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Monday 6/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee accompanies Carlos to Lacey’s department store after hours. While he’s fixing the lights, Greenlee attacks the Enchantment display. She paints all over Erica’s poster and replaces Enchantment products with Fusion’s. Carlos gets angry and tells her to clean up the mess. When Greenlee refuses, Carlos calls her a spoiled brat and heads towards the door. He comes back shortly and tells her the doors are locked and that they will be stuck inside till the morning. When Mary remarks on how quickly the hospital was able to find a donor for Jackson, Erica becomes curious. She later peeks at the hospital files and discovers that Greenlee was the donor. Mia and Tad continue arguing about men. When Mia starts throwing punches, the two of them end up struggling on the ground. When Tad is on top of her, Mia asks him to kiss her. Tad declines and Mia accuses him of being afraid of pursuing something real. She asks if it’s because she’s Liza’s sister and Jake’s ex-girlfriend, or if it’s because he hasn’t made love since his wife died. Tad furiously comes back towards Mia and gives her a passionate kiss. Edmund surprises Maria with a beautiful wedding service. The couple exchanges vows and Sammy, Maddie and Isabella applaud the reunion. Edmund later brings Maria home for a second honeymoon night.

ATWT by Didi

no recap today

B&B by Kathy

Rick slams the door letting Amber & Deacon know he's home. He asks Amber to take the kids upstairs. Rick tells Deacon he shouldn't be there and that will be his last visit. Deacon pleads he misses his kids and wants to be their daddy again. (It didn't work of course.) Amber comes downstairs and listens. Rick tells Deacon to leave. He does, then Amber & Rick argue about Deacon being there and what side everyone is on. Later Little Deacon/Eric walks in the room looking for Deacon. Rick says he's not there. At Las Olas, Macy lets Brooke know she's the cause of all her pain losing Thorne and since him. Brooke doesn't understand since it was a long time ago and she is with him. Macy lets her know she's never sorry for what she does and she tears people's lives apart. Sally walks up unable to get Macy to leave. Then Nick walks up asking if there's a problem. Macy lets him know he's the new kid for Brooke with a short-time left to be with her. Nick doesn't understand. Sally just says they're leaving. Nick & Brooke sip drinks while she informs him Macy's not a friend of hers and she hurt her (and others) so much in her past. Nick says he has no halo and everyone has a bad past. He wants life like sailing a ship. (There will be bumpy rides/no smooth sailing.) Brooke says she's that woman. He hopes so. Macy walks in late to her A.A. meeting with Deacon following close behind. They are upset they missed it. Deacon says he saw the kids but it wasn't easy cause Amber is for it, and Rick & Brooke are against it. Macy recognizes the names Amber & Brooke. She lets him know Brooke has messed up both their lives and will not get away with it! (They will work together to bring her down!)

Days by Staci

Cassie tries to flirt with Lucas, but he refuses to be with her. He drops her on the floor when Tony comes in. She says she was looking for her earring. As Mimi and Rex are about to make love, Tony knocks on Rex's door. Tony ask Rex about his design, and Rex shows him the crystals he made out of them.

Hope remembers the first time Bo was talking about buying a boat. They decide to take "Fancy Face" out for one more sail.

Nicole goes into the morgue, and finds Rolf's body. She uses it to act as Larry's body. She brings his body into the stables, and Victor finds her. He tells her to get dressed for his party.

Belle tells Phillip she'll go with him to Victor's party. She notices Tek and Phillip are acting weird.

Tony is in Sami's room when she wakes up. Later Lucas comes in tells her how upset Will is. She tries to tell him something, but can't.

GH by Meghan

A traumatized Michael kept repeating “Mommy’s gone” to Sonny, Jason and Courtney. Jason told Mike to announce that the wedding was being postponed. Jason went after Lorenzo to see where Carly was. He said he knew nothing, and Jason believed him. Later Jason and Sonny showed up at Ric’s house where Carly was being held in the panic room. Courtney took Michael to a psychologist at GH to help him. She was told Michael was in too much shock and had blocked out when Carly was taken because he was so scared of what he saw.

Carly fought Ric in the panic room, but he told her to shut up. Ric revealed that his plan was to take Carly’s baby and give him to Elizabeth. Carly tried to reason with him, but Ric kept on with his plans. Police showed up at the door after Lorenzo called them, and he made up a story about he and Elizabeth being newly weds and knocking the phone of the cradle. When Elizabeth went to take a shower, Ric went back into the panic room, where Carly hit him and then ran out of the room. He ran after her and got her back in. Jason and Sonny showed up at the door.

Summer let Luke out of his restraints and he left the hospital but not before trying to convince Summer to work Lucky to find out where he moved Laura. Luke went to see Stefan and then went looking for Summer. Summer and Lucky made love, and then talked about Laura and Luke and Nikolas. Lucky told Summer Laura was at Ferncliff and then she told Luke. Lucky asked if she thought Luke believed her. Lucky made Lydia help him change her tire, and then he left. While she was sitting outside of Kelly’s Nik and Emily came by. Lydia made fun of Lucky’s name and then asked Emily which trailer park she came from. Nik informed her that Emily was a Quartermaine.

GL by Barbara

Marah and Shayne talk about his choices. Baseball or school. Reva and Dr. Langham come to the Beacon and run into Cassie. Jeffrey explodes into the lobby complaining about the lousy room service. he apologizes for interrupting Cassie and Edmund. He notes that at least she is keeping it in the family. Reva ignores her cell phone when Josh calls. Chris wonders if Reva is running from working with him because it might cause trouble on the home front. Cassie tells Jeffrey to leave her personal life out of his complaints. She says that she and her friend.. and Jeffrey says that you play poker with your friends and that's not what she and Edmund were doing. Cassie wonders why he had to interrupt them and he says it was professional courtesy. He leaves. Jeffrey goes to see Mel and interviews her over a physical for his law clerk position. They get a little testy with each other and he hires her. Rick goes to Richard's grave to tell him about running the 10K race. Cassie arrives for some quiet time with Richard. Rick leaves. Cassie talks to Richard asking if he is sending her a new man. She eats a lunch that belonged to Jeffrey. Cassie talks about Edmund ending by telling him that she will always love him but will respect his wishes and learn to love again. She kisses his headstone and leaves. Reva has a vision of a grave and a headstone that says Winslow. She reacts and Chris wants to know what she saw. She says it was her sister's headstone just like Richard's. Shayne and Marah have some bonding time and he invites her over for pizza and a swim. Jeff comes in and runs into Cassie. He tells Reva that Cassie is ill because he interrupted her foreplay with Edmund. Reva is shocked as Cassie shares everything with her. Reva leaves and Jeffrey watches and comments that Reva played Cassie like a violin. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Jenn finds out about CJ. Jess & Mitch are at a motel. Keri shows up at Capricorn & she argues with RJ about coming back. Jessica sees Mitch arguing with himself. Jenn tells Joe who Flash is. Jessica pleads with Mitch to turn himself in. He says they're leaving Llanview to be together forever in paradise. Joey doesn't believe what Jenn says. Evangeline asks RJ to open up to her, he asks why she cares & she kisses him. Joey confronts Flash about her true identity. She tells him she's his cousin, Sarah. Mitch ties Jessica to a chair & gives her an injection of a drug. The cops break down the motel door, but find Mitch & Jessica have gone. Evangeline introduces herself to Keri. RJ sneaks up behind Antonio at the motel & knocks him out. Mitch carries an unconscious Jessica to a new house.

Passions by Ashley

Liz asks Fox to sell her the Blue Note and tells him it will help her get revenge on an enemy. Theresa tells Whit and Chad about Fox falling in love. Meanwhile, Chad consoles Whitney about her family. Charity and Miguel investigate screams they hear which are Sheridan's cries for help. Luis insists Sheridan was kidnapped and won't believe Beth's story about Sheridan leaving town. Gwen is rushed to the ER where Eve works on saving her baby and Rebecca is concerned. She also senses something is up between Eve and Julian.

PC by Beth

Joshua's drug is making Alison more compliant, but she does still exhibit some signs of resistance. After ordering Jamal to find the slayer, Joshua's hackles rise when he suspects his recruit of working against him. Rejoining his bride, Joshua locks the door behind him and continues his efforts to undermine both her free will and her confidence in Rafe. Still under the influence of the drug, Alison repeats Joshua's words back to him to his satisfaction. Unable to bear the thought of spending eternity with her lecherous new husband, Alison adamantly refuses allow him to bite her. Ricky voices his frustration with Joshua, who has been neglecting his responsibilities to the band. When Jack suggests that Joshua must have a reason for ignoring him, Ricky realizes that it's because of his failure to fulfill his end of the bargain. He puts an end to a scene that Casey is making and then drags her outside, where she tells him about her inability to help the dying Lucy. Ricky's words of sympathy and reassurance eventually lead to an argument about his continued association with Joshua and the club. After witnessing the end of their argument, Karen tries to talk some sense into Ricky, who has fooled himself into believing that his plan can't possibly hurt the woman he loves. Reese and Casey chat about the men in their lives. Jamal looks for the missing Rafe at the club. Jack is relieved to hear that Alison is still human. When Jamal tells Jack that Rafe didn't show up to rescue Alison as planned, Casey overhears and directs him to the hospital. Jack scoffs at Casey's assertion that Reese is in love with him. Pretending to give in, Ricky agrees to get away from the club, but he wants Casey to go out of town with him. Upset by the invitation, Casey turns him down and flees. Ricky is disappointed in himself for what he's doing but doesn't feel that he has a choice. Lucy's unseen visitor returns to her hospital room. Still uncomfortable with subjecting Rafe to a medical procedure he obviously knows nothing about, Chris points out that the transfusion is a long shot. Ian is aware of that, but he feels compelled to try. While Chris preps Rafe for the procedure, Ian informs a surprised Lucy that she'll be receiving a direct transfusion from her cousin. While the transfusion is under way, Jamal bursts into the room, and he's stunned by what he sees. Ian and Chris spring into action when Lucy goes into cardiac arrest.

Y&R By Rachel

Nick asks Victor if the mentoring offer is still on the table; after some negotiating Nick accepts the offer. Nick will finally get the coveted position of a seat on the Board. Victor is very happy to see his son in line to take the reins of the his company. Ashley decides to head Brad and Olivia’s advice and will be taking some time off from work. Ashley will go somewhere remote with Abby on the basis that it is just to stressful to be in the house with all that is going on with work. Laird promises to keep everything low-key for Mac and Billy’s wedding as to not have too much noise for Kay. JT plans to woo Colleen rings Colleen’s cell, but because she thinks that he is planning a weekend trip with his girlfriend, she just hangs up on him. Liz rushes to the office where both John and Jill are to tell them the truth about Katherine.

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