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Thursday 6/5/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

David spends all night besides Leora’s smashed crib. Anna comes over and asks him to go with her to make funeral arrangements, but David refuses. Disappointedly, Anna calls Jackson and asks him to accompany her. Tad and Joe go to comfort David, but David still blames them for Leora’s death. He accuses Tad of taking revenge for having the affair with Dixie. Tad tells him he’s out of his mind, and that he shouldn’t turn Leora’s death into a personal vendetta. After talking to the INS, Erica has Lena’s visa revoked. She also meets with a fellow cosmetics executive and asks her to make sure Lena doesn’t get a job in Pine Valley again. Lena desperately asks Greenlee for a job, but Greenlee sends her away disappointed. After talking to Bianca, Greenlee realizes the similarities between Lena and Leo. In front of Erica, she encourages Bianca to get the girl. Later, Erica warns Greenlee to stay out of her business. She tells Greenlee no matter what she does, she will never be as successful as her. Greenlee doesn’t take the comment lightly and after Erica leaves, she calls a friend and asks him to hire Lena. Luis shows up at the community center. When he makes a few suggestive comments about Joni, Reggie gets furious and tells him to stay away.

ATWT by Dee

No recap today

B&B by Kathy

Amber suddenly becomes sorry she spoke to Jackie harshly at the beach house when Jackie decides to think things over about Fenmore's & Forrester's working together. This scene starts off as Jackie introducing herself the way Amber called her earlier, looks at sketches, then tells Amber she admires a friend standing up for another. (But she does not like that person accusing her of things without proper facts.) Jackie leaves while saying she'll call later. (The look on Amber's face is like she knows she blew the account!)

Eric & Rick talking about how bad it is for Ridge & Bridget being together and it must be stopped cause Bridget's still helping out him & the kids. Eric must go over there! So he does...Eric's about to bust down Ridge's doors. Ridge answers & Eric pushes by him calling for Bridget several times. Eric tells him things must be over for him & her. Ridge thinks he can leave his feelings aside, but Eric knows it will not work. Bridget's cooking, etc. for him & the kids so things are the same as before (thinks Eric). (What he doesn't know is that Bridget was reading "Helen Keller" to little Stephanie earlier, and tells her she has a knack for taking care of the kids.) Anyway, Bridget listens to some of the conversation and comes down from upstairs when she hears Eric yelling & saying he's taking Bridget away. Ridge tries to stop him from getting to her, so much that she gets pushed into a wall column. She falls to the ground with a big, bloody gnash over her left eye! They are scared for her

Macy tells Thorne that the baby will not be a miracle she's always wanted like he thought it would be. She's upset & crying still. She tells Thorne she was trying to believe he could be faithful, but it never happened. She told Thorne & Darla that it tore her apart when she discovered he & Brooke slept together. She always confided in her. They both broke Macy's trust and she'll never trust them again. Her marriage is over! She leaves with no one stopping her. Darla & Thorne are in shock cause she's never been like this before. Darla thinks she'll "come around" when she calms down, but Thorne says she will not. Macy ends up at Sally's house (I think) but she's not there. She cries a little and sees alcohol on the table. She thinks about it but just walks away. She stops at the doorway, then turns around and looks at the bottle again.

Days by Stacy

Nicole and Victor argue about how Nicole has to live. Later Phillip comes, and questions Victor about keeping her looked up. He makes up an excuse, but Phillip doesn't believe him.

Chloe and Phillip have a quarrel about Chloe's singing, and Brady, when Belle walks in. Later this guy comes, and starts joking about the girls. After Chloe says Phillip's name, they guy acts a little weird, and the girls notice, and wonder about him.

Brady goes over his plan to help Chloe, when Sami is rushed in. Marlena calls Roman who was talking with Kate. A worried Lucas tells Marlena what happened, and she lashes out at Tony, but Roman stops her. Later they find out that Sami could bleed to death.

GH by Meghan

Monica told Emily that she should be tell Zander the truth about her cancer and she said no, saying she was trying to protect him. Zander went to see Monica about Emily.

Skye told Ned that she thought Dobson was a fake, and they decided that Dobson was a spy for Alexis to keep an eye on Kristina. Skye and Ned took Dobson his fake resume and asked him about it.

Lucky and Nikolas moved Laura into a secret place so that Stefan and Luke couldn’t use her in their family war. Luke and Lucky got in a fight after Luke brushed off Summer.

Ric set up his secret room with more baby things, and Elizabeth started asking where he went off to all the time so secretively. Sonny decided to go see on of Alcazar’s old partners. Carly asked Jason to follow him in case something happened to him. Sonny was taken like a hostage/prisoner.

GL by Sarah

Tony tries to convince Marah to play hooky with him, but she reminds him of a meeting that he has with Danny. She agrees to go the lake with him after he meets with Danny. Meanwhile, Michelle is also trying to convince Danny to stay home with her. He leaves and goes to meet Tony. Tony decides that he will remain Danny's partner, and he will keep tabs on Salerno's men. Ed comes over to speak with Michelle, and they talk about wedding plans. Ed is trying to be a supportive father, but Michelle asks him if it's to make up for Maureen not being there. Michelle wishes there was some way to let Maureen know that she's very happy. Tammy thinks that Jeffrey is a jerk, and when Cassie tries to prove her otherwise, Jeffrey is nothing less than a complete butt head. Lizzie arrives and somehow convinces Tammy to play a joke on Jeffrey by breaking into his room. Jeffrey is less than thrilled and ready to arrest the girls again until Cassie tells him to get over himself since it was just a stuffed cow on his bed. He agrees and laughs. Cassie tried to convince Reva to go to the psychic convention and tells her that she'll go with her for moral support. Reva tries to warn Cassie not to go to dinner with Edmund, but Cassie tells her that they are just friends. Edmund meets with Dax at the docks with the information about Jeffrey's past. Dax thinks that Edmund will find it very interesting. There is a 3-year gap between Jeffrey's time in NY and his time in Chicago. Edmund tells Dax to find out what happened during those three years. 

OLTL by Kym

Al's parents bail him out of jail. Flash is back singing again. Joey takes her out to a party at the Country Club. Mitch mourns over Jessica. Al & Marcie figure out a plan to get Brad. Dorian demands that Vicki declare Todd dead, so she can have access to his trust fund. Asa continues trying to figure out the song to break Renee & Nigel's trance. Asa agrees to give Roxy the business, the building & an apt in exchange for the info.Vicki refuses to give up hope that Todd's still alive. Mitch calls Dorian & Vicki to taunt them. Jessica arrives at the gallery to find all the eyes in her portraits scratched out.

Passions by Ashley

Charity and Miguel have some time together and run into Charlie. Her tires are flat so Miguel helps her out. While their helping out Charity senses that Sheridan is in trouble but is unaware she is in the back seat of Charlie's car. Everyone is shocked by who the suspects turn out to be as the stalker of Sheridan. Theresa tells everyone she can leave the grounds and Ethan is overly kind and Gwen gets suspicious. While Sam goes into the Inn Grace undresses to warm up an ill David with her own body heat. Simone is as shocked and upset as T.C. when Whitney and Chad tell the Russell's their plan to marry and move to L.A. while Liz watches with amusement.

PC by Beth

Stating that he knows about the fake antidote, Caleb warns Ian that Lucy is in the company of Olivia and her poisoned fangs. Ian threatens to kill Caleb, who strongly advises him to decide whether it would be worth Lucy's life. Meanwhile, Olivia snipes about Lucy's poor treatment of her and her father. Lucy is confused by Olivia's claim that Ian handed over a fake antidote, but Olivia thinks she's putting on an act. Lucy informs her that she no longer cares what she and Caleb do because there are more important things to worry about. When Caleb and Ian arrive at the Lucy's house, no one is there. Ian finds her hospital ID bracelet on the floor and assumes that Olivia did something to her. Alison lays out the terms under which she will fully cooperate with Joshua as his bride, including no more involuntary recruitment, but the head vampire finds the terms unacceptable. Reminding her that that she isn't the first bride to enter a marriage for strategic reasons, Joshua reiterates his belief that she will eventually grow to love him. A drunken Rafe causes a scene at the Elixir, where he officially announces his retirement as a slayer. Frank struggles with his strong urge to kill Rafe in defiance of Joshua's orders, but Jack hovers protectively to fulfill a promise he made to Alison. As Rafe begins to sober up, Jack states his belief that Rafe hasn't really given up on the woman he loves. Rafe claims that he has indeed given up on Alison, who is clearly going over to the dark side. He further claims that this is fine with him, because he has finally wised up and is now moving on with his life.

Y&R By Judy

Isabella feels that Paul is becoming more dangerous and Diane suggests a restraining order. At the coffeehouse Phyllis encourages Michael to talk to her but is critical about his feelings for Christine. Brittany tells Raul she no longer cares what her parents do. She wishes she had gone to New York to school. Raul asks if their dating is a problem. Lily, Colleen and Sierra discuss life instead of studying then they head off to a tattoo joint to get body modification in the form of piercing and tattoos. Neil pushes Dru to tell the truth about stealing Damon's business card. Even though her actions make problems for him at work, he still kisses her. Later Dru meets up with Wes and remembers her modeling days, but he wants to know about her big news. He congratulates her and shares his feelings about Lily and asks if he can talk to her, Dru says no and leaves. Lily runs into Wes and he acknowledges her nose ring and tattoo telling her that Dru and Neil won't be happy about it. She tells him what she thinks of her parent's engagement. Michael then sees Isabella and she is very angry and does not want to lose Paul to Christine. She smashes her hand on the table and cuts herself.

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