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AMC by Lori

Kendall and Simone try to talk Mia out of meeting Michael at the Valley Inn bar for a drink. She resents their interference and decides to meet him, but, realizing she made a mistake, leaves immediately after she sees him. Greenlee's grandfather agrees to hire Lena for a finance job at Fusion. Bianca discovers that her mother reported Lena to the INS. Lena waits in Adam's office to talk to him about a job at Chandler Enterprises but walks out when it is Michael who comes to talk to her. Erica, who has gone to talk to Myrtle about Bianca, is appalled when Lena arrives at Myrtle's house. Bianca arrives at Myrtle's house and tells her mother in front of Lena that she is interfering in the life of the woman she loves. Anna arrives home from the funeral home and finds that David won't talk to her. She begs him to share their grief but he refuses. Instead he dreams of seeing Leora as a 5-year-old girl who tells him not to be sad she is gone.

ATWT by Dee

Katie is working at the Nurses' Station since the hospital was short-staffed. Mike asks Katie if she wants him to wait so he can bring her home. She says yes, and while he's waiting, Mike gets a phone call from Molly, who says she has news about Carly. Mike goes to meet Molly and tells Chris on his way out to tell Katie to meet him there in case he needs rescuing. Katie arrives just in time, but not before Molly tells Mike that Carly is in Muscle Shells and Jack is on his way there. Molly leaves at the sight of Katie. Mike invites Katie to go to Montana with him.

Jack arrives in Montana and enters the cabin Carly was staying in. He calls out and looks around, but he only finds her wedding rings. Carly opens the door and is shocked to see Jack there. He informs her that he just received her letter the night before. The two talk for a while and end up patching things up.

Rose is worried about her twin sister, Lily. When suddenly, a phone call comes in. Rose's phone is tapped by the police. The call is from the kidnapper who demands ten million dollars in unmarked bills if they ever want to see Lily again. When Mrs. Welsh hears the recorded tape, she announces she's going to the bank, even though Margo advises her not to. Molly shows and tells Margo about the scheme Dusty had and says she also believes he has something to do with the kidnapping. Margo goes to confront Dusty, but he already left.

Roseanna believes Carly is expecting Craig to go meet her in Montana when Craig tells Roseanna Carly has been found. He also says he wants to remarry her today, in one hour. Roseanna agrees after some persuading from Aaron. They get married, sort of. Roseanna was impatient. She and Craig basically performed their own wedding.

Chris wants to talk to Alison but she says she can't because she has a date. Alison has rooted through her sister's closet but her mother catches her with the clothes and says they are "too mature" for a girl her age. Her mother clearly does not want her dating Gordo. Alison however pleads her case by saying Rick is too young for her mother. Her mother agrees to let her go on the date but to wear something more appropriate for a girl her age. Alison shows up later at the hospital looking absolutely gorgeous. Chris is stunned by the sight of her. Gordo appears in a suit and tie and the two proceed with their date.

B&B by Kathy

Nick sees Brooke daydreaming about Ridge, hoping it was about him. They flirt with each other a bit. He's trying to help her forget about Ridge, and tells her she's bright and shouldn't let anyone walk all over her (including Ridge). Ridge & Eric are terrified concerning Bridget's fall. Eric tells Ridge to call 911. EMS techs. take her to the hospital. Eric goes; Ridge calls Brooke and tells her the news. Nick drives her to University Hospital. Meanwhile, Sally goes home and thinks Macy has been drinking. She wants an explanation since she's been doing so well (not to drink) for a while. Sally thinks Darla didn't want her to adopt her baby. Macy says she's up for it, but the father is not a good guy. Macy crying tells her it is Thorne. Sally storms out of the apt. rushing to see him. She takes no excuses. She's tired of her daughter being hurt and it is over! She will never forgive him or Darla, the lady she called her other daughter. If he touches her again she will kill him! Thorne is sorry for Macy's pain. Sally says he is not, never learned his lesson from being a cheater, and doesn't know what "love" means. She lets it out that Macy will not take him back anymore. She shouldn't of left Lorenzo, the man who loved her and would've given her a great life. Anyway, the doorbell sings and it's Darla. Darla asks Thorne for Macy's whereabouts, then sees Sally and says, "Hey Salll-ly."

At the hospital, Brooke joins Ridge & Eric with Bridget. They don't tell her much about what happened or how she is doing. Bridget has a concussion. Brooke goes to speak to her, and Bridget opens her eyes and starts talking about what happened before she fell. She is told not to talk (so she can get better by a little rest). Ridge leaves the family alone and looks thru the glass window at them. Nick walks upon him and tells him something like "You see what you've done to this family. You say you care about them." Ridge's facial expression is something like, "Not you again. Can't you have something better to talk about?"

Days by Rebecca

More lashing for Lucas and Tony. Rex, Mimi, and Cassie find out about the accident, and Rex realizes that Roman is his father and Cassie is still his full sister. Nicole is in trouble with Czar Victor, but it seems that murder is an option! Roman, Marlena, and company find out that Sami may never speak again, and they pray for her survival. Phillip and Tek work together on a mission. Meanwhile, Brady is still trying to push Chloe away so she can go for her dreams in opera. Bo and Hope bring Vin to Abe, and later they wonder if they should be Bounty Hunters!

GH by Meghan

Jason went to see Ric about Sonny, but Ric knew nothing. Jason got a picture of Sonny all tied up and went after him. He found the place in the picture, and the Alcazar look alike was there and told Jason it was time for them to negotiate. Carly had Faith brought to the penthouse and asked her about Sonny, and then sent her away. Courtney came in the penthouse with Brenda's address and told Carly she was going to see what Brenda might now. Michael talked to Carly who bent over in pain, holding her stomach.

Cameron defended Dobson to Ned and Skye. Zander showed up and announced that Cameron and Dobson were gay together. Skye tried to fire Dobson, but Ned said no. Zander tried to talk to Emily at the hospital, and she brushed him off and almost fainted. Nik offered to let her stay at Wyndemere, and she agreed.

Luke snuck out of the hospital after he was brought their by Lucky and Summer. He went to first Stefan's and then to Lucky's room where he thought Summer was Laura. He was crying because he was happy she was there and better. Summer tried to explain she wasn't Laura but he cried to her, so she went along with him. Luke kissed her.

GL by Barbara

Beth and Phillip discuss Lizzie and her therapy. They disagree as to how to handle Lizzie. Cassie and Olivia discuss her going to the psychic seminar and her "date" with Edmund. Olivia will cover tonight and then the sooner Cassie goes on this date the quicker she will get the details. Jeff and Cassie run into each other as Cassie leaves. Jeff is holding a shopping bag which he hands to Cassie. A "gift" for RJ- it's a race track so that RJ can be quiet when he plays with his cars. Cassie leaves. Reva and Cassie arrive at the seminar and speak with Dr. Langham. While there, Cassie receives a message from Richard through the psychic. He mentions a new man in Cassie's life. She's thinking Edmund, just a Jeff sits down behind her. Lizzie provokes an argument with Olivia. Olivia trips over Lizzie's backpack. Lizzie laughs and leaves her in the floor. She runs home to the mansion and tells Beth and Phillip that Olivia went off on her. Phillip leaves and heads to the Beacon to confront Olivia. Beth tells Lizzie to tell her what really happened. Eden and Bill argue about her business and her connection with Ben, then get really cozy. Bill asks her to close down her business because it is dangerous. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Roxy & Asa sign the ownership papers for Roxy, but only after she tells him the song to free Nigel & Renee. He tries it, but it doesn't work. The two are secretly faking being in love. Rex reluctantly agrees to setup Brad. Dorian & Vicki go to Bo for help with Mitch. Walker & Blair go to the Lake House to look for clues about Mitch. Mitch stabs the guard there & confronts them. He ends up shooting Walker. Reilly's help is enlisted for a sting operation against Brad, who's subsequently arrested for dope selling. Natalie & Cris talk about getting proof that Keri's still alive. Vicki & Jessica go to dinner with them to discuss their wedding plans. Vicki decides to take the presidency job at Llanview U. To make a deal with the cops, Brad admits planting the drugs in Al's dorm room. Blair calls Bo to get right over to the Lake House. Shortly after he arrives, there's an explosion at the house.

Passions by Ashley

Sam walks in on David and Grace in bed and she tries to tell him what happened. He will not listen and says their marriage is over and Ivy is as happy as can be. T.C. keeps putting down Chad and he snaps and goes after him. Fox breaks it up and takes him outside to cool down. Whitney pushes away her family while Fox and Liz bond over plans to get what they want. Luis starts to tell Antonio the truth about him and Sheridan and their past together but Gwen stops him. As Charlie tries to hurry Miguel and Charity away from her broke down car, Charity senses Sheirdan is hurt and nearby.

PC by Beth

Ian and Caleb are relieved to see Lucy and Olivia walk into the living room from another part of the house. Olivia happily informs Caleb that Lucy gave her the antidote. After hours at the Elixir, Jack helps himself to about $1000 from the cash register, informing Reese that it gets easier all the time. Reese shyly admits that she planned a surprise meal for him. Although she's very insecure about it, Jack is very pleased with her surprise. After waiting anxiously for a call from Joshua or Frank, Kevin is angry to learn that Elizabeth tied up the line with a call to Alison. He calls Karen, who expresses concern because of the way he sounds. As Elizabeth tries to take his mind off his problems by seducing him, Karen arrives at the lighthouse to check on her friend. She gives him a bottle of pills to help take the edge off, but Kevin knows they won't do anything for him. Karen finally agrees to help him obtain enough of the drug to get him off it permanently. Ian is stunned to hear that Lucy handed over the antidote, while Lucy is angry with him for keeping the truth from her. Lucy tells him that she's tired of fighting this, and she finally realizes that Caleb and Olivia are much easier to deal with than Joshua. Since Caleb wants to get rid of Joshua as much as they do, she firmly believes that she did the right thing. She also believes that she and Ian can safely make love, despite his protests. Ian succumbs to her advances but flees when his fangs come out. Back at the catacombs, Caleb worries that they may have been tricked again, but as he tries to reason it out, Olivia confidently chugs the liquid behind his back. Worried at first, Caleb decides to trust her instincts the way he has always trusted his own. He urges her to make him the vampire he once was, gasping as she sinks her fangs into his neck.

Y&R By Rachel

Brad worries about Ashley's health and wants her to listen to doctors orders -- REST, REST, REST! Ashley feels like Dru, or Damon Porter for that matter, don't truly understand what her vision is for Jabot. She feels that Dru needs to be controlled and she call Dru to the office to speak with her. Lily, Sierra, and Colleen are met by Dru in the apartment, where she notices their tattoos and piercings. Then she learns that Lily got piercing and hits the roof. Lily speaks back to her mother calling her a ex-model has been and gets slapped. Brad, unlike Dru, calmly tells Collen he is disappointed -- then they go on to talk about whether or not the procedures hurt. JT confronts Raul for spilling the beans about sleeping with Brittany mother. Raul shares that there is something going on with Brittany but he has not idea what. Brittany's parents try to reconnect with Brittany -- even offer her back all her credit cards, but she lets them know how much she hates them. At the boutique, Brittany meets that say he makes dreams come true.

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