billy at first thinks his mother is a nut who will do anything to keep him and Mac from marrying, then he realizes that his mom isn’t lying. Jill leaves her son to tell Mac, who comes out of the bathroom ready to begin the honeymoon festivities.

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