Thursday 5-22-03 Recaps

Thursday 5/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall visits Michael in prison to set a few things straight and make him realize he almost raped her. Michael denies it and warns her that Erica will start treating her badly again soon enough. After Kendall leaves, a cop unlocks Michael’s jail cell and tells him he’s out on bail. Michael assumes his father paid for bail but is surprised to find Adam. Adam says he needs his services. Lena apologizes to Bianca and asks if there’s any way they can work things out. Bianca says she can’t allow that and asks her to leave. Later Jackson tells Bianca that he’s convinced that Lena does really love her. Derek and his crew try to find Aidan after the yacht explodes. They find a body but can’t identify it. Anna and David bring Leora to the hospital for her surgery, but David continues to protest against the procedure. After Anna hears about Aidan, David finally stops fighting her and gives his consent for the surgery. Maria brings Maddie to the hospital and starts giving medical instructions to the nurse. Brooke watches this and asks Maria if she’s got her memory back. Maria says she has and Brooke hugs her. Maria wants to tell Edmund, but before she can, Aidan stumbles into ward. Maria runs over and hugs him. Edmund watches and smiles.

ATWT by Dione

B&B by Kathy

Massimo tells Eric he wants the best for his son, and the situation between Ridge & Bridget has nothing to do with him (Eric). Eric says, "I pity Ridge having you as a father". This causes Mass to blow up at Eric. They continue to argue. Eric is really upset at him sticking his nose into everyone's lives, esp. messing with his daughter. An onlooker (maybe secretary) heard the yelling, and security broke past the doors to pull an angry Eric off Mass and take him away. Jackie unpacks at the beach house. She recalls talking to Mass before who said he's changed, and she doesn't want to stick around him. Nick enters and tells her the startling news that Ridge is Massimo's son. (I think she thought he was talking about Nicky at first.) Nick said he knew something was up when Mass gave Ridge a piece of the co. when he was a fashion designer, had the ring, etc. He feels sorry for Brooke and defends her. He leaves and she says, "Nicky. You have a brother." Deacon visits Brooke and informs her of his change for the better. He's glad she dumped Ridge. He told her he'd help her. She refused. He wants to see Hope. Brooke says, "No." The babysitter accidentally brings Hope down the stairs. Brooke lets him hold the little girl after he begs. After a couple minutes. she takes her cause he was supposed to stay out of their lives. He leaves after telling her he will take care of them, she'll see his changes, etc.

Back at the beach house, Eric fumbles with his keys and finally enters while Jackie is lotioning her legs and lighting candles in her robe. Eric takes a drink and looks out the window upset mumbling words. Jackie hears a noise enough to make her enter the room and says something like "I knew the house came with lots of amenities but I didn't know it came with this." Eric is surprised (but I think he likes what he sees also). At Brooke's, Ridge surprises her cause she thought it was Deacon (and told him again to stay away). She says she knows about the kiss at Big Bear and reminds him of her disgust. She asks why he's there.

Days by Stacy

Belle, Victor, Nicole, Shawn, Brady, Phillip, Nancy, and Cecilia are there to watch Chloe who gets stage fright, and can't sing. Brady sings with her, then she is fine. Cecilia likes her voice. Chloe tells Brady she doesn't want to go to Julliard because she doesn't want to leave him or Salem behind.

Rex finds out Belle isn't his sister, and he gets mad.

After leaving the Blue Note, Phillip changes into a wet suit, and goes scuba-diving. When he comes out he is bent over with a flash light, looking at the water. Mimi spots him, and they talk. After she leaves, Phillip goes back to looking at the water.

Bo continues to beat up the other two men. His phone rings, so he hits them hard, and they leave. He missed Hope's call, but calls her back. She says he has fear in his voice, but he tells her everything is ok. Later Vin goes to the hotel and talks to Jasper.. When Bo ask about Vin, Jasper says he hasn't seen him, and probably won't ever.

GH by Meghan

Skye and Ned have their dinner, and she starts coughing after all the pepper Dobson put on her food. Ned blames Dobson for ruining their dinner, and then ruins Skye’s plans to sleep with Ned.

On the island, two guys are outside the house, and they run away before Jason gets to them. Jason looked around the house, and found drugs just as drug officers showed up, but they didn’t find the drugs. He decided to take Carly, Courtney, Michael, and Leticia back home. Sonny let Ric leave when he decided that he wasn’t the person trying to kill him and his family. Ric tells Faith to leave Elizabeth alone, and then he and Elizabeth went and eloped.

Lucky met up with Summer at the old Cassadine house. Summer told Lucky that she was using him to get to Nikolas’s money. Luke told Lucky to pick between him and Nikolas. Lucky would chose between his dad and his brother.

GL by Sarah

Phillip has a nightmare that Alan was trying to take the baby from him. Rick tries to get Phillip to think about why he's really with Olivia and what he really wants. Phillip gets a call from the technician to let him know that he will have the results in the morning. Jeffrey lets Gus know that Eden's escort service has been linked to both recent murders. Gus tells him that it will not affect his work. Alan comes to see Gus and lets him know that he wants to name a park after Joe Augustino in Chicago. Gus is touched and thinks it's a good idea. Meanwhile at the station, Jeffrey tries to pick up Harley, but she lets him know that she's a mother of three and dating Gus. Eden orders in take out for her dinner party since she ruined everything she tried to cook and tries to pass it off as her own recipes. The group starts talking about Eden's business, and Eden mentions a mob boss, and Danny & Tony get upset and think she's playing games with them. She runs out of the room crying, and Tony goes to make her feel better. She puts on a good act, but as soon as Tony leaves the room, she's smiling like a conniving wench. Gus arrives at her place and says he's there on official business. Lizzie tells Alex that she blames Olivia for everything that has happened. Later Alex finds her crying, but she just runs off saying she's late and has to get home. 

OLTL by Kym

Andrew questions Joey about Jenn's allegations against him. Walker gets the Badhra back from Blair & gives it to Mitch. Clint arrives in Llanview to meet Natalie & help Jessica. Rex tells Jenn to stick it to Joey. Blair accuses Dorian of stealing the gem. Walker tells Mitch he shouldn't trust Jessie. Mitch doesn't believe him. Walker questions Jessica to see what part she played in the plot against Mitch. Evangeline returns to Capricorn & tells RJ she's still interested in investing, regardless of his past. Hank warns her not to trust him. He lights into RJ & says he'll never change. Walker returns to Mitch & offers proof that Jessica betrayed him. Mitch vows she'll pay.

Passions by Ashley

David and Grace get ready to leave for their trip and John wishes David luck. Kay comes to tell her mother the truth of her scheming but Grace insults her so she doesn't end up coming clean. Kay does talk to Ivy and tells her she wants to come clean with their schemes. Rebecca tries to make wedding plans with a distraught Julian who can only think of Eve. Chad tells Fox he's going to propose to Whitney but Fox tries to stop him. Theresa frets over the thought of losing little Ethan. Luis finds Charlie digging up Beth's basement and tells Beth he wants her to tell Antonio she wants to call off the wedding.

PC by Beth

After climbing out of the body bag and finding himself in the morgue, Jamal is horrified to feel two bite marks on his neck. Although Ricky thinks that Jamal doesn't want to be found, the gang continues to look for their missing friend. Casey finds Jamal wandering through the park with his head covered by the hood of his sweat jacket. Reese and Jack are suspicious of Jamal's strange behavior. Deciding to stay and help Jamal, Casey sends everyone else away. When Jamal reluctantly reveals the marks on his neck, Casey blames herself for being too wrapped up in guarding Ricky to look out for him. At the club, Reese admits that Jamal was acting like a vampire but doesn't think it makes sense for him to have been turned. When the woman from VH1 returns to the club, Jack speaks to her on behalf of the band.

At the catacombs, Rafe and Caleb face off over Alison, whom Olivia blames for everything. Caleb assures Olivia that he and Alison are not lovers. Caleb asks Rafe whether he would prefer that Alison had been killed instead of being on the receiving end of a kiss intended to save her life. Alison takes Rafe outside, where he tries his best to make her see that she's being taken in by Caleb. Alison resents his low opinion of her intelligence. She reminds him that Caleb isn't the real enemy anymore. Rafe worries that if she lets her guard down, it will be the last mistake she ever makes. He is upset about having to speak at Alison's memorial service, which is something he never wants to do for real. He believes that since this all started with Caleb, it will also end with him.

Olivia admits that she doesn't really think that Caleb wants Alison. She's upset about her inability to give him what he needs. Caleb admits to liking Alison as a person but no more. When Olivia's insecurities rise again, Caleb forces her mouth to his neck and orders her to kill him if she doesn't trust in their love. Olivia begs him to stop. She can't kill him, because she loves him. Caleb orders her to show him. He doesn't want her to stop believing in what they have. Despite her fears about unintentionally killing him, they begin to make love.

Y&R By Judy

Victor tells Nikki he doesn't think Nick cares about Newman Enterprises anymore and warns her about sinking her money into Jabot. Dru is all licky lips over her and Neil's night. Jack expects Phyllis to watch Kyle and this brings about a heated discussion about who's job is more important and their future together. Vicky gives Phyllis some support about being professional and Neil announces he and Dru are getting married. Dru shows up at work running her flapper about Jabot finances while the rest of the powers to be strategize what move to make next. And back over at Newman the bosses chew over Satine's possible expansion which Vicki does not think is wise. Mac continues to blame Jill for Catherine's stroke. John tries to be reassuring about Catherine's recovery but Esther is still worried and Jill is her usual crass self.

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