Thursday 6-19-03 Recaps

Thursday 6/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Anna tells Aidan she wishes David would stop blaming the Martins for Leora’s death. Meanwhile, David meets with Kenny and asks him to build a case against Joe and Tad Martin. Kenny patiently listens to David’s story, but later tells him that he doesn’t have a case. David becomes furious and asks Kenny to leave. He later orders a drink, but Lori tells him that alcohol will just make things worse. David smiles and thanks Lori for caring. After some encouragement from Tad, Jamie comes in and asks Lori to be with him. Lori tells him she’s not sure what she wants to do. Jamie becomes angry and tells her if she doesn’t make a decision soon, he’ll just move on to another girl. When Jamie continues pressuring Lori, David grabs him and tells him to back off. Opal encourages Erica to tell Jackson the truth about his donor. However, instead of telling the truth, Erica begs Jackson to marry her as soon as he gets out of the hospital. Jackson looks confused and asks her why she’s in such a rush to get married all of a sudden. Mary comes in and tells Jackson she can give him an explanation. Mrs. Lacey, the owner of the department store, catches Carlos and Greenlee inside. She acts very friendly with Carlos and gives him the security code so he doesn’t get locked in again. Greenlee later asks Carlos what his relation is with Mrs. Lacey. Carlos tells her that they’re just friends and that he isn’t hiding anything. Greenlee confesses that she had her cell phone all along and could have called for help. Carlos warns Greenlee to never lie to him again.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Meghan stops Ridge from barging into Brooke's office unannounced. She says she's with Payne and tells him about Brooke's date with Nick after he asked. He mocks Nick, comparing their time together as unromantic. Upset, Ridge barges into Brooke's door and is stunned when he realizes it's Jackie meeting with Brooke. Jackie leaves after saying she'll have to talk to his dad (Eric) about his manners. (LOL) (Jackie was setting up Fenmore & Forrester business with Brooke. Brooke even calls her Nick's sis after discovering she knows him. Jackie is pleased.) Anyway, Ridge finally apologizes to Brooke and he mocks her date with Nick again. Brooke's happy about it saying she didn't have to worry about a past history, family fights, and another woman in the pic. like she does with Ridge. They talk about their long history together. Ridge says he has always put other women on a pedestal but not her. He always knew he could depend on her he says. Ridge once again says he wants her and will do whatever it takes to get her back (no matter how long it takes). Macy visits a depressed Deacon as he tells her he has no chance to get his kids after the Forrester lawyer visited him. She cuddles a stuffed monkey he bought for Little Eric while telling him not to give up hope. He tells her he doesn't have hope cause of his drinking problem, his crummy place, and has only one client (for his career). Macy says you can have She talks him into her being his new client. He's happy and says no one has done anything like this for him. He happily says he'll work hard for her daily. Nick stuns Bridget as she is sipping on gourmet coffee at a cafe. She doesn't hardly recognize him without facial hair. They talk about his date with Brooke, Bridget's break-up with Ridge, and how they hope Brooke's life with Ridge is over. Nick isn't afraid of swinging on a rope as Brooke's man (waiting for her to go back to Ridge), cause he is confident he'll win her over!

Days by Stacy

Cassie tries, and fails to get Shawn to sleep with her. She goes to the pier, and meets a man. She says she'll sleep with him for money. The man (Toby) was a cop, and he arrested her.

Brady is swimming when Nicole tells him she doesn't want him to move in. He tells her she doesn't have a choice. Larry calls Nicole, and Brady hears her talking about the stables. He starts to go, when Nicole pretends to drown. After helping her out, Brady goes to the stables. Nicole tells him she is hiding something.

Maya and Tony talk about the diamond shipment. Later Victor and Maya talk about the same thing.

After helping her out of her dress, Belle and Phillip head out of the attic. People come, so they have to hide in a closet. When they come out, Shawn sees them.

GH by Meghan

Gia overheard Nikolas and Emily on the docks. She listened as Emily talked about her cancer. She went to see Zander but didn't tell him the truth.

Dobson was caught by Skye opening mail of Kristina's. They started going at it when Ned walked in. He told Dobson his days were numbered. As Skye and Ned were leaving with the baby, Alexis's cell phone rang. When she was alone she answered it and it was Stefan. She went to see him and he told her about Nik and Emily. Alexis said she didn't see a problem.

Carly went on a hunger strike refusing to eat anything that Ric brought her. Carly announced to him that she would starve both herself and her baby before she ever ate anything Ric gave her.

Nikolas and Emily announced their engagement to Summer and Lucky. Summer told Lucky that she went to see Luke and he attacked her. She also told Lucky that she didn't want Luke to come between them.

GL by Hilary

As they straightened the party mess at the Lewis pool house, Shayne and Lizzie swapped horror stories about their parents. Marina told Tammy about her kiss with Shayne. Just as the girls arrived at the pool house, Shayne gave Lizzie a comforting hug. Lizzie gave Marina a birthday gift, then left with Tammy. She then spied on Marina and Shayne through the window, and told Tammy that Marina didn't deserve him. Marina told Shayne their kiss meant nothing, but Shayne disagreed. He then asked her to prom, and she accepted. Phillip bought a tree to plant for Olivia's baby. He then promised Olivia that he would be there for her and the baby no matter the paternity, and that he would always protect the child from Alan. After, he suggested they buy a house. At the Beacon, Alan met with a mystery woman, Nicole Adams. Gus interrupted, assuming that she is an escort, and believing that Alan is trying to investigate the "Garden of Eden" murders on his own. Alan informed him that she is actually his lawyer. Frank told Gus the murders are becoming more personal. The lab tech that was paid to switch Olivia's test results shook down Alex for more money. Later, Alex warned Alan that his next enemy might be Phillip. Alan told Nicole to draw up the papers making Gus his true heir.

OLTL by Kym

Bo talks Antonio into going to see his baby. Troy is upset about Walker living at Blair's & almost blows his stack. Asa hires a new butler, but Renee & Nigel are undaunted in their quest to get back at him. They continue with wedding plans. Jenn & Rex ask Joey to marry them, but he refuses. Al & Marcie go out for lunch, but she doesn't eat anything. Max makes Asa an offer on the salon & he sells it to him. Antonio bonds with Jamie, until RJ shows up. Antonio then has it out with him. Jessica gets Brian to deliver a rose to Antonio. Nora & Hank argue about RJ. Jenn videotapes Troy while he's hitting on a woman, for her school project. She also talks to him about helping her mother hide from the cops. Max & Roxy find out Renee & Nigel are faking. Hank apologizes to Nora & invites her to the Palace for lunch. Jessica finds bars have been put on the windows of the house. Roxy offers to change Marcie's look & the two go off together. Antonio gets the rose from Jessica.

Passions by Ashley

Grace finds Ivy and Sam in a position that she thinks unfit. They both fight over what they think they've seen each other do. Miguel sees that Kay is getting closer to him because of the baby and sees how its hurting Charity and stops it. Antonio is sure Sheridan will call but Luis searches for her. He gets close to the basement but is stopped by Beth but he swears to keep searching. Meanwhile, Sheridan keeps crying out for help while Charlie becomes aggravated by her.

PC by Beth

Lucy is shocked by Ian's idea to turn her into a vampire, but he explains that it would be a temporary measure to buy her some time. It would allow her to be with him and the girls until he could find a cure for the curse. Lucy tells him that she simply can't do something like that. Unlike him, she has a choice, and she doesn't want to watch her children and all their descendents grow old and die. Being a parent himself, Ian understands her position. Lucy decides to fill her last days with wonderful memories for Ian. Caleb is stunned to see Alison, who states that it was time for her to leave Rafe and return home to Joshua. Caleb accuses Joshua of using drugs to control her. Joshua admits to having been ready to throw in the towel and return the ring until his bride came home to him. Now that she's home, he will never relinquish possession of the ring. Caleb is confident that it won't take long to beat his sworn enemy. He tracks Rafe down at the barn and fills him in on what happened, but the slayer doesn't believe him. Caleb wants to prove that he's telling the truth by going back for both Alison and his ring. Meanwhile, Alison submissively waits for Joshua to tell her how to please him. Joshua tells her to go back to Rafe, but with specific instructions. He intends to set her watch so that the alarm will go off at various times. When she hears the sound, she is to use whatever means necessary to reassure Rafe of her love. He whispers one last command in her ear before letting her go. Back at the barn, Caleb urges Rafe to head out with him now. His plan is thwarted when Alison returns. Although she lies about where she's been, Rafe believes every word she says.

Y&R By Judy

A technician shows up to get blood form Jill for a DNA test but she's not going for it. John wants the wedding stopped and the test is the proof they need to do it. The wedding party moves down the isle and Brock escorts the virginal Mac to the altar. Jill is agonizing over the news about Charlotte and does not believe Katherine is her mom. John encourages Jill to believe Charlotte. As the wedding plans move forward, Mac has a heart to heart with Katherine even if she can't hear her. Lauren does the same. Brock is broken hearted about his mom's condition. Jack thinks that his dad is not going to show at the ceremony. Up and coming possible stripper Brittany, gives Mac a garter. Billy thinks John and Jill are late because they don't want to be at the wedding. Isabella tells Diane about Christine's visit and embellishes the encounter. As Isabella continues to exaggerate she gains Diane's support. Christine goes to Michael to find out if he is representing Isabella. He denies it and Paul comes in and verbally jumps on Michael. Michael accuses the two of them of being violent with Isabella and threatening her. He tells them Isabella has gotten order's of protection against them and Mary too. They end up arguing and Michael tells them it all has to stop and that Isabella is on the edge. Michael and Christine leave separately. A distraught Mary is at Paul's office and she says she is at the end of her rope and Lynn says she knows it is Isabella's doing. Mary wants to go home and won't let Lynn help her.

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