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Tuesday 6/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Henry shows up at Maggie’s dorm room but Maggie tells him she’s not ready to see him again. Later, Alma tells Henry he has to choose between his mother and his girlfriend. She tells him that if he can’t respect her wishes, he’ll have to move out. Henry makes his decision and packs his bags to leave. Maggie and Bianca talk about their bad luck in relationships. Bianca tells Maggie that if Greenlee could find in herself to forgive Leo, maybe they too could forgive Henry and Lena. Carlos tries being very firm with Greenlee and orders her to put the Enchantment display back together. He threatens to not give her anything to eat until she’s cleaned up. While Carlos is out of the room, Greenlee realizes that she can use her cell phone to call for help. She smiles to herself and says she has something else is mind. Lori’s dad shows up at the hospital and Lori confesses to him that she lied about working late. Lori’s dad becomes furious and tells her she can no longer hang out with Reggie. Erica accuses Mary of being after Jackson, and using Greenlee as leverage. Mary smiles and tells Erica she doesn’t know as much as she thinks she does. Joe tells Erica that the surgery went beautifully, but Jackson will remain unconscious for a while. When Erica goes up to Jackson’s room, Mary quietly follows her. While Erica is out of the room, Mary sneaks inside and holds Jackson’s hand. She tells him that fate has given them another chance and that she will finally tell him a secret. From outside, Erica sees Mary sitting with Jackson. She wonders what’s going on and how Greenlee’s blood matched Jackson’s. She finally puts two and two together.

ATWT by Didi

no recap today

B&B by Kathy

Deacon & Macy are chatting about who they are, family history, her crash with Brooke, his affair with Brooke, etc. Macy thinks his kids' parents shouldn't keep him from his kids. She says Brooke shouldn't make him feel guilty for their affair cause she is not a righteous person and only thinks about herself. Macy wants revenge for what Brooke did to them. She wants Deacon to fight for his kids. He doesn't want to cause war. She finally talks him into the fight.

Ridge looks for Eric at the house on the beach. They go inside and Ridge's gets worried about Brooke's date. Jackie enters the room and Eric tells him who she is (since he looks curious). Ridge keeps chatting about Brooke and that he doesn't think Nick has anything to offer her. Jackie speaks up and says that he'll be surprised. Eric finally says (that he's been trying to tell him) that Nick is her son. Ridge is stunned. Ridge tells her that Nick doesn't have a chance with Brooke cause she's high tech and he's a sailor. That insults her as she thinks this means he's not good enough, and a Top Fleet Officer at Marone's shouldn't be called a sailor. He apologizes in his kind of way but lets on that he & Brooke has had a long history together and Nick doesn't have a chance to win her. Jackie thinks he better try a little harder to get her cause Nick does care for Brooke and he'll try to win her too.

Nick tells Brooke that she wanted a good time so fine, he'll leave Las Olas like she wants to make her night more memorable. He takes her on a rubber raft ride down the harbor to get away from things. It's dark, foggy, and romantic. Brooke remembers her first kiss, her name on a buoy, her friends making plans for the future, etc. Nick reminds her she's still that kid she wants to be, and she needs to think of now (not the past or future). She likes the sound of the waves. They kiss.

Days by Rebecca

Sami is awake from her coma, and Roman, Lucas, and Kate are all there. Rex comes to visit, and afterwards he and Mimi make love. Bo and Hope share some time on the Fancy Face, and Nicole and Brady have a "fight" and are caught by Victor, but Nicole covers.

GH by Meghan

Luke went to see Laura at Ferncliff, and discovered that she had never been there. Luke walked into a room, and got locked in. Cameron went into the room and told Luke that Lucky had agreed to have him committed. When Cameron left Summer showed up and told Luke that she tried to convince Lucky not to have him committed; Luke asked her to get him out. Lucky asked Summer how far she had gone with Luke. She slapped him and walked out. Lydia and Nikolas went to Kelly’s together after convincing from Stefan. Alone at Wyndemere, Stefan summoned Emily. She came and Stefan warned her to stay away from Nikolas.

Courtney almost got through to Michael about what happened to Carly, but then he went back to repeating “mommy’s gone”. After finding nothing at Ric and Elizabeth’s house, Jason and Sonny returned to the hospital. Sonny went in with Michael and tried to get him to talk, but Michael wouldn’t say what happened to Carly. In the chapel Jason and Courtney talked about Michael and Carly. Jason promised that he and Sonny would find Carly, and then they would get married.

Ric kept Carly in the panic room, and told her to get some rest so she and the baby were strong and healthy. Carly told him that she refused to be a prisoner.

GL by Hilary

Lizzie wanted Beth and Phillip to go to an open house at the Springfield Academy, but Phillip said he already had plans with Olivia. Before leaving for the Bauer cabin, Olivia wished upon a star that her baby would be Phillip's. Shayne threw a surprise birthday party for Marina at the Lewis pool-house. After, he and Marina shared a kiss, which Lizzie witnessed. Darcy told Eden that though seeing Frank had begun as a favor to Eden, she really liked Frank and wanted to continue seeing him. Eden was upset, and wandered around Marah and Tony's empty bedroom, sniffing Tony's clothes and lying in their bed. Reva argued about Shayne with Josh, accusing him of trying to run Shayne's life because he has regrets about his own life. Josh denied this, and then became angry when he discovered Shayne's party, but Reva convinced him to let it be.

OLTL by Kym

RJ pours booze over Antonio & dumps him at an out-of-state train station. Starr comes back home. Natalie & Joe talk about her wedding. Jessica wakes up in her new "home". Cris has it out with Keri over her disappearance. Starr forged a note to get out of camp, in order to come home to Blair. After a scolding, Blair allows her to stay & Dorian volunteers to go to Savannah to bring Jack home. Starr meets Walker & tells him to get lost & later warns him that he better not try to take Todd's place. Dorian runs into Antonio at the station & tells him about the note she found that Mitch had left in his bible. It mentions a place nicknamed "Palace of the Living Dead". Mitch asks Jessica to dance with him like his mother used to. He makes her promise she'll never leave him. Feeling intimidated, she promises she won't leave. RJ & Evangeline kiss passionately. Joey & Flash talk about the old days. Walker & Blair talk about her family & Todd. She begins to fear that he's dead. Antonio goes to Dorian's & sees the letter she told him about, but Dorian keeps an important page of the letter to herself. Jessica tries to appeal to one of Mitch's followers for help, but he says Mitch will kill him. Keri accuses RJ of hurting Antonio & threatens if he doesn't leave him alone she'll cut him out of her life.

Passions by Ashley

Liz tells Fox she has a hunch he is in love with Whitney. Whitney and Chad are skeptical about it but Theresa believes that someday her and Ethan will be together once again. Gwen struggles in the hospital but Eve tells her to remain calm or the consequences could be fatal. Ethan demands answers from Julian about Sheridan's disappearance. Mrs. Wallace tries to get rid of a concerned Charity and Miguel as they search Beth's house while Sheridan is still crying for help in the basement. Meanwhile, Luis and Antonio fight over why it is Sheridan's gone but Luis knows she could never leave without saying good-bye.

PC by Beth

As Ian and Chris try to help Lucy, who's in anaphylactic shock from the blood transfusion, Rafe regains consciousness and struggles to understand what's happening. An emergency use of steroids stabilizes Lucy. An angry Rafe confronts Ian about his use of force to get him to the hospital. Defeated, Ian admits that the direct transfusion of slayer blood wasn't the miracle he had hoped for. When Lucy realizes that there's nothing more that can be done for her, Ian agrees to take her home to spend time with him and the girls. After ensuring that his head is clear enough to act, Rafe thanks Jamal and sets off to rescue Alison. While Olivia sleeps, a restless Caleb thinks back to the promises he made his father: to protect the ring with his life and to make his father proud. His thoughts turn to the day he gave Olivia the ring to protect her, and then later when she admitted that it was gone. Deeply regretting having failed his father, Caleb vows to set things right. Joshua responds to Alison's refusal to consummate their "marriage" by torturing her with darkness and the loud sounds of a ticking, clanging clock. He pretends not to notice anything out of the ordinary other than a blown fuse. Alison informs him that it won't work, but Joshua again asks her what time it is. Alison demands to know why he keeps asking her about the time. Influenced by the drug, she succumbs to the power of persuasion and asks him to stay with her. The lights come back on, and Alison agrees that it's time for them to be together. After Joshua sets the stage for romance, he is angry to find that Caleb is there and Alison is gone. Rafe carries Alison to safety with the promise that everything will be all right. Still under the influence of the drug, she agrees with everything he says.

Y&R By Judy

Elizabeth finally spits out the news about Charlotte and that Billy and Mac are cousins but Jill thinks her motive is jealousy. Billy and Raul chat about their lives while they get ready for the wedding. Meanwhile, Mac practices saying "I do". Colleen is excited about the wedding but Brittany does not seem overly thrilled. Then the wedding planner helps with the dress as The 5th Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues" plays on (yikes)! Brittany tells Lauren she wants to quit The Boutique which sets off Lauren and Lauren tells her she is done in 2 weeks. Brittany doesn't care because she doesn't know if she will stay that long. She ends up at Bobby's and Brittany thinks she is going to sing there. When she sees the "exotic dancer" she seems surprised. But Bobby offers her $1000 a night. She is not impressed. Paul spent the night at his office and Lynn realizes that, when in walks Christine. Then, Lynn goes off about Isabella. Mary and Isabella are at it and Isabella informs Mary maybe there won't be a divorce. Christine realizes the reason Isabella is keeping Ricky away is because of her. Christine gives Paul legal information about getting a divorce and Paul spazzes. Then Christine shows up telling Isabella they are going to talk, "right now" !! Isabella infers that Chris wants to see her dead.

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