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Tuesday 5/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Luis threatens Reggie and Joni at the new community center project. He says he will let them go if Reggie agrees to let him steal the community center deliveries. Reggie agrees, and later Joni tries to talk some sense into him. Mia walks in to find Edmund and Maria in bed, telling stories to Sam and Maddie. She realizes that Maria is back. Edmund apologizes and thanks her for coming into his life, but Mia doesn’t want to hear any break-up lines. She starts to cry and rushes out. At Fusion, Mia blows up when Liza tries to talk to her. She says she doesn’t want any pity, and that breaking up with Edmund isn’t the end of the world. Meanwhile, Maria goes to talk to Aidan. Aidan tells her he saw it coming, and that he will always love her. He tells her to go back to her family. Maria tearfully says goodbye and leaves his engagement ring on the table. Kendall encourages Erica, who seems to be in denial, to admit that she was almost raped by Michael. Jackson overhears this and rushes in to Michael’s hospital room. He grabs Michael by the neck, but Joe and Derek pull him away. Michael denies the accusation and says that Erica and Kendall assaulted him. Kendall and Erica defend themselves, but just then another detective shows up. He says he received a complaint about Kendall assaulting with a deadly weapon.

ATWT by Dione

John tried to force Bob to sign a letter of resignation. The tests that Dr. Decker performed on Bob came back showing no signs of Dementia or Alzheimer's. Jack got the opportunity to search Rosanna's car, but the scarf he wanted to find was no longer there. Hal interrogated Parker and the little boy kept repeating "Mushy Cereal" when Hal asked where his mother where she might be. Before going back to Montega, Sierra told Lucy and Aaron to abide by Craig's rules in order to stay together.

B&B by Kathy

Bridget visits Brooke's office to talk to her. Brooke says she has talked to Eric. Bridget needs to stop her infatuation with Ridge, and they do not support her & Ridge together. Brooke apologizes for her past. They want her happy which means to stay away from him. She has helped out the family so much in the past with her compassion & integrity, so it's understandable why Ridge is close to her. But Brooke continued to say it's wrong for things to continue one & things must end for her (Bridget's) sake. She's so young & deserves more from a man. Someone will want her one day. Bridget asks if she is finished with her speech. Brooke agrees. Bridget walks away, but turns around to say she does have one more thing to say! Massimo looks at his Marone ring & recalls the fight with him & Jackie about Nick's father. Then he's given a phone # he asked for. Jackie & Nick eat & chat at her beach house. He can't understand why Eric confided in his mom. They talk about Eric, Ridge, Brooke & Bridget. He says, "you don't play mother against daughter". Nick defends Brooke, but doesn't like Ridge. Jackie's cell phone rings. She thinks it's Lauren. It's Mass. inviting her for a bite to eat. She says she's busy, but he will still go to the restaurant & wait if she changes her mind. They hang up. As Nick leaves she tells him to leave Ridge alone. He says he's a big boy, knows how to take care of things, & will stay out of trouble. Eric visits Ridge at his office. Ridge wants to call Bridget to let her know Eric's O.K., but Eric says he's seen her. Eric goes on to say he (Ridge) is successful at everything, but is bringing the family pain with him & Bridget's relationship. "Why?", says a puzzled Eric. Ridge lets him ask all the questions he wants. The main one was if he's done more than kiss Bridget. He says, "No." Eric tells him he has been wrong to look at her romantically. They talk about Stephanie. Eric has to explain to a confused Ridge why they broke up. Eric had been lied to & it was uncalled for. Things with Bridget must be resolved. Eric offers his helping hand & wants to be there for him.

Jackie shows up at a fancy restaurant saying something like, "Your father, Nicky, wants to see me." She goes over to Mass. at the bar intrigued with their gathering. He orders her a drink, but she says it should be something really classy cause they will need it. Meanwhile, Nick visits Ridge & calls him Marone (after saying he messed up calling him Forrester). Nick says he needs to talk to him about Brooke, Bridget, & Ridge!

Days by Rebecca

Hope is on her way to see Bo, and people from the motel throw him off from Vin's direction. Jack and Jennifer's wedding comes to a close, and the reception takes place. Afterwards, they're off on their honeymoon! John and Marlena try to have a romantic evening, but Tony's kiss is still fresh in Marlena's memory. Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Christopher, and Tony watch the wedding from TV. Rex realizes that Marlena is not his mother and begins to test Tony's blood sample too. Cassie has playtime with Christopher! Tony realizes that now Marlena is the only woman he wants.

GH by Meghan

Elizabeth and Ric found out that she had a miscarriage. Sonny and Carly were in the hospital and told Ric they were sorry, and Carly told him they had been through that before. Ric told Sonny that he wanted a truce for their families. Zander went to Jason and Courtney's after a fight with Angry John. John's gun went off and shot Zander. Courtney called the paramedics who came w/ Scott right behind. Scott arrested Zander for the murder of John.

Nikolas told Emily that he wouldn't pretend to be in love with her because it wouldn't benefit either her or Zander. She was leaving as Summer walked in. Nik introduced them, and as Emily was leaving he made it look like they were a couple. Summer asked Nikolas to have a cease fire with Luke, because Lucky was getting hurt. She later went to see Luke and asked him the same thing.

Skye told Ned she couldn't have kids, and told him she loved Kristina like her baby. Skye lied to him about the judge coming over, but "Dobson" blew her in. Ned and Skye argued, but in the end he understood why she did it. He agreed to take a swimming class with her and Kristina.

GL by Suzanne

no recap today

OLTL by Kym

Bo & Nora question Walker about his connection to Mitch. Jessica confronts Jenn about her lies about Joey. Carlotta has a coming out party for Adrianna. Blair sees the writing on the door & tells Hedy to take Jack to her home. Al surprises Marcie at work with a flower. Walker hears about what Mitch has done & refuses to believe it at first. Jenn talks to Joe about them having a future together. Rae then talks with Jenn. Blair starts to paint over the writing but comes back later & it's been written again. Al's supplier, Brad, tries to tempt him with more drugs, but Al tells him to back off. Max & Gabrielle hang out waiting for Bo to show up at the party. Dorian finds her clothes covered with "blood" & stuffed into the "Badhra" box. Blair finds a mannequin with a knife in it's heart, in her living room. Antonio makes a move on Jessie, which she rebuffs at first, but then accepts. Walker tells Dorian & Blair that Mitch is alive & that he's been taking care of him. He also says he's regaining his sight. Flash confesses her feelings for Joey & kisses him while Jenn watches horrified.

Passions by Ashley

Grace is concerned that David is the reason that they are sharing a room together at the hotel where the once supposedly honeymooned. In the meantime Sam and Ivy go out for dinner in Harmony. T.C. and Eve have dinner at the Lobster Shack and get ready to talk about the past and their relationships so it can never come between them. Fox tries to get Julian to talk about his past and Eve. Chad and Whitney have dinner together and spend some alone time. Alistair takes drastic measures when he destroys all files about Chad's parents. Beth tells everyone she doesn't want to marry Luis right now because he asks her to and Sheridan and Luis are relieved. But Antonio talks to her privately and she tells him Luis asked her to say that and he tells her not to worry he'll fix everything.

PC by Beth

To gain Casey's trust and cause her to fall from grace, Ricky gives his guardian angel a day just for the two of them. Ricky confesses his willingness to do almost anything to keep from losing his gig as lead singer of The Experience. After kissing Casey, he pulls away and expresses a reluctance to break the rules. Jack advises Jamal to embrace his new identity since it can't be reversed. After informing Frank that he has no intention of whining or fighting with him, Jamal asks his sire for a job. While Alison tries to comprehend the men's need to fight, Caleb struggles to make Olivia understand that Alison isn't the enemy. Rafe and Caleb sit down to strategize. In the spirit of openness, Caleb admits that Olivia worries that he'll eventually prefer being mortal. This angers Olivia, who shape-shifts and attacks a bewildered Alison outside the catacombs. Caleb comes to his friend's rescue, causing Olivia to feel betrayed by the man she loves. Determined to get what she wants, Olivia phones Joshua with news about his dearly departed Alison.

Y&R By Judy

Christine and Paul talk about the Isabella/Michael saga. Paul needs a place to live, Christine needs a job. They decide that Paul can be Christine's room-mate. Meanwhile Isabella tells Michael that Christine headed straight to California to find Paul. Sharon tells Victor that she wants a second chance and would never hurt the kids. She apologizes for "the kiss" but Victor does not think Nick will forgive him. She thanks Victor for listening, he says anytime (?). Nick wishes Cody good luck with Victoria and while at Crimson Lights, Cassie tells Larry she hates her mom. Larry in turn, shares with Cassie the situation with his own father. Nikki warns Nick to watch out for Sharon and impresses on him that he can't trust her. Neil and Jack go at it over Damon Porter and Neil is not happy at all and accuses Dru of stealing Damon's business card. Jack fibs about hiring Damon and then warns Dru about who Jabot's bosses are. Over-anxious Dru tries to sell Damon on the idea of working for Jabot and it looks like he is pretty impressed with Dru. A deal is in the making. Back home Dru meets up with a not too happy Neil.

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