Wednesday 5-21-03 Recaps

Wednesday 5/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Maggie tells Henry he’s being selfish, and that she won’t marry him to cover his tracks. Later, Henry realizes that he needs to tell the truth, but before he can go, Regina stops him. She says she wants to be with him, and that she understands him more than Maggie. The Fusion sexy-man contest is a big hit with the crowds. The girls celebrate their success and plan for the future. Greenlee gets jealous when she sees Simone hugging Carlos. She tries to tell Carlos to stop protecting Simone, but Carlos says he’s doing the right thing. Later, the women complain about men being stubborn and arrogant. Meanwhile, Tad, Carlos, Boyd and Kenny dissect womankind at the gym. Maria jumps in after Maddie and desperately searches for her. While she’s swimming around, Maria gets all her memories back! She finally finds Maddie, and the helicopters take them back to the docks to reunite them with Edmund. Maria tries to tell Edmund that her memories are back, but she gets interrupted. Aidan continues struggling with Flanders. He finally knocks Flanders out and frantically tries steering the yacht. But it’s too late and the yacht crashes. Maria screams for Aidan from the docks.

ATWT by Dione

B&B by Kathy

Brooke can't get a grip on reality that Ridge & her daughter kissed at the cabin. She says she keeps giving excuses for them (like vulnerability from Taylor's death, Ridge finding out about his real dad, etc.), and that has to stop. She & Eric will stop Ridge from taking advantage of Bridget. Brooke says Massimo started their relationship. She explains. Eric leaves mad. In the Big Bear cabin, Bridget couldn't leave yet. She remembers Taylor on her death bed telling her to never let love go. Bridget blames herself for what's happening. She said everyone thinks their feelings are dirty and might be right. She recalls him being at Taylor's grave while she was overlooking and Taylor sent them a sign cause she understands and agrees with their love. Nick tells Mass he now realizes why Ridge is helping at the company (because he's his son). Nick defends Brooke and doesn't agree in the meddling Mass played with Ridge & Bridget's lives. Mass thinks Nick is interested in Brooke. He said he did what he did to protect "his son" because Brooke wasn't good enough. He didn't get to raise Ridge so he's trying to make up for lost times. Nick understands and leaves. Eric barges thru Massimo's doors in his office. He angrily said Mass wanted his wife, took his son, and promoted Ridge & Bridget's sick relationship. Now the corruption will stop!

Days by Staci

Jen is having second thoughts about having their wedding televised. Later, Jen has a bachelorette party with Hope, Belle, Sami, Cassie, Lexie, Marlena, Maggie and Kate. Lucas comes, and Kate sees him with the waiter. She finds about him working with Tony, and faints.

Rex is looking for any clues to help find out more info on his DNA, when Mimi shows up. He says he's too busy, but when she takes off her jacket, he stops. He tells her how important it is to him that he unlocks his DNA. Later they kiss.

Chloe tells Brady how she is nervous about singing, but Brady says she'll do fine. Phillip shows up, and that worries Chloe, but he says he has accepted they're over. When Chloe goes to sing for Cecelia, she gets nervous and freezes up.

Bo stops a robbery in a store. The young boy thinks him, later he hears Bo talking to Bo about a place where Vin might be. Carlos tells Bo that's a bad place, and Carlos' mom hears, and that upsets her a lot. Carlos tells Bo that his dad was killed there. Bo goes there, and when he mentions Vin's name, to guys go after him, but he beats them up first.

GH by Meghan

Emily and Zander had a picnic at the boathouse, and she planned on telling him about the cancer. At the end of the day, she never did. While Emily had her day with Zander, Skye planned a romantic dinner for her and Ned.

Summer stole the old blue prints of Nikolas’s and Lucky’s from Nik’s old family palace. She got to the palace where Luke was disguised. He grabbed Summer and dragged her into another room, and revealed who he was.

Carly, Courtney, Michael, and Leticia, went to the island where Jason went along to make sure they were safe. While Michael and Carly were in the house alone, a man climbed over a fence, and stood outside the house. At home, Sonny summoned Ric to his penthouse. Ric was at home, after Elizabeth accepted his marriage proposal. Sonny blamed Ric for the bombing, and Ric swore he didn’t do it, telling Sonny all he cared about was Elizabeth and their baby. While Ric was there, Sonny got a threatening phone call.

GL by Sarah

Marah is able to convince Danny & Michelle to come to Eden's for dinner. Harley and Blake have a girl's night, and Blake convinces Harley to tell Gus the truth about Alan because she needs to trust Gus more. Jeffrey shocks Rick at the crime scene. Rick is stunned and overwhelmed since he has Richard's heart. The dead girl seems to have been drowned and then dumped in the alley. She has a phone number in her hand, and the number is for "The Garden of Eden." Harley goes to the PD to tell Gus, but some other officers have already spilled the beans to him about Alan's meddling. Jeffrey arrives and tells Gus that he's off the case because Eden is his sister. Shayne comes to give Marina a baseball glove for her birthday, and he almost gives her the real present (jewelry) when she takes off to see if Ben has called her. Ben goes to Eden to tell her that he wants out since Mr. Hendon is following him. Ramona shows up and is mad that he missed their appointment. She tells him that she has already booked their suite for the night. Ben tries to quite, but Ramona pulls him back in. Ben tries to tell her they'll have to make it another night since he already has plans with Marina, but Ramona tells him to figure out a way to squeeze them both in. 

OLTL by Kym

Jenn & Joe start to make love at the comm. center, but he stops it. Bo & Nora share a sandwich at the diner & discuss Matthew. Mitch continues to call & torment Dorian. She thinks someone's trying to fool her into thinking it's him. Walker tells Mitch he's his brother & they talk about their childhood together. Joey goes to the church & asks for strength. Vicki runs into him there & tries to help him with his problems. Nora listens to Jenn's problems. Mitch lies to Walker about the things he's done. He also tells him about what Dorian & the other women tried to do to him. Walker says he'll take care of it. Jessie tells Natalie about the part she played in Mitch's death. Joey finds out what happened to Flash at the diner & goes to check on her. Jenn is jealous of the attention he pays to her & tells Andrew about Joey making out with her earlier. Walker is seen spying on Jessica thru her window.

Passions by Ashley

Kay tells Tabitha she wants to tell the truth and do the right thing for her unborn baby. Tabitha tells her it'll cost her Miguel. Eve talks to Grace while Sam talks to T.C. and they try to help them work things out. Beth uses more scams to make Luis hers. Sheridan tells a heartbroken Luis they are meant to be and Beth starts her plan to kill Sheridan.

PC by Beth

Angry about the way Caleb treated him in his own club, Joshua vows to teach everyone in town a lesson. Ian and Lucy hope they can keep up the pretense of mourning someone who isn't really dead. Elizabeth blames Lucy for not protecting her daughter. Alison can't handle seeing her loved ones grieve over her. She's determined to let them know the truth, but Caleb stops her. Alison spills the beans to Olivia about the kiss Caleb planted on her. This leads to Olivia taking a tumble out into the open, where the grief-stricken Elizabeth and Jamal are ready to attack. Claiming the sole right to avenge Alison, Rafe intervenes and surreptitiously gives her the chance to get away before chasing after her. Jamal goes off alone to grieve his "Spunky." Caleb carries Alison back to the catacombs, where she accuses him and all other males of being macho idiots. After the memorial service, Frank reports to Joshua that everyone was truly in mourning. Joshua informs Frank that all the key people have been turned. Since they need a few more bodies, Joshua declares tonight to be open season on humans. Karen learns that several DOA's have come into the morgue drained of blood. Frank wants to talk to Karen, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. When Kevin returns to the hospital, Karen agrees to redo a few of his stitches. Since Elizabeth is so determined to kill Olivia, Ian and Lucy decide to tell her the truth. The argument between Caleb and Alison turns silly when Caleb gargles some water in response to something she says. They start laughing and having a good time until Rafe and Olivia return. Olivia informs Rafe that Alison kissed Caleb. Jack and the others make plans to hang out at Jamal's place, but Jamal is nowhere to be found. When John Doe #5 fights his way out of the body bag, he is revealed to be a confused Jamal, who has bite marks on his neck.

Y&R By Jodi

Jill tries to revive Katherine who is taken by ambulance to hospital. Jack and Phyllis fight again about her bringing them Victor's message. Vikki starts to wonder about her job as she confronts Victor about him wanting to groom Nick to take over the company and is planning to expand her division and didn't tell her. Brad takes care of his pregnant wife and Ashley refuses to break her confidence with Colleen. Dru accepts Neil's marriage proposal with fortune cookies and they have a little tiff about working for competing companies. Mac and Billy are planning their wedding when they get the call about Katherine being in the hospital. She's had a stroke. Mac accuses Jill of trying to kill her.

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