Thursday 6-12-03 Recaps

Thursday 6/12/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica and Anna bring Jackson to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Jackson needs a blood transfusion right away. He says Jackson has a very rare blood type and that the hospital has run out of blood supplies. Bianca comes in and tests her blood, but it too doesn’t match. Erica becomes desperate and gets on TV to plead with the viewers to come in and donate their blood. David breaks into Joe’s office and finds Leora’s autopsy reports. When Joe finds him, David accuses him of trying to cover up his mistakes. Joe and Tad call security and have David escorted out of the hospital. Anna sees David being lead out and wonders what’s going on. Joe tells her that David saw the autopsy report. Anna asks to see the report as well and Joe leads her into his office. In an effort to get away from Luis, Reggie takes Joni to the senior graduation party on the beach. At the party, Lori tells Jamie that she’s over JR, but she’s not ready to jump into another relationship. Simone comes to party to hand out Fusion samples. Kenny tags along to make sure Simone doesn’t get in trouble again. He warns her that there’s a lot of underage drinking going on and that they should leave. Simone tells Kenny to lighten up and go skinny dipping with her. Greenlee tells Kendall to not trust Erica, and says that Mary and Erica fall in the same category. Mary shows up and tells Greenlee she wants to spend more time with her. Greenlee doesn’t buy it and asks which man she’s running after now.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Nick enters Brooke's office as she's daydreaming about missing out on a tropical vacation with Ridge. She blames Nick, who's proud of her for standing her ground. They talk about Ridge a bit. Then he asks her out. She acts reluctant so he said this is not a real date. (He says she looks like she needs some food so he's asking her out.) Then she comes up with excuses for not going out: He works for Marone; he smokes; he's more private and she's got the press following her; and doesn't like facial hair. That's when he told her "good-bye"! Brooke sits stunned. A little later, Nick enters her office and says he'll pick her up later. He leaves. Megan asks if she's going out with him. Brooke doesn't know, so Megan says to give him her # then! Ridge & Eric are talking about how Bridget was told about the relationship (or whatever it is) being over now. Ridge also says they all feel bad about the whole family being hurt, etc. Eric thinks Ridge can get Brooke back now that she knows that Bridget & Ridge are finished. Ridge thinks it will take some time. He holds up a piece of long, white cloth. He shows up at Brooke's office while she's alone, knocking on the door with a homemade flag made of white cloth and a yardstick. He offers her the same pitch heard since the wedding like I love you, we can work things out, etc. He wants to go out with her but she has a date. He doesn't feel bad when he hears it's Nick. But he does say while leaving that while she's dating tonight to remember he loves her! Macy meets Deacon at a restaurant to talk and drink. She talks about her marriage being over and how it happened. Deacon says he used to be like him and nothing she could of done would've made her hubby stay. She wants him to be with his two kids because they need him, and no one should stop him from seeing them! He tells her his difficulties in doing so. They discuss Macy's past with Brooke & Thorne, and Deacon discusses Brooke & Hope (with only Hope's name specifically mentioned). She talks him into calling Brooke but she keeps saying "no". Macy tells him not to give up. He says he won't!

Days by Stacy

Brady tells Chloe that if she stays in Salem, or goes away, they're through. She tells him she hates him. Phillip finds out his dad's life could be in danger. Larry agrees to help Nicole bring Victor down. Shawn has a new job from Mickey.

GH by Meghan

Courtney, Carly, Sonny, and Jason went to the church for the wedding practice. Eventually everybody but Carly left, leaving her standing in the church. Ric looked at her from behind, and then went home to his panic room that was filled with baby things. He picked up a bottle of pills and announced that tomorrow was the "big day".

Edward took Dobson to dinner at the PC Grille where Ned and Skye were meeting with the judge to talk about the baby. They asked about how marriage would help them, and the judge told them it would be helpful to them. When "Dobson" noticed them talking, she ran into the bathroom and switched into her regular clothes and went over there and talked. Back at the table with Dobson, the judge, Ned and Skye went over and talked about the baby. Dobson went into a yelling fit about the baby and then passed out.

Lydia and Nikolas talked, but Nikolas wasn't too interested in anything she had to say.

At the PCPD Tracy showed up to bail Dillon out of the trouble he had gotten himself into.

GL by Sarah

Cassie and Edmund are kissing outside in the courtyard. Up walks an employee. Hand in hand they walk upstairs and continue kissing. They retreat to Cassie's bedroom. The lights come up at the Country Club and Ariana is DEAD. Gus administers CPR but it's no use. All wonder what killed her since there is not a mark on her and her airway was clear. Poison maybe? Jeffrey wants everyone to be questioned including Alan who was with her all night. Blake and Harley discuss the events of the evening noting that Blake never heard anything unusual. Michelle and Danny talk about their wedding and decide not to have a ceremony. Gus confronts Harley asking her when she was going to tell him what she and Blake were doing and why. Darci tells Frank that she would like to go out with him again. Alan wants a minute with Ariana before they take her away. He discovers that her pin is missing. Jeffrey has Gavin arrested and heads to the Beacon to question the hotel guests since that is where he has been staying. Meanwhile things are heating up in the bedroom. A relentless knocking on the door breaks the mood for Cassie and Edmund. There stands Jeffrey and a police office to inform Cassie of what has happened. With a look of disgust he tells Cassie that she might want to put on something a little warmer since she needs to come with him to question the guests and that it could take all night. Edmund leaves frustrated. Jeffrey says: Nice night and watches intently as Edmund leaves. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Jenn buys a motorcycle. Keri calls RJ & says she wants to come back. He tries to talk her out of it. Natalie finally tracks her down to Toronto & leaves on a plane to go find her. Bo questions Dorian about what happened to Vicki. Mitch takes Vicki to the Llantano River bridge. Flash continues to look for CJ. Jessica runs off to meet Mitch. Rex tells RJ he'll have the money for the investment. Gabrielle & Nora talk about Matthew & Bo. Mitch says he'll release Vicki if Jessie goes with him. Rex insults Marcie & she considers dieting. Dorian & Walker talk about Mitch & Blair, while she tends to his wound. She also asks him questions about his love life. The police track Jessica to Mitch. Jenn finds out Flash is Sarah Roberts. Nora gives RJ a pep talk. Natalie confronts Keri in Toronto. Mitch tries to jump over the side of the bridge to escape, but starts to drag Jessica in with him when she won't let go.

Passions by Ashley

Chad comforts Whitney and tells her she can always change her mind. In the meantime Eve and Liz face off while T.C. comforts Simone over her heartbreak. Charlie continues hurting Sheridan and Mrs. Wallace gets upset and fears they'll be caught and she'll be in trouble too. Beth finds Charlie's earring in Sheridan's room and fears they'll get caught.

PC by Beth

At the Elixir, Olivia taunts Frank with the news of Caleb's intention to return to power. She points out that if Frank plays his cards right, he may be able to get a job with them when Joshua's reign is history. Unimpressed, Frank has his own ideas. Rightfully distrustful, Caleb refuses to let Rafe leave the apartment alone. He wants them to work together to bring down Joshua, get the ring, and rescue Alison. Finally coming to an agreement, they start to head out, but Frank is at the door, threatening to snap Olivia's neck. Working together, Caleb distracts Frank while Rafe sets his sights on a potential weapon. They attack. Rafe belts Frank with a baseball bat. Caleb sets Olivia free and spills acid in Frank's face, causing him to flee the apartment. Caleb realizes that Rafe has also left. Casey tells Ian about her visions, and while he doesn't want to believe them, she insists that they're real. With a heavy heart, Ian tries to explain to Lucy that he's out of ideas, but he can't go through with it. Instead, he claims that he and Chris are working on something better than transfusions. Casey worries that Lucy will figure out the truth when she's all alone, but she and Ian suddenly realize that Rafe's slayer blood may be able to save her. Ian tracks down Rafe and orders him to go to the hospital for Lucy's sake. Rafe promises to go after he takes care of important business, but Ian refuses to wait any longer. Meanwhile, Lucy has a surprise visitor she hopes can help her. Alison denies trying to steal Caleb's ring from Joshua's hand, but he doesn't believe her. Ordering her not to lie to him again, he states that it's time to do things his way. Alison breaks loose and ends up in Jamal's angry grip. Jamal lashes out about her blind devotion to Rafe. He urges Joshua to do what any ordinary vampire would do and just bite her, since she's obviously not worthy to be his queen. Joshua has no intention of doing any such thing. He intends to make her wish that he had only bitten her. Out of his earshot, Alison strikes out at Jamal for putting insane ideas into Joshua's head. Jamal urges her to trust him and not give up on herself or Rafe. Retrieving a vial of the drug that he used on Kevin, Joshua prepares to force Alison to honor and obey him.

Y&R By Judy

Brock is back and Katherine comes home. Brock is worried about his mom's recovery. Charlotte shows up and even though Katherine can't respond to her Charlotte tells Katherine that she is not Jill's mother and that Billy and Mac are cousins and can't get married. Billy and Mac however continue to forge ahead with their plans. Brad and Colleen have breakfast at Crimson Lights when Anita shows up. Colleen gets antsy and Brad jumps to the conclusion that it is because of her situation with JT, then he leaves. Lauren guesses JT still cares for Colleen and he admits they had something good. Brad comes in demanding the truth from JT. Nicki tells Victor that Sharon has moved back in with Nick but Victor's concern is about Jabot. Nick tells Sharon about Victor's offer. Jack reassures Nick that his intentions in supporting his advancement at Newman is not manipulative. Nick tells Sharon to stay away from Victor and Nicky and Sharon agrees.


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