Thursday 5-15-03 Recaps

Thursday 5/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Maria gets some really powerful memory flashes. She remembers giving birth to Maddy, and how amazing it felt to be a mother. Mia, Edmund and Flanders struggle at Wildwind. Flanders tries shooting Edmund, but he’s run out of bullets. He picks up Edmund’s cell phone just before he runs out. Edmund runs after him but loses him. Later, Flanders checks Edmund’s cell phone to see who called him last. After getting no where with Reggie, Jackson asks Joni to tell him who else was in the alley when he got shot. Joni finally tells him about Luis. Reggie warns them that they’re playing with their lives and runs out. Kendall convinces Michael that she had snuck into his apartment to find some dirt on him – just in case he decided to turn against her. Michael is proud of Kendall for being just as sneaky as him. He tries to force her into bed, but Erica shows up at just the right time. Kendall leaves while Erica and Michael talk business. Erica tells Michael that she won’t give up Enchantment without a fight. Before she leaves, she tells Michael that he’ll never be like his father. Later, Erica finds Kendall at Enchantment. Kendall looks scared and violated. She thanks Erica for saving her from Michael. Michael gets an unexpected visit from his father.

ATWT by Dione

Alison tackled Barbara to the ground in the Lake View Lounge to keep her from seeing the fashion show designs. In all of the commotion, Hal came in and Barbara walked in and accused Carly of stealing all of her ideas. Rosanna believed Barbara's lie even though Carly denied stealing Barbara's ideas. Another patient died at Memorial. Chris questioned Dr. Bob about what happened because the lady was fine when Chris left the room. Chris confided in Dr. Decker the problems Bob has gone through recently with memory. Molly met with the Fed and told him that she would get the goods on Dusty. Meanwhile, Dusty was in his suite getting a check from Lily for the shop. Dusty signed the check over to one of his "business associates", but it wasn't enough money. Dusty has his eye on getting the rest of the money from Molly.

B&B by Matthew

Lauren Fenmore’s mom Joanna shows Jackie a beach house (actually Taylor’s beach house Ridge is renting out) that she would live in if she accepted their job offer. In the end she does accept. Nick and Brooke hang out on his boat and with a few timely sailing metaphors, he attempts to cheer her up and someone how deduces Ridge and Bridget have feelings for each other. He also figured out that Mass is Ridge’s dad. Good guessing Nick! Glad someone has a brain on this show. When Massimo stops by Ridge’s, he and Eric get into a huge shouting match about who is going to be the primary role model in Ridge and his kids’ life. Ridge tells Massimo to leave, but slips and calls him father. Eric loses it and runs out to his car in a frenzy.

Days by Rebecca

Phillip returns and talks to family and friends, and later makes a mysterious phone call. Shawn and Belle leave and go to the dorms. Brady goes to Echelon to save Nicole from Victor and is caught, but Victor doesn't get too mad at him, though Brady is worried that something is wrong. Bo and Hope talk and keep the phones on as they sleep to hear each other breathing.

GH by Amanda

Sonny and Carly arrive back from the island to find Ric, who informs them of his plans to marry Courtney; they are speechless. After Ric leaves, Courtney and Jason explain how Ric is blackmailing Courtney. Jason, Sonny Carly and Courtney make a plan to take down Ric. 

Jason and Courtney make sure that Ric sees them together in the park. Faith is pleased when she sees Liz being wheeled into the hospital from her snake bite; she is stunned when Liz tells her Ric proposed to Courtney. Bobbie tells Liz she is pregnant.

At Matthew's funeral, Summer encounters Roberto, a friend of his. She leaves with him. Nikolas and Lucky follow and search Roberto's place while Summer distracts him. Roberto sees Summer's game and becomes threatening Lucky tries to rescue Summer, conking Roberto on the head, then finds Luke's passport. Roberto recovers and holds them all at gun point.

Alexis goes to work as Dobson the butler. She gets rattled when she hears Cameron saying to Ned she 
needs help. She leaves, and then returns as herself to visit Kristina. Skye is suspicious because she smells aftershave. Ned and Skye talk about how having a baby changes everything; she admits she wants her own baby.

GL by Richard

As Marina and Tammy were talking outside of "Company", Lizzie arrived. Marina told her off for ratting to Frank about the new car Ben gave her, but Lizzie insisted she didn't rat-out Marina on purpose, that she'd made a "slip". Offering to rectify the matter, Lizzie suggested they all go out to the impound lot and drive the car away. Against Tammy's better judgment, she tagged along with them. At the impound lot, Lizzie suggested Tammy boost Marina over the fence into the lot, and also directed Marina to drive her car away and stash it behind a garage on Spaulding property. As Lizzie kept watch, a cop came around and asked why she was there, but Lizzie lied, saying her name was Marah Lewis and that her car had broken down. As this was happening, the cop noticed Marina driving off with the car and he radioed for back-up, not allowing Lizzie to take off, either. Meanwhile, at "Company", Harley attempted to break the ice with Frank, but he blasted her for her decision to quit the force and remain with Gus, whereas Harley needled Frank for letting his new promotion alter his judgment and his attitude. When Harley asked Frank why he reinstated Gus, Frank told her he didn't---that he was pressured into it. At that time, Frank received a call from a cop at the police station, who told him about Marina and 2 of her friends being taken down to lock-up. While the girls cooled their heels in jail, Marina was tense about Frank finding out, and Tammy was worried what her mother would think, but Lizzie wasn't worrying at all. She told the two that the situation would easily be "fixed" and that it was a plus that Marina's dad was the chief. Frank and Harley arrived and an angry and disappointed Frank pretended not to know who Marina or the girls were and walked away. Later, he directed a cop to give the girls a few more minutes to sweat things out and let them go.

Josh, Reva and Shayne all went to "Company", buoyed by the successful ballgame Shayne just played. As they were enjoying themselves, an agent approached them and began to spout off ideas on how he could manage Shayne's baseball career and bring him great success. Reva, annoyed by the man, said that the family was going home, but she was irritated when Josh invited the man back to their house. Later, the agent told Reva and Josh how Shayne would do best to go to a baseball camp in Florida immediately, and Reva was angered to learn that it would mean Shayne wouldn't be able to finish high-school. After hearing more ideas from the pushy agent, Reva threw him out of the house, but Josh followed him outside. Josh was surprised when the agent showed him a contract that he'd already drawn-up with Shayne's name on it. The contract needed both parents' signatures on it, and Josh, floored by the agent's suggestion that Josh forge Reva's signature on the document, ripped up the contract and told the man to leave. When Josh saw Reva, he recounted what happened and told her she was right about the agent.

In St.Cristobel, after getting off the phone with Alonzo, Edmund told Cassie that Alonzo had a sudden council meeting to attend and couldn't meet with them to discuss a site for Richard's memorial library. Edmund suggested he and Cassie rent a motorcycle and travel the beautiful countryside to choose a site for the library, and Cassie wholeheartedly agreed. Later, after they returned to the hotel and settled back into their rooms for the night, there was a power outage and their phones weren't working either. Through their adjoining door, Edmund offered to give Cassie a lighted candle, but Cassie turned him down and started to settle into bed, but when she threw the covers aside, she was startled to see an Iguana there! Responding to her cries, Edmund entered her room and got rid of the reptile for her. Telling him she didn't think she'd be able to sleep, Edmund offered to sit up and talk with her for a while. After much talk, Cassie told him how much she loved Richard, yet she didn't want to spend the rest of her life alone, either. Looking at her, Edmund softly told Cassie that she was a young, vibrant beautiful woman and that she'd known great love, and that she has every right to know it again---if that's what she wants. Staring over at Edmund, Cassie quietly told him that she DOES.

OLTL by Kym

Jessie goes to Llanfair for the reading of the will & thinks about Mitch. Troy tells Blair about his visit with Lindsay, as Dorian listens in. Bo questions Addie & Lindsay. Vicki tries in vain to console Jessica. Blair tells Troy that Lindsay made up everything because she's jealous of her & Troy. Dorian gloats to Vicki about getting everything she once owned. Blair tells Lindsay to keep quiet about what happened. Lindsay freaks out when she thinks she lost her ring at the theatre. Blair goes back there to look for it & tries to get thru the guard by flirting with him, but he won't budge. Another cop finds Mitch's jacket & after remembering the diamond was in the pocket, Blair snatches it from him. She finds the stone & conceals it. Mitch regains partial sight as the stranger tends to him. Mitch asks him if Jessica's alright. Nat pleads with Cris not to drive for RJ. Troy shows up at the theatre during his jog. Mitch's will is read & he leaves everything to Jessica. During the reading the stranger watches thru the window.

Passions by Ashley

Fox tries to convince Theresa that Chad could and probably is Whitney's half brother. Whitney becomes furious with her mother and distant from Chad. While Julian tries to calm a devastated Eve Chad reassures Whitney that they are not related. Liz acts as if she slips up when she lets it slide that the baby was not T.C.'s. Sheridan becomes very upset when she sees photo's of clowns. Gwen sticks to her thoughts that Beth is not pregnant. Charlie helps out Beth by dressing up as a doctor. Luis finds out some shocking news about Beth's pregnancy.

PC by Beth

Thinking about his relationship with Livvie, a lucid Kevin regrets his most recent actions against his daughter. An intoxicated Elizabeth visits Kevin at the lighthouse to demand that Livvie pay for killing Alison. While hiding the antidote behind his back, Rafe lies to Livvie about its existence. When Alison can't keep quiet about her grandmother's presence at the villa, Caleb silences her with a kiss. At Joshua's "request," Amanda gives him power of attorney over the Barrington fortune. Alison is determined to get her grandmother out of the villa before Joshua turns her into a vampire, but she sees Joshua's mark on Amanda's hand and realizes that it's too late. When Frank stops by to ensure that Kevin followed Joshua's orders regarding Livvie, he learns that Kevin isn't as cooperative as he should be. Elizabeth stabs Kevin with a letter opener for protecting Livvie. As revenge against Livvie, Joshua orders that Caleb be killed on sight. Livvie tells Rafe what she thinks of his code of conduct. Caleb and Alison return to the catacombs and find Livvie and Rafe waiting for them. Caleb accuses Rafe of lying about the lack of an antidote.

Y&R By Judy

Victor wants to groom Nick to take over Newman but Nick says he does not want Victor as a mentor. The Abbott's share breakfast and gossip about Jill and Charlotte. Then Phyllis, Jack, Brad and Nikki discuss Victor, money and investments. Larry gives Jill a gift but her mind is on Billy and what Brittany saw. Jill thinks she is getting somewhere with Charlotte the lush, but Larry warns her to take it slow. JT daydreams about his hot session with Anita and Lauren shows up and gives her 2 cents worth. JT says he wants to be with Colleen but she is not ready. Meanwhile Colleen can't get the kiss she saw between JT and Anita out of her mind and tells Ashley something is wrong and Ash assumes it is another girl. Colleen calls JT and wants to meet and Lauren offers the perfect gift for JT to take her. Victoria questions Cody about info concerning Nick. Cody asks Victoria out for a date and she tries to put him off but he is convincing.

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