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Friday 5/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

At Carlos’ art exhibition, Tad spends a lot of time flirting with Simone, but Liza warns him to snap out of it and take his date Lysistrata home. Greenlee shows up, even though she wasn’t invited and Carlos is glad to see her. She runs away at first but later comes back while Carlos is locking up and they share a kiss. Kenny finally tells Simone he likes her, and she agrees to go out with him. Aidan realizes Maria has got her memory back and he tearfully says good bye to her. Kendall tells Erica that she went to see Michael, and that he threatened to come after her. Erica tells her to realize that Michael never cared for her, and that it was always about Enchantment. When Kendall presses on, Erica says she’s really busy and brushes her off. During her interview with June, Erica calls Kendall her daughter and defends her. She also warns Michael to stay away. Michael accepts Adam’s proposal to work with Chandler Enterprise to bring down Cambias Industries. As Erica is about to leave her office, Michael shows up and frightens her. When Maria finally gets Edmund alone, she shares specific memories with him – their first kiss, his proposal, their honeymoon, and their children. Edmund’s eyes well up and he kisses her.

ATWT by Dione

B&B by Kathy

Bridget goes to Stephanie's looking for her dad. She says he wouldn't be there. Bridget is upset about scaring him off and wants to make things right. She finally tells Stephanie about the kiss. Stephanie yells saying she warned her about the consequences. (It was like "I told you so.") Stephanie says Bridget is like her mother! Brooke tells Ridge there is no excuse for the 2 kisses. He agrees and tries to explain but Brooke says it's too late. She doesn't understand how he could do what he did while loving her and just throw it all away. She thought she wouldn't have to look over her shoulder and worry about him being interested in someone else...but feels she will from now on. Eric and Jackie had to explain to each other why they were at the beach house. He needed time to think and that's his family's place. Jackie got it from Lauren Fenmore's mom. She wanted to call to get things straightened out. Eric tried to leave but she stopped him. He let on he lost everything and she understands somewhat. Jackie lost a husband and has been alone. She said he just needs a hug. They embrace. He blames himself for being blind (not seeing the hints about what's going on with his family). She listens until Eric sees Nick's jacket with Marone on it (which he thinks is Massimo's). She had to explain why she has it cause he thinks she's involved with Mass. He was mad. She says she loathes Mass. as much as he does and wants nothing to do with him!

Days by Rebecca

Cecilia Maron tells Chloe that instead of Julliard, she wants her to come with her on a tour in Europe. Jack and Jennifer prepare for the wedding and Bill Horton's third mysterious gift arrives. Nicole is locked in her room as punishment and when Phillip comes by, she begs him to let her out. After finding out that Lucas is working for Tony, she wants Sami to have full custody of Will. She also wants the twins out of the mansion. Late, Tony pulls her into a kiss, and of course she slaps him. When she gets home, she tells John that she will help bring Tony down, for good...

GH by Meghan

Emily told Lila about her cancer and then went for her first chemo session. When she came home that night, she had a dream about having to pick between living and dying.

Michael yelled at Sonny because it was his fault he couldn’t ever go out. Sonny went and met Elizabeth, who told him that she wanted him to swear he wouldn’t hurt Ric. Sonny yelled at her, and then went back home. When Elizabeth was walking down the stairs, Faith came from behind and pushed her. Jason asked Courtney if she really wanted to marry him, and she said of course she did. He gave her a ring! 

Nikolas, Lucky, and Summer found the way into the room with the money. Luke was already there. Nikolas realized all the money in there was worthless. Luke left them, laughing. Lucky said something to him, but Luke told his son that he had chosen a Cassadine for the last time.

GL by Barbra

OLTL by Kym

Clint visits with Jessica, Joey & Vicki. Walker questions Lindsay about Mitch, he says he will help her straighten out her life. Mitch has a nightmare about being buried alive. Antonio finds Jessica's jacket with the missing button. Asa throws a party for Clint. Walker flirts with Blair & says he wants to make amends for what his brother's done. The Buchanan men make up for lost time. Cris is fed up with Asa's attitude & quits his job. Antonio confronts Jessica about the jacket. She denies doing anything wrong & he tells her the case is closed anyway. Adie's frightened by the electrical storm & Lindsay offers her bed to sleep in, until she's done reading. Joey talks to Clint about his doubts on becoming a minister. Mitch, after regaining most of his sight, sneaks into St. Anne's & nearly suffocates Addie with a pillow, thinking it's Lindsay. She's rushed to the hospital. They catch Lindsay holding the pillow & assume she's the guilty one. They take her into custody, but as they're putting her in the car, she runs off into the woods. Mitch gloats to Walker about how he suffocated Lindsay. He tries to restrain him from going after anybody else, but Mitch hits him & takes off.

Passions by Ashley

Julian asks Theresa to let him hold his son but she is suspicious and tells him no way. Sheridan is filled with more stress when Antonio tries to convince her to put together Luis and Beth's wedding. She doubts that her and Luis will ever be together but he tells her a new plan he has. Charlie has an outburst when she hears Beth say she wants to marry Luis but she makes an excuse to say it's part of the plan. Sam tells Grace if she leaves with David they are through. She believes it will help so she leaves anyway. Jessica becomes angry with John while Kay feels guilty but Tabitha tells her to stay strong.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth is grateful to Ian and Lucy for telling her the truth about Alison. Ian is startled by a flashback of himself preparing to share a mutual feeding with Elizabeth. After hallucinating that white wine has turned red, Ian has a disturbing nightmare in which he is about to sink his fangs into Lucy's neck. Shaken, he sends Lucy to bed and then prepares to feed from a bag of blood. After Elizabeth apologizes to Kevin for her behavior at the memorial service, the two end up in each other's arms. When Ricky refuses to cause Casey to fall from grace, Joshua threatens to replace him with a more ambitious musician. Ricky reluctantly agrees to honor the request, but he warns that it won't be easy. Casey tries to persuade Jamal to use his new powers for the good side, but Jamal is very discouraged about his situation. Casey decides to stop playing by the rules and start doing things her way. Olivia dreams that Caleb no longer wants to become a vampire. She's also convinced that she will eventually kill him in her passion, but Caleb assures her that everything will be all right. Jamal ends up outside the Elixir but walks away instead of going inside.

Y&R By Rachel

Dru barges in to Victorís office hemming and hawing over the tactics in which Newman Enterprises acquired Satine. Dru brags that Jabot has a new product and she is sure Victor is just recycling old products in new boxes. Neil acquires the cell phone number of Damon Porter, a retired employee of Satineís research and development team. Neil hopes to get him out of retirement, but for now all he can do is leave a message. Dru, who is still in the building, stops by Neilís office to vent, but Neil is not around. However the business card of Damon Porter is on Neilís desk -- how convenient. She slips that in her dress before Phyllis can see and is off to make a phone call. 

John is still snooping around trying to figure out just who Catherineís last visitor was. He thinks he
knows -- Charlotte. As Mac and Billy discuss there wedding, Jill states the wedding should be postponed
out of respect. However, Mac believes that her grandmother would want her to go on with the wedding.
Jill finds herself in Catherineís room getting some things off her chest, but when machines begin to beep it is obvious that she cares for the 'old bag'. Catherine on the other hand still lays unconscious reliving the revelation that Jill is her daughter.

As Paul and Christine make their way back to Genoa City as a couple, Mary and Lynn discuss their concerns as to what will happen next, especially with a baby involved. Mary swears that 'evil must be stopped' Christian or not Christian she will not let Isabella destroy her son. Isabella believes that in the end everything will be okay and she and Paul will be together. Paul arrives just in time to set her straight -- she has some explaining to do.

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