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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee complains that she doesn’t know who the “real” Carlos is, so he takes her to the Pit for a night out with his friends. There they drink and dance, and Carlos sings a love song for her. Aidan and Kendall have a heart to heart talk at the Valley Inn. Kendall tells Aidan that Edmund is Maria’s true love, and Aidan realizes that he will be left behind. Aidan in turn tells Kendall to share her true feelings with Erica. Meanwhile, Edmund and Maria make love and try to catch up on everything they missed out on. Maria tells Edmund that Aidan had proposed to her, but he knows now that she has her memory back. Michael wants to settle the score and shows up at Erica’s office. Erica tries to call security, but Michael had already gotten rid of the guards. He grabs her and tries to rape her, but Kendall shows up just in time and knocks him out with a vase. Erica is shaken, but tries to be brave. Kendall comforts her and says “It’s going to be all right Mother”. Erica breaks down in tears and hugs her daughter.

ATWT by Dione

No recap today

B&B by Kathy

Eric woke up and apologized to Jackie for the misunderstanding about Nick's jacket. He will do something about Ridge & Bridget's relationship problem today. He thanks her for her listening ear & hospitality. (After all, she is a stranger.) He leaves & goes to Bridget's place waking her up. He is not happy with her & Ridge, but he will never turn his back on her. She has a lot going on with her life & he understands. She's sorry for what happened & never wants to disappoint him. They hug. Stephanie goes to Brooke's to look for Eric. Brooke hasn't seen him. Stephanie wants to be her role model, then blames Brooke for Bridget becoming just like her mom. Brooke thinks Stephanie messed up as well by having an affair with Massimo & things got out of hand when the truth came out. Brooke's tired of the fights. Stephanie's only regret is Brooke coming into her family's life. Nick shows up at Jackie's beach house questioning about Eric spending the night (after Jackie told him). He thinks Eric is vulnerable & will want more than talks next time. She disagrees saying his head is nowhere near those thoughts cause he's worried about his family. Nick doesn't think so.

Days by Staci

Phillip helps Nicole out of her room, and he thinks it's horrible that Victor leaves her in her room all the time.

Brady is about to call Cecila for Chloe, when she hangs up the phone. She tells him she can't leave Salem. Later Phillip comes over and tells Brady that if he really loves her, he won't let Chloe blow her big chance. Brady tells Chloe he'll go to Europe with her, if she goes, and she says she will.

Jen and Abby are getting their pictures taken when Jack sneaks someone in. When Jen goes to her room, she finds Laura there. Jen calls her dad and thanks him for bringing her mother there. Jen does the blue, new, old thing with the help of Alice, Abby, Hope, and her mom. Later Abby and Hope walk down the isle, then Jen comes up.

GH by Meghan

Skye told Dobson that she wanted to take over as baby Kristina’s mother. She asked the judge if she could get rid of Alexis’s visits with Kristina.

Emily told Dobson about Paige dying. Then she went and saw Nikolas and told him that she had cancer. Emily still didn’t tell Zander about the cancer, and her family wouldn’t let him see her. When Emily was talking to Nikolas she wanted him to act like they were in love. Nik decided that he could be losing all of his family money.

Ric got Elizabeth to the hospital. He blamed Sonny for pushing her, and Sonny said he had nothing to do with Elizabeth’s fall. At the penthouse, Michael got mad and started to knock things over, saying Sonny did it , so he could too. Jason told Courtney they could have a big wedding because she wanted one, even though he didn’t.

GL by 

No recap today.

OLTL by Kym

Cris runs the diner while Carlotta's recuperating. Gabrielle & Vicki talk about Clint & Bo. Dorian & Blair check in on Addie in intensive care, while she's recovering from a stroke caused by the attack by Mitch. Rae gets a legit counselor's license & talks to prospective clients at the diner. Carlotta shows up ready for work again. She prepares a party to welcome her goddaughter Adrianna. Clint's kids see him off at the airport. He promises to come back soon. A nun shows the guest book from St. Anne's to Bo at the station & he sees where Addie had a visitor named Walker Flynn before the attack. Bo & Nora start to piece together what happened to Addie & begin to suspect it wasn't Lindsay that attacked her. Troy comforts Blair thru the ordeal. Dorian barges into Vicki's office at the Banner & warns her she better not print trash about what happened to Addie. Vicki reassures her she won't. Dorian asks her she can prove she's sincere by dropping her attempts to get Victor's assets back. Vicki gets angry & refuses. Starr's back (!) & Blair tells her that Addie's sick. Troy tells Blair he doesn't think it was Lindsay that attacked her. Bo does a background check on Walker & finds ties to Mitch. Jessica confronts Jenn about her lies. Joe has an erotic dream about Jenn. Bo & Nora are about to track down Walker, when he shows up at the office. Dorian arrives home to find "Heed the Messenger" scrawled across the front door.

Passions by Ashley

Kay interrupts Miguel and Charity's romantic night by asking him to go with her to Lamaze class. He upsets her by asking Charity to go to and Tabitha tags along. Grace wonders whether or not she did the right thing when she left with David he offers to take her back home but she refuses. Sam is distraught but Jessica comforts him. Eve tells T.C. she is afraid of what Ivy will do and he says he blames Grace. Julian tells Theresa she can leave with little Ethan but he will still fight for custody but she swears to keep him from Julian.

PC by Beth

Ricky is angry about feeling forced to betray Casey just so that he can stay in the band. Having decided to do things her way instead of playing by the rules any longer, Casey goes to Ricky for sympathy. After Casey takes him up on his offer to spend the day together, Ricky informs Joshua that the plan is in motion. When Joshua has a talk with Jack about loyalty, Jack informs him that he isn't a yes man. Reese is excited about how well her VH1 interview went, but Jack thinks that they're more interested in Stephen Clay. Reese accuses Jack of ruining a good thing for her and the other band members. Jamal demands to speak to Frank, who considers himself much too busy to deal with his new recruit. Ian is disturbed by a nightmare in which he sinks his fangs into Lucy's neck. Jack asks Jamal to talk to him as if they're still friends. Sick of the tension in the catacombs, Alison announces her intention to leave and let Joshua see that she's alive. When Rafe tries to stop her, she informs him that his insistence on making Caleb out to be the enemy makes him an even bigger problem to her than Caleb and Olivia are. Caleb and Rafe get into a brawl while the women let them get it out of their systems. After the fight, Caleb and Rafe reach an uneasy truce so that they can bring down Joshua.

Y&R By Rachel

Neil catches on that it is Dru that stole his business card not Phyllis. Phyllis gets no apologies and Neil rushes to NE to try and intercept whatever Dru is doing. Dru admits to D. Porter, Satine’s old chemist, that she is a novice, but he would be very happy working for Jabot. Jack is clued in on her scheme for help. Vicki has a date. Diane tells Jack she is dating and Jack is glad she is moving on. Christine tells Michael it is over; Michael still wants to make a go of things and get married. After finding out that Paul knows everything, Isabella tries to explain to Paul that she really does love him and wants to spend her life with here in CA. Michael doesn’t think there is much he can do to get Christine back, but Isabella will try anything to get Paul.

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