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AMC by Shahla

Regina tells Maggie to not turn Henry in and allow him to continue his career. Maggie accuses Regina for wanting Henry all to herself. She wonders if things would be different if she too were Chinese. Henry comes in to talk to Maggie. He says he’s not going to turn himself in, but he knows another way out. He proposes to Maggie. Simone suggests a new marketing campaign for Fusion. She wants to hold a nationwide search for the sexiest man. The Fusion girls love the idea and prepare for the launch. Mia worries about Edmund and Maddie. She fears she may be falling for Edmund, even though they had decided there would be no strings attached. Edmund and Derek are at the docks, but the yacht is gone. They find Edmund’s cell phone in a dumpster and realize the shooter must be onboard. Maria and Aidan hear the yacht’s engine turn on. Aidan tells Maria to hide with Maddie in the room while he goes to check things out. He gives Maria a gun. Aidan leaves, but is next seen laying unconscious on the ground. Flanders gets into Maria’s room and grabs Maddie. He holds Maddie and keeps his gun pointed at Maria. He leads them outside. Maria begs for him to leave Maddie alone, but just then, Flanders throws Maddie overboard.

ATWT by Dione

B&B by Kathy

Nick found Brooke's earring on his boat and brought it to her. That was his excuse for being there, plus the stars help guide his way to finding her place. (How romantic.) :-) He doesn't agree with Bridget & Ridge's relationship and says even though she is putting it all behind her (their kiss, etc.), she should still be cautious cause Bridget is her daughter. She thinks things will die down and she'll be with Ridge once more. They chat a while. At Big Bear, Eric storms into the cabin and said that Ridge & Bridget are bro & sis and the kiss was sick. They try to calm him down but it doesn't work. Bridget said the kiss wasn't supposed to happen "again". Eric said, "Again?" They try to say things just happen, but Eric disagrees. He figures out the reason Brooke left Ridge. Eric also told Ridge to never touch her or give her romantic looks again. Eric storms out but first says he just realized that Ridge is "not my son". Ridge leaves and comes back after a long walk surprised to see Bridget still there. She says that maybe the kiss shouldn't of taken place but it was not dirty. The give each other long stares as she tries to leave. Mass and Stephanie is afraid if Eric found out about Ridge & Bridget it will devastate him. Eric lands up at Brooke's and confronts her about the wedding alone. Brooke says she is trying to forget about Bridget & Ridge's kiss and it will never happen again. Eric informed her he saw them at the cabin kissing. She ends the show by saying, "No! No!"

Days by Rebecca

More Phillip/Belle/Shawn friction when the LIB couple have to go to the supermarket to promote the show. But Shawn gets to steal a kiss at the end! Nicole and Victor argue and Nicole throws a vase at Victor, but he's okay. He orders Nico to lock her up in her room. Lucas is at the Dimera Mansion and hides when Sami comes. She talks to Tony about all the happenings, with her and Brandon, and Lexie. Once she leaves, Lucas is happy about all the information he has now, and Tony agrees that once he's through with her, Lucas can have his payback. The show ends with Phillip loading up a gun at the pier...

GH by Meghan

Cameron talked to Dobson about Alexis, hinting that Alexis would lose Kristina if she missed another therapy session. Alexis went back to the Quartermaine’s and slipped up, telling Ned that she didn’t want Kristina thinking that Skye was her mother, after Skye said she lived the baby like her own.   She covered well but argue with Ned and Cameron about visiting the baby and her missed appointment.

Ric told Sonny and Carly that he was no longer seeking revenge against them, but they were skeptical.  Emily and Elizabeth were on the docks talking about Liz’s pregnancy, when Liz said nine months wasn’t enough time, Emily started crying, saying nine months was tons of time. Liz asked what was going on with her, and Emily admitted that she was scared, and that her cancer had spread. They went to Kelly’s where Faith showed up, and Emily smacked her (lol)). Liz met Ric at his apartment; he asked her to marry him and she accepted.  Emily invited Zander on a date tomorrow, where she plans to tell him about the cancer (and start chemo the following day).

Mac told Jason that if he and Sonny wanted to make the dealer disappear after Maxie OD’d, than the PCPD wouldn’t ask any questions. Courtney got Maxie to tell her who gave her the drugs, and then Jason went after Zach and Kyle with a gun, until they gave up the name of the guy who gave Zach the ecstasy. Zander agreed to find out more info for Jason in exchange for him finding out what's really wrong with Emily.  Later, Sonny, Carly, and Michael were about to get into their limo, and it exploded.

GL by Suzanne

Marina is bummed out at her birthday party at Company because of being arrested the previous night. Frank and Buzz worry about her and feel old that she is turning 18. She cheers up when Ben arrives but he is being followed by Ramona's husband, Mitch. Mitch turns out to be an old service buddy of Buzz's, making Ben more nervous when he founds out how tough (and jealous) he is. Marina goes lingerie shopping and finds a dead body (Ramona I think). Ed tries cooking for Tony (and Marah, Michelle & Danny) but is a disaster. Bill drops by and tries to help. He won't host the dinner party with her and is suspicious of her motives, but she explains that she's been a screwup and wants to celebrate with real friends, etc. They end up getting naked. She keeps hiding this picture of Tony and Marah, where Marah is blotted out in red, and he almost discovers it a few times.

Beth and Philip demand answers from Lizzie; she claims she felt left out and was helping Marina and Tammy because she wanted to fit in. Olivia and Beth are on the same side but Beth won't admit it. Olivia is suspicious of Lizzie and suggests that Beth get her some help. Beth tells Lizzie that she wants her to go to see Felicia. Edmund runs into Alexandra at the Beacon and tells her about the D.A. who looks like Richard, as well as the girls getting arrested. She rushes over to offer help but Philip throws her out. He says that he knows she drugged Alan and she has destroyed their family. She says she did it for him; he is the only one in the family with values. But, she says, he must get rid of Olivia. Alan is going to find out that he's the father and ruin things anyway. Philip won't hear about her plans so she tells Olivia to meet her at the Beacon. Tammy freaks out when she sees Jeffrey O'Neill at The Beacon; Cassie tells her that he's not Richard. Things are awkward and he makes them worse. They argue about the car theft. Cassie wants to throw him out but he says he hasn't broken any laws and besides, he knows she won't. This seems to catch her off guard. Edmund has a nice chat with Tammy about the car and about his relationship with Cassie, then he asks Cassie out to dinner, so she says yes. Jeffrey lurks nearby.

OLTL by Kym

Troy asks Cole to take Carlotta to the hospital. The stranger tends to Mitch. Mitch tells him who tried to kill him. Dorian & Vicki argue over the decor at Llanfair. Vicki leaves for now, promising to get back what's hers after probate. Andrew & Joey play basketball & hang out together. Rae talks to Jenn about her problems. Carlotta's allowed to go to the hospital. The people in the diner share their childhood experiences. The stranger turns out to be Walker Lawrence, Mitch's brother. He shows up at Llanfair to find out what happened to his brother. Cole's mother tries to talk some sense into him. Vicki sneaks in with her to see if Natalie's alright. She offers to take her place.

Marcie's released & goes to see Al. Antonio sneaks into the diner as Cole's about to use Flash as a shield. He jumps Cole & finally subdues him. Al & Marcie share another kiss. Bo asks Nora if she's alright. Joey consoles Jenn & they start kissing passionately. Carlotta says she's really underestimated Natalie & thanks her. Walker vows to get even for what Mitch has been put through. Hank brings Dorian Mitch's death certificate. Mitch calls a startled Dorian to say hello.

Passions by Ashley

Kay and Tabitha both are afraid that Charity's newest vision has told her everything their scheming. Jessica has thoughts about Kay and thinks it's her fault that there is evil in Harmony. But Charity thinks differently she blames herself and even announces that she plans to leave Harmony. T.C. talks to Sam and talks him through his rash decisions. Eve tries to tell them Ivy's scheme but can't go through it. David and Sam fight again and Ivy and John tell him to fight for Grace. Eve tells Grace she kissed Julian and Grace is shocked. Meanwhile, Julian wishes he had chosen a better path. Sheridan is sick over stress and Antonio and Luis try to help her. Luis fears she can't handle telling Antonio. Gwen gets even more suspicious of Beth when she won't let her touch her stomach.

PC by Beth

Karen is appalled by the friendly exchange between Kevin and the woman who stabbed him. Kevin agrees to accompany Elizabeth to Alison's memorial service at the park, but he needs to stop by the lighthouse first. Jamal harasses Rafe for not protecting Alison. When Rafe indicates that he isn't ready for a memorial service, Frank comes out of hiding and accuses him of not acting much like a grieving man. After getting rid of Frank, Rafe agrees that it's time for a memorial service for Alison. Tired of Olivia's threats, Alison takes her life into her hands and slaps the vampire. She's sick of being threatened every time Olivia feels insecure. When Olivia's blood hunger intensifies, she and Alison set out for the blood bank. Caleb tries to wring Joshua's neck. Joshua refuses to hand over the antidote. After provoking Joshua into attack, Caleb throws acid on his enemy's face. Caleb fends off Joshua's goons just as the VH1 crew makes a surprise stop at the Elixir. Hoping to score points with Jack, Reese helps with flowers. Ricky pumps Casey for information about what would get her relieved of her duties. Rafe is surprised to hear that Casey knows the truth about Alison. As Jamal speaks at the service, Alison and Olivia pass by and hear his voice. Elizabeth catches Kevin with his wonder drug, which he claims is a painkiller for his stab wound. After sending her out to the car, Kevin struggles with himself but eventually gives in and gives himself an injection.

Y&R By Judy

Sharon tells Nick she wants to visit with Noah and she hopes someday that Cassie will want to see her. Cassie shows up at the door and Sharon tells her she is sorry she hurt her. Cassie is not swayed by her statements. Jill does not believe John's story about Charlotte and thinks it is Catherine's way of getting at her. While talking to Catherine, Charlotte brings up the wild past they shared but, Catherine does not want to hear it and asks why she came back. As the tangled mess unfolds an anguished Catherine is beginning to feel the reality that Jill is her own daughter, she tells Charlotte to leave. Jill is fuming and comes home screaming for Catherine only to find her collapsed on the floor. Jill slaps Catherine trying to snap her out of it as Esther calls 911. Brittany is disgusted about her mom and JT and is very upset about what her idiot parents are doing. Raul tries to support her but she puts him off and says she can handle her parent's behavior in her own way. JT tells Colleen he loves her but she questions him about it. When he tries to kiss her she tells him she saw him kissing Anita. He confesses he slept with Anita and she tells him to leave.

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