Wednesday 5-14-03 Recaps

Wednesday 5/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

While Bianca goes off to meet Lena, Kendall goes to Michael’s to try to get a hold of some of his files. Kendall sneaks into his apartment and rummages through his desk. She finds an old letter from his father, and some photographs of everyone in Pine Valley. Kendall realizes that Michael is determined to make his father proud. She starts downloading files off of his computer, but before she’s done, Michael comes back and catches her in the act. Lena senses that Bianca is being more distant. She tells Bianca the truth about her mother, and the fact that she’s in danger. Bianca doesn’t buy any of it and is determined to get Lena back. Edmund goes all over town looking for Mia, who is actually at Wildwind. Mia limps around the house looking for Edmund and Maddy. After she sees Derek’s body, Flanders grabs Mia and they start struggling. When Maddy calls home, Flanders makes Mia pick up the phone. Maria and Aidan realize that Mia is at Wildwind. Aidan alerts Edmund, who then rushes off to save Mia. Reggie comes over to stay with Erica and Jackson. Jackson tells him he knows there was someone else in that alley besides him. He begs Reggie to tell the truth. Simone and Carlos are at SOS, having a grand time. Greenlee goes over with Tad, and watches Simone putting the moves on Carlos.

ATWT by Dione

Marshall's lawyer informed him that charges against him have been dropped & Marshall has been given permission to practice law again. Marshall's lawyer reminded him of the restraining order to stay away from Jessica. Ben released Jessica from the hospital early. Bonnie informed Jessica and Ben about Marshall's good luck. Ben rushed out to talk to Marshall. Jack found the brochure for the cabin in Carly's desk. Rosanna told Jack that the brochure came from her house and she gave it to Carly. Craig tried to keep Barbara from the fashion show by trying to get her to locate Paul. Jack came into the suite and arrested Craig for assaulting Barbara. In the lobby, Alison pushed Barbara while attempting to keep her away from the fashion show. Hal informed Rose that Paul's plane didn't land & he has been declared missing. At Al's, Katie tells Mike how great of a father he will be & how much his daughter will love him. While smiling, Mike says that it would also be nice to find out that baby isn't his.

B&B by Matt

Brooke brags that she is better off now without Ridge and exclaims Stephanie has no power over her anymore. Eric admits to Ridge that he knows about his paternity. Ridge tries to comfort Eric, but he tells him he doesn't want to interfere with Ridge and Massimo's relationship. Ridge says Eric will always be a dad to him.

Days by Staci

Sami tells Brandon about how she almost got shot, and it was Lucas' fault. Brandon goes to confront him, and he said he was protecting her. Brandon believes him, which makes Sami mad.

Abe gives Bo a little information on Vin. Later Bo decides to go to Texas to find his inner self.

Belle and the mystery man go on a date, as Mimi, Cassie, and Shawn watch. When Belle and the man get to close, Shawn hits him. When he says Shawn's name, they recognize the voice, and it's Phillip.

GH by Meghan

Jax told Skye that he couldn’t have a baby with her because he wasn’t going to set his child up for anything less than he had growing up. Edward hired an in disguise Alexis as their new butler. Alice met her, and flirted with her. When Skye got back she went to help put the baby to bed, with Alexis looking on.

Courtney accepted two proposals, Ric’s and Jason’s. She told Jason about Ric blackmailing her, and told him that she would marry him to protect Jason. He reluctantly went along with her plan, giving her instructions about how to stay safe around Ric. Ric told Elizabeth that he couldn’t marry him because he was marrying Courtney. She flipped out about him being a sick person, and called them both crazy for their relationship. Sonny and Carly went to the island, and he bribed her with presents to stay out of Jason and Courtney’s business. They felt the baby kick for the first time.

Emily blamed Zander for her “taking drugs” again. She told him that she had been pretending to care about him, but now she was sick of pretending. She told him that she was done caring, and he should be too. Emily kicked Zander out of her room, and then out of her life.

GL by Richard

Harley told Gus she gives him a lot of credit for standing up to Alan the way he did and for not letting Alan's promises of money or power influence him, but Gus maintained that he's his own person and that all he and Alan share is biology. Gus also stressed that he doesn't want any help from Alan. Frank was summoned to the mayor's office, where the mayor pressured Frank to reinstate Gus to the force. Although the mayor said he was voicing sentiments on behalf of a concerned citizen, Frank saw through the smokescreen and realized it was Alan Spaulding who was putting on the pressure. Frank was caught off guard when the mayor introduced him to Jeffrey O'Neal, the new D.A., who the mayor explained just recently transferred from the Manhattan D.A.'s office. Still puzzled by Jeffrey's resemblance to Richard Winslow, Frank begrudgingly agreed to reinstate Gus back to the force. After Frank left, the mayor asked Jeffrey to join him and a few others out on the golf course, but Jeffrey turned him down, saying there are a stack of cases to take care of, then he asked the mayor some questions about Edmund Winslow, saying he smells a rat where Edmund's concerned. Frank later arrived at Harley and Gus' place, where he stoically informed Gus that he's been reinstated to the force. When Gus questioned how this all occurred so fast, Frank simply said that "higher-ups" decided it. As Gus and Harley were ecstatic at the news, Frank informed Gus that there's one condition on his return to the police force: that Gus and Harley can no longer be partners. They were astounded and angry at Frank, who told them that he can't have two of his police officers letting their hearts steer them instead of their heads. Harley stunned both Frank and Gus by announcing she's quitting! Later, after they were alone, Gus asked Harley if she made the decision in spite of Frank, but Harley told him that after her recent brush with death and seeing Nadine again, she realized what's important in life and wants to spend more quality time with her kids and Gus. Gus again asked her if she's making the right decision, and she told him her decision "feels right".

At "Company", Marina told Tammy that she's planning to make love with Ben for the very first time on her upcoming 18th birthday. Shayne arrived, pumped-up in anticipation over the baseball game later in the day where the pro-baseball scout will be in attendance. As Tammy and Shayne sat and talked, Buzz tried to get Marina to think of Shayne in romantic terms, but she saw through his ploy. Marina was irritated to see Frank arrive. Frank spoke to Buzz and asked if he thought Frank was becoming too mean-spirited, and Buzz told him to open his heart and not close it off to the two most important women in his life (Marina and Harley).

Just before she and Edmund were to depart for St.Cristobel, Cassie told Edmund she couldn't go, explaining that St.Cristobel held a special place in her heart along with all her memories of Richard and that it would be too painful to return there. Edmund accepted this, but told Cassie that he has to return there for his own sake, in order to put some demons to rest so that he could move forward with his life. After hearing Edmund's words, Cassie suddenly agreed to go after all. Cassie called Tammy to let her know that she's going to St.Cristobel---with Edmund---and Tammy was less than enthused, warning Cassie that although Edmund's made great strides lately, he's STILL Edmund and that she should be careful. Meanwhile, Jeffrey walked into the Beacon and ran into Edmund, who kept looking over Jeffrey's shoulder for any sign of Cassie. Edmund mentioned he wanted to schedule a meeting with Jeffrey to discuss extradition laws between St.Cristobel and the U.S., and Jeffrey let it be known that he's aware that extradition was a fate that Edmund faced not too long ago. Suddenly aware that Jeffrey's done his research, Edmund told him not to believe everything he's heard about him, whereas Jeffrey told Edmund TO believe everything he's heard about HIM. Later, Edmund and Cassie departed for St.Cristobel. When Cassie let herself into her room and looked about the place, she opened a door and was shocked to discover that she and Edmund have adjoining suites!

OLTL by Kym

Bo shows Nora what supposedly happened at the theatre. Jessica's tormented by what happened that night. Dorian tells Lindsay to get her story straight, after telling her Mitch confessed to everything. Roxy continues to taunt Asa about his feelings about Renee. Asa fires Nigel because of it. Bo & Nora find out it was probably Blair's & Dorian's cars at the theatre that night. Roxy tells Asa that Renee & Nigel have been hypnotized, but Asa tries to snap them out of it & it doesn't work.

Bo returns to Dorian's house & questions the women again about seeing their cars there. Nora goes over & questions Lindsay, but she denies knowing anything. Addie tells Nora that Dorian has been to see Lindsay there, twice. A mysterious stranger takes Mitch inside a house & lays him down on a bed. Troy comes to see Lindsay & finds her hysterical. Nat accuses Jessie of hiding something about Mitch. Roxy tells Asa she will tell him how to snap the two out of the trance for a million bucks. He storms off. Lindsay cuddles up with Troy & goes to sleep on his lap. Dorian picks out a funeral outfit. Mitch is declared legally dead at the same time he opens his eyes in the stranger's house.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen, Ethan, Sheridan, and Antonio attend a parenting class. Gwen tells Sheridan that Beth is lying about her pregnancy. Beth tries to scam her way out of a doctor's appointment with Luis. Theresa calms down Whitney who is upset that Chad could be her mother's lost son. Chad also talks to Fox about this possibility. Eve tells all to T.C. while Julian has words with Liz for hurting her sister.

PC by Beth

Rafe sneaks past the preoccupied Joshua and retrieves the antidote to Olivia's poisoned fangs. Frank brings Joshua up to speed on the situation with Jamal and Casey. Joshua awaits the arrival of a special guest whom he intends to recruit. Rafe returns to the catacombs and finds that Caleb and Alison are gone. He immediately assumes that Caleb screwed him over and took Alison. While Livvie feeds on blood acquired by her father, Kevin injects himself with the drug that Joshua provided. After assuring his daughter that he loves her more than anything, Kevin informs her that it is his duty to punish her. Livvie takes advantage of her new strength and pushes Kevin away. In a moment of clarity, Kevin urges his daughter to run. After a fit of rage, Kevin prepares to give himself another injection. Caleb stops Alison from going to the villa alone. After fleeing the lighthouse, Livvie runs into Rafe and fills him in on what just happened. Believing that Caleb stabbed him in the back, Rafe lies to Livvie about the antidote, claiming that he doesn't have it. Alison bursts into the villa, with Caleb right behind her. They hide when they hear a noise, but Joshua senses that someone is there, and he orders Frank to take care of the intruder after greeting the surprise guest. As Joshua sings a tune about victims who won't be missed, Frank greets Amanda Barrington as she steps out of the limo.

Y&R By Rosey

Jill is upset that Catherine is paying for Billy and Mac to get married. Billy says that they will get married with or without her blessing.

Lynn and Mary confront Isabella about what she's done to Paul. Mary slaps her. Isabella warns that her marriage is not over, they have a child and it will work out.

J.T. tells Anita that their night together was a mistake, and it can never happen again. Brittany is upset when she walks in on her father and Jill having a conversation about their relationship. Paul and Chris console each other by making love, on the beach.

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