Wednesday 6-18-03 Recaps

Wednesday 6/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Aidan has a run in with Maria at the Pine Valley Inn. He realizes that Maria is long over him and congratulates her on her wedding. Kendall overhears their conversation and follows Aidan home. She tries to comfort him, but Aidan says he’s leaving. Kendall begs him to stay but Aidan says there’s nothing keeping him in Pine Valley anymore. Greenlee cleans up the Enchantment display and prepares a lovely dining setting for her and Carlos. They start kissing passionately and fall to the ground. Maria tells Joe that her memory is back and that she’s ready to be a doctor again. Mia wraps a box full of mementos of her relationship with Jake. She plans on sending the box to Carolyn as a wedding gift, but Simone talks her out of it. Bonnie, a top reporter, shows up at Fusion to interview Kendall and Greenlee. Not wanting to upset the reporter, Simone pretends to be Greenlee and says Mia is Kendall. After the interview, Reggie shows up and says hi to Simone and Mia. Bonnie realizes that she’s been interviewing the wrong people. However, she is impressed with Simone’s crazy stunt and says she will still run the story. Adam and Michael meet at a conference room to discuss their plans. Liza shows up and when Adam goes to meet her, Michael ends up chatting with Colby. Adam becomes furious and tells Michael to stay away from his daughter. Liza tells Adam to not trust Michael and later Adam tells his bodyguards to stay with Colby.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Thorne meets Macy finding out she wants him to sign annulment papers. He tries to fight her but she tells him not to prolong his signature cause he would sign if he cares, and she still loves him but their marriage is over. He signs then tells her he does love her. He leaves. Sally meets at Stephanie's telling her she's be a grandmother cause Thorne will have a baby. She thinks it's cause of him and Macy's adoption talk. Sally lets her know she's angry cause Thorne cheated with Darla and their marriage is over. She says she's not envious of the Forrester's anymore cause all their lives are a mess. Stephanie says she's working out things with Eric but Sally knows better. Sally leaves. Deacon cleans up his place to get ready to see Hope & Little Eric. Then he calls Amber while she's sketching and reminds her of her promise to let him see his kids. She's unsure but will see what she can do. Rick's not keen on the idea and the Forrester lawyer gets into the action by telling them Deacon signed over his parental rights. Amber's afraid there will be a big fuss if he thinks they double-crossed him. The lawyer visits Deacon and shows him the papers, proving to him he should just walk away from his kids cause he has no chance. (Deacon has a crummy place, stayed away from his kids, and even a one-agent job won't help his case the lawyer tells him.) Deacon angrily tells him he'll fight for his kids.

Days by Staci

Shawn over hears Bo and Hope talking about selling the "Fancy Face". At first he doesn't like it, but then realizes it's for the best. He calls Belle and invites her to Lookout Point. Cassie goes there, trying to get Shawn to sleep with her. Hope remembers when her and Bo went sailing when she was pregnant with Zack. Then they go to make love.

Rex tells Mimi all the things he loves about her. Later they go to the Brady Pub to eat.

Phillip spies on Tony and Maya talking. Belle comes, and her dress gets stuck. After following Nicole to the stables (who was putting more ice on Rolf), Brady questions what she was doing. She kisses him. Victor ask Brady to move in with him, and he accepts the offer.

GH by Meghan

Carly hit Ric over the head and ran out of the panic room. She called Sonny but Ric was yelling after her. Jason and Sonny called the PCPD to help find Carly but Scott refused to help them. Jason and Courtney talked to Michael and got him to say he remembered a man being with Carly when she disappeared. Faith was threatened by Jason. Then she went to see Ric about Carly, but he denied everything to her. Later on the docks, Faith told Liz that Ric took Carly.

Emily told Monica and Zander that she was getting married to Nikolas. Nikolas played along. Zandet told her to have a nice life, and left. He went to see Gia and told her the news. Lydia overheard and ran to tell Stefan. Stefan went to GH where Em and Nik were. He told Nik that he forbade him to marry Emily.

Mac and the girls went to Kelly’s together. He told Maxie she had to get a summer job. He told Georgie that she had to stay away from Dillon, and told Maxie she still couldn’t see Kyle. Dillon took a motorcycle and took Georgie on a ride. Kyle told Maxie about Mac threatening him.

GL by Hilary

Christopher tried to convince Reva that personal anxiety could cloud her visions. Billy reminded Josh that H.B. tried to run Josh's life as a teenager, which caused Josh to rebel. He warned that if Josh continues to push, he might turn Shayne away from baseball. Harley told Josh he was a good father, reminding him of a time that Josh soothed Shayne as an infant. After Buzz convinced her she should play nice with Alan for Gus's sake, Harley asked Alan to dinner at their home. Alex interrupted Phillip and Olivia's trip to the Bauer cabin with papers giving him controlling powers at Spaulding. Phillip signed the papers, but only with the contingency that he become the immediate successor as CEO. After Alex left, Phillip began to come clean about the secret paternity test, but Olivia cut him off with the news that she had conducted one of her own. Alex received a call from a mystery man, who insisted they had a score to settle. Reva reassured Shayne that his career decision was ultimately his, but Josh secretly called the recruiter with the news that Shayne had decided to go into the pros

OLTL by Kym

Keri goes looking for Antonio & runs into Nora. Brian says he cares about Jessica & she gets him to take notes to Antonio & Vicki. Bo & Hank go fishing on the pier. Bo tells him that Matthew's his son. Vicki starts to wonder if she knows Flash. Jessica sneaks & calls Vicki, but she's interrupted. Keri tracks down Antonio & explains why she pretended to be dead. He's furious with her & doesn't know if he can forgive her. She tells him that she's Jamie's biological mother. Nora tells Hank that Keri's alive. Joey finds out that Jenn & Rex are headed for Atlantic City & he chases after them. Rex proposes to her. Mitch finds out that Jessica was on the phone & blames one of his followers for leaving it around. Mitch goes for a "walk" with the unfortunate fellow. Antonio figures out it was RJ that knocked him out. Bo figures out between the two notes that Jessie sent, there's a code name of "Lionheart" she included.

Passions by Ashley

David feels very guilty and tells Grace that she has to go back and talk to Sam. Ivy tries to convince Sam that Grace is not at all who he believed her to be. Tabitha and Kay use the magical bowl to watch Miguel and Charity. Luis tells everyone he will stop at nothing to find Sheridan and Beth panics when he wants to search her place. Mrs. Wallace prepares to tell Charity and Miguel but has a frightening vision of what can happen if she does.

PC by Beth

Christina and Serena give their mom a very happy homecoming, complete with a pajama party, but Lucy's heart breaks as she realizes that she won't be around for important moments in her daughters' lives. After the girls go to bed, Ian comforts Lucy as she cries about the lost future with her daughters. Seeing no other solution, Ian tells her that she can always be with them if she becomes a vampire. With Karen's professional--and personal--help, Kevin fights his way through a rough patch of his recovery. He complains bitterly about the way Lucy walked out on him as soon as things got tough. He's managed to turn everyone against him, and he has nothing left to live for, but Karen insists that she considers him worth saving. Kevin lays his head in her lap as she dabs a wet compress on his head. After rescuing Alison from Joshua's lecherous clutches, Rafe takes her to the barn, where he thinks she'll be safe. Alison assures him that Joshua would never hurt her. She accuses Rafe of abandoning her at Joshua's place because he no longer loves her. Stunned, Rafe tries to explain why her rescue didn't go as planned. He's curious about why she keeps looking at her watch, but she really doesn't know why she feels it's important. Rafe reminds her of the love they share, and he promises to keep her safe from Joshua. Looking into his eyes, Alison remembers. She tells him that she's right where she belongs; she loves him and always will. They share a sweet kiss. Immediately, she begins to shiver, but she doesn't know why. Rafe assumes that she's tired and hungry, and he asks what time it is. The question triggers the brainwashing. When Rafe goes to the car for supplies, Alison takes off. Caleb is amused by Joshua's failure to get his new bride into bed. Joshua accuses him of taking her, but Caleb convinces him that it was the slayer who rescued her. He insults Joshua about his many inadequacies, including a pitiful lunge that Caleb's thousand-year-old grandmother could beat. Joshua in turn taunts Caleb about his failure to protect the ring and therefore his heritage. Not to be outdone, Caleb ridicules him for his inability to make a woman fall in love with him. He further points out that Joshua is incapable of leadership. He challenges him to remove the ring and find out whether his loyal subjects still feel the same way about him. As Joshua stares at the ring and contemplates what to do, Alison returns. Absolutely stunned, Caleb asks what she's doing there, and she replies that it was time to come home.

Y&R By Rachel

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