Friday 5-16-03 Recaps

Friday 5/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Maria is overwhelmed when she gets bits and pieces of her memory back. Right after she tells Aidan she loves being with him, she remembers getting married to Edmund. Tad mourns on the Dixie’s one-year death anniversary. Not wanting to leave him alone, Opal, Joe, Ruth, Brooke, Jamie and Liza come over to keep him company. Erica comforts Kendall after she’s been violated by Michael. Erica calls Michael and pretends to surrender to him, as long as he doesn’t appoint Kendall as the next CEO. Michael says he would never let that happen. Kendall hears the conversation and is more determined to bring Michael down. She tells Erica that she was able to download all the files Michael stole from Enchantment, and she insists on being at the press conference they have planned. Michael’s father tells Michael that Erica asked him to intervene. Michael makes it clear that he wants Erica to grovel, and that if Cambias Industries isn’t happy with him, he’ll take his prize somewhere else. Bianca tells Boyd she would give Lena one more chance to explain herself. Lena realizes that Bianca saw her on the security tapes and goes over to confess. Bianca calls Jackson and asks him to check out Lena’s story.

ATWT by Dione

Dusty came up with a plan to fake hit has been put out on him so that he can pay off his loan sharks. He asked one of his former business associates to hit him in the face a couple of times to make it look as if he's been beat up. Later, he called Molly up to his room & told her that he's going to die. Barbara wanted everyone involved with her kidnapping to be arrested, including Jack & Carly. Jack for not investigating properly & Carly for stealing her designs. Craig told Jack that he fed Carly ideas about Barbara's line, but the drawings & fabrics were all her own. In a rage, Carly told Craig and everyone else in her life to not help her out of her problems anymore. After realizing that Bob put the wrong information on his patients chart that caused her to die, he told John that he should step down. Alison was so upset over seeing the patient die, she went home. While home, Dr. Decker told Alison to take it easy on her mother and to get back to work. Chris told Katie that he's worried about his father and he should see a doctor.

B&B by Matt

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CJ tells Bridget that she will regret not pursuing a relationship with Ridge now. Ridge drops by the main house to find a distraught Stephanie. We find out Eric did not come home last night. Stephanie wonders if Eric will ever forgive her, while Ridge wonders if he’ll ever forgive him. At Big Bear, Eric looks at an old picture of he and Ridge and recalls a moment (only audio) from Ridge’s childhood. He walks out the door before Ridge, and then Bridget show up. When they do, Bridget cries in Ridge’s arms.

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Days by Staci

GH by Meghan

Edward came close to firing Dobson after Alexis took a break from her disguise to spend time with her daughter. Emily convinced him to let him stay. Alan and Monica gave Emily bad news...her cancer had spread into the lymph nodes.

Jason got away with the tire iron, and then Courtney left Ric's, throwing the ring at him. Jason and Courtney agreed they both still wanted to get married, and she planned a big wedding!

Elizabeth's pregnancy was confirmed, and she met with doctors because she wanted an abortion. Carly talked to her about the first time she got pregnant by Sonny, and how she almost had an abortion. Carly told her to think through her choices before doing anything. Later, Elizabeth told Ric about the baby after thinking he already knew.

Kyle came clean with Georgie about the bet he had with his friends. Mac tried to get both his daughters to talk about the guys, and both refused. Nikolas, Lucky, and Summer got away from Roberto, and the guys talked about the Cassadine money. Nikolas told his bro. he hired Matt, and now he knew the money was in one of four places.

GL by Barbara

Phillip and Olivia are talking. He is ready to let Alan and Gus run the company. Phillip wonders if Gus really is Alan's son. He goes to talk to someone who can give him answers. He meets Lucia and she admits that Gus is hers and Alan's son. Frank is holding the girls in jail for grand theft. Jeff talks to the mayor about making sure the girl's paperwork doesn't get lost, he's pressing charges. The mayor tells Jeff that he has a problem with the way he looks. He needs to clean up and change the way he dresses. Edmund kisses Cassie. Frank calls and breaks the news about Tammy. They head back to Springfield. Frank tells Harley that Alan pulled strings with the mayor to get Gus back on the force. Olivia comes to rescue Lizzie but she whines for daddy. The police admit that Lizzie was the ring leader in this caper. Olivia offers not to tell her daddy that she is responsible if she will lay off trying to come between her and Phillip. Lizzie's not buying that compromise. Cassie arrives to see Tammy and is told they can't leave because the DA is pressing charges. Cassie is angry. She and Edmund head to the Beacon to see Jeffrey. Cassie heads up the stairs and bumps into Jeff, knocking everything out of his hands. He is angry and yells at her. She yells back until she looks into his face and promptly faints. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Blair tries to leave with the jacket. Troy asks what she's doing there. Natalie continues to talk Cris out of the RJ job. RJ calls it off, when he finds out Cris is the driver. Dorian throws a tantrum about the will. Cole vows to kill Cris & Antonio. Evangeline & RJ discuss her investing in Ultra Violet. Marcie gets a new job as receptionist at the LPD. Natalie pleads with Antonio not to arrest Rex. Cris & Antonio set up Rex to get arrested to keep him out of trouble. Dorian goes back to Llanfair to steal what she can, when she's caught by Vicki & family. An intimate moment is interrupted for Blair & Troy. Blair goes to Capricorn to discuss selling the diamond with RJ. Dorian informs Vicki she's going to stay at Llanfair & fight for what's hers. Cole comes into the diner looking for Antonio.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan and Luis talk and he tells her they will be together while Beth vows they will never be. Antonio tries to get a resisting Luis to marry Beth. Meanwhile, Charlie clears out room for Sheridan in Beth's basement. Ivy and David talk about their latest plans. Sam is informed of Grace and David going on a trip to see if her feelings for him can be rekindled. T.C. assumes that the son Eve had was miscarried which makes Whitney and Chad at ease that they are not siblings. Liz asks why she would keep a miscarriage a secret and Eve prepares herself to tell them all the truth.

PC by Beth

After Jamal acts out in grief at the park, Casey lets it slip that Alison is alive. Thunder warns her to be careful, so she covers with an old cliché. Casey comforts her grief-stricken friend with kisses. Caleb accuses Rafe of lying, but the slayer maintains that there is no antidote. Since he tells Alison the same thing, Livvie believes him. Rafe decides it's time to be seen in public as the grieving fiancé. After Elizabeth stabs Kevin with a letter opener, she calls Ian for help. As Lucy prepares for release from the hospital, she is shocked to see Ian return with the wounded Kevin. Ian and Lucy don't believe Elizabeth's claim that Alison is dead. Kevin makes a big deal out of having his coat nearby. The idea that Caleb wrote a song for Alison fills Livvie with jealousy. Karen finds the syringe in Kevin's coat. Rafe reluctantly admits to Ian and Lucy that Alison is alive.

Y&R By Jodi

Phyllis tries to warn Jack, Brad and Nikki that Victor will win at any cost, but they think that she was sent by Victor to rattle them. Jill meets with Lauren to get new clothes for her birth mother while John meets with her to find out if she is really Jill's mother. Colleen confides in Raul that she saw JT kissing Brittany's mother. Raul runs to find Brittany before she has a meeting with her mother. Brittany is asking JT why he was at the lodge with her mother and finds out that he went to her room but JT won't tell her any more. Nick tells Vikki that Victor wants to train him to take over Newman Enterprises and that he will take care of Vikki. Nick tells her she can have it and Vikki looks blown away. Sharon goes to pay a visit to Victor who tells her he learned the hard way not to meddle in his children's affairs. He leaves for a moment and she sits in his chair holding a family photo as Nikki walks in.

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