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Friday 6/20/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

When Fusion experiences an inventory shortage, Kendall suggests that she ask Erica for help. Greenlee tells her that Erica will not help and that she doesn’t even consider Kendall her daughter. Kendall still wants to go talk to Erica and Greenlee decides to go along with her. Outside Jackson’s room, Erica tells Mary to take her dirty little secret to the grave. When Mary insists on telling Jackson the truth, Erica tells her to leave town with Greenlee. Just then, Kendall and Greenlee show up, and Greenlee asks Erica why she wants to get rid of her. Liza discovers that Mia kissed Tad and she asks Mia to stay away from him, especially since he’s still recovering from Dixie’s death. Mia accuses Liza of being jealous and later calls Tad up to discuss their relationship. Tad shows up at the Valley Inn and defends Jamie from David. David ends up punching Tad and Jamie, and the restaurant manager calls the police. Anna shows up and warns David that if he continues his behavior, she’s going to have him arrested. Tad later tells Anna that a mere slap on the wrist won’t be enough for David. Meanwhile, David goes to Leora’s grave and promises there will be hell to pay.

ATWT by Hilary

Craig, Rosanna, Aaron, and Lucy relaxed by the pool. Aaron asked Lucy to go camping with him in northern Wisconsin for the fourth of July. Rosanna knew that Craig objected because he was afraid that Aaron and Lucy would have sex. Aaron offered for Craig and Ro to come along, but Craig rented the teens a screened-in camper instead. Bob, Walker, and Hal confronted Chris about the drug found in his locker. He admitted it was his, saying he had intended to plant it on Gordo to trick him into implicating himself in the serial killings. Bob suspended Chris for three days, and Hal warned Chris to stay out of the investigation. Allison assured Chris she would give him time to think, but later complained to Susan. Rick expressed concern over Bob's health. After perusing the late Nurse Krebs's date book, Bob called and demanded a meeting with a mystery person. At the police station, Dusty accused Barbara of conspiring with James to hurt Rose, which she denied. Molly and Margo told Holden, Lucinda, and Dusty that McCann never showed up for their meeting. Against Margo's advice, Holden, Molly, and Lucinda decided to give a press conference on WOAK, pleading for help in finding the missing women. After the broadcast, Margo received an anonymous tip that McCann was with Barbara. Margo and Barbara later discovered McCann's body in Barbara's Lakeview suite. Meanwhile, Rose struggled to keep Lily awake while she planned their escape from the collapsing well.

B&B by Kathy

Deacon calls Brooke while he's at Macy's, begging to see Hope. She finally says it's O.K. Macy is happy too, telling him to go get his little girl and bring them to her place for a visit. Nick shows up at Brooke's ready for a run. She's not thrilled anymore cause Deacon coming over to get Hope. She explains her affair with Deacon. He takes things in stride saying everyone makes mistakes and they have to be lived with. Brooke's talks bad about Deacon. Nick says he lives a soap opera life. (LOL) The nanny brings Hope downstairs telling Brooke they're going to the park. They couldn't get out of the house fast enough cause Deacon shows up. He's a little disappointed Brooke's shoving Hope out the door because she doesn't want her around him. Her excuse is she didn't think he was coming so soon. Deacon says hello to Nick, almost not recognizing him cause he shaved. Deacon holds Hope. Brooke is unsure about his visit. Deacon has all the baby necessities, and even knows how to hook up a car seat. He agrees to be with her only 2 hours. He leaves. Nick gives her a pressure-point foot massage to take away her stress cause she's really worried about Deacon being with her little girl. It works for a while since Nick's had compliments on his techniques. Brooke continues to worry about her child being kidnapped by Deacon. Nick tries to calm her down.

Sally goes to see Macy. Sally's upset cause she heard Deacon came by. Macy explains they are friends since the A.A. meeting and are helping each other out. She explains about him wanting to see Hope. Sally is stunned to hear the news about Hope's parents and tells her she should back out of her agreement with Deacon and Hope. Macy refuses cause she has her own reasons. Sally leaves. Macy is sitting on the couch holding one of the many stuffed animals Macy got for Deacon to give Hope. The toy plays a song. The door bell rings. Macy opens her door and it's Deacon saying something like, "Honey. I'm home." They laugh at the comment. He's so happy to be with Hope. Deacon tells her Brooke gave him a little hard time but he won. Macy is happy about that and wants them to have time alone. Deacon asks her to stay cause he needs a woman around to help him with baby things. They sit on the couch and talk to Hope. Deacon wants her to hold the baby. She does and gets a little "touched". They chat about how cute and precious Hope is.

Days by Rebecca

Phillip and Belle explain their lack-of-clothes to Shawn and he believes them. Maya asks Phillip if they could work together to break up Shawn and Belle, but he declines. Brady and Nicole call a truce. Cassie is arrested for prostitution and calls Rex. Marlena and Roman are there also, and privately Rex tells Cassie that Roman is their father, which makes Cassie even more upset that her father is putting her behind bars.

GH by Meghan

Stefan hired a man to kill Emily at her engagement party. After Emily and Summer were standing outside together Emily walked away. Thinking Summer was Emily, the man pushed Summer over the cliff. Everyone ran outside when they heard someone fell. Nikolas and Lucky ran to the bottom and found Summer dead.

Carly kept on refusing to eat anything that Ric brought her, throwing it at him again. She watched from the TV monitors in the panic room Ric giving Elizabeth a gun when she told him Lorenzo called. Ric left to meet with Lorenzo. On the docks Ric and Lorenzo talked about Carly. Sonny and his guard showed up gun in hand. Jason went into Ric’s house, and looked around. She tried to get Jason’s attention by shoving a chair into the monitor causing herself to get shocked and the power to go off. Jason turned back inside and called for Carly. Then Liz walked in holding her gun threatening to shoot Jason.

Skye and Ned decided to take Kristina to the parenting play class. Cameron came and told Skye that Dobson called him about their plans with the baby. He told Ned and Skye that it could be interpreted in court and Ned and her trying to wipe Alexis out of her daughters life. Ned and Skye ended up not taking her and played with them on their own. When they were cleaning up the baby’s things they started kissing, and then laid down on the couch. Edward came in and told them to stop what they were doing.

GL by Hilary

A messenger brought a contract to Shayne from the baseball recruiter. After Reva and Josh both presented their cases for Stanford vs. professional baseball, it was decided that Shayne would sign both the scholarship acceptance letter and the recruiter's contract, then put both away until he made a decision after prom. Marina admitted that she would miss Shayne if he was gone, but insisted he needed to make his own decision. Shayne remarked that he wished someone would make the decision for him. Josh heard this and sent off the signed recruiter's contract without Shayne's knowledge, remarking to himself that Shayne would thank him later. Alan arrived for dinner with Harley and Gus. Harley made sure he understood that he was on her territory, and she wouldn't allow him to change her, Gus, or the kids; Alan said he understood. Gus and Alan continued to bond over cigars after dinner. When Harley expressed concern that she would lose Gus to Alan, he reassured her with an engagement ring. Harley accepted Gus's proposal. At the Beacon, Cassie was exhausted, but was determined to keep her dinner date with Edmund. After coming to a tentative truce with Jeffrey, Cassie ran a bath and lay down to rest. An irate Jeffrey, whose room on the floor below Cassie's was being flooded by her overflowing tub, soon awaked her. They both fell in the water trying to stop the flood. Jeffrey removed his soaked shirt, then argued and wrestled over a towel with Cassie. Edmund walked in just as Jeffrey yanked Cassie close with the towel.

OLTL by Kym

Hank rips into RJ for hiding Keri. RJ tells him & Nora that they have to accept him the way he is. Walker goes to Vicki to offer his help with finding Jessica. Jessie tries to pry a loose bar off the window, but Mitch stops her. He gives her the diamond & says everything he has, he wants to share with her. Antonio tells Keri it's over for them. Asa gets fed up with the new butler. Renee & Nigel still plan on getting married unless Asa stops them. Antonio figures out a possible location for the Lion's Heart Manor. Asa stops the wedding at the last moment, apologizes to Nigel & admits he still loves Renee. Mitch starts calling Jessica, Victoria. He shows up at Vicki's back door & tells her to come with him at gunpoint.

Passions by Ashley

Eve tries to reason with T.C. about Whitney but she can't change his mind. Whitney talks to Theresa who urges her to contact her family so she can fell better about leaving. She declines saying it won't change anything. Gwen's blood pressure rises when Rebecca warns Gwen to make sure she has the baby or Ethan will leave and go back to Theresa. Eve yells at her for upsetting Gwen. Julian asks Alistair if he knows anything about Sheridan's disappearance. Luis prepares to have the police force search every house in Harmony for his true love, Sheridan. Sheridan passes out from hunger and fatigue while praying that Luis will find her.

PC by Beth

Deciding that some play time will do keep Kevin's mind off his problems, Karen tosses a baseball to him, but as they toss the ball back and forth, Kevin throws it through a glass window. After helping clean up the broken glass, Kevin gives her a long, slow kiss. Elizabeth happens to witness the kiss from outside before stalking off, her jealous suspicions confirmed. Afterward, Kevin admits to Karen that kissing her was a bad idea. Ricky tempts Casey with her favorite cinnamon rolls in an effort to persuade her to go to New York with him. When she refuses, Ricky loses his temper. Believing that he has her best interests at heart, Casey eventually gives in, but Ricky immediately feels the pangs of guilt. His confession leaves Casey temporarily speechless. When she does start talking, she really lays into him for wasting her time when there are so many deserving people who need help. Ricky tries to redeem himself by telling her how much he loves her, but Casey isn't falling for it. After informing him that she really did love him, the devastated guardian angel leaves his apartment. Caleb tries to get Alison to tell the truth, but she doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. Caleb thinks that Joshua is obviously behind whatever is going on. Rafe sides with Alison, and they insist that Caleb leave. Caleb warns Rafe to sleep with his eyes open. Rafe looks unconvinced as Alison tries to reassure him that she was telling the truth. He goes to the car to get the radio so that they can dance, and while he's gone, the alarm on Alison's watch goes off. When Rafe returns, Alison informs him that it's time to make love--right now. Olivia is puzzled to find that Caleb left during the night. When he comes home, he fills her in on what happened. Olivia wants to eliminate the problem by killing Alison, assuring him that she wouldn't enjoy doing it. Caleb is worried that Alison is Joshua's secret weapon, and he can't be certain whether Rafe is the target--or whether they are. When Olivia accuses him of caring more about Alison than he cares about her, Caleb orders her to give it a rest.

Y&R By Rachel

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