Tuesday 6-10-03 Recaps

Tuesday 6/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Jake tells Tad about his engagement and Tad becomes furious. He tells Jake that there was no need for him to rub Mia’s nose in it. After Tad leaves, Jake tells his mother that he and Carolyn are leaving for Kenya in the evening. Tad goes over to the gym to talk to Mia. He tries to comfort her, but Mia declares that she’s had it with the nice guys. From now on, she’s going to date the bad boys. Erica accuses Greenlee of being selfish and trying to ruin a good mother-daughter relationship. Greenlee defends herself and tells Erica to stop trying to control her daughter’s life. After Erica leaves, Carlos tells Greenlee that he knows there’s more to this whole situation. He continues pushing until Greenlee finally admits that she did it all for Leo. She says that if Leo were alive, he would have asked her to do his best friend Bianca a favor by getting Lena a job. Erica goes over to Jackson’s but finds Mary there waiting for him. She complains to Mary about Greenlee, and Mary tells her that she’ll try to talk to her daughter. Mary realizes that she’s not going to get Jackson to herself with Erica around and leaves. Anna and David blame each other for Leora’s death. Anna finally tells David that if she hadn’t been so blinded by her love for him, Leora would still be alive.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Brooke doesn't believe things are over with Ridge & Bridget as she talks about it with Eric at the hospital. Nick brings Brooke coffee. Introductions are made and Eric is pleased to meet Jackie's son. Eric leaves the two of them alone. Brooke says Ridge is with Bridget. Nick disapproves and later asks to take Brooke home. She finally gives in after Nick says Bridget can call her if she needs her. Ridge tells Bridget he will raise the kids himself and not with her. She says they're just friends. Ridge feels guilty about things. He says other people see them more than friends. Ridge knows why Brooke wanted to marry him. (He's such a great guy.) She feels Brooke would of been lucky. Bridget loves the kids and doesn't want to give them up. She agrees to and tells Ridge "bye". Bridget's in tears. Eric calls Rick and tells him about Bridget. Rick's upset Ridge is there. Eric doesn't want Rick at the hospital. After the call Rick & Amber fight about their opinions about the Ridge & Bridget relationship. Rick is against it. Amber is for it. He finally tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Amber hurries upstairs. Rick goes to apologize. He was being insensitive, but he doesn't compromise about his family. Amber remembers that's one reason why she married him. They kiss. Nick brings Brooke to the house, but he won't leave until he's ready. Brooke says she's not always feeling down, but he knows it. He says many kind things which lifts her spirits up. (Brooke's a strong, independent woman who will bounce back again.) Brooke thanks him for his help. Nick knows he can leave after making her feel better.

Days by Rebecca

Chloe and Brady break up. Larry has a visitor - Nicole - who, in return for busting him out of jail, wants her husband dead! Lucas gets some *comfort* from Cassie. Rex confronts Rolf about who his mother is, but before Rolf tells him he gets knocked out )possibly dead) when boxes fall on him. Bart follows Mimi, thinking she knows something about the "DiMera Jewels" and plans to put a hit on her, but she knows nothing so the hit is off. (Cute scenes between Mimi and Bart!!)

GH by Meghan

Luke yelled at Cameron, Lucky, and Summer, thinking that they were ganging up on him to keep him from Laura. He stormed out of the room, and then collapsed. They took him to the hospital.

Lydia told Stefan told that she wanted to meet Nikolas, the man she would be marrying. Stefan told her she wouldn’t meet Nik until Stefan decided it was time. Stefan told her that if she did something he didn’t want she would not get her inheritance.

Carly woke up in the hospital and found Ric there. She freaked out screaming at him. Ric told her to calm down, and Carly yelled that he took Sonny. Elizabeth walked in and told Ric to get out. She asked what he was doing with Carly and he told her that he was just checking up on her. They went home, and Ric went in and blocked Elizabeth from seeing the panic room. He gave her a poster that advertised her art show. Elizabeth told Ric that he didn’t want him to make her forget about the baby.

Jason was at the PCPD and Scott told him that he would be in jail for the next 20 years. Jason asked Courtney to leave so she could go check on Carly. Jason told Scott that the drugs were Lorenzo’s. Lorenzo showed up and told Jason that Sonny was a dead man because Jason didn’t have his drugs.

GL by Barbara

Cassie has a date with Boris the hairdresser. She fills the time telling him all about Edmund as he is transforming her into the new Cassie. Jeffrey and Edmund "talk" in the lobby as Edmund waits for Cassie. Jeffrey pulls his chain and Edmund squirms. Jeffrey questions Edmund putting the moves on his dead brother's wife. He spooks Edmund when he tells him that they heard from Richard last night at the psychic reading. He offers a card for Edmund to call for a reading- because you never know, Richard might have some things to say to you. Edmund is unnerved. He sits to wait for Cassie. Jeffrey enters and sees Eden who has come in after talking to Darcy (Frank's date). Darcy tells Eden that she likes Frank and won't be a part of setting Frank up. Jeffrey approaches Eden and sounds like he is trying to pick her up until he tells her that he won't be in need of her services "Eden". Shocked, Eden asks who he is. The new DA and I hope you will cooperate, says Jeffrey. Eden is less than thrilled. Harley and Blake wire Ariana for her date with the client. Gus wires Alan for his date with he escort. Alan sets Alex for a date with a male escort. Alan and Ariana end up together. So much for collecting evidence. Ben spooks Eden when he sees her outside the Beacon. He heads to the Country Club to drown his sorrows. Edmund is stunned when Cassie descends the stairs in a sexy black dress and a new short hairstyle. As they leave, Cassie catches Jeffrey's eye. He looks on with great intent. Everyone ends up having dinner at the Country Club. Frank and Darcy, Alex and Gavin, Gus and Harley, Cassie and Edmund, Ariana and Alan and Ben luring alone at a table nursing a double. The world just got really small. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Jenn tries to make Joey jealous with Rex. Dorian & Troy continue to spar about what's best for Blair. Mitch continues to torment Walker as he's waiting for him to die. Vicki tells Asa she will take the president's job at the college. Bo & Antonio rescue Walker. Mitch continues to be tormented by his dead father. Troy gets more & more jealous of Blair's concern for Walker. Renee continues to pretend to be in love with Nigel & invites Asa to their "wedding". Bo asks Walker to pretend to be dead so they can set up a trap for Mitch. Joey tells Troy about Flash' bogus doctor. She lies & tells Joe her real name is Charmaine. Vicki & Dorian get in another argument & Vicki tries to give her advice she won't take, but they do agree to work together to get Mitch. Troy tells Flash not to use the throat spray anymore, but she does secretly. Mitch hires an actress to impersonate Dorian & Vicki's voice on the phone, to lure them to a church. After hearing Blair invite Walker to live at her house, Troy follows them there, where Nora catches him lurking. Cris throws Rex out of his house, after catching him having a wild time with Jenn. Mitch holds Dorian & Vicki at gunpoint.

Passions by Ashley

At the Inn a sick David convinces Grace to go back to Harmony and fight for Sam. Sam tells Ivy he doesn't believe word Grace says and Ivy and Sam become even closer. The guys search franticly for Sheridan and are worried about her. Edna prays Charlie will get caught and is shocked when she walks in with Sheridan in her arms and she seems lifeless. Theresa helps a sick Gwen when she has complications with her unborn child due to stress about Sheridan. While Liz watches by reliving memories because she sees the similarities of her sister and Whitney, she watches Whitney pick Chad over her family. T.C. tells her if she leaves she is dead to her family and should never come back.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth and Kevin push Karen into going to Frank for more of the drug. Elizabeth's jealousy resurfaces as she and Kevin await Karen's return. Frank becomes annoyed when Rafe's arrival at the Elixir is closely followed by Casey's. He strongly advises Ricky to go through with his promise to cause the guardian angel's fall from grace. Karen finds Frank at the club and asks for enough of the drug to allow her to help Kevin get through the withdrawal. Frank informs her that Kevin was cut off under Joshua's orders. Questioning Karen's sudden affection for Kevin, Frank relents and hands over a small amount of the drug, specifying that there won't be any more after this. Lucy tracks Rafe down at the club to demand an explanation for his actions. When Rafe refuses to defend himself in a beating by a vampire, Lucy tells her cousin that she's ashamed of him. Ricky calls Reese to say that although the VH1 special bombed, they do have an NV3 deal. He makes a show of coming onto Casey when Frank is looking, and Casey warns him about his behavior. Seeing a man who looks like Ian from the back, Lucy puts her arms around the man, whose name is Ted. Confused, Lucy swears that Ian was just there. Concerned, Casey helps her friend out of the club. When Karen returns to the lighthouse, Elizabeth wants to take over her efforts to help Kevin, but Karen doesn't want her hovering around. Kevin gets rid of Elizabeth so that he can get his injection. Frank watches Karen and Kevin jealously through the window. After telling Joshua that she appreciates his efforts to make her comfortable, Alison is shocked to walk in on Jamul's first feeding. Her reaction causes Joshua to doubt her honesty, but Alison reminds him that her adjustment to this lifestyle will take time. Jamal assures Alison that life as a vampire is good. Alison allows Joshua to comfort her as she tries to figure out what's right. Tired of feeling confused and putting off the inevitable, Alison informs a surprised Joshua that she wants to marry him tonight.

Y&R By Judy

Dru is worried about Ashley's dizzy spells and gets on her case about it. Ashley tells her to shut up ( hooray !). In walks Brad thinking Dru is causing trouble. Ashley sets him straight. Then she meets Damon and reads him the riot act, he offers to leave but she extends a welcome to Jabot. Cassie is not thrilled that Sharon is moving back home but Noah on the other hand is happy and accepts her attention. Cassie is loud and clear about her distrust for Sharon. Then, Nikki ( looking somewhat haggard and ratty haired, I might add) shows up at Nick's and starts in on Sharon. Nick approves of Cody's dating Victoria but before the conversation gets too intense Jack shows up. He wants to know more about what is going on between Nick and Victor. Over at Newman, Neil says Dru won't mess up again and Victor lays down the law and tells the gang he plans to bury Jabot. Later on, Victor ends up sitting next to Michael and they have a strange chat.

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