Wednesday 6-11-03 Recaps

Wednesday 6/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Reggie and Joni are at the community center, getting along very well. Reggie realizes that Luis is watching them so he starts acting really mean. Joni tells him she can’t understand him and rushes out in tears. Aidan and Maggie bring Anna home after the funeral. Anna feels uneasy and says she can’t stay at home. She runs over to Jackson’s apartment. Jackson comforts her and tells her to stay the night. Meanwhile, David spends some time sitting next to Leora’s grave. When he comes home, he sees Aidan and Maggie leaving with some of Leora’s things. He gets furious and tells them they can’t take away his daughter’s memories. Erica tries setting Bianca up with a female model named Kirstie Walters, but Bianca tells her to stop trying to control her life. After Erica leaves, Bianca decides to stay and finish dinner with Kirstie. Lena sees them having dinner and leaves looking very hurt. Erica goes straight to Jackson’s place and finds Anna there. She accuses Jackson of wanting to comfort Anna a bit too much. Jackson tries to explain but he suddenly gets very tired. He clutches at his chest and falls down hard. Erica screams and runs to his side.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Thomas visits Bridget only because Massimo's a major donor at the hospital. She's so glad to see him. Bridget tells Mass alone that she & Ridge called things off, but she still cares about his kids. Ridge visits Brooke and wants her back. She doesn't want to be second best like she's been in the past with his women (Caroline, Taylor, & Bridget). Ridge tries to convince her his relationship with Bridget is over, he loves her, they can work things out, and he will not give up on them! Brooke tells him to leave after also saying she's deserves a man that will love her, give himself totally to her, and she will find that man! (Ridge tried to say he's that man. He's afraid she's been talking to Payne.) Nick & Jackie are playing backgammon on his boat. She can tell his mind is on Brooke. She says he'll have to compete against Ridge. She thinks Brooke will go back to Ridge one day. Nick disagrees. She even told him to shave his beard off! Jackie knows he wants Brooke cause that's the main topic of conversation lately. She will never be convinced otherwise. She gives a lot of motherly advice.

Days by Staci

Belle tells Shawn that she's worried about Sami, and he tells her she'll be fine. Mimi comes, asking if they know where Rex is, but they don't. Shawn leaves, and Belle hears a noise. She hides, but makes a noise. Tek, who is with Phillip shoots Belle. Phillip jumps in and saves her. After Shawn leaves with Belle, Phillip, he jumps back into the water.

Brady comes to Chloe's house to try to make he understand. She says she can't leave. They make love, when Chloe gets a call from Nancy. She tells her that Craig has got a job offering in a different state, and he's going to take it.

Bo and Hope go into the Blue Note in disguises, and track down another criminal.

Rex carries Rolf's lifeless body into his car. Mimi finds him, and freaks out when he tells her that he killed him. Rolf moans, but Rex says he has to bury his body so he won't get in trouble.

GH by Meghan

Mac asked Georgie about prom and the hotel she booked with his credit card Dillon came after getting arrested. The PCPD thought he stole AJ's car. Mac told him to get ready for community service.

Jason got Sonny away from Lorenzo, by giving him back the drugs, but setting him up so the police could arrest him. Jason and Sonny met Cary and Courtney at the church for Jason and Courtney's wedding rehearsal.

Zander and Emily broke it off for good after she told him she spent the night with Nikolas. Zander went to Kelly's and told Gia about him and Emily.

Stefan and Nikolas had another argument about Emily. When Nikolas left, Lydia came out from the tunnels and told Stefan about her plans for her and Nikolas. When Nikolas was alone, Lydia talked to him. When Nik asked who she was, she told him that she was the woman he was going to marry.

GL by Barbara

The Country Club is brimming with Springfield residents tonight. Harley reports to Blake the happenings. Cassie and Edmund continue to dance. Darcy and Frank decide that this scene is too formal and go to the bar for a beer. Gavin spooks Alex when he delivers a message that she needs to live fully for you may die. They dance. Jeff reads the note that Eden received with her bar bill and they head to the Country Club to check out her girls. Alan and Ariana get cozy on the dance floor as he fishes for information about her working for Eden versus Vinnie Salerno. She says that she has only had one boss, Eden and she gets unnerved talking about Salerno. Jeff and Eden arrive at the Club and give Gus the note she received. Gus wants to shut the operation down and Jeff says NO! Harley and Eden talk about Ariana and Alan both being wired. Eden didn't know that Ariana had subbed for another escort. Edmund pumps Cassie about the psychic reading. She is hesitant to talk. Edmund repeats Richard's message and she tells him that is what Richard said and maybe Richard was talking about Edmund being the new man coming into her life. The lights go out and Eden calls out for Nicky. The backup power doesn't come on. Frank and Darcy flirt in the darkness. He leaves to go check on the generator. Cassie suggests they leave. Edmund of course agrees. Alex screams! Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Mitch holds Dorian & Vicki at the church & plays Russian roulette with them. Joe fights his attraction to Jenn. Al graduates from college. Nora asks Troy what he's doing lurking around Blair's house. Walker comes on to Blair, but she rejects his attention. Rex overhears Max say he told the cops about RJ's heist. Mitch tries to turn the two women against each other & to get Dorian to shoot Vicki, but she refuses. Rex tells RJ about Max & asks him if he can be the new investor. Blair dumps Troy. RJ confronts Max about his betrayal & fires him. Jenn tries to find out who Flash is. Mitch calls Antonio to the church & he finds Dorian shut up in a coffin & Vicki taken by him. Mitch leaves a note for Jessica at Llanfair that tells her to come meet him or he'll kill her mother. Max finds a winning lottery ticket! Dorian comes home to find Walker on her couch. Vicki's chained up under Llanfair in one of the secret rooms.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney and Chad talk and he comforts her for the fight that broke out with her family. T.C. and Eve have a huge fight and blame each other for all their problems with Whitney. Gwen becomes suspicious when Charity accuses Beth of knowing where Sheridan is. Mrs. Wallace and Charlie have words but when she threatens her she keeps quiet as she takes Sheridan to the pit in the basement.

PC by Beth

A concerned Casey stands by to support Lucy while a nurse takes another blood sample for Chris. Against Lucy's wishes, Casey calls Ian to let him know that she's been readmitted. Lucy is determined to check herself out of the hospital and try to help rid the town of Joshua, but Casey refuses to let her leave. When Ian arrives, Lucy fills him in on what happened at the Elixir, maintaining that she was simply confused, not hallucinating. To Ian's chagrin, she chatters about having made blueberry pancakes for Danny this morning. Almost immediately afterward, she demonstrates her awareness that Danny has been in New York with Tim for quite some time. Casey panics after having another vision of Lucy lying in a casket. Ian informs Chris and Casey that Lucy is losing touch with reality. Chris is willing to do another transfusion but warns that the results don't last and that she'll need yet another one right away. Casey voices the unthinkable conclusion that Lucy is dying and that there's nothing the doctors can do. While Ian watches sadly, Lucy hallucinates a visit with Christina.

Rafe wraps up an important phone call and tries to head out the door, but he is stopped by Caleb, who wants to talk about banding together again to take down Joshua and rescue Alison. After a shoving match using their respective powers, Rafe finally relents and agrees to join forces with Caleb, but he's desperate to get to Alison first. While Alison nervously prepares to go through with the wedding, she tries to reassure herself that Rafe will come through for her. Jamal finds her and takes her to her anxious groom. Joshua and Alison exchange wedding vows and rings. Mustering all her willpower, Alison kisses her groom while trying to remove the ring that protects him. Joshua grabs her wrist and vows to make her pay.

Y&R By Rachel

Michael doesn’t have to twist Phyllis arm to tell him all about the big Jabot/NE Damon Porter business card fiasco. Jack and Brad give John the full details Dru stealing the business card. Jack’s not worried about Victor, Brad is. Ashley visits Victor, who admits that he is contemplating legal action, but insist that what her real concern should be is her pregnancy. Nick comes home to a great dinner and a very happy Noah. Cassie sees her Nick’s happiness and asks to talk to him. Sharon confirms to Nick that she came back a new person and is ready to restore order in her life. She also tells Nick she still loves him, but understands that he may never feel like that again. Fred shares with Jill that Anita has had an affair with a much younger man and that his marriage is over. Jill shares that she is worried about Kay, but rationalizes that she must be worried because it is Kay who has brought Charlotte into her life. Jill gets a call from Billy: The wedding will be taking place tomorrow. 

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