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Friday 5/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

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ATWT by Dione

Dusty runs the same game on Molly on Rose about the bad guys needing money and they're going to kill him. Rose suggests that he leave town. Dusty tells her that they guys will follow. Rose says Lucinda will give him money to pay them off. Molly, who is outside, overhears their conversation comes in and says that Dusty is a lying con man. Jessica and Ben are having drinks at the Lakeview when Marshall confronts them. Later, Craig hires Marshall to be Rosanna's lawyer. Margo calls Jessica while she's making plans to go on vacation with Ben to ask her if she wants Rosanna as a client.

At Emma's, Craig hires detectives to look for Carly. Katie arrives with a thousand pink flyers with Carly's picture and name on them. Mike, who's at Emma's, leave with Katie to help her put up flyers. While they're at the Old Mill, Mike finds a body. Mike calls the police and Jack gets hysterical when he thinks it's Carly. Later, Mike, Jack, Katie, and Margo go to the hospital while forensics cuts the blue bags off of the body.

B&B by Kathy

Stephanie's trying to figure out what kind of a lady Jackie is (at her beach house). She wants her to move out so she won't be a problem. Jackie says she's not going to. Stephanie says to her that she wants to take advantage of Eric. Jackie keeps saying Eric just wanted to talk. After she said she was staying put, Stephanie tells her to stay out of their lives and leave her hands off of her man! Stephanie leaves. Brooke visits little Eric who is taking care of Hope. He says she wants to know about the wedding. He's remorseful. Brooke tells him several things: She feels it was called off cause of her affair with Deacon; Ridge isn't Eric's; and Ridge & Bridget have feelings for each other. All stories are drawn out leaving Little E upset. Little E storms out of the house, and Brooke can't stop him! Bridget has a fun day with Ridge's kids. Ridge comes into the room to see what all the laughing is about. Kids leave. Bridget was hoping Ridge wouldn't be there. They talk alone about Eric being upset about the two of them. Bridget feels guilty. She loved her talk with Brooke. She tells how she loves the qualities the kids have and also Ridge. They talk about their relationship. Ridge tells her, "Can you draw a thin line in the sand and not cross that?" He informs her he won't hurt Brooke anymore. Bridget's afraid of losing him and the kids. Ridge says it won't happen!

Eric goes back to the beach house. Jackie offers him wine. She talks about Stephanie wanting to run her away, but it won't happen. Eric's so grateful for her friendship. He also says, "You're the breath of fresh air I've been looking for". He talks to Stephanie on the phone. She says he needs to only talk to her about their marriage (not to a stranger). She wants him to come home. He refuses. After saying she loves him, Eric hangs up. He goes for a walk. The phone rings. It's Stephanie! Jackie can't say anything for Stephanie talking. Stephanie wants to talk to Eric and work things out. Jackie finally tells her that Eric has gone for a walk, and she can call after dinner. Stephanie tells her to stay away from Eric! Little Eric sees Ridge and tells him his relationship with Bridget "is going to stop!"

Days by Rebecca

Rex learns that he is not related to Tony, Belle, or Marlena (he hasn't checked Cassie) but he learns that he is related to someone that was at the luncheon. Tony visits Lexie, Abe, and the new baby. Lexie later confesses to Abe that she slept with Brandon. Lucas learns that Sami switched the paternity on Lexie's baby. He gathers Kate and Nicole (Victor let her out!), but suddenly they can't find them! And finally, Brandon and Sami are at the Justice of the Peace getting married...

GH by Meghan

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GL by

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OLTL by Kym

Troy calls Nora to bring cops to get Lindsay. Dorian & Blair return from Savannah. Bo tells Blair & Dorian that Mitch's case is going to be re-opened & he questions them again about their involvement. Nora talks to Flash' possible producer about the contract. He sends in a specialist for her throat who prescribes steroids. Vicki questions Jessie on her part in Mitch's accident. She finally tells her mother the truth. Blair wants to tell Bo what really happened, but Dorian catches her & only tells him that they were involved, not Jessica. Before the will hearing, Dorian offers to not tell the cops about Jessie's involvement if Vicki will let her have Victor's assets. Vicki says no way. The cops stop by the gallery with Lindsay & she finds "You're Next" painted across her pillow. She starts freaking out & grabs a letter opener, shouting for people to stay away from her. Joey shows up & manages to calm her down. She's then taken to St. Anne's under police protection. Flash tells Joey about what the producer did & he objects to it. Blair shows up at Troy's & he starts putting himself down & saying it's part his fault. Blair defends him & they start making out. Jenn confesses to Andrew that she made up the lies about Joey & apologizes to both of them. Vicki shows up at Llanfair to show Dorian the judge's decision & to throw her out of her house.

Passions by Ashley

Grace and David kiss and she tells him she does have feelings for him. David uses this to try to get back into her heart. Eve kisses Julian while Fox watches and Ivy shows up. She tells her that she thinks she's always wanted Julian back. T.C. shows up and Eve is horrified when it looks like Ivy will tell all. Charlie knocks Sheridan unconscious and Beth is horrified they might get caught but Charlie plans to do everything her way.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth is surprised to hear that Kevin gets his medication from the Elixir. Rafe storms into the club with a vengeance, stopping the band's performance and threatening to kill everyone unless they tell him where to find Joshua. He stuns everyone by admitting that Alison isn't really dead. After he kills at least one vampire and threatens another, Frank arrives and takes him on. He goads the slayer into an attack. Jack stops Frank from killing him, but Frank does stab him with a knife. Ricky and Casey take Rafe outside to relative safety. Casey assures Rafe that she doesn't know where Alison is. Rafe tries to go find her, but he collapses. Kevin is angry with Elizabeth for not confiding in him about what really happened between their daughters. Frank and Jack face off over which man is the more valuable asset to Joshua. At the catacombs, Olivia defends her actions to Caleb, who is furious with her for messing everything up. Olivia accuses him of letting Alison come between them. She firmly believes that Alison was coming on to him and that Caleb is becoming more human every day. Caleb puts her suspicions to rest by making love to her. Afterward, he decides to find out whether there's anything left of the antidote in the vial. If so, he plans to have more of it mixed up so that he can again be a vampire and spend eternity with her. They go to the hospital to inform a nervous Chris that he will be doing them a favor. Meanwhile, Alison repeatedly calls Joshua "Rafe," seeing his face instead of Joshua's and pink roses instead of red. Not understanding his anger, she decides it must be pre-wedding jitters and asks him to make love to her. Furious, Joshua bares his fangs before stopping himself and leaving the room. When he informs Jamal that she is pretending to have had a nervous breakdown, Jamal promises to help his boss. When Frank questions Joshua's judgment in trusting Jack and Jamal, Joshua puts him in his place. Jamal comes to see Alison, but she still sees Rafe in front of her. Pretending to be offended by her distrust, Jamal turns to leave. Dropping the act, Alison asks him to stay. Jamal smiles evilly.

Y&R By Rachel

Sharon accuses Nick of encouraging Cassie’s bitterness; Nick takes offense stating Cassie speaks with a “broken heart”. Sharon and Nick rehash the stupid stuff they both did with no resolve. Nick asks her to stay because she obviously needs the kids and the kids need her – this way she could see for herself that he has no influence of Cassie’s negative feelings. Vicki is happy about her date with Cody, until she runs into her mother, who wants to talk about business. Nikki stands to lose a 35 million investment if NE succeeds and if Jabot succeeds Victoria will never be favored for her father’s mentorship. Colleen gives Lauren the locket to give back to JT, but tells Colleen that she is making a mistake because they are meant for each other. But with the knowledge of JT slept with Anita she does what hear it and doesn’t was to see or talk to JT ever. Ashley finds out the news about the new hire, Damon Porter, and she is not happy but will met with him. Victor learns of Dru’s espionage and promises to get even. Phyllis confronts Dru about her stealing and threatens legal actions. They wrestle and Phyllis steals the card back and leaves.

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