Monday 5-19-03 Recaps

Monday 5/19/03 Short Recaps


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AMC by Shahla

Maria is scared of losing Aidan, now that her memories of Edmund are coming back. Edmund makes plans with Derek to catch the shooter and realizes he’s lost his cell phone. Meanwhile, Flanders dumps Chris’ body into the water. He receives a call from Maddie on Edmund’s cell phone and picks up pretending to be Edmund. Maddie thinks she’s speaking to her father and tells him about the boat she’s on. Later, Flanders finds the yacht and climbs aboard. Michael holds a press conference to announce that Cambias Industries is developing its own anti-aging cream and that Enchantment’s stocks have plummeted. Erica in turn announces that the stolen cream lacks the secret anti-aging ingredient, and is thus useless. She continues that because of this, Cambias stocks are going down and she can buy herself a seat on Cambias’ board. Alexander Cambias turns against his son and gives his permission to Erica. Jackson takes Michael and Lena into custody for stealing files from Enchantment. Lena’s mother shows up, and Jackson informs them that Lena can escape prosecution. Bianca finds out from Jackson that Lena’s story about her mother did check out, but she still doesn’t want anything to do with her. Later, Kendall, Erica and Bianca celebrate.

ATWT by Dione

At the police station, Craig admits his guilt in the kidnapping and lies for Jack. Henry comes in wearing cuffs and confesses to Evelyn that Jack told him to hide out at his place to avoid being questioned. Evelyn brings up charges on Rose, Emily, Craig, Henry, and Jack. Hal tries to get himself arrested, but Jack convinces him to shut up. Later, Carly and Rosanna argue in the hallway and Hal overhears Rosanna tell Carly that she wants her to vanish from her life forever. John tells Bob that he needs to step down as Chief of Staff. Meanwhile, Rick is overhearing the conversation. Later, Kim & Nancy suggest to Bob that he should see a specialist. Molly takes care of a beaten up Dusty at the Lakeview. She starts to think that he's conning her out of her checkbook. Dusty throws her out in the middle of her accusations. Molly goes to Al's to meet the FBI agent, Brackett. She tells Brackett that Dusty works for Spangler, & he says that Dusty's in deep & advises Molly to steer clear. Later, Dusty calls Spangler & tells him to go into "phase two".


B&B by Kathy

Darla was about to tell Macy about her, Thorne, and the pregnancy but could only say they're all worried about her. Macy said it must be cause of depression of not having kids. She told Darla to have them while she can. That's when Darla told her she's pregnant by a friend who had a one night stand with her while being drunk (but not taken advantage of), and was afraid this would make Macy sad. She's happy for her. Macy told her all 3 of them (including Thorne) will stick things out together! At Insomnia, Brooke was looking for Bridget, but only found C.J. She said she opposes her & Ridge together cause they used to be bro and sis, and her daughter is confused with her feelings. She blames Massimo. C.J. proves if that's what Bridget wants and should have time to explore her feelings. Eric wanders around Big Bear still upset about Mass being Ridge's father. Ridge & Bridget are in the cabin thinking Eric must be nearby since the family photo book was open to pics. of Eric & Ridge long ago. Ridge told her how his "dad" found out about things by talking to Stephanie, and Eric & Mass got into an argument at Ridge's place. Then later how he called Mass "father" then Eric stormed out. Bridget is scared Eric knows about them. Ridge disagrees. She is sorry she admitted her feelings to him. She only wanted to work for him. Bridget said they are supposed to keep their distance from each other, and she'll fix things with her dad. They hug as Eric watches. She doesn't know how she'd get thru things without him. She kisses 
Ridge. Eric is outraged!

Days by Staci

Belle, Mimi, Sami, Tony, Cassie, John and Marlena all go to Tuscany to celebrate the fact that Rex is graduated 4 years of collage in 1 year. Mimi helps Rex to unlock his DNA. Marlena and John over hear Sami talking to Tony about when she was almost shot.

Jen, Jack, and Hope are discussing Jack and Jen's wedding plans when their producer comes in with a bag of fan mail. All of it is about people wanting to be guest at their wedding. Jen decides to have the wedding televised.

Bo goes into a bar in town. He ask people if they've seen Vin. Bo notices that one guy is acting suspicious. Later the guy calls Vin, and Bo catches him. He makes him talk. When Hope calls Bo, he tells her, he might get Vin soon.

GH by Meghan

Maxie was at the Cellar with Kyle and his friends, and she took a drug that someone gave her. She passed out, and Sonny got the pills from the kid who gave them to Maxie. Mac thought it was Jason’s fault Maxie took drugs, and Scott blamed Sonny, and then he closed Carly’s club.

Skye found out that she couldn’t have kids, and then went home and told Ned that she loved baby Kristina like her own baby. When Kristina started to cry, Skye calmed her down, which sent “Dobson” crying.

Ric told Elizabeth that he was done with his revenge on Sonny and wanted to be a father to their baby. She decided not to have the abortion, and then told Emily how much she loved Ric. Emily found out that she had to start chemotherapy, and that her cancer was spreading.

GL by Barbra

Eden comes to the museum to see Tony and Marah. She tells Marah that her designs have captured the interest of Mr. Pascal and he wants to buy the entire line. She snaps a picture of Marah and Tony. They make plans to celebrate later in the week with Eden. Later at home, Eden looks at a photo album full of pictures of Tony. She examines the new picture and inks Marah out of the picture. Phillip comes to see Gus and discuss the pros and cons of being a Spaulding. Gus offers to run interference with the DA when Phillip finds out about Lizzie being in jail. Jeff and Gus talk and he explains the situation about Frank impounding the car. Jeff says now he remembers why he hates small towns and their politics. Gus says he';; get used to it. Gus tells Cassie the charges will be dropped. The girls get sprung.

The scene replays with Cassie finally meeting Jeffrey whom she calls Richard before she faints in his arms. Edmund wants to know if Jeff told her who he was. He was trying when she fainted. Cassie awakens and wants Jeff to stay. He is on his way to the station. Edmund makes the introductions and tells Cassie this is the DA who is charging her daughter with grand theft auto. Once Jeff leaves, Edmund and Cassie talk about what happened between them in San Cristobel and that she thought that Richard had come back to her when she saw Jeff.

OLTL by Kym

Cole Avery robs the people at Carlotta's diner. Carlotta tries to call Antonio, but she's caught. This brings in the police there, so Cole has to hold everyone hostage. Bo & Hank have a drink together & talk about Matthew. Nora tries to talk Cole into taking the money & leaving but he doesn't listen. Carlotta starts having chest pains so Dr. Troy's called in. Natalie knocks Cole out temporarily, but he regains consciousness. Dr. Troy gives him a pill that he tells him his an aspirin for his headache. That's about it.

Passions by Ashley

While Charlie digs a hole in the basement as part of the plan Edna wants to find a way to save Sheridan. Antonio tries to put together Luis and Beth's wedding while Sheridan and Luis make up excuses not to. Luis tells him it's because of Sheridan and Sheridan passes out. Kay and Tabitha watch the Bennett house through the magic bowl while David and Sam physically fight over Grace. Charity has a vision about Kay while Jessica thinks Kay is up to something.

PC by Beth

Casey puts a stop to the kiss and tries to just be a friend to the grieving Jamal. Joshua warns Jack to be more conscientious about getting to work on time and not disappointing him again. Joshua is intrigued by Frank's news that neither Caleb, Livvie, nor Rafe can be located. Amanda has an unpleasant encounter with a "brash blonde bimbo" named Reese. After being put on the spot, Rafe admits to Ian and Lucy that he faked Alison's death. Ian and Lucy are stunned to hear about Rafe and Alison's current living arrangements. After Karen finds Kevin preparing to check himself out of the hospital, she confronts him about the strange drug she found in the syringe in his pocket. Disguised with a scarf and dark glasses, Elizabeth repeatedly walks past Kevin's room until he tells her to come in. Casey forces Jamal to talk to Jack. When Amanda invites Jack and Jamal to the memorial service for Alison that Joshua arranged, the guys take her aside to try to talk her out of this, but she insists that Alison would have wanted it this way. Ian agrees to supply Rafe with blood for Livvie. Rafe gives Ian the antidote for safekeeping. Having decided to hold their own memorial service for Alison, Jack and Jamal approach Rafe about it, unaware that Frank is watching. When Olivia begs Caleb to make love to her right now, Caleb makes the mistake of mentioning the point she's trying to make. Olivia is angry with Caleb for writing a song with Alison, who confronts her about her unfounded jealousy. Unable to stop the imminent cat fight, Caleb leaves in exasperation, and Olivia blames Alison for his departure. She threatens to make the rumors true by killing Alison. Joshua suggests that Ricky sleep with Casey to get her sent back to heaven. Caleb tries to strangle Joshua.

Y&R By Jodi

Nikki and Sharon have it out in Victor's office. Victor comes by to keep Nikki from slapping Sharon. Nikki says that they got the message from Phyllis and Victor says he didn't send a message but warns here to stay as far away from the whole Satine situation as she can. Raul tells Brittany that JT was seen kissing her mother. JT and Colleen meet at their secret place and JT asks her what's wrong. John tells Jill that Charlotte is not her birth mother. Charlotte pays Katherine a visit and does not get a warm welcome. Sharon stops by to learn that Cassie doesn't want to see her. Cassie is looking out the window as Sharon cries.

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