Tuesday 6-3-03 Recaps

Tuesday 6/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Jackson packs up his things at Erica’s apartment. He tells her she needs to concentrate on herself right not and deal with Chris’ death. Erica protests, but Jackson assures her that he’s not bailing on them and asks her to keep the ring. After Jackson leaves, Bianca shows up and asks why she wasn’t told about Chris. Erica hugs her daughter and apologizes. She starts talking about Lena, but Bianca tells her that she’ll make her own decisions. After Bianca leaves, Erica calls the Immigration and Naturalization Services hotline to tell them about Lena’s illegal status in the country. Anna tells David that it wasn’t Joe’s fault that Leora died. David is outraged and vows to make them pay. He goes to the waterfall where Leo died and calls out for his brother. Anna asks Joe if she’s responsible in any way, but Joe tells her that no one could have known what was going to happen. Aidan shows up and comforts Anna. He tells her not to blame herself, but Anna still feels responsible. Carlos waits for Greenlee at the Valley Inn, all dressed up in a suit. Greenlee’s mother shows up and hits on him, not realizing it's Carlos. When she realizes, she makes some snide remarks about him being a mere handyman. Carlos and Greenlee sit down for dinner, but Greenlee feels that he can’t afford such an expensive meal. Carlos shows her a wad of money and tells her made enough from the art gallery. He tells her not to be like her mother. Tad shows up and tells Greenlee about Leora. Greenlee apologizes to Carlos and goes off looking for David. She finds him next to the waterfall and comforts him. She tells David that Leora is with her uncle Leo now, and that she’s safe.

ATWT by Dee

The person with Carly in the cabin is finally showed. She appears to be a woman no older than 35. She has long darkish hair and brown eyes. She has a gentle voice as well.   Roseanna is faced with a choice for her lawyer, either Marshall or Jessica. Roseanna chooses Jessica. Roseanna gets off with only $250,000 bail.   Rose wants Dusty out of her life for good. A strange guy working for Spangler is fighting with Rose. Rose yells for Dusty to help, but the door is locked.   Allison confides in Rick about her feelings for Chris. He suggests acting more mature.

B&B by Kathy

Thorne is still undecided about telling Macy he's the father of Darla's baby in order to adopt. He agrees after they discuss what lies did to Stephanie, Ridge, & Eric's lives. He doesn't want that to happen to them (Darla, Thorne, & Macy). Sally talks Macy into adoption. Macy calls Darla and wants to come over to talk about something important. She arrives as Thorne answers the door. They both must want the same thing, adoption, (Macy thinks). Macy is so happy that Darla agreed. Darla wants her baby to have a better life then she could give him/her, and only Macy & Thorne could do that and be the best parents. Thorne says he has to talk with her about something. Macy stops him, and says she doesn't want to talk about legalities right now. She turns to Darla all happy about the baby. Darla finally says she wants to tell her about the baby's father. She has a hard time. Macy says she doesn't care who he is. Darla starts telling her the news again (but doesn't finish). Amber visits Stephanie and gives her support. Stephanie is surprising thinking she'll be like all the other people around her (giving her a hard time). Amber says Stephanie has helped her out so much so she will be on her side. Stephanie wants Eric back, but Jackie is in the way. Next thing you know, Amber's at Jackie's doorstep. Jackie thinks she's trying to sell something until Amber says she's after a millionaire. Amber introduces herself as Stephanie's good friend. She enters the beach house and lays into Jackie that her game is up!

Days by Rebecca

Lexie lets it be known that she had the paternity test results changed to reveal Sami's true colors. Brandon leaves Sami, and says goodbye to Nicole. He and Abe have a heart to heart, and he leaves Will a note. He leaves to go to Chicago to live with Taylor for a while. Sami is heart broken, and gets the lectures from Roman, Nicole, and Lucas. John and Marlena talk about bringing Tony down. Phillip has a meeting with and ISA agent called "Tec" and he and Belle talk about the kiss.

GH by Suzanne

Zander finds Emily and Nikolas together; Nikolas lies that he wanted to meet because he was concerned about the bail money he put up for Zander. Zander knows that's a lie so Emily is forced to say she is torn between Zander and Nikolas. Zander is very hurt. Stefan and Luke argue about Laura. Luke thinks Stefan has done something to her, but Stefan points out that it was Luke's fault that she's crazy. Luke realizes Stefan is still in love with her. Nikolas comes in and tells Luke off, so he leaves with a death threat for them. Nikolas tells Stefan in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want the Spencer-Cassadine feud back. Emily arrives and Stefan tries to throw her out but Nikolas stops him. Lucas and Georgie go to the prom. She tries to get him to go upstairs with her to bed. Maxie drags Dillon to the prom to stop Georgie. Dillon lies to Georgie that her dad is looking for her while Maxie gets Lucas alone. She says he's the one she wants and kisses him. Georgie sees them and is heart-broken. "Dobson" figures out that Kristina has a fever so Skye gets her checked out by Monica. Alexis arrives and demands to see her daughter, so Skye has A.J. phone 911. Skye slaps Alexis for saying that she hopes she never has any children. A.J. and Skye check out their nannycam but only see "Dobson". Courtney and her mom argue about Jason. Sonny figures that Janine is being paid by A.J., and money falls out of her purse to prove it. Sonny kicks her out; Courtney is very upset. Ric offers Carly at ride when she's at Kelly's. She doesn't believe his story about wanting to be a real brother to Sonny so she suggests that he just stay away from her. Faith has heard the whole thing and tells Carly that Ric is just putting on an act before he strikes again against Sonny. Carly goes home and tells Sonny, who goes to Faith to get the real story. Carly worries about Sonny while Courtney and Jason look at invitation samples. Ric finds Elizabeth, painting. They kiss and have sex. She is awakened by Ric having a nightmare where he says Sonny's name. Ric awakens, saying "I'll kill you!" and grabs her.

GL by Sarah

Phillip is still very distant with Olivia, and she's beginning to freak out about it. They end up in a fight, and Olivia heads to work. Once at the Beacon, she find Beth and Lizzie having a girl's day out. Lizzie leaves to go see her dad, and Beth invites Olivia to talk with her. She convinces her to get the paternity test if she really loves Phillip. Later, Olivia calls her doctor to schedule the test. At the loft, Lizzie talks with Phillip about his relationship with Olivia. Without giving her a direct answer, Phillip gives the impression that the only reason he's with Olivia is because of the baby. Eden, Harley, and Blake are working on the case. Harley and Blake get Eden's little black book. Harley is clearly upset that everyone around her is working on the case except her. Gus and Alan are setting things up for them to be partners on the case. Alan is very pleased that they will be working together. Later, Alan goes to Eden to start setting up "dates" with all of her escorts. They form an unlikely alliance. Gus and Harley are having some issues of their own when Gus reveals that Alan is his new partner. Harley is clearly missing being on the force, and it's causing tension between them. They make up, but shortly after, she calls Blake to tell her she wants to be her partner in the case.

OLTL by Kym

Marcie talks to people at the police station to find help for Al. Lindsay finds a doll with a noose around its neck & Jen's name painted across it, in her bed. Nora brings Matthew's guardianship papers to Bo for him to sign. Lindsay calls Bo, hysterical. He comes over to check out the situation. Joey catches Rex with Jenn & gives him the third degree about it. Jessica tells him to butt out. Rae accepts a therapist's job at the police station. She challenges Hank to get back in touch with the guy he used to be in college, Hank "the cannon" Gannon. He accepts the challenge. Vicki & her kids work at getting Llanfair back to the way it was, by clearing out Dorian & Mitch's stuff. She finds the picture of Jessica missing & assumes it was Mitch. They find his bible with the passages on vengeance highlighted. Rex & Jenn make love in the old theatre while someone watches in the shadows. RJ signs the partnership agreement with Evangeline. After passing out, Jenn awakes to find Rex gone & on her way out, runs into Mitch. He precedes to threaten & harass her.

Passions by Ashley

Grace find David with a syringe and is shocked. Ivy works to get Sam to let go of Grace and embrace her. Sam blames himself for her leaving and is upset. T.C. tells Whitney that if she stays with Chad she's no longer his daughter. Meanwhile, Chad proposes to Whitney and Fox and Liz try to change her mind. Beth covers her tracks when Gwen almost finds Charlie kidnapping Sheridan. Luis, Antonio, and Ethan still search for Sheridan's stalker on the grounds.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth goes to Lucy for help finding Alison, but Lucy has lost all her self-confidence. Elizabeth assures her that even if she's no longer a slayer, she's still very much in tune with the universe. Taking this to heart, Lucy gets out her crystal ball, but she collapses before being able to use it. Elizabeth takes her to the hospital for help. Determined to get more of his wonder drug, Kevin tries to con Karen into helping him, but as a former junkie, she's onto him. She offers to help him beat this with real treatment, but she won't do anything to enable him to get more of the drug. Desperate for blood, Ian goes to Chris, who is stunned by Ian's marked increase in blood consumption. Although Ian doesn't want to give a reason for the change, Chris reminds his colleague that he's putting a lot on the line for him. Realizing that Ian is terrified that he will lose control and bite Lucy, Chris agrees to supply as much blood as he needs. Rafe intervenes just as Jamal prepares to participate in his first feeding with a vampire named Stacey. Surprised to see that Jamal has been turned, the slayer demands to know where Alison is, and he turns violent when Jamal refuses to cooperate. A young nurse finds Jamal on the ground, but he gets up and rushes away without allowing her to help. When Joshua tells Alison that he and her father were childhood best friends, she accuses him of lying. She comes up with her own idea of his past, which Joshua admits is painfully true. After leaving her, Joshua makes a mental note to praise Jamal for his help with her. Alison is stunned when Rafe appears in her room.

Y&R By Judy

correction....Charlotte finds out that Mac is Katherine's grand-daughter not daughter. Christine tells Michael that Paul has moved in. Michael questions the motive and he is told to get out. Isabella wants Diane to help her get rid of "the bitch" Christine. Diane does not want violence but Isabella says she is afraid of Paul and Christine. She calls Paul and wants Diane to witness the scene. John confronts Charlotte about the line she is feeding Jill. Jill calls Charlotte "Mom". Charlotte learns that Katherine can't speak. Billy and Mac tell John the wedding is still on. Charlotte meets Billy and Mac and visits Katherine. Charlotte encourages Mac and Billy to marry then finds out Mac is Katherine's daughter, (woops). Katherine's eyes fill with tears. JT tells Cody he is glad he is broken up with Colleen, it would have never worked. Veronica asks JT out, he says yes but ends up daydreaming about Colleen and breaking off the date. Colleen does not pay attention to her friend's that want to help her and has JT on her mind.

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