Wednesday 5-28-03 Recaps

Wednesday 5/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Hoping to get some proof against Michael, Jackson asks to use the surveillance cameras at the apartment. Erica says they can’t use the camera, knowing that Lena was caught on the tapes. Kendall says it’s not the first time Michael has tried to rape someone. Jackson and Derek say that’s all the proof they need, and that they can take Michael in for serial behavior. As they’re about to leave, Derek gets a call and discovers that the body they found in the water is Chris Stamp’s. Derek and Jackson gently break the news to Erica. Erica cries and says it’s all her fault. Maggie spends her entire day packing up things in her dorm room. Bianca encourages her to turn Henry in, but Maggie says he should do that himself. Regina stops her in the hall and pretends to sympathize. Maggie tells her she can move in on her ex-boyfriend if she wants. When Maggie enters the classroom, she’s surprised to see Henry with Professor Stevens. Stevens apologizes to Maggie for jumping to conclusions. Henry later tells Maggie that he confessed, and that he can’t go on with life without her. Maggie seems thankful, but says she’s not sure if they have a future together. The Fusion girls give out flyers and samples in the park, hoping to raise money to keep their business afloat.

ATWT by Dione

Jack gives Emma the search warrant and finds Carly's scarf in some newly planted flowers. Mike stands by questioning where Carly is. Later, Rosanna accuses Craig of betraying her when she arrives from Fairwinds and sees police cars. Jessica is eager to return to work because she loves her job only after Ben questions why he's still sleeping on the couch. Isaac overhears Bonnie's boss tell her that the children have complained about her. Bonnie gets close to a young girl named Sarah. Dusty figures out that the customer that gave Rose a $50 tip is Spangler. As Dusty comforts Rose about Paul's death, Barbara walks into Rose's home unannounced. Rose angrily tells Barbara that Paul is dead.

B&B by Kathy

Before Bridget leaves Brooke's office, she says she is mad. Not at her mom, but the situation she's in. She is upset her mom has been in pain, and made her stop the wedding (even though a little happy at first). Brooke tries to comfort her. She keeps saying she'll find someone better for her one day. All in all, they make-up and agree to stick together and love each other unconditionally. :-) Then there's Jackie & Massimo eating at Cafe Russo. He orders dinner for her. They toast to rekindling old friendships. He is sorry for getting angry at her at his office weeks ago when he thought Jackie tried to say Nick was his son. He's really happy Ridge is his son. Mass informs her Nick needs a woman in his life, and it should be Brooke cause she's beautiful, intelligent, etc. Jackie blurts out something like, "Oh I see...She's not good enough for your son, but she should be with mine? Don't call me ever again!" She walks out on him. Nick calmly tells Ridge not to be playing two women (at Ridge's office). Ridge doesn't want to listen but has to. Nick orders him to leave Brooke & Bridget alone cause that's trouble...More trouble than playing with two strangers. He understands why he would want both of them, but this is no good. Ridge says, "Are you finished now?" Nick agrees. Ridge plainly says for him to stay out of their lives. (Nick was only trying to help him.)

Nick leaves and looks for Brooke in her office. She's not there so he waits. She enters the room, and Nick asks if she's ready to sail away from things with him. She makes up excuses like she can't leave Hope and her job. He tells her he talked at Ridge, and she doesn't need him. He says there are a lot of men out there that would want and be good to her. She asks if he's one of them. As Brooke turns away Nick grabs her arm and turns her around towards him. He plants several huge kisses on her then says, "Does that answer your question?" He walks aways as she grins. (GOOD GOING NICK!)

Days by Staci

Annabeth tells Shawn that she overheared the mayor saying he was going to escape. Later Shawn goes to where Annabeth said he was going to escape. He hits him with his baseball, and the mayor is arrested.

Phillip goes into an old warehouse, when Belle shows up. He points his gun at her. Then they hear a noise, and it's a police man, so he kisses her. They leave. Later Phillip comes back, and continues his search.

Brandon invites Lexie and Abe to his wedding. Lexie goes into labor. At the hospital, Brandon tells Sami that he is the baby's brother.

Jasper tells Bo that Vin figured out who he is. Later Hope shows up as Ms. Hart, and gets a room. Bo sneaks in and they make love, and a plan to bring down Vin. Later Hope ask Jasper for a room mate. Jasper says she can be with Vin. Vin goes outside with Hope, as Bo watches. Vin kisses Hope. Vin's guys find Bo, and they knock him unconscious.

GH by Meghan

Faith showed up at Ric and Faith’s door, and then was thrown out. Ric asked Liz what kind of house she would pick if she could. She told him, and later met secretly with a real estate woman and gave her Liz’s wants for a house, but added one of his own, a secret panic room!!

Nikolas posted Zander’s bail. Alexis and Cameron went to the PCPD to try and bully Scott into letting Zander go. At the Q mansion later, “Dobson” was forced into a romantic dinner with Alice.

Courtney and Carly planned Courtney’s wedding. Mike refused to give his daughter his blessing until Jason asked him for permission to marry Courtney. Jason agreed, and then so did Mike. Jason and Sonny met with the Miami suppliers men. Sonny told them he only dealt with their boss.

Mac told Kyle if he ever touched, looked at, or talked to Maxie again, than he would spend a long time in jail. Kyle broke off his and Maxie’s prom plans. Georgie asked Mac for prom dress money, and he told her that neither her or Maxie would be going to the prom.

GL by Sarah

Tony finds a note about Eden meeting with Salerno and insists that he go with her. As they leave, a car tries to run them over, and Tony saves Eden. After she's alone, Eden calls the driver to thank him for such a realistic accident. Shayne is playing the good friend part to a T with Marina. She's very upset, and all Gus can do is tell her what a great girl she is and how Ben's the dumb one. Shayne tells her that all she did was throw herself at Ben, and that he might not have went elsewhere if she had made him work for it more. Marina thanks him for being honest. They go to the station, and Marina confronts Ben. Ben asks her to tell the police how they were together right before he found Ramona, and that she could clear him. She tells him that she wasn't watching the clock, and she's not going to lie to make up an alibi for him. Reva and Cassie are in the room starting to clean things up when Reva has a 'vision' about the murder. It looks suspiciously like Ben drowning Ramona, but Reva doesn't tell anyone that it's Ben-just that she was drown. Jeffrey is very interested in Reva's abilities, and that seems to make Cassie jealous. Holly comes to the Beacon and suggests a story on the murder to help Ben's case. Reva tells her that she'll do whatever needs to be done. 

OLTL by Kym

Jessie gets stuff together for gallery event. She goes on a date with Antonio for a carnival the police dept. is sponsoring. Asa tries to figure out the magic song that will unlock Nigel's spell, without success. Dorian, Blair & the kids prepare to leave Llanview for the safety of Savannah. RJ & Evangeline go out to dinner & talk about club business. Walker comes to the house & tells Blair he's on their side. Blair asks him if he knows what happened to Todd. He says he doesn't know. Lindsay shows up at the gallery & Jenn tries to help her. Roxy keeps teasing Asa & tells him she'll unhypnotize Nigel & Renee for a million bucks. He says no, but he will give her ownership of her salon. She tells him that's not good enough. Walker talks about how Mitch used to look after him. Jenn brings Lindsay to Troy's place. Walker promises he'll stop Mitch. Troy reluctantly agrees to shelter Lindsay for the night. Keri calls RJ & Nat overhears the conversation. She starts to assume that Keri's not dead after all. Walker tells the cops that Mitch is still alive & they work together to set up a trap for him.

Passions by Ashley

Eve convinces T.C. to g talk to Sam about why he's at the Lobster shack with Ivy. He tells T.C. it's harmless and even if it isn't it doesn't matter because Grace left with David. David talks to Ivy on the phone about their plan and Grace overhears his phone call and asks who it was he was talking to. Fox asks Julian about Eve and why he's being so secretive lately. He tells him to mind his own business and leaves to talk to Eve at the Lobster Shack. At Sheridan's cottage Charlie finds Beth with Luis talking about marriage plans and begins screaming outside. They all know its the woman who was trying to kill Sheridan and go after her in a search party of Ethan, Antonio, Luis, and Crane security. Beth gets a call from Edna while Gwen brings Sheridan to lie down. She tells her that Charlie is on her way and Beth becomes frantic.

PC by Beth

Lucy's attempt to seduce a reluctant Ian is interrupted by the arrival of her cousin. Asking for the antidote back, Rafe stuns Ian and Lucy by announcing his intention to allow Caleb to become a vampire if it will mean vanquishing Joshua. Maintaining that no vampire can be trusted, Ian refuses to cooperate until Lucy steps in and voices her own opinion. After Rafe leaves, Lucy again tries to seduce the man she loves, unaware that his vampire nature is rising to the surface. Caleb takes care of Alison, who is grateful to him for saving her life. Realizing that Olivia must have been her attacker, she confronts Caleb with her suspicion. He persuades her not to tell Rafe despite their pact not to have any secrets. In an attempt to ward off yet another unwarranted attack by her former best friend, Alison tries to leave, but Caleb persuades her to stay. Olivia offers to lead Joshua to Alison--who is very much alive--in return for the antidote. Joshua learns that it's missing and accuses her of playing games. Olivia informs him that Rafe must have stolen it. Joshua goes after her with a stake until she begs for mercy. He lets her go, because he can find Alison without her help. Fleeing the villa, Olivia worries about how to tell Caleb what she's done. Joshua arranges for Alison to be delivered to him. Caleb blames himself for Olivia's behavior, since he shouldn't have admitted to liking Alison as a person. When he returns from investigating a noise, Alison is gone. Rafe returns to the catacombs and admits to having the antidote. Learning that Alison is gone, he looks at Olivia accusingly. Frank delivers Alison to Joshua, who presents her with a pre-wedding gift in the form of Jamal.

Y&R By Rachel

Dru tells Neil to deal with the fact that she stole the business card off his desk – it was meant to be! Neil claim Damon Porter was his find and doesn’t argue long instead the two kiss make up and make love. Jack lets Brad in on the new Jabot employee. Brad is not only irritated that he was not included in the decision, but worried how Ashley will take the news. Diane gives Phyllis some marriage advice: Quit your job. Whatever – Phyllis isn’t listening to anything she has to say. Even with the tension between Nick and Victor, Victor asks Nick to tell Noah that his mom wants to see him. As Sharon expresses her despair over not being able to see her kids to her mom, Nick calls – both Noah and Cassie are ready to see her.

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