Friday 6-13-03 Recaps

Friday 6/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

The senior graduation party at the beach continues. Simone convinces Kenny to go skinny dipping with her. While they’re in the water, Reggie hides their clothes. Simone and Kenny back from the water and are shocked to find their clothes are gone. Joni gives Reggie a guilt trip and he finally returns the clothes. Reggie gets a call from the hospital, and he and Joni rush off. Lori’s father shows up drunk at the party. He gives Lori her mother’s graduation ring and she hugs him lovingly. When he tries to get a drink from the keg, some of the seniors try stopping him. Lori’s father ends up getting into a fight with Jamie and takes a bad fall. The police show up and most of the seniors run away. Simone and Kenny try escaping but get caught. At the hospital, hundreds of people show up to give blood. However, Erica worries that they still haven’t found the right donor. Erica snaps at Kendall when she tries to comfort her. Kendall looks hurt and leaves with Boyd after giving blood. Greenlee accuses Erica of always hurting her daughters. While they’re fighting, Mary sneaks into Jackson’s room. Joe tells Erica that they finally found the right donor, so she excitedly runs to Jackson’s room to share the good news. However, she’s surprised to find Mary sitting next to Jackson. Mary tells Jackson that he need not worry and that he will soon be all right.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Rick's impressed to see his mom dressed to go out with a man other than Rick. When Nick rings the doorbell and Rick answers the door, he sees a lady he's happy he shaved for (and she's glad he did). Nick's in a black jacket & pants with a Honolulu shirt. Brooke's in a nice, black dress. Nick says she'll be home by 10. Rick said to take their time. They leave. Amber & Rick talk about Brooke's date. (Brooke calls it just a time out with a friend, but they call it a "date".) Amber feels Nick is just a sub. for the time being until she decides to go back to Ridge. Rick feels Nick is different than those Brooke's dated in the past. Rick leaves for a few hours.

Nick & Brooke walk into a restaurant that reminds me of Mexico or maybe Spain. He's a gentleman the whole time. He orders drinks and they talk. Little things remind her of Ridge. Nick calls him "Cliff". (LOL) Brooke tells him she seldom gets a guy to fall for her, and then she dumps him and runs back to Ridge. Nick calls this "teasing". They dance. Macy earlier convinced Deacon to see his kids and he is grateful. But then Macy ends up at the same place as Brooke & Nick, but she's talking to her mom. Macy confesses to going to A.A. meetings again and meeting a friend for a drink. Sally's happy she's going. Macy goes back to thinking about how Brooke took Thorne away from her and Brooke had no regrets. At least Darla was sorry she says, but Sally tells her not to forgive her no matter what. She won't. Macy's in a thankful spirit when she thinks about how after all that happened with Brooke & Thorne, that she will never let her feel that low to go back to drinking again. Macy suddenly spots Brooke & Nick dancing and it disgusts her. Sally tries to get Macy to leave. Macy shows up behind Brooke when Nick went to get a drink for him & Brooke. Brooke's surprised when she turns around and sees Macy. Macy tells her, "Oh did I startle you? And here I thought you were dying to see me."

Little Deacon is sad his daddy (Rick) left him and wants him back. The door rings and he is shouting, "Daddy. Daddy." He opens the door and it's Deacon (his other daddy), who's so happy to see him. Amber tells Deacon he should of called first. He tries to say he talked to Brooke about it, but Amber says she knows all about his affair with Brooke. Deacon knows there are hard feelings. Deacon wants to play with Little Dee but doesn't have much of a chance cause Amber wants him gone. He finally convinces her to let him play with the little one cause he wants a chance like Amber got. (Supposedly he's changed.) Deacon's playing with toy castle. All in all, Little Dee lets him know the "king" (his daddy) left the castle (their home) and will not return. Deacon tries to explain that daddy never forgot about him and just needed to get a job, etc. Amber's almost in tears. She brings Hope down the stairs a few minutes later and Deacon holds her a couple of minutes. when Amber decides that's enough cause Brooke would be mad. She lets him hold her on the couch a few more minutes and tells his kids that daddy is back for good! Just as he's saying that Rick comes home and sees Deacon and hears him saying that. No one knows he's there.

Days by Rebecca

Chloe sings her last song on DOOL and leaves Salem, and Brady, for Europe. Nicole and Larry conspire to kill Victor. Rex and Mimi take Rolf's corpse to the morgue. And Bo and Hope decide to sell the Fancy Face, to buy equipment for their new career.

GH by Meghan

Lucky doesn’t know what to do when he has to pick between putting Luke in a mental hospital, or letting him get released from the hospital. Luke asks Cameron to get him out of the hospital, but he says no. Luke asks Summer to get him out, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Lydia sets up a dinner for her and Nikolas, and gets mad when he doesn’t show up because he took Emily to Jason and Courtney’s wedding.

Carly and Jason talked about their friendship, and told each other they loved each other, and would always be best friends. Carly left to get Michael, and never came back to the church. Sonny and Jason wondered where she could have gone, and decided she was missing. Ric started his revenge on Sonny, and his plan to give Elizabeth a baby. He drugged Elizabeth so she would sleep, and then brought Carly to the panic room, with the cops on their way after Lorenzo found a passed out Elizabeth.

GL by Barbara

Gus comes home and gives Harley the cold shoulder. Reva and Josh argue over Shayne- again. Phil and Lizzie are meeting Olivia for breakfast but she calls and cancels. She goes to see her OB and asks for a paternity tests. She wants guarantees. She insists that no one but her get the results and don't leave any messages. Lizzie and Phil talk about school. Tammy and Lizzie talk about their parents and dating. Tammy tells Lizzie that she likes to make herself look good at the expense of others. She colors the truth. Lizzie gets annoyed. Josh and Shayne talk and it gets heated. Shayne accuses Josh of being obsessed with baseball. Rick discovers that Ariana had a puncture wound and was injected with a toxin. Phil comes to see Zach and he and Harley talk about their lives. Harley offers Phil advice on handling relationships and Alan. Phil tells Harley to practice what she preaches. He leaves and sees Olivia and tells her that he wants the 2 of them to go away together. Tammy worries about Cassie and Edmund dating and that it is only a matter of time until they sleep together. She is not pleased. Harley and Gus make up and get cozy. Until next week. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Natalie confronts Keri. Max tells RJ about winning the lottery, but he's not impressed. Carlotta brings Adrianna to Foxy Roxy's & Roxy makes her look like her to Carlotta's horror. Jessie & Mitch fall into the river. Asa says he will demolish Roxy's salon. RJ tells Max he can buy Capricorn, because he's leaving Llanview. Antonio dives in to rescue Jessica, but all they find is her hat. Evangeline tries to talk RJ out of leaving. Roxy tells Max about her money problems & he says he'll help her out. Keri returns to Llanview & visits Capricorn. Dorian comforts Vicki during her ordeal. Vicki gets a call from Jessica.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. and Eve quarrel over Liz and Whitney. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Chad she is going with him no matter what. Sheridan gets some help from Mrs. Wallace. Charlie tells Mrs. Wallace all her plans for Sheridan. Beth convinces them that Sheridan may have left to because of stress while Antonio believes it's because she wanted to protect all of them.

PC by Beth

Refusing to let Rafe put him off, Ian knocks him out and carries him to the hospital, where he fills Chris in on his latest plan. Chris is uneasy with the idea of doing the procedure on Rafe, who obviously hasn't given his consent. Rafe is struggling to regain consciousness, and obviously has other plans. Ian insists that saving Lucy is the most important thing that Rafe could possibly do at the moment. Kevin resists Elizabeth's efforts to make him comfortable while he awaits his next injection. Karen brings the drug, but Kevin becomes very angry when he sees how little he's about to receive. An argument between Elizabeth and Karen ensues, and they take it outside, where Elizabeth accuses Karen of using Kevin's misfortune to put the moves on him. Karen threatens to have Elizabeth thrown out if she refuses to leave the hospital willingly. While Karen is distracted, Kevin takes the opportunity to prepare a larger dose for himself. Karen returns and catches him before he can go through with it. They argue about Kevin's need to get off the drug. Kevin finally gives in, filled with remorse about what he's done. Elizabeth returns and misinterprets what she sees happening between Kevin and his doctor. Abruptly turning around, she runs straight into Chris. He's amused by their head-on collision, but she's in no mood to be detained. Karen informs Kevin that the new vial of the drug is even more potent than the last one. It seems to be getting stronger and more refined, which is how Joshua kept him hooked. Kevin decides to put all his trust in Karen. Caleb is exasperated with himself for letting Rafe get away. As for Olivia's bragging about his imminent return to power, he points out that he will still be in danger until regaining possession of the ring. After eliciting a solemn vow of secrecy from Olivia, Caleb informs her that the ring has the power to grant its wearer's every wish. Caleb warns that the ring is very dangerous unless used very wisely. Olivia promises to do whatever it takes to get it back. She can't stop thinking about what it will be like to have that kind of power. As Alison gives Joshua the cold shoulder, he strokes his own ego by talking about how good he's been to her. When she tries to get past him, he grabs her arm and injects her with the same drug he used on Kevin. Alison immediately realizes what happened. She proves to be very resistant to the drug, fighting its effects with all her willpower. She eventually begins to show signs of succumbing. Realizing that she's finally ready, he orders her to pour him some tea, and she obeys.

Y&R By Rachel

Brad searching for answers on how to help Colleen get over JT by cross-examining JT for answers of why they broke up. While JT tries to get Brad to understand that he really loves his daughter, Colleen is listening to Anita give her pathetic excuses for sleeping with JT. Brittany interrupts and tears into her mother about even being in the coffee house -- what is she looking for more young men…Brittany can identify with JT and tells Colleen that she should give JT a second chance. Charlotte tells Liz that Katherine is Jill’s real birth mother and leaves it all for her to explain to everybody. Vikki fills Nick in on her date. Nick fishes for hints of Vikki feelings if he was to accept their dad’s mentoring offer. Jack brags about planting the seed of Nick running NE and being an ally of Jabot.

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