Monday 6-9-03 Recaps

Monday 6/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Jake returns to Pine Valley and calls Mia. Mia rushes over to his parents’ place, only to find another woman there. Jake hesitates and finally tells her that he’s engaged. Mia doesn’t understand and Jake explains that they both wanted different things out of life. He tells her that she kept pushing him away and at some point, other things in her life became more important. Mia accepts her faults but still can’t be happy for him. She goes off to the gym and finds Michael there. Joe decides not to go to Leora’s funeral, but Tad insists on going. At the funeral, Jackson pleads with Tad to leave if he plans to create a scene. Anna arrives alone and tells her friends that David doesn’t plan on coming. Janelle starts the service, but stops when she sees David enter. Anna is glad David finally decided to say good-bye to his daughter. After everyone leaves, David asks Anna why Tad came. He insists that the Martins have always hated him and that they finally got what they wanted. Anna protests but David turns everything around on her. Anna finally tells him that if anyone is to blame for Leora’s death, it’s him. Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee arranged for a job for Lena, and Erica rushes off to Fusion immediately. At Fusion, Greenlee admits to Carlos that she wasn’t helping Lena out of the goodness of her heart and that she was just trying to stir up trouble. Erica overhears this and tells Greenlee that she’ll be sorry.

ATWT by Dee

B&B by Kathy

Bridget talks to her parents about what happened that caused her fall, which is Eric & Ridge fighting. Ridge asks Nick why he's at the hospital. He says he drove Brooke there. Nick's afraid there will be a bigger fall between Bridget & Brooke, and Ridge should be worried more about that than Bridget's fall. Nick leaves for coffee, leaving Ridge with that message for Brooke in case she goes looking for him. Later Eric & Ridge wants what's best for Bridget. Bridget tells Brooke she feels guilty about things. She feels in her heart she can't leave Ridge's kids. Brooke finds Ridge and says Bridget wants to see him. Ridge tells Bridget that he loves her with his kids, but things have gone wrong lately and he will have to raise them w/o her. (This is best for everyone he feels.) Thorne's upset Sally is yelling in his home. Darla says it's O.K. and he leaves her & Sally alone. Sally's so heartbroken with Darla that even her reasons and saying I'm sorry will not cut it with her anymore. She took her in at Spectra when she had nothing and no skills. Sally tells her she's fired and never wants her around her or her family anymore! She walks out while they're both crying. Darla's stunned. At an AA meeting, Macy confesses she hasn't gone in a while cause there wasn't a need (until now). She tells the story about having a hysterectomy, her best friend & hubby cheating, and that her marriage is over. She cries. Next they talk to Deacon! He says he thinks about drinking cause his client is on tour and he's got too much free time. He doesn't know what to do. After the meeting, he walks over to Macy and tells her she can call him anytime to talk. He gives her his business card and they hug.

Days by Staci

Bo and Hope are celebrating Zack's 3rd birthday. Lexie and Abe come over. They give him presents, and one of them is Zack's first shoes on a plaque, with his name over the top. Later Bo and Hope tell Lexie and Abe that they want to be like bounty hunters, and they say they'll help.

Jack and Jen get back from their honeymoon, and are doing "In the House". Phil Vassar is there, and he sings.

Mimi comes over to Rex's house, and ask him when he's going to tell Tony about him not being his dad. Rex says he doesn't ever want to. Tony talks to Rex and notices he is acting suspicious. Rex over hears Bart talking to Rolf, and goes to find him for answers. Tony goes into Rex's room, and is shocked by a paper he finds.

GH by Meghan

Luke talked to Summer still thinking she was Laura. She tried to convince him of who she really was. Lucky walked in and tried to get through to Luke that Laura was gone, and that she was sick. Luke yelled at him, and then left with a knife. He went to talk to Cameron who refused to help him find Laura. Luke held a knife to his throat.

Emily and Stefan kept up their arguing about Nikolas. Nik came in and told Stefan he would either be nice to Emily, or he would pack his bags and go back to Grease. She told Nik it was the anniversary of her mom’s death, and he tried to comfort her. Stefan met with a girl who said she would marry Nikolas.

Carly cramped and then fell on the floor. Ric called then, and Michael told him something was wrong with the baby. Ric called 911, but before they could get there, Jason went back to the penthouse, and found Carly on the floor with Michael and Leticia by her side. She was taken to the hospital, but worried about Sonny. At the hospital, Jason left her when the doc’s said she was okay. When she was in her room, Ric showed up.

Lorenzo told Jason he was Alcazar’s brother. He told Jason that he wanted what Jason and Sonny took from him, and then he would let Sonny go. Jason left. Lorenzo went to see Ric and asked him about Sonny. Lorenzo told Ric he would soon be able to offer him everything that Sonny had. Ric refused.

GL by Barbara

Phillip confronts Olivia about Lizzie, taking Lizzie's side and saying some pretty hurtful things. They agree that they have a really big problem. Olivia gets sick. Alex tries to talk Phillip into getting rid of Olivia since she is the root of all of his problems. Olivia overhears the conversation. Lizzie cries on Alex's shoulder and Alex vows to take care of everything. Cassie is puzzled by the psychic's words. The psychic indicates that the male energy (Richard) says it is time to move on. Cassie asks Reva if Edmund is the right man. Reva says, she can't say. The psychic says that the man has a warning "nothing is as it seems". Jeffrey is sitting behind Cassie. Cassie decides to still go on her date, even after talking with Reva. Reva discusses her "gift" with Dr. Langham. Jeff visits with Arthur and talks about the murders. Danny and Gus discuss the murders and the possible connection between Eden and the mob. Danny receives a strange gift. Alex encourages Edmund to find out everything he can about Jeff's background, including the missing 3 years. Edmund sends Cassie flowers to her room.

OLTL by Kym

Antonio & Bo assume no one survived the blast at Clear Lake. Jessica gets a call with breathing on the other end. Walker wakes up & finds himself in the theatre. Mitch tells him Blair's dead. Blair stumbles into the hospital & finds Troy & collapses. Walker tries to talk sense into Mitch, who starts seeing & talking to his dead father. He apologizes for killing him. Vicki gets a mysterious wreath of flowers & thinks Ben's in danger. The police find blueprints for the sewer system around Llanfair, Dorian's house & the theatre. Mitch chains Walker up & pours gas on him. Troy tells Dorian to leave Blair alone & Dorian retorts that he should leave Blair alone, because he'll never understand her. Troy gets annoyed at Blair's concern for Walker. Mitch sets up candles to catch Walker on fire.

Passions by Ashley

Sam lashes out at Ivy about Grace's betrayal and she is shocked. David feels horrible about everything and tells Grace to go after Sam. Chad is afraid he is losing Whitney as she tells all her family she has made a decision and tells them how much she loves all them. Luis drills Charity for information about her premonition when they realize Sheridan is missing. Charlie becomes afraid when the cops trail her and decides to kill Sheridan rather than kidnap her. Beth panics in fear that Charlie did not make it to a safe place with Sheridan.

PC by Beth

Unaware that Joshua is eavesdropping, Jamal fills Alison in on Rafe's drunken scene at the Elixir. He assures her that he's perfectly happy as a vampire, but he wonders whether she's ready to become one herself. Alison refuses to think that far ahead, preferring to take things one step at a time. She admits that Joshua has granted her requests and that he seems to want her to be happy. Jamal suggests that she could surprise herself and fall in love with Joshua, but Alison knows that her love for Rafe will last forever. Jamal promises never to abandon Alison, and after a chaste kiss, he leaves her to her thoughts. Joshua confronts him outside her room. Under threat of extreme torture and suffering for both of them, he orders Jamal never to touch Alison or give her false hope again. Stepping outside, Alison talks to her absent soul mate. As she wishes for his presence, the wind begins to blow. Meanwhile, Rafe returns to the barn, where he reminisces about the love he and Alison share. He doesn't understand how he could have been so wrong in his belief that nothing could come between them again. He decides not to return to the barn anytime soon because of the intense pain it causes him. Before leaving, he hears Alison's voice telling him "goodbye" and saying that she loves him. In the catacombs, Olivia waits anxiously for proof that her bite succeeded in returning Caleb to his former glory. When Caleb eventually opens his eyes, he is overjoyed to discover that he's himself again. He magically transports the two of them out of the catacombs to a more romantic place, where they make love. Caleb confesses his brief notion that he could learn to be happy as a mortal. Although Olivia believes that nothing can hurt them now that they're together, Caleb warns that they're still vulnerable, and he wants her to learn to use her strength and power. Caleb vows never to lose this life again.

Y&R By Rachel

Phyllis and Neil wrestle over Damon Porter’s card; Victor walks in on them. Victors learns that this is the card that Dru stole right off Neil’s desk and takes the card. Victor shows up at Jabot interrupting Dru and Ashley in the Boardroom, where Ashley has just fired Dru, but she is quickly rehired when Victor threatens legal action. Something wrong with Ashes baby, Dru tries to call the ambulance, but is stopped by Ashley. Nikki lets Jack know that she is upset about away the funding of her line to fund Tuvia. Nick tells Vikki that he will be a part of bankrupting Jabot and won’t share his opinion despite here insistence. Fred grills Anita about just who it was Anita slept with. The customer at the boutique who said that he can make dreams happen gives Brittany his card and offers her a chance to audition.

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