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Monday 6/2/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica warns Bianca to stay away from Lena and to not trust her anymore. Bianca defends Lena and says she’s not to blame for Michael’s attack. After Erica leaves, Lena begs Bianca for another chance, but Bianca says she can’t allow herself to be hurt again. Erica discovers that Adam was the one who bailed Michael out. She shows up at the Valley Inn where Adam and Michael are discussing future plans. Erica makes a scene and Adam defends Michael. Michael leaves and Adam asks Erica to calmly listen to him. He says he was just putting on an act and that he’s actually on her side. The two of them sit down and starting plotting against Michael. Henry tells his mother that he cheated and that he’s getting expelled. Alma can’t believe it and blames Maggie. Henry insists that Maggie isn’t to blame, and tells Alma that she put too much pressure on him. After Alma leaves, Henry begs Maggie to give him another chance to make it up to her. Maggie isn’t so sure and leaves. A distraught Henry wonders where his future is headed. Anna and David are heartbroken after hearing about Leora’s death. Joe encourages them to turn to each other in this hour of need. David leads Anna into the operation theater where Leora lies so they can say good-bye. Holding on to Leora, David vows to make Joe pay. Later, Joe and Tad offer their condolences to David, but David is furious. He tells Joe that he will take revenge for his daughter’s death.

ATWT by Desi

The body found was not Carly. Henry Coleman said the Simon killed the guy in the bag in self-defense. Jack thinks Carly left town because of him.

Rose asks Dusty if he's been lying to her. He told her everything about his scheme and Rose left to see Charlie Spangler. Spangler denies that Dusty's scheme ever existed. Rose tells Dusty to get out of her life forever.

Jessica is still shaken up over Marshall Travers and is using her job as a getaway from Ben.

Carly is sitting in a deserted cabin, looking out the window.

B&B by Kathy

Rick (or Little E. as I call him) tells Ridge to stay away from Bridget. Rick yells a while. He thinks she was using Ridge to get even with her mom cause she slept with Deacon. He's upset how this must of hurt Brooke so much on her wedding day. Bridget enters the room. Rick goes off on her saying, "I can't believe you'd do this to her." (He's speaking of Brooke.) Bridget says she's just visiting & not going to stop seeing the kids. (He thinks the affair is still on since she's there.) Rick says Ridge is off limits. She says she'll do what she wants. Rick tells her she keeps picking the guys that will give Eric a heart attack. Rick tries to get her to leave with him, but the kids enter the room. Rick greets the kids and says Bridget is leaving. They don't like that cause she is supposed to be fixing them wieners. Bridget says she will and leaves with the three. Rick & Ridge continue to argue about how Ridge & Bridget doesn't care how this relationship hurts others, how Ridge can't say things are over, etc. Rick says, "You know what Ridge. I'm glad you're not my brother." He walks out the door.

Then we see Thorne looking for Macy. She grabs him from behind. They talk about adoption after talking about Ridge, Eric, & Stephanie's current issue (about finding out about the real father later in life, etc.). Thorne wants to talk about adoption. Sally enters the room. Thorne leaves. Sally tries to talk Macy into adopting Darla's baby. She says if she does, Darla can see the baby all the time cause they're a family at Spectra and the two of them are like sisters. Sally's advises her not to adopt Darla (or another woman's baby) if she can't love it as her own. Macy's uncertain if she can do that. During the talk, Thorne calls Darla & wants to see her. She agrees. In the meantime, Darla talks to her baby saying his/her father is coming over. Thorne arrives. She knows why he's there. She finally agrees to Macy & Thorne raising her baby by adoption. He's thrilled as he hugs & thanks her. She says there's one thing he has to agree on (and he may not agree after he hears it). Darla says Macy must know the truth about the baby's conception. He argues with her a while. He says it will tear Macy apart, etc. Darla disagrees. They talk, but her requirement is still the same. The show ends as Darla puts her hand on Thorne's shoulder & says, "If you want this baby, Thorne, this is the way it has to be. And we're going to have to pray to God that Macy understands."

Days by Staci

Chloe tells Brady she blew her chance, but Brady says she still might have a shot at it. He tells her if they didn't spend so much time together, then she can go. Chloe thinks they're breaking up, but Brady says he's wanting her to go with out him. Later they dance.

Abe blames Brandon for him sleeping with Lexie for revenge on him. He tells Lex that he wishes that he could have loved him more, and helped him understand.

Hope and Bo are sleeping when a man tries to shoot Bo, but he wakes up, and finds out he's working with Vin. Later they get Vin, and are ready to take him back to Salem.

After Kate's call, Roman arrives at the hospital, and they track down Sami, after her and Brandon got married. They're (Sami and Brandon) in their room, when Roman, Lucas, Kate, and Nicole comes in. Lucas tells Brandon about Sami switching the test. Brandon gives Sami back her ring, and goes to the hospital. Brandon ask Lexie if he is the father. She tells him no, and that she set Sami up. Sami gets mad, and attacks Lexie.

GH by Meghan

Faith showed up at Ric and Faith’s and Elizabeth told her that if she kept coming around, she would give Faith a reason to be afraid of her. Ric came out and told Faith to leave. Elizabeth went to work and called Carly. She told Carly she was quitting Kelly’s effective that day.

AJ gave Janine a bunch of money to give Courtney and Jason problems about their engagement, Skye listened from the stairs and told AJ she wouldn’t let him get away with hurting Courtney unless he helped her plant a camera to tape Alexis with Kristina, After her visit with the baby, Alexis went back to being Dobson. She took off her mustache when she was holding Kristina.

Janine went to Sonny’s and bothered him and Jason. Sonny offered her half a million dollars to leave his sister and Jason alone. Carly and Courtney walked in then. Courtney told Janine that she loved Jason and she would be marrying him; she told Janine she didn’t want to have to pick between them. Jason got a call and he and Sonny left. They went to their shipping dock and Sonny found an entire sack of drugs. He told his employee the only way to save himself was to give up the Miami supplier.

GL by Barbara

Edmund comes to see Cassie and lays on the charm. Cassie is distant, Edmund questions if the incident in San Cristobel has ruined their relationship? Cassie admits to being confused and they agree to be friends. He asks her to make time to have dinner with him this week. Olivia watches as Edmund kisses Cassie's hand and leaves. Later, Cassie receives flowers from Edmund. Olivia warns her that Edmund is a better enemy than friend. Cassie bristles at Olivia's advice. Eden meets with Blake at Company. Marina sees Eden and goes off on her. Eden leaves to meet Blake at Harley's house along with her girls for some self defense lessons. Olivia struggles to figure out why Phillip is so distant while Phillip confides in Rick about the paternity test. He doesn't know if he can forgive Olivia for sleeping with Alan. A mystery woman comes on to Frank while at Company. Marina and Buzz watch with great interest.

OLTL by Kym

Dorian tells Blair she's not leaving Llanfair. Jenn calls Joe but hangs up. He goes to escort Flash to the gallery opening. Bo baby-sits Matthew & the two have some bonding time. Vicki tells her family that Llanfair is theirs again. Dorian finds some papers of Mitch's hidden in a book. Walker comes over to say goodbye to Blair. Rex tells Natalie he's been kicked out of school & needs a place to stay. Natalie finds out RJ's been getting mysterious calls everyday. On the phone with RJ, Keri starts to regret leaving town. Joey comes over & carries Dorian out of the house. Troy goes to Blair's & finds Walker there. He gets really upset & warns her to stay away from him. Jenn goes to Nora's house & sees Joey there to pick up Flash. Troy threatens Walker to stay away from Blair. Dorian comes home & tells Blair she's given up on trying to get Mitch. Blair says she hasn't. Jenn gets a letter saying she's going to inherit half-a-million dollars from her father's will & tells Rex this. Blair asks Walker to help her bring Mitch down. After the evening's over, Joey asks Flash out on another date & they kiss goodnight. Evangeline buys one of Cris' paintings. One of Colin's girlfriends mistakes Troy for him. He's about to ask her about Colin, when he's called to the hospital. Vicki goes home to Llanfair & puts her kid's pictures back on the mantel. After she leaves the room, a gloved hand takes the pic of Jessie out of the frame.

Passions by Ashley

David tries to convince Grace to travel with him and convince her to love him and let Sam go. But Grace continues to have mixed feelings because of her love for Sam. Ivy helps Sam remember their past and he asks her advice. She tells him to let Grace go because she thinks she loves David. T.C. wishes that Eve's son was Chad so Whitney would stay away from him. But meanwhile Whitney and Chad make plans to move in together in Los Angeles. Julian tells Fox to leave town and forget all about Eve and Julian or he'll be cut off of Crane money. Sheridan is still unconscious while Beth and Charlie try to figure out their plan.

PC by Beth

When advised to choose a side in the war between vampires and mortals, Chris expresses a desire to remain neutral. Caleb gives Chris a fragment of the shattered vial in the hope that he can identify and duplicate the antidote. When Chris returns from the lab, he regretfully reports that the substance was sugar water. Casey and Ricky take Rafe to Ian's loft for medical assistance. Ian doesn't want to help, but Casey insists. Becoming queasy at the sight of the deep knife wound, Casey flees to the hall, where Ricky informs his stunned guardian angel that he's getting back to his music now that he's done his good deed for the day. Ian wants Rafe to go to the hospital for stitches, but Rafe insists on being treated on the spot. He explains how Alison fell into Joshua's hands, and he attributes the loss of the antidote to an accident. Ian informs him that he switched the antidote with sugar water in a plan to get rid of Caleb. Therefore, the antidote isn't really gone. Rafe is angry with Ian, who considers the slayer to be too naive to survive in Port Charles. Believing that Jamal will help her escape Joshua's clutches, Alison lets down her guard. Jamal reminds her of the time when they all pretended that Jack was her new boyfriend in an attempt to fool her grandmother. Realizing what he's saying, Alison begins to yell at him just before Joshua walks into the room. Alison informs Joshua of her intention to become his worst possible nightmare. Joshua goes to Jamal for advice about how to deal with her. Jamal tells him to try backing off, since she doesn't like pressure, and opening up to her. Joshua gives it a try, and after leaving her alone, he laughs heartily about his performance.

Y&R By Rachel

JT tries to let CC know that he is sorry for what happen between him and Anita, he wants them to work things out because the love between them is still there. CC admits that she does still love JT, but what he did is unforgivable and there is no way things can worked out. Brittany lets her mother know that she knows about the infidelity between both her mother and father – and how ashamed she is to be her daughter. No real change is Kay condition. Mac was having second thoughts about going on with the wedding, but with some insistence from Ester and Raul she is again onboard with the idea. Jill is excited to see Charlotte and is accepting of the fact that she could be her mother; Charlotte looks worried. Isabella plans to get some revenge – maybe set something on fire, she asks Diane for help. Michael visits Chris with some coffee only to be peeking in on Paul and Chris dancing closely.

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