Thursday 5-29-03 Recaps

Thursday 5/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Maria tells Isabella that she has her memories back. Isabella hugs her daughter and thanks God. They excitedly call all their relatives to share the good news. Kendall comes home to find Michael waiting there for her. Michael feeds her lies about Erica and tries to seduce her. Kendall shouts for him to leave, but Michael has other plans. He grabs her and tries to shut the door. Just then Aidan arrives and tells Michael to get out. Michael finally leaves and Kendall hugs Aidan gratefully. Adam hears the news and discovers that Michael attacked Erica. When Michael comes over, Adam warns him to stay clear of trouble otherwise he’ll lose his bail money. Michael assures him that as usual, Erica has twisted the truth. Adam says he’ll let this one pass only because he has big plans for the both of them. David and Anna bring Leora to the hospital for surgery. While Anna waits patiently outside the hospital room, David sneaks away. He puts on hospital scrubs and covers his face with a surgical mask. He has no intentions to let Leora go through surgery alone. Derek hands Erica a letter from Chris that was to be delivered to her in the event of his death. After reading the letter, Erica gets more upset and blames herself for Chris’ demise. She fears that anyone she gets close to ends up getting hurt. Jackson tries to reason with her, but Erica tells him she’s going to do him a favor by leaving him.

ATWT by Dione

After Rose broke the news about Paul to Barbara, Lucinda, Kim & Lisa came over to comfort Rose, not knowing Barbara would be there. Lucinda gave a testimony of her pain after losing Bryant. Barbara was shocked to hear that Paul had confided in Rose all about his childhood with James. Spangler told Dusty that he wanted his next job to be Lucinda & Rose. Spangler told Dusty that he IS coming along for the ride. Evelyn suggested to Jess that she should open her own firm due to her rape & people seeing her as a victim. Jack took Rosanna down for questioning. Margo told him that he couldn't hold Rosanna on circumstantial evidence. Craig offered to go, but Rose told him that she needed someone that she could rely on.

B&B by Kathy

Thorne has to save his mom from the security guard, who wouldn't let her go to her office cause Eric banned her from Forrester's. He says he will take the heat if it's not O.K. They go to his office, and she has to explain why she was banned. She tells how Eric just found out about him not being Ridge's father, the whole story behind it, plus how he's upset and doesn't want to be around her. Thorne's stunned, but says he will not let her leave town (like Eric likes) and will support her always. They hug. Eric shows up at the beach house surprising Jackie. She's glad he's back, and he tells her he banned Stephanie from his work. He's happy she's been there for him. She tells she saw Massimo, and that he wants Brooke & Nick to hook up. They agree that Mass likes to use people. He thinks she has guts for her beliefs and standing up to Mass. They talk about how close they are (friendshipwise), and that it seems they've always known each other. She tells a tall tale about them meeting in Pompeii before a volcano erupted. (LOL) They laugh. She's so thankful about their friendship that she kisses him. He acts like she shouldn't of done that, so Jackie says he probably thinks she'll take advantage of him. He says it would be the opposite! She grins. She says he has a bad case of discombobulation, and the cure is a cup of tea. After saying she reminds him of his grandmother, Jackie's not too happy. He explains it's cause she cares and knows what's best. Anyway, their conversation will begin again after he returns from the office.

Eric shows up at Thorne's office after Stephanie has left. They talk about Ridge not being Eric's. Eric won't let Thorne defend Stephanie since she's lied to him, etc. Eric's been grooming Ridge to run Forrester's, but since Thorne is the oldest, he wants him to run it after him (Eric). He finally agrees. Thorne will support his dad. They hug. Meanwhile at the beach house, Stephanie can't open the door so she knocks a few times. She thinks she picked the wrong house when Jackie comes to the door. She lets her in and has to explain that Eric's been staying there and just talking to Jackie. Stephanie thinks he should of gotten a motel room and their business kept to themselves (not told to a stranger). Jackie lets her know Eric said their marriage is over!

Days by Stacy

Chloe tells Brady he shouldn't blow his new job and family just to be with her, but he says she's worth it. Cecilia ask Chloe to sing, again, without Brady. The first 2 tries, she messes up, but then Brady holds her hand, and she does good. Cecilia tells Chloe that Brady can't be her manager. Chloe says that if he can't come, she won't go.

John finds Phillip in the ware house, and asks what he's doing there. Phillip tells him he is going to work with him for the ISA. Later, officer comes, and John makes a noise, and Phillip nocks him out (the officer)

Vin takes Hope to the room, and tries to have sex with her, but she fights him. Bo wakes up and goes to the hotel. He spray paints something on the wall. Vin sees it, and goes out to look for who did it. Bo sneaks into Hope's room, and they escape.

Brandon says Abe is his father. Lexie has her baby, and it's a healthy boy. Abe ask Brandon to go out with him and Lex for dinner. Eugenia is about to tell Brandon about the paternity test switch, when she gets paged by Lucas. He tells her he knows about what Sami did. Sami ask Brandon to elope.

GH by Meghan

Carly and Courtney called Jason and Sonny to come home. They rushed home thinking something was strong, but it was Carly’s plan to help Sonny and Courtney bond by picking out her wedding dress, and her and Jason would pick out his tux.

Georgie yelled at Maxie for ruining her chance to go to prom. Lucas came in and then Mac. Lucas asked Mac to please let Georgie go to prom. He gave in, and told the girls they could go.

Cameron and Skye talked about Alexis and she asked the doctor to talk to the judge about getting rid of Alexis’s visits with Kristina. He said no, and Skye stormed out. “Dobson” came in and Cameron blew Alexis’s cover telling her that he knew who she was. They argued, and then kissed with Zander looking in from the window.

Nikolas and Emily talked about Zander, as he listened in from the stairs on the docks. Nik tried to reason with Emily to tell Zander about the cancer but she refused. When she left Zander, and then Gia went to the docks and yelled at him about his relationship with Emily.

GL by Sarah

Harley is having issues with her new position as a stay-at-home mom, and Eden comes to offer her a job. Alan visits Gus at the station, and everyone keeps interrupting them. Finally, Gus announces that Alan is his father and that his visit is nothing more than a father visiting his son, so everyone should stop trying to suck up. Danny is very upset that Tony wants to be Eden's bodyguard. Eden overhears them talking and leaves. Olivia keeps answering Phillip's cell phone, but the caller keeps hanging up. When Phillip gets back from his run, he calls the lab technician, and they agree to meet in 10 minutes. The technician reveals that Alan is the father. Phillip again promises him a job at Spaulding if he keeps quiet about the results. Later, we see the technician taking money from someone we can't see (my guess is it's Alex), and he tells them that Phillip will never know that he is really the father of the baby. 

OLTL by Kym

Natalie & Cris talk about hearing RJ on the phone. Cris says no way Keri could be alive, but Natalie thinks differently. Walker convinces the cops that Mitch is alive. Blair goes to Troy's house & tells him that Mitch is alive. She sees Lindsay hiding out there. Brad sneaks into Al's room & hides some drugs in his drawer. Blair tells Troy they're going to Savannah. Walker covers for the women being there that night Mitch supposedly died. Al's arrested during a room search & brought into the police station. Antonio checks on Jessica & tells her Mitch is still alive. He also tells her she's in danger from him. Lindsay starts yelling at Blair that everything's her & Dorian's fault. Blair acts like she's nuts & denies any involvement. Max is called into the station & Al swears to him & Marcie that he was framed. After a lot of arguing, they believe him. Marcie promises to help him out of his mess. Lindsay begs Troy to let her stay. He reluctantly says one more night. After he's asleep, she crawls into bed with him. Jessica comes back home to find the pic of her that Antonio bought, stuck to the front door with a knife & "traitor" written on it. Walker offers to be the bait to catch Mitch. Antonio promises to protect Jessie no matter what.

Passions by Ashley

Chad and Whitney spend time together and he asks her to reconsider coming with him to L.A. Ivy has a chat with a concerned Eve. She steps out for air and talks to Julian and embraces him while Fox spies on them. T.C. tells Sam to not give up on his marriage. Meanwhile, David makes up a lie about why he was talking to Ivy. They go to dinner and the violin player says he remembers them and their love from many years ago. Luis and his search party check all over the grounds for Charlie. She stands outside Sheridan's window vowing to get her while Beth is frantic and Gwen asks, why?

PC by Beth

Lucy's attempt to seduce Ian brings out his fangs. He stops himself before it's too late, but Lucy is upset about her inability to help him. Ian always knew this day could come, which is why he has to move out. They say some tearful goodbyes before Ian finally walks out the door. Jamal blames Rafe for leaving the whole town to become bat food while bothering to save Alison and no one else. His assertion that he's happy to be a vampire shocks Alison, who reels when he bares his fangs and attacks her. Her screams bring Joshua and Frank back to the room, and they hold Jamal at bay. Joshua tells Alison that he's been turning her friends and relatives into vampires so that she will be surrounded by her loved ones once they're married. He summons two female vamps, who drag her to another location. At the catacombs, Rafe refuses to hand over the antidote until he finds out what happened to Alison. Although admitting that Joshua found out the truth because of her, Olivia refuses to actually take the blame, stating that this is Rafe's fault for holding back the antidote. Caleb offers to help get Alison back once he becomes a vampire again, but Rafe informs him that he's doing this alone. Olivia manages to take the vial out of Rafe's back pocket, but he knocks it out of her hand and stomps on it before leaving to rescue Alison. Caleb is furious with Olivia, who doesn't seem to have a clue as to the damage she's done. Rafe storms into the villa but finds that the furniture is covered and the property is no longer occupied. Joshua informs a horrified Alison that he has big plans for her.

Y&R By Judy

Victor shows up at Jabot to fetch Nikki but she has left, so while there he decides to rib Jack about the huge payment that is due and about Dru's big mouth. Jack takes it pretty well because he thinks he has an ace up his sleeve with Damon Porter. Phyllis finds out from Neil that Damon is going to be working for Jack and she is furious. Now she knows why Jack was in such a good mood. Poor Neil has to break the news to Victor about losing Damon to Jack. Dru and Olivia's chat does not settle with Olivia and she leaves in a huff. Then Phyllis shows up at Dru's ready to have it out. Victoria and Cody share past stories as their date progresses. Sharon goes to see Cassie and Noah and finds Noah is all dressed up and glad to see her. Cassie on the other hand is not impressed and tells Sharon just how she feels. Brad asks Colleen if she split with JT but she is reluctant to tell him what happened. Brittany lets JT know what she thinks of him and her mom's bed sheet tango and he laments that it cost him the only person he cared about.

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